Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.jungkook 986485
2.Democrats 392670
3.CHAN 281855
4.Group 1 270122
5.Meghan 221143
6.Lucas 205527
7.JENNIE 189537
8.Smart 162860
9.Manchin 137022
10.CBI All Eyes On You 4 SSR 136062
11.Mikasa 118968
12.England 114509
13.Medium 113488
14.Peter 113461
15.Tesla 92467
16.Suits 72717
17.Elon 70048
18.Victory 67080
19.Stalin 59428
20.JEONGYEON 58669
21.Eduardo 57199
22.Horse 55994
23.Bobo 54919
24.Childe 50827
25.Wilson 49904
26.Monie 49754
27.yeonjun 49645
28.Emily 44896
29.Murphy 40705
30.barbara 39309
31.Walker 39288
32.maknae 37508
33.Lewis 36848
34.Moni 36188
35.#SmackDown 31764
36.Group 2 31261
37.Sundar 30864
38.taehyun 30789
39.Norm 27353
40.Axar 26944
41.Catholic 23444
42.Shownu 22241
43.Kenny 21663
44.Prince Andrew 20861
45.Half Time 20769
46.Darren 20446
47.Niki 20186
48.Diamonds 19506
49.jihyo 19101
50.Conley 18583
51.Hyungwon 17577
52.jooheon 17179
53.kihyun 16981
54.Burnley 16666
55.Ashwin 15929
56.Hind 15858
57.Washington Sundar 15241
58.Lords 13993
59.Wright 13001
60.Adam Levine 12994
61.Sack 11324
62.Mike Conley 11058
63.NOELLE 10600
64.Rosaria 10418
65.Cumberbatch <10k
66.Casey Fields <10k
67.Ziebell <10k
68.Oxford St <10k
69.Zoutori <10k
70.#christanporter <10k
71.#bluebettips <10k
72.#BRUvREB <10k
73.Archie Thompson <10k
74.Swift Witness <10k
75.Hawthorn <10k
76.Katharine Murphy <10k
77.Anamoe <10k
78.King of Swing <10k
79.Kosta <10k
80.Ashes <10k
81.Prague <10k
82.Tom Phillips <10k
83.Crikey <10k
84.Brebner <10k
85.Nature Strip <10k
86.Vulpine <10k
87.lynch <10k
88.September Run <10k
89.Jordan Clark <10k
90.Bivouac <10k
91.Bombers <10k
92.#AFLWCrowsSuns <10k
93.Flemington <10k
94.hawkins <10k
95.Oxley Road <10k
96.Aegon <10k
97.Eagle Farm <10k
98.Mathias Cormann <10k
99.Sydney Cricket Ground <10k
100.EMDR <10k
101.Jmac <10k
102.Jacob Koschitzke <10k
103.LGBTQI <10k
104.Courtney <10k
105.#ConstellationCup <10k
106.quaddie <10k
107.Geelong <10k
108.Paul Fletcher <10k
109.Tim Wilson <10k
110.elton <10k
111.Mo’unga <10k
112.Luke Currie <10k
113.Homesman <10k
114.Cam Green <10k
115.randwick <10k
116.Kruse <10k
117.Mount Popa <10k
118.cbass <10k
119.#MelbDerby <10k
120.Race 2 <10k
121.Stay Inside <10k
122.Rita Ora <10k
123.brooklyn hustle <10k
124.Zoustar <10k
125.#BRIvSYD <10k
126.Stephenson <10k
127.#MardiGras <10k
128.phillips <10k
129.#SewerRatsUnite <10k
130.Niki Savva <10k
131.My Football Live <10k
132.La Rocque <10k
133.Dennis Atkins <10k
134.Parish <10k
135.Indian Pacific <10k
136.Lightsaber <10k
137.jamie kah <10k
138.Marboosha <10k
139.Broxham <10k
140.Sovereign Award <10k
141.Arden Street <10k
142.#sheffieldshield <10k
143.Markovic <10k
144.Wild Ruler <10k
145.Written Beauty <10k
146.Cameron Green <10k
147.Essendon <10k
148.Crows <10k
149.Vuck <10k
150.#AFLWGiantsLions <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

Senator Penny Wong
Senator Penny Wong ()

Remembering this time last year and wishing everyone Happy Mardi Gras! #MardiGras2021

#MardiGras2021,Twitter trends in Australia now
Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese ()

About to march into @scg with @RainbowLaborNSW #MardiGras2021 🏳️‍🌈❤️

#MardiGras2021,Twitter trends in Australia now
Fox Cricket
Fox Cricket ()

‘Best since Ponting’ won’t stop scoring runs; GOAT back amongst wickets: Shield Scout 👉

Cameron Green,Twitter trends in Australia now
Eliza Barr
Eliza Barr ()

I am embarrassed for everyone dunking on The Body Keeps The Score - a crucial text for people with trauma. If that’s not your story and you don’t ~get it~ you need to get out more and listen to people with lived experience instead of talking about stuff you don’t understand.


Another day, another Cam Green CENTURY! 🤩 A powerful 14 boundaries on his way to the 💯 What a knock 👏 👏 👏 #WESTISBEST #SheffieldShield

cam green,Twitter trends in Australia now ()

Cracking cover drive from Travis Head! Live #SheffieldShield:

Claire Lehmann
Claire Lehmann ()

Interesting article by Greg Sheridan on the fact that women are trending left in their politics all over the world

Dr Tracy Westerman
Dr Tracy Westerman ()

In a week in which our fearless female journos raise the bar and call out the entrenched mysogonistic stale, pale & male culture in Australia, Joe Hildebrand provides us with Exhibit A #March4Justice

Joe Hildebrand,Twitter trends in Australia now ()

Not since David Hookes in 1976-77 has a batter as young as 21-year-old Cameron Green passed 150 three times in a single #SheffieldShield season, reports @AdamBurnett09

Cameron Green,Twitter trends in Australia now
The New Daily
The New Daily ()

Dennis Atkins: The idea that Scott Morrison is brave, bold and decisive is all a sham.

Brenton Speed
Brenton Speed ()

26 years ago Archie Thompson and I battled it out on the football pitches of Bathurst as my CSU team took on his Red now after a combined 😉 90 @aleague goals and 28 for the we come together to commentate a game for the first time! #MelbDerby

Archie Thompson,Twitter trends in Australia now
Thor ()

Nothing says “I’m a giant shitbag” more than Smoking Joe Hildebrand being thankful that an alleged rape victim is dead

Joe Hildebrand,Twitter trends in Australia now
Plus500 Brumbies
Plus500 Brumbies ()

HE DID IT! Ryan Lonergan WINS IT from 55m OUT! #BRUvREB #BrumbiesFamily

#BRUvREB,Twitter trends in Australia now
Dr Kerryn Phelps AM
Dr Kerryn Phelps AM ()

Remembering those we have lost. At the Gay and Lesbian Holocaust Memorial in Darlinghurst #LGBTQI ⁦@sydneymardigras⁩ ⁦@cityofsydney⁩

LGBTQI,Twitter trends in Australia now ()

Now Green clears the rope with a big six over backward square! Live #SheffieldShield:

7HorseRacing 🐎
7HorseRacing 🐎 ()

Homesman, with the music man cheering above. What a great call. Homesman is your Australian Cup winner 🏆

Nick Quinn
Nick Quinn ()

So Si Bon you cheeky old villain He’s got me and plenty of other punters again Well done to anybody who stuck with him

Max Laughton
Max Laughton ()

COLUMN North Melbourne and Hawthorn are both going to be bad this year END OF COLUMN

SBS News
SBS News ()

Peter de Waal and his partner Bon shared the first kiss between a same-sex couple on Australian TV in 1972. Tonight, Peter will walk in the Sydney Mardi Gras parade after a lifetime of fighting for the rights of LGBTIQ+ people. #MardiGras2021

brad davidson
Brad davidson ()

2/2 to kick off the Randwick preview with Anamoe scoring at good odds 👌