Australia Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: October 17th, 2021 11:45 PM IST
S.No.Trending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
1.Allay 475K+ tweets
2.Batman 405K+ tweets
3.Mark 335K+ tweets
4.Chan 290K+ tweets
5.Mendy 229K+ tweets
6.Leicester 162K+ tweets
7.Liverpool 143K+ tweets
8.Maguire 131K+ tweets
9.Mo Salah 105K+ tweets
10.Brentford 104K+ tweets
11.Josh 98K+ tweets
12.#LEIMUN 95K+ tweets
13.Newcastle 90K+ tweets
14.Animal Crossing 90K+ tweets
15.Robert Pattinson 76K+ tweets
16.Watford 73K+ tweets
17.yunho 72K+ tweets
18.#TI10 60K+ tweets
19.Bayern 57K+ tweets
20.Heat 52K+ tweets
21.Firmino 49K+ tweets
22.karl 49K+ tweets
23.Luke 43K+ tweets
24.Jamie 37K+ tweets
25.Team Spirit 32K+ tweets
26.Nats 30K+ tweets
27.Everton 24K+ tweets
28.Glasgow 23K+ tweets
29.Gordon 23K+ tweets
30.Retail 22K+ tweets
31.Dier 22K+ tweets
32.Larry 21K+ tweets
33.Slept 21K+ tweets
34.#insiders 20K+ tweets
35.#WATLIV 20K+ tweets
36.Times Square 19K+ tweets
37.Greece 18K+ tweets
38.Mitch 18K+ tweets
39.Oman 16K+ tweets
40.#NEWTOT 14K+ tweets
41.Magnus 13K+ tweets
42.Gina 13K+ tweets
43.Ronnie 12K+ tweets
44.Victorians 12K+ tweets
45.Vito 11K+ tweets
46.Danny Rose 10K+ tweets
47.Barnaby 10K+ tweets
48.Thanks Dom <10K tweets
49.kirsty and jesse <10K tweets
50.Barnaby Joyce <10K tweets
51.Peter Norman <10K tweets
52.Kyla <10K tweets
53.Elton <10K tweets
54.Serco <10K tweets
55.#WBBL07 <10K tweets
56.6ix9ine <10K tweets
57.Kooyong <10K tweets
58.Chrissie <10K tweets
59.Katy Gallagher <10K tweets
60.Dave Hughes <10K tweets
61.Jodi <10K tweets
62.#RHOMelbourne <10K tweets
63.Shiannon <10K tweets
64.Jim Miller <10K tweets
65.Thorpey <10K tweets
66.Cleo Smith <10K tweets
67.Anjali <10K tweets
68.NHMRC <10K tweets
69.Iwobi <10K tweets
70.Nature Strip <10K tweets
71.Chrissy <10K tweets
72.masked crusader <10K tweets
73.Incentivise <10K tweets
74.anthony byrne <10K tweets
75.#theblockau <10K tweets
76.Brock Jarvis <10K tweets
77.Andrew Bogut <10K tweets
78.Tilly <10K tweets
79.speers <10K tweets
80.Park Hotel <10K tweets
81.James Campbell <10K tweets
82.Scorchers <10K tweets
83.#TheBlock <10K tweets
84.bogut <10K tweets
85.#saysorryjosh <10K tweets
86.Carey <10K tweets
87.Sophie Devine <10K tweets
88.gough whitlam <10K tweets
89.dan ilic <10K tweets
90.#MasterChefAU <10K tweets
91.#EVEWHU <10K tweets
92.Nationals <10K tweets
93.super over <10K tweets
94.#VictoryDay <10K tweets
95.Kirsty <10K tweets
96.Sha Tin <10K tweets
Australia Top Tweets Now

Make no mistake: @DanielAndrewsMP is loosening lockdown rules because of Political polling. No other reason. Remember, a lockdown was implemented with under 50 cases. Today there are circa 2000 cases! Politics is dictating Victorians lives. Not a virus. ✌️✌️✌️

Insightful piece by the ABC’s Laura Tingle. So much for Liberal-Liberal collaboration on quarantine and public health. These two in an ugly race to claim “credit” for “freedom day”. Which of them will claim the “credit” if the NSW hospital system cracks

🌎 TODAY: Scott Morrison finds out from Barnaby Joyce what Australia’s climate policy is allowed to be. 🤦🏻‍♂️ 🤬 8 wasted years of missed opportunities with 21 failed climate policies so far. No doubt there’ll be a BS compromise, but the signs for real action aren’t good… #auspol

barnaby joyce - Twitter trends in Australia now

Here’s the Libs celebrating repealing the carbon price & emissions trading scheme that was law in this country after a Greens/Labor/indies power-sharing Parliament passed it. This gov has done everything it can to fast-track climate collapse. Kick the Libs out. #insiders

#insiders - Twitter trends in Australia now

The men held at Park Hotel Prison have been detained 8 years. They want & deserve freedom. All have been found to be refugees. Instead there are now 3 with #COVID19 and it could be up to 7. Refugees charities officially warned @ScottMorrisonMP Gov back in March 2020 of this risk.

#BREAKING news at least 3 refugees have tested positive for #COVID19 in the Park Hotel Immigration Prison in Melbourne. Detained 8 years, the men have continuously protested and warned of such a moment. The @ASRC1 is calling for the release of all refugees held there immediately

What a charade this government is performing. The whole point of the Glasgow summit is to lift *2030* targets. A 75% cut by 2030 is what’s needed to head towards the Paris goal of degrees warming. But yet again, the Nats choose coal over crops, putting farmers at risk.

Go well @JodiMcKay one of many journalists who have contributed as MPs to our democracy. NSW ALP sure needed cleaning up after whatever-it-takes factionalism gave us Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald under the ‘blind eye’ of Sussex Street. As leader Jodi helped the clean up. ✅⭐️

🚨🚨🚨Mickleham HQ is for the unvaccinated when the next variant pops up 😳 a little like a concentration camp in my opinion


I said this more than a month ago but I’ll say it again - I look forward to supporting Kirsty and Jesse, Mitch and Mark and Ronnie and Georgia all the way to the auctions. Tanya and Vito and Luke and Josh are just cheaters, liars and down right not nice people #TheBlock

Could we make the Mickleham facility into an infectious disease hospital and quarantine facility? Just thinking the obvious out loud here. #covid25vic 🙃 #H5N6vic 🙃

@AndrewKirbyGolf @JohnMilionis Dan threw Burnet under the bus. They gave him the models he paid for, until they became politically unacceptable. Seen it happen to many consultants at boardroom level over the years.