Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.Group 1 355933
2.Nadal 247780
3.Italy 231532
4.jaemin 157005
5.Boris 135389
6.Mike 133006
7.The Age 132709
8.Pulitzer 101570
9.Spring 94957
10.Putin 92313
11.Australia 82368
12.DDLC 68215
13.Jones 66971
14.Hill 65181
15.Novak 64928
16.Wales 59468
17.Indigenous 57491
18.Seth 45988
19.Trae 43327
20.Hunt 42213
21.Spotlight 40702
22.Novak Djokovic 39031
23.Atlanta 38742
24.#SmackDown 37331
25.Game Day 37050
26.Manu 36945
27.Nuggets 34914
28.deGrom 34764
29.Sixers 33469
30.Switzerland 33327
31.Trudeau 33138
32.karl 31892
33.Merkel 29766
34.Kobe 26972
35.Embiid 25358
36.Denver 21415
37.Commander 20949
38.Lavender 20516
39.HALF TIME 18747
40.Booker 18336
41.priya 17909
42.Simmons 17734
43.Bolt 17200
44.#AEWDynamite 16834
45.Clark 15380
46.Race 3 14595
47.Titans 14560
48.Belmont 14181
49.Jokic 13730
50.Happy 4th 12388
51.Chiefs 12309
52.Filthy 12264
53.Nuno 11955
54.#hometobilo 11355
55.Esther 11148
56.Trae Young 10811
57.Bulls 10309
58.Chris Paul 10027
59.Jeroen Weimar <10k
60.Fifita <10k
61.Mundy <10k
62.#weflyasone <10k
63.Converge <10k
64.Margetts <10k
65.Tharni <10k
66.#ssnmagpiesvixens <10k
67.Zaaki <10k
68.Ratten <10k
69.Brooklyn Hustle <10k
70.Michael McCormack <10k
71.Peta Credlin <10k
72.Rowell <10k
73.#AFLFreoSuns <10k
74.Crusaders <10k
75.Wildcats <10k
76.Hetherington <10k
77.Radley <10k
78.Treacy <10k
79.Ayrton <10k
80.Clisby <10k
81.Jonah <10k
82.Tino <10k
83.Pearce <10k
84.Sir Kalahad <10k
85.Coates <10k
86.Sandown <10k
87.Waratahs <10k
88.Ash Taylor <10k
89.Chemist Warehouse <10k
90.Rowe <10k
91.The Harrovian <10k
92.Covid Commander <10k
93.Pascoe <10k
94.#SSNThunderbirdsSwifts <10k
95.robyn <10k
96.Race 6 <10k
97.Gawn <10k
98.Joey Manu <10k
99.Luke Travers <10k
100.Howard Sattler <10k
101.Steele <10k
102.Kikau <10k
103.Dockers <10k
104.#NRLRaidersBroncos <10k
105.Laird <10k
106.Jake Riccardi <10k
107.Brayshaw <10k
108.Ranveer <10k
109.Mackay <10k
110.bach <10k
111.reece jones <10k
112.Sam Walker <10k
113.#AFLSaintsCrows <10k
114.#classic100 <10k
115.Richo <10k
116.Proctor <10k
117.Adelaide <10k
118.#Bellator260 <10k
119.Ben Long <10k
120.#SSNGiantsLightning <10k
121.Clifford <10k
122.ScuMo <10k
123.Max King <10k
124.Crom <10k
125.Greg Hunt <10k
126.Gold Coast <10k
127.Karmichael Hunt <10k
128.bernard collaery <10k
129.Canberra <10k
130.Tofane <10k
131.Central Coast <10k
132.Brisbane Cup <10k
133.Darcy <10k
134.Rebels <10k
135.Verne <10k
136.Kruse <10k
137.Umpires <10k
138.#REBvCRU <10k
139.Craig Williams <10k
140.#CCMvMAC <10k
141.Ken Maumalo <10k
142.superium <10k
143.#dragracedownunder <10k
144.Record Store Day <10k
145.Alex Johnston <10k
146.Knights Order <10k
147.Thilthorpe <10k
148.Angus <10k
149.#NRLSouthsKnights <10k
150.Viagra <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

Hugh Riminton
Hugh Riminton ()

Former Australian Editor-in-chief Chris Mitchell, to the @smh today: “I regard Sally (Neighbour) as one of my best hiring on terrorism and in my view both Sally and @Milliganreports left the paper in high esteem.”

James Morrow
James Morrow ()

Amazing speech here from Theresa May that should also resonate in Australia: Variants will keep coming, we will never fully eliminate Covid, but we have to accept this and open up because you will never have zero cases and freedom matters, too.

Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese ()

Happy 4th Birthday Tharni 🎂- your family should be #hometobilo where I visited in September 2019 and know you are much loved

Claire Lehmann
Claire Lehmann ()

A group of founders and CEOs including Shopify’s Tobias Lütke (left) Basecamp’s Jason Fried (right) are creating a revolution inside Silicon Valley. The revolution being that business should focus on .... business. Great piece from @petersavodnik

Guardian Australia
Guardian Australia ()

If you think Australia making an example of a sick three-year-old is an exception, think again. This is what we do | Katharine Murphy

Kon Karapanagiotidis
Kon Karapanagiotidis ()

Happy 4th birthday Tharnicaa No child belongs in a detention centre, ever Every birthday, every week, every day, every hour spent imprisoned harms Tharni. Today is day 1,194 of that harm @AlexHawkeMP & @karenandrewsmp you have the power to free Tharni & her family #HometoBilo.

Tharni,Twitter trends in Australia now
Guardian Australia
Guardian Australia ()

Two Coalition MPs say it is time to bring Biloela family back from Christmas Island

ABC News
ABC News ()

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announces he will be back at work by the end of the month

AFL ()

We’re looking for the most picturesque local footy oval, so please send in your pics! For a bit of inspo, here’s some shots from a pre-season game between Brisbane and Fremantle in Cape Town, 1998.

Fremantle,Twitter trends in Australia now
Adelaide Crows
Adelaide Crows ()

A familiar face hands the debutant his guernsey in Cairns 🤩💙❤️💛 #weflyasone #AFLSaintsCrows

Cairns,Twitter trends in Australia now
NRL ()

Sam Walker with the MATCH-WINNER! 🤩 #TelstraPremiership Moment of the Match #NRLTitansRoosters

AFL ()

THRILLthorpe seals the win for the Crows after a wild finish in Cairns 👑 Match report: #AFLSaintsCrows

Cairns,Twitter trends in Australia now
Fremantle Dockers
Fremantle Dockers ()

FT / Great to get the WIN in front of the Purple Army! 💜 ⚓️ 76 ☀️ 49 #foreverfreo #AFLFreoSuns

#AFLFreoSuns,Twitter trends in Australia now
Adelaide Crows
Adelaide Crows ()

OVER THE SHOULDER. Thilthorpe puts us in front! 🔥🙌 #weflyasone #AFLSaintsCrows

Adelaide,Twitter trends in Australia now
7HorseRacing 🐎
7HorseRacing 🐎 ()

This mare can seriously fly 🛫🛫🛫 Brooklyn Hustle from the clouds in the Dane Ripper!

Prof Kerryn Phelps AM
Prof Kerryn Phelps AM ()

If you think Australia making an example of a sick three-year-old is an exception, think again. This is what we do: “PERFORMATIVE CRUELTY” | Katharine Murphy | The Guardian

NRL ()

JWH plays #NRL game 2️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ in #NRLTitansRoosters! 👏

#NRLTitansRoosters,Twitter trends in Australia now
Ben Cameron
Ben Cameron ()

Fun fact… Sean Darcy turns 23 today and shares his birthday with Paul Hasleby who celebrates his 40th today!!! Bad luck @PaulHasleby, not even the best born on June 12 in @freodockers history 😜 #aflfreosuns ()

What a finish from Brooklyn Hustle! So unlucky in multiple G1s and the fast-finishing mare breaks through for a well-deserved win in the G2 Dane Ripper Stakes 👏 Craig Williams with 3 of the 4 quaddie legs, too ✈️

Fox Footy
Fox Footy ()

Wait - what? Huh? How?! @Adelaide_FC was scoreless for 45 minutes. A 36-point deficit turned into an insane six-point win. PS Thrillthorpe! 📝 RECAP: 🔢 MATCH CENTRE: #AFLSaintsCrows

St Kilda,Twitter trends in Australia now