Australia | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Today

Updated: September 24th, 2022 09:42 PM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.Iran 1M+
2.Speed 210K+
3.Buddy 74K+
4.Simon 68K+
5.Stephen 66K+
6.Danger 64K+
7.karl 50K+
8.Delta 33K+
9.Niko 28K+
10.#AFLGF 27K+
11.Rugby 25K+
12.Hilary Mantel 23K+
13.Brian To 21K+
14.Swans 21K+
15.Geelong 19K+
16.Tobi 18K+
17.#AndrewsMustGo 15K+
18.#Wollongong2022 14K+
19.Norm 13K+
20.Robbie 13K+
21.Chunkz 13K+
22.Klein 12K+
23.Manny 12K+
24.Channel 7 11K+
25.Reid 11K+
26.Optus 11K+
27.#AFLGrandFinal 10K+
28.Warner 10K+
29.#NRLPanthersSouths <10K
30.John Farnham <10K
31.Kikau <10K
32.Robbie Williams <10K
33.#Bloods <10K
34.Cleary <10K
35.Gary Rohan <10K
36.up there cazaly <10K
37.Chris Scott <10K
38.Latrell <10K
39.ICAC <10K
40.Isaac Smith <10K
41.Milne <10K
42.Golden Rose <10K
43.noah beck <10K
44.7plus <10K
45.Penrith <10K
46.levi ablett <10K
47.Papley <10K
48.Wollongong <10K
49.G Flip <10K
50.Parra <10K
51.#Bledisloe <10K
52.Rabbitohs <10K
53.All Blacks <10K
54.#NRLGF <10K
55.#PantherPride <10K
56.Coorey <10K
57.Kylie <10K
58.Cody Walker <10K
59.#NZLvAUS <10K
60.Brad Close <10K
61.mike brady <10K
62.Hawkins <10K
63.#NRLFinals <10K
64.Joel Selwood <10K
65.#untameable <10K
66.Dutton <10K
67.Jeremy Cameron <10K
68.meatloaf <10K
69.Parramatta <10K
70.Bunnies <10K
71.Chad Warner <10K
72.Norm Smith <10K
73.Wallabies <10K
74.#couchpeloton <10K
75.#sidemenCharityMatch <10K
76.Swannies <10K
77.Logan McDonald <10K
78.Premiership <10K
79.Shane Warne <10K
80.Stengle <10K
81.Luai <10K
82.Crows <10K
83.Eden Park <10K
84.#gotiges <10K
85.sam reid <10K
86.Tom Stewart <10K
87.Dylan Edwards <10K
88.#NRLCowboysEels <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today


Robbie Williams covering John Farnham. Amazing. #TelstraPreMatch | #AFLGF

I reckon Joel, Tom, Paddy and the boys have this one under control - but if you’re after a forward in the future, I know a guy. We’re all Geelong today. Go Cats.

Twitter trends Australia - Geelong by Dan Andrews

first headline show as whyte fang. Thanks to everyone who made it. I will never forget

Here’s an update from @Crikey_News. While media barons like Lachlan go straight to the lawyers, his outlets direct complainants to the failed & Murdoch-funded regulator @AusPressCouncil. A two-tiered system stacked against those who can’t afford to sue.

I had a bit to say last wk. Only fair I cop it. All blacks too good. So clinical at home 👏🏼👏🏼 the fact anyone writes them off is puzzling

Sam Reid is just about done after that contest on the wing. No power and can’t jump. Half-time sub has to be on the cards #AFLGF


Can confirm Rock DJ still goes hard. #TelstraPreMatch | #AFLGF

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

Swans co-captain Dane Rampe was all class with his post-match speech ❤️🤍 📝

Twitter trends Australia - Joel Selwood by Fox Footy
Fox Footy
Fox Footy

Charlie Curnow takes the lead with an enormous second kick! 📺 Catch The Longest Kick on Fox Footy NOW on ch504

Surprised by some people going at the Crows over Tyson Stengle. Not their fault what happened at all.


A try so good you need to watch it again 🤩 #NRLFinals #NRLPanthersSouths

JACQUINOT storms home & wins the G1 Golden Rose! 😍 Well done to @MickPriceRacing & @MichaelRhysKent.

Twitter trends Australia - Golden Rose by

Confirmed change for Geelong. Mark O’Connor replaces Max Holmes in the 22, Brandan Parfitt sub #AFLGF


Is one of these two stars your Norm Smith tip at half-time? #AFLGF

Twitter trends Australia - Norm Smith by AFL

“I want to inspire, especially the kids who are wards of the state,” Stengle says. “I grew up in that type of situation. Tyson Stengle spoke to @DanielCherny about the inspiration of Eddie Betts 🔵 ⚪ #AFLGrandFinal | #AFLCatsSwans