Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Twitter trends in Australia now - Australia Day, #BBL10, Zampa, peter kingston, Gotch, Steam, Peter Kingston, Stoinis, Claudia.

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.Covid 2449312
2.Trump 2161727
3.SO MUCH 996642
4.Farmers 878419
5.Friends 872412
6.Republic Day 748869
7.Spotify 690027
8.Mark 679964
9.JUNGKOOK 641572
10.The UK 551147
11.Kobe 446917
12.Delhi 393068
14.Japan 332702
15.#Dreamcatcher 295797
16.Surprise 277550
17.Wishing 233414
18.Canada 214227
19.Senators 211605
20.jaehyun 209002
21.Australia 206307
22.Cash 203997
23.The Boys 202921
24.Sarah 194911
25.#FarmersProtest 192222
26.Jake 191733
27.Disney 187701
28.The Stand 185093
29.doyoung 183844
30.Indonesia 178525
31.Modi 176734
32.Pakistan 167582
33.Holy 167558
34.Dems 165846
35.Washington 160960
36.iPhone 152991
37.APEX 148287
38.namjoon 146015
39.New York 134195
40.Boris 133864
41.Putin 133319
42.Europe 132642
43.Stars 129132
44.Tommy 122695
45.#GenshinImpact 120504
46.Red Fort 119576
47.Sikh 115651
48.taeyong 114000
49.Goodluck 107220
50.Classic 105164
51.Dawn 103243
52.hobi 102174
53.Khalistani 97923
54.harry styles 96512
55.Samsung 95141
56.Etsy 93759
57.xiao 92596
58.Mary 92076
59.Pokémon 90045
60.Tony 88711
61.haechan 87703
62.German 86233
63.Thomas Tuchel 82904
64.Messi 78680
65.Australia Day 77925
66.Coco 75888
67.soobin 73317
68.Phil 70754
69.Minecraft 69228
70.I KNOW RIGHT 66181
71.Rihanna 65305
72.Shocking 64800
73.Victory 62079
74.Jinyoung 61757
75.Britain 59309
76.Embarrassing 56840
77.Troll 56413
78.Ireland 56042
79.Maya 55071
80.Sikhs 54151
81.Emma 53902
82.Amanda 53558
83.Snapchat 52735
84.Claudia 52096
85.Hindus 50170
86.Steam 50130
87.Holocaust 49821
88.Simp 49261
89.Glory 49105
90.Lewis 48417
91.wonho 48229
92.Destiny 47986
93.Bond 47618
94.wonwoo 47320
95.William 47217
96.Netherlands 46252
97.Pisces 46169
98.Mona 46015
99.Tesla 45075
100.iPad 44111
101.Dunno 43968
102.#twitch 40915
103.Bruce 40552
104.Dean 39154
105.Gaga 38941
106.AGES 38680
107.MARK LEE 38533
108.GameStop 34881
109.Stella 33703
110.Gosh 32852
111.West Ham 28198
112.Jess 26525
113.Delta 25951
114.Amber 25291
115.Nationals 24320
116.Lego 24074
117.Nats 23849
118.Vietnam 23058
119.Newcastle 22476
120.HELL YEAH 21818
121.Evans 20462
122.Coalition 20146
123.Rome 19519
124.#SOUARS 18807
125.Barry 18324
126.Leeds 18225
127.Zelda 17212
128.siyeon 16550
129.Willy 16192
130.Alaska 15409
131.#NUFC 15058
132.ALBO 14942
133.Joyce 14851
134.Aunty 14835
135.Wanda 14588
136.Owen 14534
137.Jedi 14440
138.The New Daily 14414
139.Rojas 13625
140.Melbourne 13338
141.Sixers 13005
142.Benny 13001
143.#VTuberUprising 12748
144.Willian 12351
145.Avengers 12320
146.Manila 11563
147.Understandable 11389
148.Maxi 10727
149.Rupert Murdoch 10007
150.Zampa <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese ()

With our legendary Australian of the Year, Grace Tame. She’s using her voice to stand up for survivors of child sexual abuse everywhere. Her strength makes Australia stronger.

Grace Tame,Twitter trends in Australia now

Some fast facts you should know about today’s date. #AlwaysWasAlwaysWillBe

#AlwaysWasAlwaysWillBe,Twitter trends in Australia now
Malcolm Turnbull
Malcolm Turnbull ()

Congratulations Ronni for this research - you are a remarkable investigator and frankly put so many other journalists to shame. I hope others follow this will it just get lost in an opaque sink of unaccountability?

Celeste Liddle
Celeste Liddle ()

It’s okay, realistically I don’t expect Australians to get that it’s not about “changing the date” they celebrate genocide for a while yet. It’s taken them 233 years to get this far. #InvasionDay2021

9News Sydney
9News Sydney ()

The Sydney Opera House sails lit up with an artwork by Indigenous artist Frances Belle-Parker before dawn this morning. It is the first time the iconic structure has been decorated with an Indigenous artwork on January 26. #9News About the artwork:

opera house,Twitter trends in Australia now
9News Adelaide
9News Adelaide ()

The sails of the Sydney Opera House lit up with an artwork by Indigenous artist Frances Belle-Parker before dawn on Australia Day. It was the first time the iconic structure has been decorated with an Indigenous artwork on January 26. #9News Read more:

opera house,Twitter trends in Australia now
GetUp! ()

On this day in 1938, First Nations people held a Day of Mourning protest – today, their children and grandchildren are still turning up.

Melbourne Stars
Melbourne Stars ()

WHAT a way to finish the innings 😱 @MarkHoward03 ran out of words 😂 #TeamGreen #BBL10

Melbourne Stars
Melbourne Stars ()

POWER SURGE 🔌 Maxwell & Cartwright at the crease 🎆 #TeamGreen #BBL10

Power Surge,Twitter trends in Australia now
Fox Cricket
Fox Cricket ()

‘Should have bowled a lot more this summer’: Greats lament Marnus’ underused talent 🤪🤯 👉

mark lee,Twitter trends in Australia now

BREAKING: Two people arrested on Gadigal at the Sydney Rally, which has now been cancelled, as organisers say there is too much police intimidation. More to come. @NITV

Gadigal,Twitter trends in Australia now
Melbourne Stars
Melbourne Stars ()

ANOTHER WICKET! A massive running catch from the Skipper! Sixers 2/10 in the second over. #TeamGreen

#TeamGreen,Twitter trends in Australia now ()

Marnus Labuschagne did it all for the Heat today! Check out the highlights here #BBL10

brad davidson
Brad davidson ()

That’s the one we wanted! Skymax heavily backed and digs deep to score! Nice ride by Robbie Dolan to make it a true staying test 👌 $ when sent yesterday, hope a few@ took the early odds (2c deductions) 🐎 ()

Exciting highlights with young quick Zak Evans picking up five wickets! #BBL10

Rohan Smith
Rohan Smith ()

Proud to be in Melbourne, a city that acknowledges the invasion on January 26 with an official dawn service. It was respectful, peaceful and much needed. Pictured is Lord Mayor Sally Capp and Wurundjeri woman Mandy Nicholson. @newscomauHQ

wurundjeri,Twitter trends in Australia now
Chief Health Officer, Victoria
Chief Health Officer, Victoria ()

Exceptional recipients in this story - all of them. And Grace Tame is so very deserving.

Melbourne Stars
Melbourne Stars ()

Our #BBL10 campaign comes to an end with a loss at the @MCG. #TeamGreen

#TeamGreen,Twitter trends in Australia now
Fox Cricket
Fox Cricket ()

SIXERS WIN! Needing 10 off the final over, Dan Christian is cold as ice to seal the five-wicket win over the Stars. ✍️ #BBL10 REPORT:

Stoinis,Twitter trends in Australia now
Sky News Australia
Sky News Australia ()

The Democrats should give Americans the right to choose whether Donald Trump is fit to run for office again, rather than going down the “Orwellian” road and letting Congress decide, according to Nationals MP @Barnaby_Joyce.