Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Twitter trends in Australia now - Hungarian, Ellie, spotify, Cameron, Barnes, Mane, jaemin, Spotify, Hockey.

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.Trump 2477986
2.Christmas 1315395
3.No.1 832390
4.Spotify 749112
5.Google 548557
6.HE WHAT 439210
7.jungkook 407247
8.Trans 379835
9.Republican 345491
10.Santa 329821
11.Donald 274657
12.WhatsApp 226797
13.False 222339
14.Holy 200992
15.Michigan 191810
16.Genshin 187180
17.Korea 182672
18.Giuliani 173253
19.New York 170227
20.Apple Music 170111
21.Bitcoin 164922
22.THANK U 160685
23.Pokémon 150747
24.Barr 133492
25.SO TRUE 133180
26.INSANE 124106
27.Zhongli 123795
28.MAGA 119783
29.jaehyun 119274
30.Iran 116180
31.Modi 114250
32.Pakistan 100277
33.Excellent 95629
34.London 93395
35.Dawn 92246
36.Rudy Giuliani 92163
37.Bobby 89411
38.hobi 89146
39.taeyong 77211
40.Real Madrid 77085
41.MARK LEE 76005
42.jaemin 75898
43.Parler 74354
44.ariana 74013
45.Scott Atlas 73709
46.Vtuber 73127
47.Thailand 71267
48.Umbrella Academy 70297
49.England 70154
50.Lewis 70137
51.Liar 70114
52.taylor swift 69241
53.Zidane 66190
54.Alan 65506
55.Arsenal 64848
56.Julia 64423
57.Oscar 63022
58.Last 5 62439
59.European 60106
60.Hindu 59899
61.Rihanna 59808
62.Leon 59592
63.Minecraft 57442
64.Nancy 56789
65.Juno 56270
66.Warriors 53008
67.Liverpool 52645
68.German 51761
69.Jason 49868
70.Elliot 48702
71.chenle 48385
72.Mane 46283
73.Mona 42305
74.Gaga 41452
75.Arab 41360
76.hoshi 41202
77.Graham 39919
78.Ratio 38899
79.Hollywood 37216
80.Tinder 37044
81.Champions League 36410
82.FIFA 36304
83.Adrian 35177
84.Ethereum 35169
85.Ellen Page 34754
86.The Australian 34679
87.#2020Wrapped 33987
88.Dallas 33183
89.Billie Eilish 32921
90.dahyun 32104
91.Ronaldo 30904
92.Jota 30879
93.Mitch McConnell 30813
94.Lakers 30223
95.Lebron 30201
96.Swag 29858
97.Ajax 27603
98.Mika 27493
99.Ashley 27406
100.Ukraine 26895
101.Caroline 26704
102.Neco 26249
103.Bahrain 25915
104.Keith 25438
105.High Court 23821
106.halsey 23750
107.Miranda 23633
108.Puerto Rico 23375
109.Luka 22933
110.Kelleher 22532
111.Galactus 22529
112.Francis 22478
113.Reps 22477
114.#Fortnite 22225
115.ministers 21049
116.Porter 20767
117.up to 50% 20733
118.Hockey 20712
119.Elena 20513
120.Reds 20464
121.Shane 18897
122.Melissa 18825
123.Sally 18422
124.Ellie 17974
125.Pakistani 17954
126.#FortniteSeason5 17943
127.Warzone 17839
128.Barnes 17185
129.Toni 17044
130.Slack 16903
131.Sandy 16841
132.Brenda 15747
133.Cameron 15549
134.From Australia 15206
135.Harper 14945
136.Arecibo Observatory 14487
137.florence 14184
138.Aight 14106
139.Louise 13804
140.Vanya 13212
141.Game Pass 13144
142.Salesforce 13027
143.cyberpunk 2077 12209
144.#LIVAJA 12125
145.#sapnapappreciationday 12118
146.Keira 12026
147.Alisson 11890
148.Hungarian 11672
149.phoebe 11635
150.Klopp 11559

Australia Top Tweets Now

Pauline Hanson 🇦🇺
Pauline Hanson 🇦🇺 ()

ONE NATION LEADING THE DEFENCE AGAINST CHINA @OneNationAus leader Senator Pauline Hanson has called for Australia to become self-sufficient in many more areas so we can reduce our exposure to China and repeated her calls for the people of Australia to boycott Chinese products.

VicGovDHHS ()

UPDATE FOR COLAC Coronavirus fragments have been detected in wastewater at Colac. If you are a resident or have visited Colac from November 21 to 23, please get tested if you have any symptoms, no matter how mild. (1/2) #COVID19Vic

Colac,Twitter trends in Australia now
Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese ()

Teddy Sheean’s nephew Garry Ivory, holding Teddy’s Victoria Cross medal. Today means so much to the Navy, to the Defence Force, but above all to Teddy’s family. They’ve tirelessly campaigned for Teddy to be given the honour and recognition he deserves.

Victoria Cross,Twitter trends in Australia now
Daniel Shaw
Daniel Shaw ()

Anvil crawler lightning fills the sky as the sun sets at Bondi in Sydney, Australia #SydneyStorm

#SydneyStorm,Twitter trends in Australia now
Fox League
Fox League ()

BREAKING Panthers star provisionally suspended after testing positive to cocaine on grand final night

brent naden,Twitter trends in Australia now
Origin Diamonds
Origin Diamonds ()

The Australian netball family is saddened to hear about the passing of Diamonds legend Dianne McDonald. We send our thoughts and love to her family and friends.

Netball,Twitter trends in Australia now
Guardian Australia
Guardian Australia ()

ACTU head Sally McManus calls for halving of insecure work by 2030

FatherBob ()

Nature comes to us speaking words of Wisdom?...there will be an it be.🐪.

SBS News
SBS News ()

West Papuan independence leaders have declared a new provisional government, intensifying their decades-long push to break away from Indonesia amid recent escalations in violence.

Sharnelle Vella
Sharnelle Vella ()

Premier @DanielAndrewsMP says despite another day of 0 ‘strong positives’ have been picked up in waste water at Colac. Hopeful it’s cases of ‘shedding’. @7NewsMelbourne

Abc730 ()

Rudd suggests @ScottMorrisonMP should learn from the Japanese playbook of doing more and talking less in their dealings with China: “Australia, under the conservatives, has an attitude about China but not yet a strategy for dealing with China.” @MrKRudd #auspol #abc730

SBS News
SBS News ()

Communications Minister Paul Fletcher has asked the chair of the ABC to justify that a Four Corners episode airing allegations of misconduct by two of the government’s most senior ministers was objective journalism and in the public interest.

Australian Unions
Australian Unions ()

Heads up! @sallymcmanus will be delivering a speech to the national press club this arvo at ! You can tune in on ABC. #NPC #auspol

WWF_Australia ()

Happy #Antarctica day! This remote and wild land is home to some extraordinary life and landscapes🐧🐳🦭 The continent is not only valued for its remarkable wildlife and its awesome glaciers, it also has a significant influence on the wellbeing of ecosystems all over the Earth 🌏

Wild Australia,Twitter trends in Australia now
NRL ()

The #NRL has today provisionally suspended Penrith Panthers player Brent Naden under the NRL’s Anti-Doping Policy.

Richard Impiombato
Richard Impiombato ()

Good job @AnnastaciaMP. Your debt mountain is almost as big as Victoria’s. #qldbudget

Abc730 ()

Former PM @MrKRudd describes China’s tweet attacking the Australian Defence Force as ‘wolf warrior’ diplomacy: “You’ve got this young breed of diplomats in the making… who want to hairy-chest their way into early promotion by the Chinese Communist Party.” #abc730 #auspol

Dan Lubman
Dan Lubman ()

10 unbelievably courageous people & families who were willing to tell the real story of addiction to Australia. Such a privilege to work with this group & wish we could offer the program to so many more #AddictedSBS #RethinkAddiction

VicGovDHHS ()

Do you live in Colac? Or, did you visit during either of these periods: - 21-23 November - 30 November-1 December? #COVID19 fragments have been detected in wastewater at Colac. Get tested if you have any symptoms, no matter how mild & stay home until you get results #COVID19Vic

Colac,Twitter trends in Australia now
David Griffiths
David Griffiths ()

@cheryl_kernot Joe Hockey a supporter of Trump and a reprehensible politician. What is wrong with Albanese?