Australia | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Today

Updated: June 26th, 2022 09:43 PM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.Supreme Court 1M+
2.jungkook 1M+
4.America 785K+
5.The US 691K+
6.SCOTUS 485K+
7.Democrats 411K+
8.seokjin 403K+
9.Constitution 367K+
10.#RoeVsWade 330K+
11.hobi 306K+
12.Glastonbury 229K+
13.Jake 121K+
14.Taliban 58K+
15.Game 3 52K+
16.Elvis 34K+
17.Julie 32K+
18.Port 31K+
19.Billie 30K+
20.Noble 29K+
21.Freddy 25K+
22.Teddy 21K+
23.Joey 20K+
24.Ponga 19K+
25.Moore 17K+
26.Cameron 16K+
27.Morrison 16K+
28.Murray 15K+
29.Stewart 14K+
30.Klein 11K+
31.Gilead 11K+
32.Marxist 10K+
33.Independents 10K+
34.jim chalmers <10K
35.Channel 9 <10K
36.Jurbo <10K
37.Lambie <10K
38.#Queenslander <10K
39.Daily Quordle 153 <10K
40.Suncorp <10K
41.Ben McKay <10K
42.Aldo <10K
43.Jake Trbojevic <10K
44.#MasterChefAU <10K
45.Holmes <10K
46.Geelong <10K
47.Queensland <10K
48.Parliamentary Library <10K
49.#QLDER <10K
50.#ENGvNZ <10K
51.Amy Remeikis <10K
52.#weareportadelaide <10K
53.#AFLPiesGiants <10K
54.#Origin <10K
55.Prestia <10K
56.Luai <10K
57.Armagh <10K
58.#StateofOrigin <10K
59.Panthers <10K
60.Richmond <10K
61.#BackInBlue <10K
62.Zali <10K
63.#AFLNorthCrows <10K
64.#AFLPowerSuns <10K
65.#weflyasone <10K
66.Grinspoon <10K
67.Fittler <10K
68.Careless <10K
69.Penrith <10K
70.Witts <10K
71.Sidebottom <10K
72.Tedesco <10K
73.Tarryn Thomas <10K
74.Cleary <10K
75.Matildas <10K
76.angus <10K
77.Indies <10K
78.Burton <10K
79.Ginnivan <10K
80.Greg Sheridan <10K
81.Munster <10K
82.Slater <10K
83.Chris Scott <10K league <10K
85.Indue <10K
86.Tim Smith <10K
87.Crichton <10K
88.Wighton <10K
89.Dutton Government <10K
90.#NSWblues <10K
91.Ashley Klein <10K
92.Fyfe <10K
94.Latrell <10K
95.Grundy <10K
96.Kaufusi <10K
97.hollie <10K
98.Tupou <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

let’s forget for a moment that it’s Tim Smith & I’m 14: an elected member of parliament has appeared to make a legal threat towards a journalist for quoting him directly on social media

Very pleased to see The Australian’s wise Greg Sheridan rightly call for @AmyRemeikis to get a pay rise on national television. #payjustice for the overworked and underpaid media workforce at the Guardian now !

NEW FROM ME: may be getting a letter in the post. Be very careful. That was @TimSmithMP to me last night, after I tweeted a quote from no opinion or commentary Asking for a full withdrawal of the comments made & an apology

I’m not anti-Liberal. I’m not anti-Tim Smith. I just don’t appreciate an apparent legal threat towards me for a tweet directly quoting the person in question. I stand by my original tweet 100%

Jake Trbojevic on his return to Origin: - 71 mins in the middle at prop - 143 metres; the most of any forward - 61 PCM; the most of any forward - 31 tackles from 32 attempts The king in the middle that the Blues needed #Origin #NSWblues

We live in Victoria  My kids, aged 8,6 and 5 are all desperate to watch the #StateofOrigin All because of the show Bluey! The power of television 📺

Twitter trends Australia - #StateofOrigin by Nick Quinn

🐯In footy terms, what matters most today is Dion Prestia’s health. 🖤💛 🐯Hope he’s OK. 🤞🏼 #AFLCatsTigers

FT | We win in a thriller!! #AFLPowerSuns #weareportadelaide

Twitter trends Australia - #AFLPowerSuns by Port Adelaide FC

#Origin II Half-Time ⏰ Aaaaand 😅 The @NSWBlues leading 14-12 in a THRILLER.

Twitter trends Australia - #NSWblues by NRL

Nathan Cleary earns the Player of the Match after putting on a CLINIC 🚀#BackInBlue

Twitter trends Australia - Cleary by NSWBlues

Fine in a row and in the top eight 🙌 #AFLPiesGiants match report:

Twitter trends Australia - #AFLPiesGiants by AFL

FT: @PAFC (93) defeat @GoldCoastSUNS (91). WOW, what a way to finish round 15! #AFLPowerSuns

Twitter trends Australia - #AFLPowerSuns by AFL

The responsibility we embrace as a new government is to build a Budget and an economy as resilient and robust and forward-looking as the Australian people. @InsidersABC @David_Speers #auspol

𝟑𝟎𝟎 𝐠𝐨𝐚𝐥𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 👏 Congrats, Charlie 👑 #weareportadelaide

Twitter trends Australia - #weareportadelaide by Port Adelaide FC
Fox Footy
Fox Footy

“You’ve taken us to this situation. Enough’s enough. Either make a stand, or get rid of the whole stance against the head trauma once and for all, because it’s been absolute crap to this point.” 🔥 David King was fired up on First Crack. MORE >

Twitter trends Australia - Geelong by Fox Footy