Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Twitter trends in Australia now - GOT7, One Piece, Real Madrid, port stephens, CDPR, Scotland, #Dodgers, Howard, Adam Kelly.

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.Barrett 1680603
2.Trump 1605491
3.The 2 1321342
4.COVID-19 884526
5.Democrats 782833
6.Halloween 708228
7.China 574947
8.Tony Bobulinski 428127
9.Pennsylvania 367508
10.winwin 355538
11.Queen 329451
12.Wisconsin 326906
13.GOT7 314324
14.#董思成1028生日快乐 302038
15.Philadelphia 291934
16.Texas 277106
17.#TO_BTS 256115
18.Taylor 255413
19.Cash 248232
20.Florida 240084
21.WhatsApp 239140
22.karina 217022
23.After 2 215030
24.Cafe 196209
25.Pakistan 189373
26.Barcelona 179937
27.baekhyun 173121
28.Chanyeol 169246
29.Number 1 166399
31.Success 162105
32.namjoon 158764
33.Africa 144941
34.California 143279
35.PlayStation 139374
36.Tucker Carlson 135792
37.#Dodgers 132030
38.Michigan 126601
39.Only 3 124045
40.Australia 119199
41.Sara 118936
42.Xbox 113834
43.Bitcoin 112635
44.hobi 100364
45.Barca 93714
46.Tests 90875
47.shawn 81142
48.Lakers 80062
49.Dave 76541
50.Harry Potter 75502
51.England 75280
52.#VoteThemOut 75278
53.Armenian 73633
54.German 73295
55.Messi 70853
56.Keith Raniere 68059
57.jisoo 65165
58.Cyberpunk 64797
59.Real Madrid 64613
60.NXIVM 63843
61.Emily 63631
62.#WorldSeries 61978
63.Victor 61297
64.Liverpool 60908
65.Kitty 59630
66.tommy 59249
67.Champions League 57866
68.Walmart 56579
69.Boris 55394
70.Microsoft 54235
71.Antifa 53968
72.gaga 53032
73.Lightning 49652
74.taeyeon 49578
75.Ivanka 46291
76.Bobby 44751
77.Britain 44419
78.Cyberpunk 2077 43855
79.joon 43711
80.Scotland 43473
81.Philippines 43470
82.One Piece 43355
83.Sigh 42722
84.Rashford 38924
85.Lebron 38858
86.#IPL2020 38054
87.Turkish 37959
88.Polish 37773
89.Lucy 35258
90.Lola 33594
91.Jeremy 33149
92.Woah 33148
93.Star Wars 32937
94.The Prime Minister 32592
95.Ahhhh 32364
96.Afghanistan 30230
97.Jesse 29352
98.Joe Rogan 29319
99.Rogan 29283
100.Jota 29118
101.PTSD 28777
102.Fran 28654
103.Sunrise 27870
104.Yessss 26909
105.Nazis 25889
106.Sally 25715
107.High Court 25679
108.Mookie Betts 24003
109.Qatar 22886
110.Valorant 22574
111.Spider-Man 21041
112.lee sooman 20653
113.Saints 20524
114.ABC News 20386
115.#RaysUp 19955
116.Barry 19033
117.Rina Sawayama 18916
118.Ummm 18436
119.Zelda 18155
120.Kim Kardashian 17564
121.Pick 2 17084
122.Belgium 16828
123.Ajax 16703
124.Sharon 16519
125.#Cyberpunk2077 16379
126.Howard 15696
127.Jerusalem 15606
128.Nicely 15387
129.cdpr 15087
130.Frydenberg 14173
131.Trent 13418
132.butler 12685
133.Bette 12159
134.Palmer 11759
135.#livfcm 11456
136.#ClimateChange 11321
137.Glenn 11208
138.Valhalla 11174
139.The NSW 10732
140.Churchill 10453
141.#GEORGE4MIL 10358
142.Klopp 10216
143.Deb Frecklington <10k
144.Essendon <10k
145.Firmino <10k
146.Koalas <10k
147.Crows <10k
148.Boxing Day Test <10k
149.Kath <10k
150.Witcher 3 <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd ()

Where does Murdoch want to take Australia? Look no further than America’s @FoxNews — the 24hr extremist propaganda unit that created & sustains Trump’s presidency. Thanks @BetteMidler for backing the #MurdochRoyalCommission petition Australians sign here:

Australians,Twitter trends in Australia now ()

David Warner, 34 today, celebrated his birthday with his first T20I century against Sri Lanka on this day last year

💚🌏 Sarah Hanson-Young
💚🌏 Sarah Hanson-Young ()

What is even the point of an Environment Minister who signs the death warrant for already endangered koalas, instead of protecting them from big developers and mining companies?? Seriously. #saveportstephenskoalas

Sky News Australia
Sky News Australia ()

Sky News host Peter Gleeson says the “worst leader in the country” Victorian Premier @DanielAndrewsMP should be studied by Harvard University as a test case on “how not to handle a pandemic”.

Quentin Dempster
Quentin Dempster ()

Former NSW Auditor General Tony Harris considers that the destruction of documentation covering @GladysB’s $250m ‘discretionary’ council grants is likely to be unlawful. Yes + pork barrelling is effectively misappropriation of taxpayers’ money.

Sky News Australia
Sky News Australia ()

Social commentator @macsween_prue says there is a strong chance premier @DanielAndrewsMP could commit “these draconian lockdown laws again” until the emergency powers are taken away from him.


Whether it is storms, floods or fires, it’s important to be prepared and know what you’ll do. Conditions can change quickly. #BigWeather @ABCTV

#BigWeather,Twitter trends in Australia now
Stephen Quartermain
Stephen Quartermain ()

Vale Dr Bruce Reid. A wonderful contributor to the @essendonfc and @AFL A lovely man with a great sense of humour.

Alanah Pearce
Alanah Pearce ()

The Cyberpunk 2077 delay sucks for everyone who was excited to play it in November, but majority of my thoughts are with the dev team. Everyone I’ve spoken to at CDPR is *so* passionate about this game, I just hope they’re all in good health and good spirits. We can wait ❤️.

ABC News
ABC News ()

Clearing of koala habitat approved by for rock quarry expansion

Fox Cricket
Fox Cricket ()

Rejoice❗️ This summer’s international cricket calendar has finally been revealed - and it includes some special news for Melbourne. DETAILS 👉

Boxing Day,Twitter trends in Australia now
Ketan Joshi
Ketan Joshi ()

Such a very, very good @timdunlop piece. Read the entire thing.

Journalism Serves Democracy,Twitter trends in Australia now
Suka Mobil Tua
Suka Mobil Tua ()

mbah kalo kamu harus memilih antara Toyota Avansa & Nissan Terano 1. kamu pilih yang mana? 2. pertimbangannya apa? terimakasih 🙏

Terano,Twitter trends in Australia now
Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy ()

@Joe_Hildebrand @sallyrugg Joe, you are a nasty troll. You disingenuously claim to want respectful dialogue, yet you cheerfully insult and ridicule anyone who has a different view to yours. Sally Rugg deserves better than your schoolboy level bullying antics.

Fox Cricket
Fox Cricket ()

Mitchell Johnson has revealed the mental toll a chant had on him during a lacklustre Ashes series.

Zac ()

@traderadio De goey should be more compared to stringer 😂 Overhyped, out of shape and useless ()

David Warner went big on his birthday, involved in everything as is Hyderabad side kept their #IPL2020 finals hopes alive with a big win over Delhi

Reformed Tid
Reformed Tid ()

bro I just wanna travel to America, was supposed to go this year but corona fucked everything for everyone :/

Remilia-sama 「レミリア様」⚓🐏😈❣☄️🎪 ☃️ 🥟 ♌👅
Remilia-sama 「レミリア様」⚓🐏😈❣☄️🎪 ☃️ 🥟 ♌👅 ()

@yukihanalamy 雑ホロAmongUsお疲れさまでした! 2時間めちゃくちゃ面白いよ(≧▽≦) 今回のような大型コラボがまた楽しみです。 明日の配信また会おうね

Yvie Jones
Yvie Jones ()

Ok so this is a show I could watch like everyone watches MAFS. Every week night. So much better #SASAustralia