Australia Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 27th, 2021 03:51 AM IST
S.No.Trending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
1.China 305K+ tweets
2.Chan 283K+ tweets
3.Angel 277K+ tweets
4.Usyk 236K+ tweets
5.#BBNaija 231K+ tweets
6.Chris Martin 208K+ tweets
7.Australia 206K+ tweets
8.Brexit 205K+ tweets
9.#UFC266 204K+ tweets
10.#RussianGP 182K+ tweets
11.Arsenal 149K+ tweets
12.5sos 145K+ tweets
13.Lewis 127K+ tweets
14.Christmas 107K+ tweets
15.Spurs 94K+ tweets
16.Tottenham 91K+ tweets
17.Pere 86K+ tweets
18.Lions 84K+ tweets
19.Justin Tucker 84K+ tweets
20.Patriots 78K+ tweets
21.Lando 73K+ tweets
22.North London 67K+ tweets
23.Chargers 66K+ tweets
24.Saka 63K+ tweets
25.Norway 56K+ tweets
26.Kane 56K+ tweets
27.Hamilton 55K+ tweets
28.Verstappen 55K+ tweets
29.Ortega 54K+ tweets
30.Melbourne 53K+ tweets
31.Steelers 52K+ tweets
32.Jane 49K+ tweets
33.Nini 48K+ tweets
34.Labor 48K+ tweets
35.Mitch 36K+ tweets
36.Morrison 35K+ tweets
37.McLaren 34K+ tweets
38.Sainz 34K+ tweets
39.Auba 32K+ tweets
40.#ARSTOT 31K+ tweets
41.Kyle 29K+ tweets
42.the last of us 28K+ tweets
43.Bottas 26K+ tweets
44.#insiders 25K+ tweets
45.Nuno 24K+ tweets
46.#COYG 22K+ tweets
47.Volk 20K+ tweets
48.#AFLGF 19K+ tweets
49.Demons 18K+ tweets
50.Jesse 17K+ tweets
51.Barnaby 17K+ tweets
52.Iceland 17K+ tweets
53.Wilbur 14K+ tweets
54.Alaphilippe 14K+ tweets
55.Glasgow 14K+ tweets
56.Arteta 11K+ tweets
57.Nationals 11K+ tweets
58.Gladys 11K+ tweets
59.NORTH LONDON IS RED 10K+ tweets
60.Xhaka 10K+ tweets
61.Odegaard <10K tweets
62.#TheBlock <10K tweets
63.Brisbane <10K tweets
64.Kyle Sandilands <10K tweets
65.Norm Smith <10K tweets
66.macy gray <10K tweets
67.Ben Brown <10K tweets
68.Keith Pitt <10K tweets
69.Aussies <10K tweets
70.birds of tokyo <10K tweets
71.rubble <10K tweets
72.Danny Ric <10K tweets
73.Darren Chester <10K tweets
74.go doggies <10K tweets
75.Vito <10K tweets
76.Stan Grant <10K tweets
77.Piastri <10K tweets
78.Voltaire <10K tweets
79.doggies <10K tweets
80.Bont <10K tweets
81.reece walsh <10K tweets
82.Perth <10K tweets
83.Ricciardo <10K tweets
84.Kirsty <10K tweets
85.Bondi <10K tweets
86.Penrith <10K tweets
87.Paw Patrol <10K tweets
88.Dannii <10K tweets
89.Petracca <10K tweets
90.#MaskedSingerAU <10K tweets
91.Jack Vidgen <10K tweets
92.atlantis <10K tweets
93.Gawn <10K tweets
94.Eskimo joe <10K tweets
95.baker boy <10K tweets
96.Dees <10K tweets
97.Cleary <10K tweets
Australia Top Tweets Now

Scott in Washington say one thing on climate, but Scott in Canberra does something very different. He talks big with world leaders but back home he lets Barnaby, Canavan, Rennick and Christensen dictate.

🔥 Morrison calling for “Australians to have their lives back by Christmas” is like the arsonist calling for the fires he lit to end. This Dangerous foolish PM caused these lockdowns, through his incompetence- he FAILED Australia on vaccines & quarantine🤬 #auspol #MorrisonFail

Sophie Molineux is back on the ground after some running repairs #AUSvIND

Sophie Molineux - Twitter trends in Australia now

All those @CNN years not wasted, Stan Grant bringing real depth of insight into the Quad’s other entanglements. More complex than it seems. #insiders

stan grant - Twitter trends in Australia now

Reece Walsh fronts the media after being arrested by Queensland Police on Sunday morning 🗣️ 👉


Nathan Cleary has been cleared by the match review committee and will be free to play in the #NRLGF Details 👉

Cleary - Twitter trends in Australia now

‘This is solely on me’: Reece Walsh admits to possession of cocaine as Warriors star sent for counselling 👉

Reece Walsh - Twitter trends in Australia now

NRL Finals 2021: Rabbitohs co-owner Russell Crowe pays tribute to Wayne Bennett as Souths reach grand final via @couriermail @russellcrowe

SUTHERLAND! A catch from the top drawer by Annabel Sutherland 👏 @CommBank | #AUSvIND

Is there something wrong with this photo? 🤨 🧐 MORE 👉

Penrith - Twitter trends in Australia now

Spectacular Strano! ⭐️ What a memorable maiden ODI wicket for Stella Campbell too! @CadburyAU | #AUSvIND

Sophie Molineux is off the field and getting checked out after copping a nasty bouncing ball to the mouth #AUSvIND