Australia Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: July 30th, 2021 08:45 PM IST

Twitter trends in Australia now - #ausvgb, Suggs, #ausvegy, Hawks, St Kilda, Great Britain.

RankingTrending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
1.jungkook 2812218
2.Turkey 1263916
3.Army 985147
4.#2021STAYweeK 726409
5.#스테이위크 680001
6.Snapchat 419195
7.Simone Biles 363818
8.Lakers 352372
9.Disney 288585
10.Westbrook 278605
11.Justice 275598
12.billie 198805
13.Doctor 191818
14.Felix 167645
15.Russ 125837
16.#HappierThanEver 115764
17.Honey 100614
18.Lebron 100113
19.#NBADraft 96432
20.Scarlett Johansson 84322
21.Labor 74269
22.Brooks 70968
23.Charlie 64838
24.Jeff 63705
25.House of Gucci 57854
26.Caro 49017
27.Britain 47936
28.Hield 44866
29.#BMXRacing 38914
30.Suggs 37194
31.Morrison 34971
32.Djokovic 32342
33.#Athletics 32203
34.Pies 29578
35.#Swimming 28760
36.Porter 27924
37.Robbed 27791
38.Zverev 26574
39.Hawks 26087
40.Novak 22372
41.ZZ Top 21482
42.Kennedy 20222
43.gina 19417
44.Sammy 19117
45.Reynolds 17962
46.Isaiah Rashad 16465
47.Chibnall 15864
48.#Olympics2020 15859
49.#Tennis 15819
50.Ellie 14791
51.#HSMTMTS 14771
52.Carpenter 14414
53.#HaloInfinite 13211
54.#BRONZE 11856
55.Census 11289
56.Federal Court 11073
57.No Religion 10850
58.Poor Jen <10k
59.Mick Fuller <10k
60.Mary Fowler <10k
61.Fowler <10k
62.Great Barrier Reef Foundation <10k
63.#Sailing <10k
64.The ADF <10k
65.#GBRvAUS <10k
66.Max King <10k
67.Cate Campbell <10k
68.Transport Workers <10k
69.Sam Walsh <10k
70.Pat Tiernan <10k
71.#ScottyTheSaviour <10k
72.John Anderson <10k
73.Scomo <10k
74.Sam Kerr <10k
75.Lundy <10k
76.Ben Dixon <10k
77.Poms <10k
78.#TokyoTogether <10k
79.john b <10k
80.kyle chalmers <10k
81.rafe <10k
82.Teague <10k
83.Clive Palmer <10k
84.Richard Fox <10k
85.Great Britain <10k
86.#AUSvENG <10k
87.#soccer <10k
88.Port Melbourne <10k
89.#ausvegy <10k
90.Laurie <10k
91.Fijiana <10k
92.#covidsydney <10k
93.#NRLBroncosCowboys <10k
94.McKay <10k
95.Gary Ayres <10k
96.8 LGAs <10k
97.Clive <10k
98.Sam Mitchell <10k
99.Madge <10k
100.Jack Steele <10k
101.National Cabinet <10k
102.Kennett <10k
103.#NRLRoostersEels <10k
104.Saya Sakakibara <10k
105.#matildas <10k
106.ellen white <10k
107.Toobs <10k
108.Josh Giddey <10k
109.Alan Jones <10k
110.#PSA21VIRTUAL <10k
111.#ScottyFromHairPlugs <10k
112.#ausvgb <10k
113.Phase B <10k
114.Tillies <10k
115.Collingwood <10k
116.Milford <10k
117.Phase C <10k
118.Hawthorn <10k
119.Josh Carr <10k
120.#AFLSaintsBlues <10k
121.Opals <10k
122.Steele <10k
123.#NRLTigersWarriors <10k
124.St Kilda <10k
125.Clarkson <10k
126.Robodebt 2.0 <10k
127.Patrick Tiernan <10k
128.Silvagni <10k
129.Clarko <10k
130.Pikelets <10k
131.#scottytheannouncer <10k
132.Jeff Kennett <10k
133.Carlton <10k
134.Gutho <10k
135.Team GB <10k
136.Walsh <10k
137.Qantas <10k
138.Norm Smith <10k
139.#Rugby <10k
140.Jess Fox <10k
141.Matt Wearn <10k
142.Micah <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

The Houston Rockets have truly accomplished the impossible at the 2021 NBA Draft. They have -Hooper Twitter (Green and Christopher) -Analytics Twitter (Sengun) -International Hoops Twitter (Garuba and Sengun)

@oneruel Q: how many songs approximately have you written in quarantine #askruel - @uns8id A:


#GBRvAUS - Twitter trends in Australia now


#GBRvAUS - Twitter trends in Australia now

This is not the way a legend of the Hawthorn football club should be treated. It makes me so sad that it has come to this. Clarko deserved a better ending.

WHAT A STRIKE!! Mary Fowler with an absolute screamer to put us one up! 🇬🇧 2 - 3 🇦🇺 #GBRvAUS

Fowler - Twitter trends in Australia now

And perhaps our courageous Defence Minister Dutton could tell us all what is happening with the hundreds of Afghan interpreters and advisors who worked with the ADF? When will they arrive Australia? Or won’t they? The official silence is deafening.

OUR SKIPPER COMES TO THE RESCUE Game on at Kashima Stadium! 🇬🇧 2 - 2 🇦🇺 #GBRvAUS

#GBRvAUS - Twitter trends in Australia now

How gutsy was that from Patrick Tiernan? The Australian hung tough with the leaders of the 10,000m before coming unstuck over the final lap - collapsing in the home straight before picking himself up and willing himself across the line. Determination personified. #TokyoTogether

Patrick Tiernan - Twitter trends in Australia now

James Anderson turns 39 today - here are all 60 of his Test wickets in Australia, spanning four Ashes series #AUSvENG

Vaccinated Australians will face no restrictions on international travel once 80% of eligible population under National Cabinet agreement.

Officials just told @AuSenate #Covid Cmmtee there are: 38,523 #strandedAussies -4,569 vulnerable -438 unaccompanied minors -10,268 in India; 6,405 in UK; 1078 Thailand; 1018 Pakistan; 994 Phillipines Govt only planning 16 ✈️ for stranded Aussies for Howard Springs in August

Jeff Kennett has done some tremendous things for Hawthorn @HawthornFC Supporters should be grateful. But it’s time for regeneration at the very top. This is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. #hawthorn

We never got to say thank you and goodbye to Cyril … and likely the same now for Clarko. Hugely disappointing.

Home run for the Jazz to get Jared Butler at No. 40, IMO. Just….couldn’t have navigated this draft process better. got off of luxury tax money at No. 30, picked up two future seconds, still got Butler at 40.

Matt Wearn has just secured Olympic GOLD with a race to spare! Matt will be crowned Olympic Champion after his Medal Race, but has an insurmountable 22-point lead. Congrats Matt you LEGEND!!! #GoAusSailors #TokyoTogether @AUSOlympicTeam

Clearly, what science told us was happening is happening. - @lenoretaylor From Siberia to Belgium, July saw wildfires, torrential flooding and extreme winds batter the world. Will it prompt world governments to act? #climatechange #cop26

We were all Tony for those last 15 minutes. #Tokyo2020 #GBRvAUS

#GBRvAUS - Twitter trends in Australia now

Patrick Tiernan provided us with a moment that will stay with us forever That hurt! Hope he is ok - reports he is talking, rehydrating, and we wish him a speedy recovery @7olympics