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Xi Jinping just had multiple senior CCP officials sentenced to death who opposed him. Lot of people falling for CIA gray propaganda he was arrested. Be smart!.

Especulan de un golpe contra Xi Jinping y en Chile no son capaces de sacar a Ahumada???.

President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory message to the commemorative event for #InternationalDayOfPeace 2022. Xi noted that with international security situation undergoing profound and complex changes, the world has entered a new period of turbulence and transformation..

Good backstory here on how Joe and Hunter took Air Force 2 to meet Xi Jinping and days later the CCP approved Hunter’s deal to create BHR with Jonathan Li (Joe later wrote college recs for Li’s son)..

Pena de muerte en suspenso para el exviceministro chino de Seguridad Pública por corrupción Sun Lijun está señalado como el líder de una “camarilla política” dentro del aparato de seguridad desleal al presidente Xi Jinping ✍️@iaranau, corresponsal.

SC and FM Wang Yi said at the Asia Society headquarters: The US has cognitive bias on China, the world, and itself. To get along with, President Xi Jinping has given a clear answer, which is mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation..

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Hundreds of lawyers and legal academics have been swept up in Xi Jinping’s crackdown on civil rights. Some have been tortured and given lengthy sentences, while others have been disbarred, according to lawyers and human-rights groups.

Ainda tem gente me questionando sobre o tal Golpe Militar na China Não há golpe na China 3 coisas geraram esse boato Segue o Fio 👇 1º A ausência de Xi Jinping de uma reunião importante do governo, mas segundo ele não está preso, inclusive está enviando mensagens.

🇨🇳 | Hasta ahora, no hay una fuente confiable sobre un supuesto golpe de estado en China: Tres cosas generaron este rumor: 1º La ausencia de Xi Jinping de una importante reunión de gobierno..

Managing relations with India has become one of Xi Jinping’s biggest diplomatic challenges.

Xi Jinping Türkçe okunuşu: Şi Cinping Başbakan değil Devlet Başkanı.

- Putin ameaça o Ocidente com arsenal nuclear. - Xi Jinping oprime chineses para manter o poder. Veja AGORA, estamos ao vivo! Com Rafael Fontana e Eduardo Meira.

Ma: Xi Jinping iddu suddhi yenu? Me: Adu yella summane rumours. Ma: Ninige haige gottu adu barey rumours, satya alla Me: Kelau experts iddu opinion Ma: Ashte aa? shewinsalways #kannada.

The Communist Party congress in October is likely to kick off a new round of adulation for Xi Jinping, with echoes of the Mao era.

El cielo chino en este momento🇨🇳✈️ 👉Es absolutamente falso que no hay aviones volando. 👉El golpe contra Xi es fake news. 🔴No hay razones para pensar que Xi Jinping dejó de ser el líder chino..

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‼️ Something big seems to be going on in China. Mass cancelation of flights. Allegedly 6,000 according to some -- Epoch Times is reporting 60% cancelation. Major military movements toward Beijing. Rumors coming out of Asia of either house arrest / coup against Xi Jinping,.

Something unusual, possibly path-breaking, brewing in China?? See 👇.

Comparaba al camarada Xi Jinping con un gordo socialdemócrata.

@PresidentXiJin1, Hello-Good-afternoon in China, and all my respects to you Excellency Mr. President XI JINPING, I take this opportunity to send you all my greetings and encouragement. It is obvious that when we are in the observatory phase, we are in front of the analyses,.

சீனாவில் ஏதோ சம்பவம். பக்கத்து வீட்டுக்காரன் சந்தோசமா இருக்கான். Xi jinping ஆ உள்ள வெச்சி இருக்காங்களாம். மக்கள் புரட்சி செய்வதாக தகவல். சீனாவில் கூட நடக்குது என்றால் winter is coming soon.

The only outlets that seem to be running with the Xi Jinping coup story are Indian publications and @Newsweek..

Salute con los rumores que llegan de China, o se cargaron a Xi Jinping o está empezando la invasión de Formosa. Elige tu propia aventura oriental 😀😳.


Has any reliable China watcher commented on this or similar reports? Report: Chinese President Xi Jinping Under Arrest, As 80 KM Long Line of Military Vehicles Heads to Beijing - Santa Monica Observer.

@jenniferatntd LO ÚLTIMO: Hemos consultado varias fuentes y todas nos indican que el rumor que están publicando en las redes sociales sobre el arresto de Xi Jinping no es cierto..

Son tiempos oscuros para Qatar 2022 , temo que no llegamos a noviembre 🤷‍♀️ si mañana xi jinping no da señal de vida estamos en el horno !.

¿Por qué existe el rumor del golpe de estado a Xi Jinping? 1. 60% de los vuelos a China cancelados 2. Ausencia del mandatario en una reunión importante 3. Videos de un supuesto movimiento militar #China #XiJinping Esto es solo un rumor hasta ahora..

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@DruidBloggerOK Xi Jinping no está arrestado y la guerra la gana Rusia cuando se ponga a jugar a media.

@hhakkikahveci Abd yanlısi, olan kişiler yönetimi ele gecirdi. Xi Jinping şimdi ev dustağı.

Two months ago, a local astrologer told me about the fate of Xi Jinping in detail. He talked about sudden disappearance n same fate as his enemies. Just quietly listened to him then..

Is there a new netizen folklore about Xi Jinping arrest in China?.

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