Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
2.namjoon 847769
3.Butter 792186
4.Weverse 759990
5.blackpink 748144
6.#BTSMusterSoWooZoo2021 609018
7.America 593216
8.COVID-19 515929
9.Apple 510278
10.hoshi 423018
11.#EURO2020 402580
12.hobi 354867
13.#OurTigerHOSHIDay 346430
14.Argentina 297904
15.Angel 264539
16.JISOO 257972
17.#Our_Prince_Yeosang_Day 252663
18.Messi 238141
19.soobin 225294
20.The PM 215948
21.Lisa 202942
22.Maria 192073
23.NATO 170798
24.Morata 161495
25.President Trump 157413
26.Delta 156560
27.Texas 154577
28.Pfizer 153441
29.Powerful 149063
30.Nintendo 145099
31.taeyong 144950
32.Modi 141231
33.Prime Minister 138059
34.Anna 137716
35.Discord 134383
36.Italy 133658
37.Nigeria 127310
38.Mike 122034
39.Putin 117114
40.Scotland 116539
41.Loona 115539
42.Reddit 114740
43.Senate 110179
44.Peter 105178
45.Bucks 104960
46.Kevin 97550
47.Supreme Court 95552
48.Australia 92279
49.AstraZeneca 90789
50.Jean 89639
51.Republican 87621
52.Infinite 84752
53.Jordan 81266
54.Bengal 79660
55.Spain 79461
56.Schick 78491
57.Weak 77312
58.Happy Birthday President Trump 73890
59.Minecraft 72156
60.#CopaAmerica 70756
61.Capitol 61970
62.Karen 61312
63.Caro 59576
64.White House 57850
65.Tyler 56069
66.Joshua 55525
67.Fortnite 54981
68.Simon 54179
69.Nazi 51830
70.Morrison 51449
71.#auspol 50545
72.Wuhan 47867
73.Dems 46367
74.Patrik Schick 45308
75.Batman 44314
76.Ukraine 44089
77.barbara 44036
78.Sonic 43227
79.minho 42878
80.Houston 42597
81.#ESPSWE 42482
82.Kate 42339
83.#POLSVK 41524
84.Albedo 40827
85.Tamil 40095
86.Trudeau 39790
87.Czech 38368
88.Luke 37110
89.US President 37035
90.Lucy 34515
91.Luka 32829
92.Czech Republic 32038
93.Porter 31974
94.Danny 31592
95.Tina 30779
96.Tinder 30459
97.#4Corners 30199
98.Ross 30122
99.Monica 29294
100.Chloe 29264
101.Capcom 29049
102.Adrian 28554
103.Poland 26545
104.National Security 26533
105.Antifa 24344
106.Naomi 21528
107.Novavax 20872
108.Dragons 20793
109.Priya 19794
110.Stewart 19426
111.Jenny 19350
112.Bernie 18918
113.ABC News 18875
114.Compassion 18483
115.Guessing 18349
116.Marshall 17832
117.Clarke 17095
118.Catwoman 16356
119.Martha 16245
120.Hawaii 15492
121.casey 15449
122.Spurs 14928
123.Hawks 14366
124.Birmingham 13806
125.WILBUR 13592
126.Cold War 13103
127.Harvey 12756
128.Rahim 12663
129.connor 12228
130.Ritual 11734
131.#hometobilo 11639
132.Louise 11635
133.nsw police 10795
134.The New Daily 10541
135.Eminem 10526
136.Perth 10029
137.Tassie <10k
138.Christmas Island <10k
139.Tharnicaa <10k
140.#AustralianStory <10k
141.Brian Houston <10k
142.The PMO <10k
143.#fourcorners <10k
144.Zimbabwe <10k
145.#MasterChefAU <10k
146.Howard Springs <10k
147.Alex Hawke <10k
148.Tim Stewart <10k
149.Thongs <10k
150.McCormack <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

Lisa Wilkinson
Lisa Wilkinson ()

So @ScottMorrisonMP position on the Biloela family is “thawing”. But after spending $ & 3 cruel years detaining them this new rush of LNP polis supporting their release is fascinating to watch. An election coming perhaps? Bravo to all who’ve stayed the course.👏 #auspol

Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd ()

Morrison has questions to answer on his personal relationship with a leading activist of the same extremist religious/conspiracy group that stormed the US Capitol. His wife worked for family have reported him to the National Security Hotline

Kon Karapanagiotidis
Kon Karapanagiotidis ()

Your daily reminder @karenandrewsmp under section 195A of Migration Act has the unfettered power to release family on permanent visa back to Biloela. The test is simply is it in “public interest” to do so. I can’t think in 20 years of a stronger example of it being so #hometobilo

Julian Hill MP
Julian Hill MP ()

Everyone knows Scott Morrison was trying to get a 1-1 meeting with President Biden. Now Morrison’s trying to spin that it was his idea to have a 3-way meeting. Right-o 🤥

AFL ()

GILL CAME OUT AS MEATLOAF 🤣 He bought great shame and disgrace to the whole game of Australian Rules Football 😂 #BigFreeze7 | #AFLDeesPies

Kon Karapanagiotidis
Kon Karapanagiotidis ()

Your daily reminder under Section 46B of Migration Act, Minister for Immigration @AlexHawkeMP has the power today to invite Tharni to apply for a permanent visa & free them today. Test is simply is it in “public interest” to. If this doesn’t meet it what does! #hometobilo

The Long Walk
The Long Walk ()

Congratulations to Michael on being awarded an OAM for services to AFL and Indigenous peoples & communities. So well deserved ❤️🖤💛 #wewalktogether #QueensBirthdayHonours

#QueensBirthdayHonours,Twitter trends in Australia now
AFL ()

that looks cold! Sarah Jones heads down the slide as Mary Poppins ☂️ #BigFreeze7 | #AFLDeesPies

Kristina Keneally
Kristina Keneally ()

A long overdue and welcome decision. The Murugappan family never should have been sent to Christmas Island. The obvious & appropriate decision now is to let the family go #HomeToBilo to the community that wants and loves them.

AFL ()

Who are you most excited to see go down the #BigFreeze7 slide? 🛷

#BigFreeze7,Twitter trends in Australia now
Kon Karapanagiotidis
Kon Karapanagiotidis ()

Yes it’s great news all the #hometobilo family will be together again & residing in Perth. But the devil is in the detail & they’ve been failed miserably today by @AlexHawkeMP. A residence determination means community detention. No visa. No work rights. Basic support.

AFL ()

Shout out to this guy who’s fetching any lost slides or props 💪 #BigFreeze7 @FightMND

AFL ()

Jeff Farmer heads down the slide as the Wiz 🧙 He came prepared with plenty of props too! #BigFreeze7 | #AFLDeesPies

AFL ()

FT: @CollingwoodFC (80) defeat @melbournefc (63). Pies win! #AFLDeesPies

#afldeespies,Twitter trends in Australia now
AFL ()

Smiles, hugs and congratulations for Bucks in the coaches box 🙌 #AFLDeesPies

Peter Cronau
Peter Cronau ()

Friendlyjordies producer charged ““During his arrest, police charged into his home, pushing his mother to the ground & smashing his partner into a table. They were both left injured & traumatised.” “ Complaint by NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro

SBS News
SBS News ()

Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce has joined a number of his Coalition colleagues to call for a Tamil asylum seeker family currently detained on Christmas Island to be allowed to stay in Australia.

SBS News
SBS News ()

The youngest daughter of the Biloela Tamil family marked her fourth birthday in hospital as she continues to be treated for a blood infection. Tharnicaa has never celebrated a birthday outside of immigration detention

Perth Wildcats
Perth Wildcats ()

HE’S IN! 💪 Mitch Norton passed his fitness test and has been cleared to play in tonight’s Semi-Final Game Three.

Mitch Norton,Twitter trends in Australia now
Quentin Dempster
Quentin Dempster ()

Friendlyjordies producer charged with stalking NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro - ABC News