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Updated: July 27th, 2021 07:46 AM IST
RankingTrending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweets Volume
1.#Tokyo2020 2267380
2.#Olympics 729826
3.kyungsoo 681420
4.hobi 663062
5.Wendy 301839
6.Hidilyn Diaz 276576
7.Delta 245961
8.Varane 240426
9.Philippines 206320
10.Luka 119240
11.Victoria 114600
12.McCarthy 84222
13.Labor 74777
14.Team USA 72043
15.Tesla 69316
16.#Swimming 65670
17.Potato 58918
18.CHOSEN 58077
19.Ledecky 48626
20.Emmett 44680
21.Spain 42530
22.Ariarne Titmus 41320
23.Memphis 36651
24.Sancho 35362
25.Tom Daley 32757
26.Neil 32108
27.Defence 30884
28.Teddy 30292
29.Rachel 29424
30.Ben White 28532
31.Fran 27413
32.Mitch 27029
33.FIBA 25853
34.Bledsoe 22611
35.Home & Away 21265
36.Gladys 15970
37.Wade 15077
38.Lebanon 13547
39.Greens <10k
40.dieter brummer <10k
41.Julia Bradley <10k
42.Coatsworth <10k
43.#aflcatstigers <10k
44.Hadley <10k
45.emma mckeon <10k
46.South Australia <10k
47.corowa <10k
48.sheck <10k
49.Waleed <10k
50.Wagga Wagga <10k
51.Robbo <10k
52.Hillsong <10k
53.Ben Roberts-Smith <10k
54.Meanwhile NSW <10k
55.Roger Tuivasa <10k
56.McKinsey <10k
57.Owen Wright <10k
58.Dean Boxall <10k
59.Novavax <10k
60.Dan Andrews <10k
61.George Christensen <10k
62.Gail <10k
63.44 in icu <10k
64.West Indies <10k
65.campbell newman <10k
66.#AUSvESP <10k
67.Kaylee McKeown <10k
68.Duncan Armstrong <10k
69.Basil <10k
70.Julie-Ann <10k
71.Nick Coatsworth <10k
72.up to 87 <10k
73.Shane Parrish <10k
74.Up to 111 <10k
75.Ultimate Warrior <10k
76.Alan Jones <10k
77.ian thorpe <10k
78.North Face <10k
79.kyle chalmers <10k
80.#CovidVic <10k
81.Brawn <10k
82.Stay Inside <10k
83.Home and Away <10k
84.James Campbell <10k
85.Jian Fang Lay <10k
86.7plus <10k
87.#viclockdown <10k
88.Benny <10k
89.Flora Duffy <10k
90.Arnie <10k
91.adriana midori takara <10k
92.Laurie Lawrence <10k
93.Norman Swan <10k
94.46 in ICU <10k
95.#4Corners <10k
96.Michael Pascoe <10k
97.brendon smith <10k
98.Martin Foley <10k
99.Shane and Angel <10k
100.#RaiseTheAge <10k
101.Campsie <10k
102.Flanagan <10k
103.blacktown <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

we’ve had our heads down and digging into new songs we’ve written over the past few months, we’re feeling good and havin a blast, love u! X

5sos - Twitter trends in Australia now

So here’s Murdoch’s Tucker Carlson, who regularly casts doubt on vaccines and mask wearing. On the one hand Murdoch backs Carlson (like Alan Jones in Oz )opposing vaccines, while on the other pretends he’s actually supporting hypocrite.

All thanks to you, Brittany. Your courage, strength and honesty has forced these changes - and at such a huge personal cost and sacrifice. We are all indebted to you. #hero

1 yr ago state & attorneys General failed to #RaiseTheAge of criminal responsibility. Since then 949 kids were in prison on a av night; 600 were aged 10-13yrs with 86% on remand. Here I am at 10 heading off to school. Our Govt says kids at this age belong in prison #RaiseTheAge

#RaiseTheAge - Twitter trends in Australia now

🏊🏼‍♀️ Ariarne Titmus smashed the 400m freestyle (3:56:69 an Australian record) and her coach absolutely smashed the celebration dance 🕺🏻. Emma McKeon won a bronze in the 100m 🦋 (55:27) a new Australian record. And a bronze for the men in the 4x100m freestyle relay!

The Sydney-based co-founders of the global Pentecostal Christian church Hillsong preached in person at a service in Mexico on Monday, despite the Australian border being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic | @niltiac

What a career, thank you Roger Tuivasa-Sheck ❤️❤️❤️ 👉

flanagan - Twitter trends in Australia now

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck will finish his @NZWarriors and #NRL career this week to return to New Zealand 🥺 Details 👉

Roger Tuivasa - Twitter trends in Australia now

156 people are in hospital ( ⬆️ 15 on yday) 44 in ICU ( ⬆️ 1 on yday ) 18 on ventilators ( same ) 2226 cases have been reported since June 16. A man and a woman in their 80s have died. Death toll for this outbreak: 10

#BREAKING: Dieter Brummer, the ‘90s heart-throb who played Home And Away character Shane Parrish, has died aged 45.

Ian Thorpe was probably our greatest male swimmer ever. Now he is shaping up to be a fine swimming commentator at the Olympics. I reckon my old friend Norman May (the best of the best) would approve.

HOW GOOD WAS THAT! 💚💛 Well done. 👏 Follow live:

Emma McKeon - Twitter trends in Australia now

As an Australian male you need to keep a very tight game about revealing that you think something is good but Leisel Jones and Ian Thorpe are sensational commentators.

Hey Siri, show me a boomer failing to grasp viral meme culture and what year it currently is:

Me: [half way through watching an #OlympicGames swimming event] Ian Thorpe:

Ian Thorpe - Twitter trends in Australia now

.@CampbellNewman has wasted no time in taking aim at his former Liberal colleagues slamming them for abandoning “fundamental Australian values”.

💛💚 GO GIRLS! 💚💛 The two Aussie duos of Stosur/Perez and Barty/Sanders smashed it today. 🇦🇺 Follow live:

Emma McKeon - Twitter trends in Australia now

✅ Sydney 2000 ✅ Athens 2004 ✅ Beijing 2008 ✅ London 2012 ✅ Rio 2016 ✅ Tokyo 2020 The 7-time Com Games medalist has equaled the record for most Olympic appearances by an Aussie woman, and she has flown through into the 3️⃣rd Round! 👏🏓 Follow live:

Emma McKeon - Twitter trends in Australia now

6 olympics, regardless of performance or how many gold medals are won by other athletes, Jian Fang Lay has to be our flag bearer at the closing ceremony #aus #Tokyo2020

Gold for the Terminator 🥇 Gold from Dylan 🤣 Follow live:

emma mckeon - Twitter trends in Australia now