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🏟🎥 ¡Un año de recuerdos en el Wanda @Metropolitano! ¡Inolvidable! ☺ ➡ #AúpaAtleti

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ㅤ pagelaran lomba ini dengan si Wanda. Hasilnya? Gue dan dia janji bertemu pukul dua; sementara wakil gue ini datang pukul lima. Ngaretnya nggak kira-kira. Sempat gue tanya alasannya terlambat, jawabannya : nganterin teteh pacar, Lang. NSFJAMG. ㅤ.

@KIIIKIIIKASH @ajc Think about implications of actions before you decide to tweet next started that.

Trending In Argentina: Velasco Hezbollah #RiverSuperclásico Carlos Achetoni #FuerzaBilardo Villa Lynch #LigaACBxFOX Nordelta

Since Wanda’s husband is being an over emotional thug, he should have pulled the gun on Frank. He was laughing his ass off. 😂😂 @KattPackAllDay @frankandwanda.

Apparently #Wanda ‘s husband chased #Katt into the Food Depot over that radio interview 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂.

Apparently #Wanda ‘s husband chased #Katt into the Food Depot over that radio interview 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂 Foto

Wanda Smith drove her kid down the driveway for him to get on the bus for elementary school 😂.

This whole situation is really awkward considering I’ve been listening to V103 Frank & Wanda since I was a little kid..

This story about Wanda Smith husband is true?? 🤦🏾‍♀️ I cannot. You let Katt tell you he had 19 inches of hair with no comeback. You earned all of those jokes..

@CurtisScoon Is Wanda really a comedian?? Because her comebacks to Katt were weak as hell. “And you’re big in prison” “You’re Lil Mama”. I could come up with better retorts than that. Wanda needs to brush up on her material..

Wanda girl 🙄🙄....this is why I stopped listening after Ryan Cameron left. She sit her high cholesterol having ass up there everyday & conducts the WORST interviews & when somebody snaps back at her, she sensitive af & can’t take it. If u gone dish, be able to take 🤷🏽‍♀️.

@wanda__an 今日楽しかったよ😊 あんちゃん緊張してたのか~(ˊ˘ˋ*) そんなふうには見えなかったけどなぁ(*´﹀`*).

That Wanda woman tried to drag Katt Williams on air, got dragged right back and she took it so badly that her husband and sons tried to attack Katt? Poor..

Someone said “Wanda Smith should of Kept it Cute & Mute” Man that’s what the ladies did back in school that didn’t want no smoke 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Also, Wanda husband is a bitch nigga. But look at how much of a sore loser she was during the interview. It only makes sense..

When ppl outside of Atlanta are unfamiliar with Wanda Smith, it’s easy to think she was a victim in this Katt Williams debacle. Not even close.

And let’s chat about how Wanda was trying to go below the belt. Bringing up him being in jail and him being a “lil mama” she deserved those jokes. Period..

Frank said that “y’all are comedians. I thought y’all were roasting.” I’d be irritated at Wanda for a good minute. Don’t try me like I was supposed to do more. Frank kept saying “I’m not the comedian!”.

They are playing music again. If I was in charge, there’s no way I advise Wanda to speak about that (alleged) gun incident on the air now. Not after Frank mentioned he got a call from her husband over the weekend. #FrankAndWandaV103.

Es el 4° partido de Liga y ya se han escuchado pitos en el Wanda. La mejor afición del mundo, sin duda. Te tienes que reír..

@ms_Dia213 Ага, особенно учитывая тот факт, что он находится в ебенях.

If anything, Wanda’s husband should be pulling up on the other hosts who didn’t say anything and cackled the entire time. Not Katt.

This has catalysed me to write an article for later this week on how most professional service abjectly failed to recognise Maslow after Hurricane Ivan in Cayman in 2004. Throwing money at people to come back to work was so ineffective and thoughtless..

@GhostwritaMusic I mean it is kind of unrealistic for people not here to know that so I don’t blame them persay for being taken aback at first glance but we know Wanda plays the dozens ALL the time. She just met her match this time is all..

🔴 Emociones ⚪ Ilusiones 🔴 Sueños ⚪ Recuerdos 🔴 Sonrisas ⚪ Familia 🔴 Pasión ⚪ Afición ⚽ FÚTBOL Y GOLES 🏟 ¡El Wanda @Metropolitano cumple un año, el primero de muchos! ¡Que se vivan muchas alegrías en vuestra casa, @Atleti! 😀❤.

🏟🎥 ¡Un año de recuerdos en el Wanda @Metropolitano! ¡Inolvidable! ☺ ➡ #AúpaAtleti.

🎂🏟 ¡Hoy el Wanda @Metropolitano cumple un año! ¡FELICIDADES! 🎉 🎊 ¡Celebra el aniversario de nuestra casa haciendo un Tour exclusivo! ¡Recórrelo como nunca lo habías visto! 🔝 🗓 Hoy ⏰ 11:00 a 19:00 #AúpaAleti.

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