Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.Eriksen 2513660
2.#8YearsToInfinityWithBTS 1784877
3.Christian Eriksen 1349216
4.Nigeria 837365
5.Trump 670705
6.Biden 468759
7.Denmark 445012
8.TikTok 397730
9.Bangtan 326863
10.UEFA 319444
11.Happy Anniversary 313425
12.China 298827
13.Suga 264972
14.Johnson 252328
15.namjoon 242597
16.Draw 226992
17.Happy 8th 222490
18.Mass 205131
19.Venezuela 202184
20.Market 197626
21.England 185521
22.The PM 177927
23.Diaz 170073
24.Millions 156366
25.vinnie 147458
26.Russia 146863
27.Xbox 134505
28.Mario 133392
29.Putin 123799
30.Macron 122122
31.Paris 121992
32.Happy 8 120198
33.Reddit 116315
34.Mike 116294
35.Gorgeous 114845
36.Lukaku 111016
37.Deji 110004
38.Nintendo 109831
39.Danish 108414
40.Olivia 108298
41.Ubisoft 105975
42.Peter 103494
43.Growing 99796
44.Extremely 96468
45.Wales 95670
46.Joe Biden 92522
47.Victoria 92346
48.Boris Johnson 92309
49.Leon 87482
50.Bobby 86968
51.Honey 86054
52.Jean 83324
53.Australia 77982
54.iPad 73677
55.Brexit 72732
56.Copenhagen 66938
57.Felix 66823
58.tommy 66577
59.Hill 61009
60.Legit 59248
61.Belgium 58898
62.Alex Jones 58244
63.tayler 58085
64.Nate 57743
65.#UFC263 53310
66.Wendy 52190
67.#E32021 49508
68.Fixed 48723
69.Rigged 48388
70.Mona 43368
71.US President 43231
72.Superman 42875
73.Moreno 42670
74.Jarvis 41910
75.Jill 41763
76.Britain 39724
77.Adesanya 37463
78.Julian 36934
79.Morrison 36405
80.Anne Frank 35949
81.Phil 35372
82.Mans 35175
83.Trudeau 34903
84.billie 33010
85.Vettori 32462
86.Marvin 32181
87.Kelly 31246
88.WILBUR 30736
89.Immigration 30027
90.Just Dance 28519
91.Izzy 27994
92.Happy Festa 27889
93.#BELRUS 27754
94.Chris Evans 26320
95.Austin McBroom 25838
96.Bryce Hall 24753
97.My Mum 23689
98.Craig 23043
99.sunwoo 22513
100.Star Wars 21974
101.Kent 21549
102.Kenny 19907
103.#UbisoftForward 19668
104.Siege 19661
105.Brad 18751
106.Murphy 18443
107.#youtubersvstiktokers 18433
108.Baku 18405
109.#UbiForward 18257
110.Clippers 17888
111.Kick Off 17291
112.Syria 17199
113.FNAF 17192
114.Disgraceful 17181
115.Biloela 16865
116.Saints 16696
117.Greece 16594
118.Bryce 16578
119.Maia 16522
120.Saudi Arabia 15769
121.callahan 15670
122.#INDYCAR 14857
123.Raiders 14788
124.Samantha 14594
125.Far Cry 13838
126.Joe Rogan 13501
127.Moscow 12663
128.Leon Edwards 11507
129.#SocialGloves 11443
130.Murugappan <10k
131.Nate Diaz <10k
132.Harry Grant <10k
133.#insiders <10k
134.Medevac <10k
135.Zionist <10k
136.Riddell <10k
137.Rove <10k
138.Dan Andrew <10k
139.Coorey <10k
140.Beethoven <10k
141.Nicho Hynes <10k
142.Wallabies <10k
143.Daylesford <10k
144.Halo Infinite <10k
145.Highmore <10k
146.The IPA <10k
147.Evloev <10k
148.Bandt <10k
149.Channel 9 <10k
150.Savva <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

Julian Hill MP
Julian Hill MP ()

First Biden walked out before Morrison spoke at the April Climate Summit. Now Biden won’t hold a 1-1 meeting with Morrison at G-7. Maybe Morrison made the wrong call for Australia when he went all in on Trump? Refusing to back Net Zero Emissions by 2050 isolates us further.

Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese ()

Bob Hawke was right when he said that Medicare is the cheapest, simplest, fairest health insurance program Australia has ever seen. So why are the Liberals trying to cut Medicare yet again?

Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd ()

Get ready for the next mudslinging onslaught from the Murdoch thugs with the Liberal Party thugs against Dan Andrews. This is the lot who happily raised not a whimper over Christian Porter taking a month’s stress leave following a rape allegation.


But seriously A DRAW!?!? Taylor Holder was robbed.

Taylor Holder,Twitter trends in Australia now
FatherBob ()

Murdoch’s Ghostbusters Sunday H/S at it again😳….no Welcome back Dan, let alone Welcome back ….in an unAustralian activity…in sinks the boot…are these people Aussies at all😳?…never kick a bloke/person when they’re down.🇦🇺.

Adelaide Crows
Adelaide Crows ()

OVER THE SHOULDER. Thilthorpe puts us in front! 🔥🙌 #weflyasone #AFLSaintsCrows

thilthorpe,Twitter trends in Australia now
AFL ()

What a finish in Cairns! FT: @Adelaide_FC (66) defeat @stkildafc (60). #AFLSaintsCrows

cairns,Twitter trends in Australia now
Adam Bandt
Adam Bandt ()

I’ll be joining @David_Speers on the @InsidersABC hot seat this morning. We’ll be talking Scott Morrison’s climate isolation at G7, bringing the Biloela family home, and how to stop Melbourne going into lockdown again. Tune on in!

Speers,Twitter trends in Australia now
Adelaide Crows
Adelaide Crows ()

A familiar face hands the debutant his guernsey in Cairns 🤩💙❤️💛 #weflyasone #AFLSaintsCrows

Cairns,Twitter trends in Australia now
Adelaide Crows
Adelaide Crows ()

To all our amazing fans tonight in CaIrns (and at home 😉), we couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you! 💙❤️💛 #weflyasone

#weflyasone,Twitter trends in Australia now
ABC News
ABC News ()

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announces he will be back at work by the end of the month

NRL ()

Sam Walker with the MATCH-WINNER! 🤩 #TelstraPremiership Moment of the Match #NRLTitansRoosters

AFL ()

THRILLthorpe seals the win for the Crows after a wild finish in Cairns 👑 Match report: #AFLSaintsCrows

Cairns,Twitter trends in Australia now
AFL Fantasy
AFL Fantasy ()

Raise the bat, Tommy Boy! Are you playing Tom Highmore on your field this week? He’s already cracked the #AFLFantasy ton. 👏

Highmore,Twitter trends in Australia now
Fremantle Dockers
Fremantle Dockers ()

FT / Great to get the WIN in front of the Purple Army! 💜 ⚓️ 76 ☀️ 49 #foreverfreo #AFLFreoSuns

#AFLFreoSuns,Twitter trends in Australia now
Fox League
Fox League ()

Trent Robinson is VERY concerned the NRL and its officials are actually encouraging players to stay down

Gold Coast,Twitter trends in Australia now
Perth Wildcats
Perth Wildcats ()

FIRST CAREER DOUBLE-DOUBLE! 13 points + 10 rebounds + 3 assists. Take a bow, Luke Travers! 👏👏

luke travers,Twitter trends in Australia now
7HorseRacing 🐎
7HorseRacing 🐎 ()

This mare can seriously fly 🛫🛫🛫 Brooklyn Hustle from the clouds in the Dane Ripper!

AFL ()

A wet footy with only one point in it 😰 What a pulsating Last Two Minutes between the Saints and the Crows thanks to @WolfBlassWines. #AFLSaintsCrows


Wholesome Rowell posting vibes, please. ☺️ #AFLFreoSuns 📸 - Fox Footy

Rowell,Twitter trends in Australia now