Australia | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Today

Updated: January 31st, 2023 01:43 AM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.Eagles 751K+
2.Chiefs 539K+
3.49ers 388K+
4.#TheLastOfUs 341K+
5.Mahomes 258K+
6.Frank 156K+
7.Burrow 146K+
8.Arsenal 145K+
9.jaehyun 136K+
10.Novak 127K+
11.Louise 98K+
12.Bayern 63K+
13.Arts 54K+
14.Josh Johnson 50K+
15.Episode 3 50K+
16.Mr Beast 49K+
17.Cancelo 47K+
18.hobi 47K+
19.Sam Smith 34K+
21.Nick Offerman 26K+
22.Cameron 24K+
23.Catholic 22K+
24.Gallagher 20K+
25.Reed 19K+
26.Federer 19K+
27.Rogue 15K+
28.Rory 13K+
29.Opus 12K+
30.Murray Bartlett 11K+
31.Lydia 10K+
32.National Cultural Policy <10K
33.Vale Will Steffen <10K
34.#SurvivorAU <10K
35.ABC Board <10K
36.Musolino <10K
37.Kyle Sandilands <10K
38.Bronte <10K
39.#QandA <10K
40.Asian Cup <10K
41.anjali <10K
42.Mundine <10K
43.Exclusive Brethren <10K
44.Lyndall <10K
45.Hayley <10K
46.Graham Arnold <10K
47.Sally Rugg <10K
48.Laura Tingle <10K
49.Craig Foster <10K
50.Veronica Nelson <10K
51.Bridget McKenzie <10K
52.#MAFS <10K
53.stefanos <10K
54.Jordie <10K
55.Shonee <10K
56.Chuck Norris <10K
57.#4Corners <10K
58.arnie <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

I want to be ‘An independent voice for an independent voice’ Laura Tingle to run for ABC board as government prepares shakeup

Four More Years! 📝🔒 📰 Read more: #ArnieIn #Socceroos

Twitter trends Australia - Graham Arnold by Subway Socceroos

The mind boggles that in the 21st century Australia religious crackpots can be allowed to press this medieval mumbo jumbo onto impressionable children and the taxpayer subsidises it. #4Corners

Happy 93rd Birthday to Gene Hackman. Born | 30 January, 1930 in San Bernardino, California. In a career spanning more than six decades, Hackman has won two Academy Awards, four Golden Globes, one Screen Actors Guild Award, two BAFTAs and one Silver Bear. #GeneHackman #BOTD

Twitter trends Australia - Gene Hackman by Hollywood Golden Age of Cinema

The committee, which includes Jacinta Price and Warren Mundine, are urging Australians to oppose the Indigenous Voice to Parliament when it comes to a referendum later this year.

Dozens of students from private schools in Sydney that are affiliated with the Opus Dei movement have spoken out about disturbing teachings within the schools. @Milliganreports

The arts cannot be simply left to those who can afford to do it. Arts jobs are real jobs. – @AlboMP at the launch of the national cultural policy. So refreshing to hear a PM say that.

In 20 years of reporting, including sitting through the Roberts-Smith case, the Victorian coroner’s findings about Veronica Nelson’s preventable death is the most gut wrenching and electrifying delivery of justice from a judge I’ve ever witnessed. What a powerful call for change

@senbmckenzie @Anne_Ruston Bridget McKenzie is tweeting about the need for oversight in sporting infrastructure spending. BRIDGET MCKENZIE IS TWEETING ABOUT THE NEED FOR OVERSIGHT IN SPORTING INFRASTRUCTURE SPENDING.

Twitter trends Australia - Bridget McKenzie by Tom Taylor

Another accolade for the prolific Beth Mooney! Super year, Beth! #AusCricketAwards

Twitter trends Australia - Beth Mooney by

No surprises here. Exclusive Brethren paid for ads for Tas Liberals and Eric Abetz defended them in Senate. Howard befriended them and they have been close to Libs ever since. #auspol


This year on #QandA, we’ll be running weekly polls on our social pages and discussing the results on the program. For tonight we’d like to know - do you know enough about how an Indigenous Voice to Parliament will work to vote in a referendum?

Vale Will Steffen. Will devoted his life to climate research. He was globally renowned, courageous, outspoken and indefatigable in raising awareness of the fossil fuelled global heating emergency. On MPCCC, he advised PM Gillard to take strongest possible action. #PlanetChampion

Scott Morrison wrote his Hons thesis on Christian Brethren in Sydney Area 1964-1989. Looks like his interest in Exclusive Brethren is lifelong. #auspol

In a world of Bridget McKenzies and Lidia Thorpes, be a Craig Foster. #VoiceToParliament #QandA