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Updated: August 8th, 2022 11:42 PM IST
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25.John Barilaro 11K+
26.Jenny West <10K
27.Nick Minchin <10K
28.peter bol <10K
29.#HYBPA <10K
30.Avon <10K
31.Ah Chee <10K
32.Terri Butler <10K
33.Nigella <10K
34.The Seekers <10K
35.French Island <10K
36.rowan dean <10K
37.Dave Hughes <10K
38.Ekka <10K
39.Sheldon Riley <10K
40.Tahlia McGrath <10K
41.papali <10K
42.Peter FitzSimons <10K
43.Jane Hume <10K
44.Daily Quordle 196 <10K
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46.#TheBlock <10K
47.daily quordle 195 <10K
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53.#MKR <10K
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56.#MaskedSingerAU <10K
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61.Father Bob <10K
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63.Paul Kent <10K
64.#afllionsblues <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

🚨 John Barilaro tells the Inquiry that he knew Jenny West was a candidate for the Trade job, but didn’t know she’d been offered the job. Below is a document with Jenny West’s name on it, endorsing her as the preferred candidate with John Barilaro’s signature on it.

Twitter trends Australia - John Barilaro by Laura Jayes

Peter Bol you star 🌟 🥈 Silver in the Commonwealth Games 800m final pushing Kenyan Kinyamal all the way to the line 👏 1 his time @CommGamesAUS #ThisIsAthletics #BoldInGold

Twitter trends Australia - peter bol by Athletics Australia

John Barilaro’s former media adviser — and now partner — was employed in a senior role at Investment NSW at the time the agency was processing appointment of Jenny West to job of NSW trade commissioner based in NY #NSWpol

With the @AussieDiamonds hard fought victory we become the first nation to win 1,000 gold medals at the Commonwealth Games! 🥳🎉🎊🥇🇦🇺💚💛 A testament to the incredible athletes and team members who have represented our country at the Games!! #BoldInGold #1000Golds

Twitter trends Australia - Testament by Commonwealth Games Australia

Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has accused journalist Peter FitzSimons of being “very aggressive” during a passionate interview about the Indigenous Voice.

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has accused newspaper columnist & author Peter FitzSimons of being aggressive & rude to her during an interview, alleging he accused her of “giving racists a voice”, @australian @aus_media

Just putting it out Sarah Klau is pretty good at netball. Enjoy your OJ! #B2022


🏃🇦🇺🥈 Already a national sporting hero, @pbol800 was thankful to finally win his first major international medal, with a silver in the 800m final. 💚💛 📝 More from @birminghamcg22 👉

Twitter trends Australia - Peter Bol by ABC SPORT
SEN 1116
SEN 1116

EXCLUSIVE | Wayne Carey and Anthony Stevens have come to blows in a sad sequel to the 2002 affair scandal that fractured their friendship. @Sammy__Edmund with more | | #AFL

Twitter trends Australia - Carey by SEN 1116

Coaches in full agreement this week! 10 - Rory Lobb (FRE) 8 - Caleb Serong (FRE) 6 - Josh Dunkley (WB) 4 - Luke Ryan (FRE) 2 - Jordan Clark (FRE) #foreverfreo

Twitter trends Australia - Ryan Clark by Fremantle Dockers

Why did “concerns” about Jenny West only come to light after Barilaro wanted the job?

Peter FitzSimons from a mansion in Mosman has the audacity to aggressively accuse Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price from Alice Springs of “giving racists a voice” because she is not a supporter of the Voice to Parliament & he is. He’s a pompous ignoramus.

Qantas asks executives to work as baggage handlers for three months? If anyone works as a baggage handler, it should be Alan Joyce.

Editorial: Matthew Guy is running against a Labor government that is ruled by factionalism, that has routinely misused public funds, that has been found responsible for a “catalogue of unethical and inappropriate behaviour” – and still he is worse.

If Aus don’t break this partnership very soon, India will get this comfortably. #AUSvIND #CommonweathGames