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Time to push forward. New #Westworld TONIGHT at 9pm ET on @hbomax..

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صدرت اليوم الحلقة 7 من موسم #Westworld الرابع الحلقة بعنوان Metanoia وبتقييم 9/10 في موقع IMDb بعض المراجعات للموسم والحلقة وصفت العمل بأنه تجاوز حتى مستوى مواسمه الاولى !.

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Mais um domingo indo dormir feliz pq minha série renasceu das cinzas igual uma fênix #WestworldS4 #westworld.

i come to you all once again preaching the greatness of: 1) the acela corridor 2) the cab line at union station 3) season four of HBO’s westworld.

Another week of fantastic acting from Tessa Thompson and Aaron Paul 👏🏻 #westworld @WestworldHBO.

Caleb giving off some serious Sam Bell from Moon vibes in tonight’s episode of #Westworld . #WestworldS4.

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Challenge: Name a show that gets very good again in its 4th season. Answer: #Westworld.

Sure, you can watch Episode 6 of WESTWORLD Season 4 to see how the plot is progressing, or you could watch the entire season so far to see how good of a job Aaron Paul is doing right now. Some of his best acting to date is in here, and this episode cements it further. #Westworld.

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Tô puto porque já imagino que a HBO vai fazer toda a campanha pro Emmy 2023 ser baseada em Casa do Dragão, e vai deixar Westworld de lado. Essa temporada merecia indicação em tudo. #Westworld.


Eu fingindo que entendi alguma coisa desse último episódio de Westworld: #Westworld #WestworldS4.

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@BaldMove Charlores standing back watching Caleb put that whole radio together. #Westworld.

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simplesmente horroroso esse plot de westworld que o mundo dos robos fracassou jss poderiam pelo menos mostrar dando certo EM ALGUM PERIODO e depois fracassando me recuso acreditar que uma INTELIGENCIA ARTIFICIAL planejo tudo errado assim de af.

Charlotte y Caleb, el resumen de este capítulo: Ctrl + C Ctrl + V Caleb…wake up ! Otro muy buen capítulo de #WestworldS4 , me viene gustando un 98% lo que veo, a un 100% lo que escucho, un 93% su guión. 👍🏻 #Westworld.

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Ultra local franchised Westworld where it’s just a local bar full of robots with neat stories but you can also get a quiet drink.

Tessa Thompson is just having the time of her life with this season of Westworld..

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Hope yall are watching the new season of #Westworld takin notes so we can defeat our AI masters in the coming decades.

2 episodes left!!! NO WAY!! WHY!!! NOOO!!!! OMG this season was way too fast 😟😭 #WestworldS4 #Westworld.

I know it’s not an either/or scenario but when we live in a time where The Bear, The Old Man, Paper Girls, Only Murders in the Building, Westworld, Stranger Things, Ms. Marvel, Hacks and For All Mankind are streaming why would I ever go to the movies again?.

@CryptoPoseidonn The name : Westworld You will be “blown”away. A lot things, what you will see in these series, will make you to ask “questions” Enjoy 👨‍🎨🕰.

Man if I was still of childbearing age and my kid was being born soon, that kid would so be named Maeve. Then I’d have to try to explain an inexplicable show to a future kid & be just you were named after a sentient robot in my times 🤣 she is awesome! #Westworld.

I don’t know if any of y’all out there still care about #Westworld but this season is GOOD.

If it’s coming down to a showdown between these two, I’ll take it #Westworld.

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📺 Ya está disponible el séptimo episodio de la temporada 4 de WESTWORLD. ¡Ya solo queda uno para que se acabe la temporada!.

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In time there will be understanding. A 🆕 episode of #Westworld S4 is out:.

@MrGrimes10 Si des acteurs français venaient à se joindre à l’univers TWD (histoire de nous offrir de meilleurs accents que ceux de la scène post crédit) j’espère qu’ils sauront en prendre de bons. (C’est peut être à cause de Westworld mais l’idée de voir un Vincent Cassel dans TWD me plait).

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Congrats to everyone I worked with on #Westworld S4. So proud. 👏🏼.

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This recent episode of #Westworld needs to be studied by every future counseling/therapy class. Everybody in that episode needed a hug..

eu tô amando essa temporada de westworld mas algo aconteceu nesse seriado que me distanciou emocionalmente dos.

Westworld is mad confusing through each episode I guess it’s time to watch them YouTube breakdowns again 😂.

Graaaaan capítulo de #Westworld Graaaaaaan serieeeeeeee 👏🏻.

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