Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Twitter trends in Australia now - #thundernation, Cold Chisel, Maeve, Colin, Dr Miriam, Eastern Freeway, #ausoftheyear, #BUFvsKC, Derby.

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.COVID-19 972651
2.Brady 907723
3.JUNGKOOK 902860
4.Need 1 753942
5.Super Bowl 492193
6.Packers 474772
7.Bills 353627
8.Weverse 353043
9.Chiefs 339170
10.Rodgers 326295
11.Kong 311444
12.Armin 294621
13.Godzilla 260580
14.Bobby 247711
15.Bucs 230935
16.Titan 217586
17.bighit 197213
18.Books 192036
19.jisung 179913
20.Mahomes 179132
21.#BOBBY_UMad_OutNow 165184
22.Frank 160006
23.Pfizer 154436
24.youngjae 129259
25.Israel 123670
26.Bread 120546
27.The ABC 119370
28.Birx 119125
29.KARL 110199
30.Fauci 109352
31.Chelsea 104675
32.Buffalo 101534
33.PayPal 90540
34.Scotland 84153
35.seulgi 83798
36.harry styles 80118
37.Patriots 75108
38.Labor 63719
39.Julia 58495
40.AstraZeneca 55970
41.Josh Allen 53835
42.national day 53728
43.Republic Day 52959
44.Integrity 52685
45.European 52225
46.Tuchel 52004
47.Arkansas 47931
48.Indigenous 47265
49.Alli 46447
50.Lara 46056
51.Roman 45638
52.Rudy 44614
53.Derby 43393
54.Werner 43266
55.Bears 42967
56.King Kong 42940
57.Dominion 42681
58.Gomez 41854
59.clubhouse 39449
60.#BUFvsKC 38178
61.Wendy 36770
62.Lampard 36746
63.SELCAS 36343
64.Federal Government 34895
65.Burns 34637
66.Machado 31986
67.Australia Day 28762
69.BUMP 26638
70.The Federal Government 26500
71.Sanity 25862
72.Kelce 25670
73.New Zealand 24015
74.Jimmy Dore 23066
75.Colin 20975
76.Hong Kong 20947
77.Bliss 20561
78.Austria 18109
79.#AskHunter 16872
80.Knicks 16303
81.#SuperBowl 16205
82.Ipsos 15905
83.Howard 15831
84.First Nations 15707
85.Newt 14463
86.mRNA 13726
87.albo 13708
88.Havertz 13174
89.Mandarin 12729
90.The Castle 11114
91.Kotor 10823
92.Picnic 10395
93.Russ 10333
94.#Neighbours <10k
95.Dave Hughes <10k
96.Seinfeld <10k
97.Powderfinger <10k
98.Maeve <10k
99.#letherspeak <10k
100.Alex Hales <10k
101.corey <10k
102.fletcher <10k
103.Malka Leifer <10k
104.Cairns <10k
105.Porridge <10k
106.PETA <10k
107.Mabo <10k
108.Tim Winton <10k
109.Cold Chisel <10k
110.Anzac Day <10k
111.Peta Credlin <10k
112.Weatherald <10k
113.Eurovision <10k
114.#AustralianoftheYear <10k
115.#Hottest100of2000 <10k
116.hanging rock <10k
117.#ausoftheyear <10k
118.Cronulla <10k
119.Margaret C <10k
120.Dr Miriam <10k
121.Isobel Marshall <10k
122.Carly <10k
123.Aus Day <10k
124.Bettina Arndt <10k
125.Eastern Freeway <10k
126.Former ABC <10k
127.Rosemary Kariuki <10k
128.Laurie <10k
129.My Brother Jack <10k
130.#thundernation <10k
131.Strikers <10k
132.Rudd <10k
133.Woolies <10k
134.Marth <10k
135.Aboriginal <10k
136.Lamps <10k
137.bow river <10k
138.double j <10k
139.Hales <10k
140.Kate Bush <10k
141.Brendan Murphy <10k
142.26th of Jan <10k
143.caulfield <10k
144.auslan <10k
145.don bradman <10k
146.Paul Murray <10k
147.Concord <10k
148.#Jan26IsInvasionDay <10k
149.Wake in Fright <10k
150.Bradman <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

Karen Middleton
Karen Middleton ()

Such grace. Congratulations Senior Australian of the Year, Dr Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr Baumann AM.

Rose Ungunmerr Baumann,Twitter trends in Australia now
Samantha Maiden
Samantha Maiden ()

Sexual assault survivor Grace Tame, 26, from Hobart, has been named 2021 Australian of the Year for her bravery in shining a light on child sexual abuse, trauma impacts, and the warning signs of grooming

The Sydney Morning Herald
The Sydney Morning Herald ()

Opinion: It’s odd that our national day should commemorate the establishment of a British prison on the other side of the world | @MrKRudd

Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese ()

It’s great news that the TGA has approved the Pfizer vaccine. In the US, EU, Canada and the UK, doses were administered within a week of approval. How long will Australians have to wait? Media conference from Canberra soon.

Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese ()

Tasmanian sexual assault survivor and advocate Grace Tame an outstanding choice as 2021 Australian of the Year

AusoftheYearAwards ()

Congratulations to your 2021 Australian of the Year, Grace Tame! #ausoftheyear #reflectrespectcelebrate Thanks to our Australian of the Year category partner, @auspost

The NBL ()

BIG in 🇯🇵 and quickly becoming a fan fave in 🇦🇺 @babaseyo with 🔟 points off the bench for @MelbUnitedHQ in their win over Cairns 🙌 #NBL21

Virginia Haussegger
Virginia Haussegger ()

Wow!!! All 4 categories Australian of the Year won by women!! 💃💃💃💃 Congratulations 2021 #ausoftheyear GRACE TAME 🙏

IndigenousX Pty Ltd
IndigenousX Pty Ltd ()

“Don’t confuse our calls for justice for calls for We aren’t here for a one-word change in the anthem, a meaningless reform in the constitution, or moving a celebration of Invasion to another day. We are here for justice”. @MerikiKO

Samantha Maiden
Samantha Maiden ()

IN December 2017, the disgraced teacher gave a 17-minute interview with conservative commentator, Bettina Arndt who — in a further violation — included the now 2021 Australian of the Year’s real name and photo without permission. Via ⁦@newscomauHQ⁩ ()

FIRST BALL OF THE INNINGS! What a delivery from Daniel #BBL10 | @BKTtires

Guardian Australia
Guardian Australia ()

Tasmanian sexual assault survivor Grace Tame named 2021 Australian of the Year

Sky News Australia
Sky News Australia ()

Sky News host Peta Credlin says Australia Day is just the largest target of the left’s ongoing push to “disable, disown, and debase” Australia’s national symbols.

Celeste Liddle
Celeste Liddle ()

Is Vegemite trending because white Australia is looking for something, anything, to be proud of in the lead-up to Invasion Day?

AusoftheYearAwards ()

Congratulations to your Senior Australian of the Year for 2021, Dr Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr Baumann AM! #ausoftheyear Thanks to our Senior Australian of the Year category partner, @healthgovau @MiriamRoseFound

Dr Tracy Westerman
Dr Tracy Westerman ()

Dr Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr Baumann Senior Australian of the Year 2021: “I don’t need to tell you that a sense of belonging and identity is crucial to a child’s life – and most of us accept that for Indigenous children it is even more so.” 💛♥️🖤👏👏👏#AustralianoftheYear

#AustralianoftheYear,Twitter trends in Australia now ()

30 sixes in a single @BBL! New ground has been hit by Alex Hales! ☄ #BBL10

Alex Hales,Twitter trends in Australia now
Sky News Australia
Sky News Australia ()

Sky News host Paul Murray says @JoeBiden has shown he is a little brittle in the brain, after one of his latest acts in public.

Yahya Alhadid
Yahya Alhadid ()

25 يناير 2021 اليوم العالمي لحملة #لا_لحرب_اليمن الدعوة للجميع للمشاركة في هذه الحملة من أجل الوقوف مع الشعب اليمني الذي يتعرض لإبادة ممنهجة منذ عام 2015

25 يناير 2021,Twitter trends in Australia now
Shannon Deery
Shannon Deery ()

She’s on the plane. Alleged-sexual abuser Malka Leifer extradited to Australia - The Jerusalem post. #auspol #springst