Australia Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: August 4th, 2021 06:45 AM IST

Twitter trends in Australia now - gerry harvey, Shams, Fleets, Cuomo, #BANvAUS, Exum.

RankingTrending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
1.Fleets 460713
2.Lakers 376955
3.renjun 375787
4.Cuomo 301884
5.Argentina 198861
6.Bulls 163400
7.Lukaku 123407
8.Parliament 95845
9.Melo 91601
10.Caruso 88302
11.Victoria 85297
12.The $300 84313
13.Nets 59170
14.#Hockey 50349
15.Scola 40041
16.Porter 39104
17.Team USA 38734
18.Brooklyn 36363
19.Luis Scola 36029
20.Wilbur 34494
21.Patty 30362
22.Shams 29246
23.Ricky Rubio 24571
24.Brett 20600
25.albo 20335
26.Digimon 20161
27.Duplantis 19759
28.Bangladesh 19347
29.Laurel Hubbard 19034
30.Dante 17683
31.Patty Mills 16763
32.Birmingham 12804
33.Shannon 12690
34.Leader of the House 12560
35.Question Time 10320
36.Dr Young <10k
37.Matisse <10k
38.#MarathonSwimming <10k
39.#beachvolleyball <10k
40.Argentinian <10k
41.Aus Post <10k
42.Sobey <10k
43.Nick Kay <10k
44.Michael Pascoe <10k
45.Andrew Hoy <10k
46.#BANvAUS <10k
47.Cairns <10k
48.Sportsbet <10k
49.Christine Holgate <10k
50.Clancy <10k
51.Simon Birmingham <10k
52.#ausvarg <10k
53.keira <10k
54.Kareena Lee <10k
55.Knighton <10k
56.Grace Tame <10k
57.Thanks Dan <10k
58.#ausvswe <10k
59.Campazzo <10k
60.Go Vic <10k
61.Harry Garside <10k
62.#SportClimbing <10k
63.Australia Post <10k
64.Delly <10k
65.Doherty <10k
66.#SurvivorAU <10k
67.#donutday <10k
68.Lisa Millar <10k
69.National Cabinet <10k
70.Kiera <10k
71.Exum <10k
72.Goldstein <10k
73.Canavan <10k
74.Josh Green <10k
75.Katharine Murphy <10k
76.Thybulle <10k
77.Ben Simmons <10k
78.lachy <10k speaker <10k
80.Jock Landale <10k
81.Former Liberal <10k
82.Donut Day <10k
83.birmo <10k
84.Mayney <10k
85.Greg Sheridan <10k
86.goulding <10k
87.MP Tim Wilson <10k
88.#CovidVic <10k
89.Viney <10k
90.National Aboriginal <10k
91.Afterpay <10k
92.#boomers <10k
93.QR-code <10k
94.perkins paste <10k
95.Cartier <10k
96.Gerry Harvey <10k
97.Hayley <10k
98.Australian of the Year <10k
99.Telstra <10k
100.Torres Strait <10k
101.Emmett <10k
102.Jongy <10k
103.#scottyfromgaslighting <10k
104.Amanda Vanstone <10k
105.Paying Australians $300 <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

Haha. Someone has gone back and found where Scott Morrison said when he introduced no jab, no pay - he said it was to boost child immunisation rates - when he told presser that was never it’s purpose 👀

Instead of holding an independent inquiry into the serious allegations against him & his fitness to remain a Minister, Scott Morrison just gave Christian Porter a promotion to Leader of the House this week. The PM looks after his mates, not women.

Greg Hunt seriously just spent 10 minutes in Parl explaining how well Australia’s vaccination rollout is going. Seriously. Then went on to praise NSW for their brilliance in managing the pandemic. No nice words for his home State of Victoria, just other Libs #auspol #yorrick

Congratulations on a wonderful career Mayney 💜 @CollingwoodFC #foreverfreo

mayney - Twitter trends in Australia now

Why was NewsCorp stifled in reporting on JobKeeper rorts? Remember, they deleted negative stories about Harvey Norman. Surely it had nothing to do with Lachlan Murdoch’s Nova Entertainment collecting $ MILLION from taxpayers while earnings rose?!

FT: 4️⃣/4️⃣ for the Boomers!! A HUGE second half securing their 38 point win over Argentina! Bring on the Semi Final against Team USA on Thursday afternoon!! #tokyo2020 #Basketball

#boomers - Twitter trends in Australia now

A hot-headed, emotional overreaction by the Prime Minister has cost taxpayers $1 million +. Despite the public bullying and berating, turns out Christine Holgate was an “effective CEO” and made an “outstanding contribution”. Good on Ms Holgate for standing up to the bully boys.

Christine Holgate - Twitter trends in Australia now

Supply is the issue, but one of the things we have seen during this pandemic as well ... is that this Prime Minister never plans ahead. He always responds too late and too little. – @AlboMP on COVID vaccine supply #abc730

SEMI-FINAL BOUND. The @BasketballAus Boomers ROLL in the final quarter to come away with a dominant quarter-final win over Argentina in #Tokyo2020 Patty Mills out here leading the way like he has since the opening ceremony with 18 points 🇦🇺 #GoBoomers

COME TO ARGENTINA - Twitter trends in Australia now

The problem with JobKeeper goes back to its shocking design by Morrison & Frydenberg in 2020. This $25 BILLION waste makes the assault on our programs under Labor’s 2009 stimulus look like spare change. And now we have debt & deficit five times higher.

Jock. Landale. I hope everyone enjoyed his NBL stint. We won’t see him back there for a while.

Doesn’t matter if your in the Olympics or just getting through life. @ejie and @jimmymetherell have been living with us for two months now. They’re still not sure when they’ll be able to head back to NZ… never give up. we’ll all get through it - Don’t Dream It’s Over.

I reckon Albo’s on the right track with his idea to pay $300 to every Australian who is fully vaccinated by December 1, writes @1petermartin Research shows small rewards can make a huge difference. And the costs are tiny compared to what’s at stake.

This one may just be for the basketball fans, but that was so beautiful when the entire Aussie team applauded Argentinian legend Luis Scola from the court. His last Games, age 41. He had tears in his eyes. #AUSvARG #Tokyo2020 📸 - Channel 7

#AUSvARG - Twitter trends in Australia now

Tonight Aran Zalewski will captain the @Kookaburras in his 200th international in an Olympic Semi Final against Germany. Winner to face Belgium in the Gold Medal Match. Settle in - this is going to be a cracker! LIVE on Seven & @7plus at 8pm AEST. #AUSvGER #TokyoTogether

#ausvger - Twitter trends in Australia now

TOTAL DESTRUCTION! BOOM BABY BOOM! 💛💚🔥🔥🔥 The Boomers have CRUSHED Argentina 97-59 to make the semis! THAT FOURTH QUARTER WAS UNBELIEVABLE! 🤯 #AUSvARG #Tokyo2020 Full Olympics coverage -

#ausvarg - Twitter trends in Australia now

A donut day for Victoria! 🍩 The state recorded zero new local #COVID19 cases in the past 24 hours. DETAILS: #9News

Donut Day - Twitter trends in Australia now

HT: Intensity lifted from the Boomers, turning around a 6-point lead at half time. Mills 11pts, Thybulle 8pts, Ingles 6pts- our best so far. #Tokyo2020 #Basketball

Thybulle - Twitter trends in Australia now

Besties, they still haven’t found the link between the HQ people and the local cluster. Annnd late this arvo another case popped up in Cairns! He’s a reef pilot AND he is fully vaxxed. He’s in hospital as a precaution. They don’t know how he got it.

BIG BOOMERS WIN! 🦘 FULL TIME 🇦🇺 97-59 🇦🇷 Landale: 12pts, 7reb, 5ast, 3stl Goulding: 6pts, 1reb, 1ast, 1stl Dellavedova: 3pts, 5ast, 1stl

Goulding - Twitter trends in Australia now