Australia Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 29th, 2021 01:00 AM IST
S.No.Trending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
1.JISOO 1M+ tweets
2.Government 713K+ tweets
3.Squid Game 676K+ tweets
4.China 290K+ tweets
5.Pokémon 234K+ tweets
6.Australia 189K+ tweets
7.Brexit 168K+ tweets
8.R Kelly 165K+ tweets
9.Pfizer 147K+ tweets
10.namjoon 143K+ tweets
11.London 141K+ tweets
12.Cowboys 118K+ tweets
13.Cream 111K+ tweets
14.New World 109K+ tweets
15.Christmas 98K+ tweets
16.Bond 78K+ tweets
17.Labor 70K+ tweets
18.Delta 62K+ tweets
19.joon 60K+ tweets
20.#auspol 37K+ tweets
21.Morrison 37K+ tweets
22.Assange 33K+ tweets
23.Nats 30K+ tweets
24.Sidhu 29K+ tweets
25.Julian Assange 29K+ tweets
26.Yama 28K+ tweets
27.Glasgow 22K+ tweets
28.Namgi 21K+ tweets
29.Gladys 15K+ tweets
30.Anniversary Theater 13K+ tweets
31.Dolly 13K+ tweets
32.Binge 13K+ tweets
33.Madonna 12K+ tweets
34.Nationals 10K+ tweets
35.Qantas <10K tweets
36.#CheapSeatsAU <10K tweets
37.Martin Foley <10K tweets
38.Licorice Pizza <10K tweets
39.Koby <10K tweets
40.Tina Arena <10K tweets
41.Icebath <10K tweets
42.Pell <10K tweets
43.Ella Hooper <10K tweets
44.ATAGI <10K tweets
45.Latrobe Valley <10K tweets
46.#MaskedSingerAU <10K tweets
47.#COVID19nsw <10K tweets
48.Jett <10K tweets
49.Port Macquarie <10K tweets
50.Aiba <10K tweets
51.NDIS <10K tweets
52.#TheBlock <10K tweets
53.Townsville <10K tweets
54.brendan murphy <10K tweets
55.#abc730 <10K tweets
56.Greg Mullins <10K tweets
57.Anastacia <10K tweets
58.Oshay Olay <10K tweets
59.Vito <10K tweets
60.#BirdoftheYear <10K tweets
61.Mullet <10K tweets
62.Lloyd <10K tweets
63.Queensland <10K tweets
64.#thedrum <10K tweets
65.Latrobe <10K tweets
66.Darren Chester <10K tweets
67.Bridget McKenzie <10K tweets
68.Linda Ronstadt <10K tweets
69.4000 ICU <10K tweets
70.#dallym <10K tweets
71.Lisa Millar <10K tweets
72.Ronnie <10K tweets
73.Rashays <10K tweets
74.Coatsworth <10K tweets
75.Ben King <10K tweets
76.Brisbane <10K tweets
77.#TSTTTER <10K tweets
78.Gold Coast <10K tweets
79.Babylon 5 <10K tweets
80.leunig <10K tweets
81.#BackToNatureAU <10K tweets
Australia Top Tweets Now

Australia has the potential to be a renewable energy superpower. Only a Labor Government will make it happen.

What a rabble. Morrison is scrambling for a pre-election fix, even after his boss Murdoch gave permission to announce net-zero by 2050. I predict the Nats will be bought for a barrel of election pork. So is this real policy? Nope, just a political mirage.

The blame game over who is responsible for the slow pace of Australia’s vaccine rollout has taken yet another turn, with the body tasked with providing advice on the program taking a swipe at the Prime Minister for misconstruing recommendations.

.@pmc_gov_au’s shabby defence of @ScottMorrisonMP’s national cabinet secrecy legislation must rank as one of the low points in the history of the Australian Public Service. Institutional decline and politicisation were all too apparent. #auspol

My open letter to Prime Minister @ScottMorrisonMP and Deputy PM @Barnaby_Joyce calling for Australia to boycott the United Nations Glasgow climate change conference. It’s time to listen to the Australian people, not UN! -PH

Glasgow - Twitter trends in Australia now

A restaurant chain has declared it won’t throw open its doors to customers until both the vaccinated and unvaxxed can dine there.

Co-chairman Chris Blyth says ATAGI’s vaccine advice to ⁦@ScottMorrisonMP⁩ was misconstrued. ATAGI unfairly blamed. It recommended that young people have access to Astra Zeneca if infections jumped. Good to know @JillMargo1⁩ ⁦AFR

ATAGI - Twitter trends in Australia now

“The church is actually, literally dying. I look around me, I’m in the 70s. And most of the other people going to church are in the 70s or 80s. When we die, there’s going to be nothing left because all of our children have seen through the hypocrisy.”

JUST IN The Western Bulldogs midfielder has reportedly told the club he wants out. TRADES LIVE:

ben king - Twitter trends in Australia now

Day 1 #BirdoftheYear results! The winners and losers! Winners 👇.

#birdoftheyear - Twitter trends in Australia now

Tell you who will NOT get #BirdoftheYear - the bloody mynas that tried to blind my dog this morning by repeatedly swooping her eyes. They’ll get made into pie. #SorryNotSorry

Victoria’s Acting Chief Health Officer has declared that the City of Latrobe will enter a seven-day lockdown commencing at 11:59pm tonight, 28 September.

Latrobe - Twitter trends in Australia now