Australia Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: October 22nd, 2021 09:44 AM IST
S.No.Trending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
1.Truth Social 122K+ tweets
2.Victoria 117K+ tweets
3.Sean 108K+ tweets
4.Fauci 107K+ tweets
5.Knicks 96K+ tweets
6.JAEMIN 93K+ tweets
7.Roma 93K+ tweets
8.#WWECrownJewel 83K+ tweets
9.olivia 78K+ tweets
10.Celtics 76K+ tweets
11.Uncharted 76K+ tweets
12.BBC News 70K+ tweets
13.Tom Holland 69K+ tweets
14.Dame 67K+ tweets
15.Brian Laundrie 63K+ tweets
16.Parliament 62K+ tweets
17.Steph 55K+ tweets
18.somi 55K+ tweets
19.Karl 51K+ tweets
20.Delhi 51K+ tweets
21.Simon 50K+ tweets
22.Speaker 50K+ tweets
23.Rust 47K+ tweets
24.Lana 43K+ tweets
25.Gabby 40K+ tweets
26.Emily 38K+ tweets
27.Beau 36K+ tweets
28.Jaylen Brown 31K+ tweets
29.Tina 27K+ tweets
30.Fran 26K+ tweets
31.Dwight 25K+ tweets
32.Mark Wahlberg 24K+ tweets
33.Aldi 24K+ tweets
34.Melbourne 24K+ tweets
35.Seth 23K+ tweets
36.Nathan Drake 21K+ tweets
37.Alec Baldwin 20K+ tweets
38.blind trust 20K+ tweets
39.The Crow 19K+ tweets
40.Teresa 17K+ tweets
41.Steph Curry 17K+ tweets
42.#criticalrolespoilers 17K+ tweets
43.Sally 17K+ tweets
44.Klay 16K+ tweets
45.Barbados 16K+ tweets
46.Sully 15K+ tweets
47.ICAC 15K+ tweets
48.#QandA 14K+ tweets
49.Bangkok 13K+ tweets
50.#WhoPaidPorter 13K+ tweets
51.ROBBIE 11K+ tweets
52.Greenpeace 10K+ tweets
53.#CriticalRoleCampaign3 <10K tweets
54.Brooke <10K tweets
55.privileges committee <10K tweets
56.Woody <10K tweets
57.michael slater <10K tweets
58.Utterly Compromised <10K tweets
59.Tim Wilson <10K tweets
60.Gallipoli <10K tweets
61.#MelbourneUnlocked <10K tweets
62.#lockdownmelbourne <10K tweets
63.Robertson <10K tweets
64.Dutton <10K tweets
65.IPCC <10K tweets
66.Mark Latham <10K tweets
67.Alan Joyce <10K tweets
68.Easton Wood <10K tweets
69.baird <10K tweets
70.Tony Smith <10K tweets
71.Stuart Ayres <10K tweets
72.linda reynolds <10K tweets
73.Anzac Day <10K tweets
74.harold holt <10K tweets
75.rn breakfast <10K tweets
76.Vika <10K tweets
77.Pru Goward <10K tweets
78.Netia <10K tweets
79.Brandon Lee <10K tweets
80.Pauline <10K tweets
81.Qantas <10K tweets
82.NSW Police <10K tweets
83.#BacheloretteAU <10K tweets
84.After 262 <10K tweets
85.Walkley <10K tweets
86.congratulations sally <10K tweets
87.#DansLockoutFail <10K tweets
88.chris bowen <10K tweets
89.Chapel St <10K tweets
90.Dear Prudence <10K tweets
91.Keith Pitt <10K tweets
92.Tudge <10K tweets
93.#DubNation <10K tweets
94.darvid <10K tweets
95.Fearne <10K tweets
96.bernie finn <10K tweets
97.#FreedomDay <10K tweets
98.Konrad <10K tweets
99.Shakespeare <10K tweets
100.Brisbane Airport <10K tweets
101.Covid-deniers <10K tweets
102.Buckingham Palace <10K tweets
103.Victoria AMA <10K tweets
104.Gladstone <10K tweets
105.ian macdonald <10K tweets
106.Morey <10K tweets
107.Ashton <10K tweets
108.Cleo Smith <10K tweets
109.Bouvet Island <10K tweets
110.Eddie Obeid <10K tweets
111.geoffrey watson <10K tweets
112.Ayers <10K tweets
113.Wayne Bennett <10K tweets
114.Alan Tudge <10K tweets
115.MacDonald <10K tweets
116.Penny Wong <10K tweets
117.Gold Trip <10K tweets
118.Shibata <10K tweets
119.Candace Owens <10K tweets
120.burnet institute <10K tweets
Australia Top Tweets Now

FINALLY! 🎉🎉 Scott Morrison’s Melbourne Lockdown is over. Celebrate today with friends & family. And celebrate on Election Day by voting Morrison out!

A US commentator has gone on a tirade against Australia’s “tyrannical” Covid restrictions and suggested the US should send in the troops.

Bloody ICAC! Never charged anyone they say! Complete waste of time 🤪 what’s it even good for!

Morrison boasts he’s granting freedom to Australians - aided by the national memory loss induced by Murdoch’s Liberal Party protection racket. Here’s a non-Murdoch fact: had Morrison not failed us all on vaccines, we would have all been “ free” months ago.

Hello Delhi! For the first time in almost a decade, we’re flying direct to India. Flights from Sydney to Delhi take off before Christmas.

I doubt that many people create a plan without having at least some idea of where they want to get to. Once you know your destination THEN you determine the route #QandA If we don’t get cracking as @simonahac says we will be “uninsurable and uninhabitable”. Chilling

NSW police withdraw bid to gag Friendlyjordies over trial of producer and agree to pay costs

TOMORROW on @abcmelbourne Mornings: - Melbourne awakes out of lockdown - Weddings at midnight - the Nationals meet on Net Zero - Bob Woodward from @washingtonpost on Donald Trump - Actor Stephen Curry in You Don’t Know Me. It’s a new dawn, a new day. 💥 #lockdownmelbourne #ends


“I’m leaving the game content that I gave everything I had, backed by my family, friends, and the loyal and passionate Bulldogs members and fans ❤️🤍💙 2016 @westernbulldogs premiership captain @easton_wood has announced his retirement. All the best in life after footy, Easton!

So, if Eddie Obeid and Ian McDonald have been jailed for profiteering from their public positions, shouldn’t the LNP be looked at closely as well? The number of Nationals with shares in fossil fuel companies is huge. And what about the $80m Barnaby paid to Angus?

After eight years of climate chaos, Scott Morrison wants to say one thing in Glasgow and another in Gladstone

Help WA Police find four-year-old Cleo Smith. The Government of Western Australia has announced a reward of up to $1 million for information resulting in finding Cleo, or leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons involved in her suspicious disappearance.