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Updated: July 6th, 2022 05:42 PM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
2.Highland Park 501K+
3.Boris 494K+
4.Ukraine 396K+
5.4th of July 309K+
6.Boris Johnson 292K+
7.Tu Le 134K+
8.hobi 130K+
9.Wimbledon 129K+
10.Sarah 67K+
11.Andy 65K+
12.#PMQs 54K+
13.Sinner 53K+
14.Chet 52K+
15.#ThorLoveAndThunder 49K+
16.Bette 44K+
17.Materia 43K+
18.Gerald 35K+
19.Macy Gray 31K+
20.Bairstow 24K+
21.Hawaii 23K+
22.Albo 22K+
23.Morrison 20K+
24.Porter 18K+
25.Bacon 18K+
26.Chad 17K+
27.Joe Root 16K+
28.Billie 16K+
29.Stage 5 14K+
30.Nigel 14K+
31.Ragnarok 10K+
32.#BBAU 10K+
33.Nick Kyrgios 10K+
34.#Happy50Dan <10K
35.Scomo <10K
36.#MasterChefAU <10K
37.#UAConf2022 <10K
38.#afternoonbriefing <10K
39.Taras <10K
40.estelle <10K
41.#Gruen <10K
42.Singleton <10K
43.Matt Canavan <10K
44.Dr Chant <10K
45.#abc730 <10K
46.Coorey <10K
47.Reggie <10K
48.Stuart Dew <10K
49.Torres Strait <10K
50.Fiji <10K
51.State of Emergency <10K
52.Angus Taylor <10K
53.#NSWFloods <10K
54.Cobbo <10K
55.Hazzard <10K
56.Jono <10K
57.Kerry Chant <10K
58.AAMI <10K
59.Littleproud <10K
60.Taranto <10K
61.Karen Andrews <10K
62.Sandown <10K
63.Daniel Johns <10K
64.Cardwell <10K
65.Giddey <10K
66.Happy Birthday Dan <10K
67.Christian Bale <10K
68.Happy 50th <10K
69.#MsMarvel <10K
70.Daily Quordle 163 <10K
71.Belmont <10K
72.Tricia <10K
73.Sussan <10K
74.Dusty <10K
75.#RACI2022 <10K
76.Brenton <10K
77.Daily Quordle 162 <10K
78.Reece Walsh <10K
79.#thedrum <10K
80.Mick Gatto <10K
81.Keyma <10K
82.Greg Jennett <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

sir i have asthma and low blood pressure and difficulty absorbing iron and pes planus and allergies and im lactose intolerant please lets calm down on the gene pool for a sec ok

Dutton is pathetic. Hiding behind attack from Littleproud. Simple question: Would Morrison have attended NATO plus summit? Of course! Remember Morrison at G7 plus in Cornwall. Imagine Dutton reaction if Albo had declined NATO or Ukraine visit. Hypocrite.

Not a good look for Gatto to be associating with the likes of Porter:

Lot of really effective stuff from Chet in drop coverage already. Giddey is way too good for Summer League. Poku has committed a horrible foul, gotten stripped on a post-up and thrown an outrageous behind-the-back pass. I am home.

Happy Hump Day -> Go subscribe to Brand Army so I can afford a complete pair of shorts. Link in bio 🍑

Twitter trends Australia - Hump Day by Shazza McKenzie

Our first Semi-Finalist! Congratulations @billie_mckay15 🎉 #MasterChefAU

Twitter trends Australia - #MasterChefAU by MasterChef Australia

“TOTAL CRAP”: Labor Senator Murray Watt has slammed David Littleproud on Twitter, after the Nats leader said the government “hasn’t taken the risk of foot-and-mouth disease seriously enough” “You’ve chosen to lie about it” #6NewsAU #AusPol |

Twitter trends Australia - Littleproud by 6 News Australia

The @NZWarriors confirm Reece Walsh is likely to return to Brisbane in 2023 on compassionate grounds. Details ✍

Twitter trends Australia - reece walsh by NRL

BREAKING | @sam_mcclure reports Richmond, Collingwood, Essendon and Geelong are all making a play for out of contract GWS star Tim Taranto.

A peach perfect dish from the queen of desserts 🍑 #MasterChefAU

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

Two for Dew! @GoldCoastSUNS confirm a contract extension for their coach. DETAILS 📝:

Twitter trends Australia - Stuart Dew by Fox Footy

@YouAreLobbyLud How about AHPRA actually tone police those practitioners undermining public health at every available opportunity or disseminating disinformation. Really. What a ridiculous state of affairs.


Across the world people are looking for solutions to rising costs of living. Professor @JosephEStiglitz is a Nobel Laureate and former chief economist at the World Bank. He challenges the orthodoxy that big interest rate rises are the answer. #abc730

It’s very good of Albo to do a quick pit stop in Australia on his way to Fiji. #AirbusAlbo

The RBA have made a right mess for themselves. They have created a potential doubling of rates for those rolling off fixed mortgages and they face a lot of angry people told rates wouldnt rise until 2024. They are trying to talk their way out of it, but it wont work.