Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Twitter trends in Australia now - Cyber Monday, downer, JobSeeker, Mahomes, #SOUMUN, Condolences, department of health, chinese communist party, Qantas.

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.Covid 1493961
2.Biden 1111514
3.Christmas 717075
4.#KaiHotDebutDay 429679
5.#BahrainGP 354448
6.#KAI_MmmhOutNow 345700
7.Chan 335598
8.China 303283
9.NO WAY 302515
10.#Mmmh 260657
11.inkigayo 255458
12.Romain 240150
13.#카이_음_뮤비공개 214929
14.Cavani 182645
15.Major 177882
16.Broncos 151946
17.#ICANTSTOPMEEnglishVer 138564
18.Halo 137615
19.Chelsea 136754
20.Australia 134914
21.jongin 118994
22.Arsenal 118807
23.#MUFC 117648
24.Hill 115654
25.Official Video 107922
26.#SOUMUN 107588
27.Jose 106959
28.jennie 92701
29.Blocked 92133
30.Reported 91094
31.Bills 86292
32.Palestinian 81343
33.Zhongli 79522
34.Saints 74369
35.Ryan 72650
37.Russia 68205
38.The Kraken 68188
39.Frank 66023
40.Browns 59615
41.Singapore 54731
42.Brady 53825
43.KYUNGSOO 53156
44.Kyle 51911
45.Raiders 50635
46.#SaveDaredevil 50626
47.Giants 49807
48.Wolves 49439
49.Perez 49226
50.The Chinese 48929
51.49ers 48719
52.Tottenham 46995
53.Labor 46982
54.Tyreek Hill 46794
55.Cyber Monday 46345
56.Neera Tanden 45947
57.#TheUndoing 45747
58.Manchester United 45240
59.Bears 44572
60.Tory 44039
61.MINSEOK 41817
62.Grant 41705
63.Tysm 41703
64.dr fauci 41675
65.Lauren 39429
66.Steven 38826
67.LGBT 38634
68.Prime Minister 38299
69.Napoli 37223
70.Utah 36755
71.Jets 36361
72.Vikings 34123
73.Parliament 33817
74.Condolences 33705
75.Chargers 33496
76.Rams 33264
77.Pies 33058
78.#ChurchThatEnters 32797
79.Packers 32491
80.Dust 31436
81.Fernandes 31282
82.#ARSWOL 28967
83.Heartbreaking 28553
84.Lennon 28133
85.Denise 27138
86.Sanders 26601
87.Indigenous 26476
88.Mahomes 26096
89.Tammy 25885
90.Morrison 25393
91.Werner 22950
92.Afghanistan 21843
93.Arteta 21504
94.Giroud 20496
95.Wales 20313
96.Ziyech 18921
97.Iraq 18528
98.The CCP 18051
99.Huawei 16885
100.#CHIvsGB 16842
101.The Australian 16280
102.#auspol 16035
103.Pats 15391
104.FaZe 15219
105.Auba 14319
106.Cardinals 14213
107.Xhaka 13989
108.Bluetooth 13939
109.Willian 13330
110.#ChiefsKingdom 13301
111.Albo 13015
112.Celtics 12519
113.Qatar 12468
114.Heather 12113
115.Aaron Rodgers 11833
116.Switzerland 10179
117.#KCvsTB <10k
118.David Warner <10k
119.Colleen <10k
120.Penfolds <10k
121.Brereton Report <10k
122.Bryce <10k
123.X-ray <10k
124.Costello <10k
125.#MondayMotivation <10k
126.#WLeague <10k
127.Premiers <10k
128.Lawyer X <10k
129.Port Arthur <10k
130.McGowan <10k
131.Tibet <10k
132.Fed Govt <10k
133.jack de belin <10k
134.Albanese <10k
135.Raoul <10k
136.#ESAus20 <10k
137.Howard Springs <10k
138.Elijah Taylor <10k
139.Nas Campanella <10k
140.treasury wine estates <10k
141.Wangaratta <10k
142.Australians <10k
143.Brereton <10k
144.Fraser Island <10k
145.#SFvsLAR <10k
146.Victoria Police <10k
147.Michael Pascoe <10k
148.Qantas <10k
149.Collingwood <10k
150.Snowtown <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

Fox Cricket
Fox Cricket ()

SHE SAID YES ‼️ 💍 📺 Watch Game 2 of the #AUSvIND ODI Series Ch 501 or 💻 Stream on Kayo: 📝 Live Blog: 📱Match Centre:

Alanah Pearce
Alanah Pearce ()

TIL this magician sued Nintendo for designing a Pokémon “based on him” without notifying him and prevented them from putting Kadabra on Pokémon cards for the last 20 years.

Pokemon,Twitter trends in Australia now
Senator Penny Wong
Senator Penny Wong ()

Singapore is an important posting and warrants a serious appointment. This isn’t it. Scott Morrison is turning our foreign service into a Liberal Party retirement home. The only jobs he cares about are jobs for his mates. ()

Insane batting from the Aussies - they finish on 4-389! SCORECARD: #AUSvIND

Aussies,Twitter trends in Australia now
Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd ()

Elizabeth, Therese’s mum, was a remarkable woman. She joined the WAAAF during World War 2. Trained and worked as a Physio after the war, bringing healing to many. And like her husband John, himself a RAAF veteran, an indomitable spirit. A life well lived. Now at peace in eternity

Kristina Keneally
Kristina Keneally ()

Hey @ScottMorrisonMP - on 18 Sept you promised to get 26,000 #strandedAussies on DFAT’s list home by Christmas. So far on 14,000 on the 18 Sept list have come back. The clock is ticking, and the original list is blowing out. Why are you leaving Australians behind?

Sky News Australia
Sky News Australia ()

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has demanded China apologise for publishing to Twitter a “falsified” and “repugnant” propaganda post of an Australian soldier holding a knife to the throat of a child.

💚🌏 Sarah Hanson-Young
💚🌏 Sarah Hanson-Young ()

Breaking: Morrison Govt & One Nation vote down protections for Koalas in the Senate just now 🐨 With koala’s facing extinction, we need a moratorium on clearing koala habitat. It is a disgrace that Liberal/National and Pauline Hanson have voted against helping save our koalas 😡

ABC Communications
ABC Communications ()

Everyone should read this story by @abcnews National Disability Affairs correspondent Nas Campanella, a journalist of tremendous ability. ()

There was déjà vu at the SCG as Australia sealed the Dettol ODI series #AUSvIND

Andrew Probyn
Andrew Probyn ()

BREAKING: Foreign Affairs Secretary Frances Adamson has spoken to Chinese Ambassador Jingye in the last 15 minutes to relay Australia’s position on Zhao Lijian’s dreadful tweet.

Kristina Keneally
Kristina Keneally ()

So now we’ve now got a real, live version of the Hunger Games as Australians to try to hang onto their own jobs. In the middle of a global pandemic, @ScottMorrisonMP let Qantas force workers to bid for their own jobs, and then sack them. It’s unAustralian.

Leigh Sales
Leigh Sales ()

There’s still a lot of work to be done in terms of attitudes to disability.

Jim Chalmers MP
Jim Chalmers MP ()

The new JobKeeper numbers are welcome but entirely unsurprising given the easing of restrictions and tighter eligibility tests. million workers and their employers are still relying on JobKeeper, so for them the Morrison Government’s cuts to the payment are hurting. #auspol

💧😷Queen Victoria
💧😷Queen Victoria ()

While South Australians face another week of finding out if a 2nd person who didn’t quarantine when they were told to has infected anyone, can we all recall Morrison wanted all international travellers to be asked nicely to quarantine in their homes? How would that have gone?

Annabel Crabb
Annabel Crabb ()

Thank you to my colleague Nas Campanella for this insightful piece of writing. And for the way you lift @abcnews coverage. ()

Smith! What a catch! And Henriques has a wicket too #AUSvIND

Bryan Martin OAM
Bryan Martin OAM ()

If you were offended by Luke Williams in his post race interview after winning the biggest race of his riding career? Then follow another sport, raw and emotional and well handled by the interviewer as well. Love it #JerichoCup2020

Senator Jordon Steele-John 🌏🔥
Senator Jordon Steele-John 🌏🔥 ()

This tweet from Lijian Zhao, a senior member of China’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, to this important discussion about the Afghanistan War is unacceptable. It doesn’t bring us any closer to justice or to understanding what went wrong, and who is responsible.

Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor ()

When Peta Credlin, Rowan Dean and Miranda Devine are trending on Twitter you just know it’s because they said something stupid. #auspol