Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.Britney 1031180
2.Spotify 802877
3.Amazon 690843
4.President 603997
5.I LOVE YOU 599773
6.Biden 552257
7.Lisa 541779
8.Trump 513249
9.America 435100
10.Delta 293687
11.Canada 258678
12.#StaySelcaDay 250216
13.Florida 235688
14.Giuliani 213444
15.Korea 206586
16.New York 203235
17.Miami 175181
18.Rudy 163332
19.Democrats 162192
20.Israel 149167
21.Powerful 148442
22.Rudy Giuliani 137336
23.seulgi 133985
24.Texas 124855
25.Multiple 124143
26.Africa 122137
27.Nintendo 121064
28.Terrible 120965
29.Pakistan 118765
30.Gorgeous 118374
31.Vtuber 113092
32.Indigenous 109465
33.felix 107322
34.LGBT 104357
35.olivia 101787
36.Matt Gaetz 101053
37.Microsoft 98671
38.LGBTQ 92063
39.Nigeria 85849
40.Princess 81845
41.Wolf 80947
42.Burn 78959
43.Surfside 77470
44.Malaysia 70134
45.Clippers 66970
46.Praying 64073
47.Pelosi 62532
48.NASA 62024
49.Quarantine 59296
50.Game 3 58934
51.Thankyou 58019
52.Tyler 57068
53.Henry 55682
54.Windows 11 55611
55.Wuhan 54675
56.Frank 53464
57.Crystal 50407
58.#Windows11 49631
59.Star Wars 48630
60.Karma 47646
61.Nancy 46924
62.Golf 46583
63.Kenya 46506
64.Afghanistan 45974
65.Kate 45680
66.Bobby 44374
67.Jared 43254
68.#BBNaijaReunion 43172
69.Lucy 42760
70.ariana 42255
71.Booker 41280
72.Doja 37772
73.Christmas 37659
74.Noah 37106
75.Kidd 36178
76.Warriors 33537
77.Morrison 33127
78.Ben White 31166
79.The NSW 29459
80.Ignorance 28457
81.#coronavirus 27408
82.Planet Her 26466
83.Halloween 26341
84.Erika 25018
85.Porter 24870
86.Afghan 24187
87.Oliver 23353
88.Paul George 22350
89.Manchin 21778
90.The Australian 21676
91.Lions 20675
92.#SHIBARMY 20192
93.Adani 18963
94.heejin 18189
95.ABC News 18169
96.Jill 17926
97.Gladys 17724
98.Mikey 17177
99.Igor 17079
100.Yooo 16780
101.Marxist 16629
102.Kanye 15453
103.#AllStars6 15257
104.Syria 14278
105.Oooh 13974
106.Spencer 13918
107.Willow 13177
108.OMG YES 12718
109.Mumford 12275
110.Eagles 12172
111.Julian Assange 11812
112.Napa 11738
114.#COVID19nsw 11118
115.Casey 10650
116.ITS SO GOOD 10590
117.BIOS 10569
118.Chant 10476
119.Judy 10002
120.Queensland <10k
121.Clayton <10k
122.Eagle Farm <10k
123.Hollie Hughes <10k
124.Kumi <10k
125.#MorrisonOutbreak <10k
126.Brisbane <10k
127.Shaun Johnson <10k
128.Eastern Suburbs <10k
129.Credlin <10k
130.Randwick <10k
131.Pinkenba <10k
132.Skyrim <10k
133.Mickleham <10k
134.World Trade Organization <10k
135.#GoldStandard <10k
136.#TheBlacklist <10k
137.Caulfield <10k
138.australia day <10k
139.Waverley <10k
140.#Wimbledon <10k
141.Niki Savva <10k
142.Qld Govt <10k
143.Bollocks <10k
144.Cripps <10k
145.#qanda <10k
146.Kardinia Park <10k
147.Scott Morrison <10k
148.#sydneycovid <10k
149.Raina <10k
150.Peta Credlin <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd ()

Just when you thought Murdoch’s “Australian” couldn’t get any worse… Savva was an ex-Liberal staffer but she often produced genuine, insightful analysis. Credlin is just a hard-right hack who pushes narrow corporate, partisan & factional agendas. 

Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese ()

I know that Sydneysiders will do the right thing. We’ll crush this outbreak. It’s time our political leaders matched your determination. We’re in a race against time. Fix the rollout. Build national quarantine. Let’s get back to normal.

Stephanie Anderson
Stephanie Anderson ()

JUST IN: I’ve spoken to the owner of the Sandringham dry cleaner. His wife & two sons have received negative results, but are still isolating for full 14 days. He is now being cared for separately in the Holiday Inn hotel hotel. Says he hopes the spread stops with him @9NewsMelb

Antony Green
Antony Green ()

City of Sydney boundary runs down the middle of King Street Newtown, so non-essential businesses on one side will shut but the other side can stay open. The joys of health orders.

Guardian Australia
Guardian Australia ()

Why did the NSW Nationals host a dinner for up to 70 people during Sydney’s Covid outbreak?

💚🌏 Sarah Hanson-Young
💚🌏 Sarah Hanson-Young ()

Government members claim South Australia does not need fresh water. What the actual heck?! 👇

Guardian Australia
Guardian Australia ()

Political commentator Niki Savva quits the Australian after Peta Credlin joins as columnist

NSW Health
NSW Health ()


Inner West,Twitter trends in Australia now
NSW Health
NSW Health ()

⚠️RESTRICTIONS EXTENDED; STAY AT HOME ORDERS: CITY OF SYDNEY, RANDWICK, WAVERLEY & WOOLLAHRA LGAs⚠️ For more information, visit: Please continue to check the NSW Government website as more information will be made available:

Woollahra,Twitter trends in Australia now
NSW Health
NSW Health ()

CORRECTION - please note the venue name Michel’s Patisserie is incorrect. The correct venue of concern is *Michael’s Charcuterie*, Double Bay, Shop 17 Cosmopolitan Centre Bay Street, 2/22 Knox St: Tuesday 22 June, – 2pm.

Brisbane Lions
Brisbane Lions ()

Third fastest player to reach 5000 possessions in AFL history 🙌 What a milestone 😍 📲 #Uncaged

Neale,Twitter trends in Australia now
James Morrow
James Morrow ()

Just talked to a waitress at a cafe in inner west. Terrified non-lockdown lockdown will extend further and destroy her business’s trade, feels terrible for businesses already affected, wonders when this madness will end. But hey, CovidZero, right?

Samantha Maiden
Samantha Maiden ()

Covid positive limo driver’s bombshell claim via @newscomauHQ

Virginia Trioli
Virginia Trioli ()

How foolish would you have to be to lose the best political columnist in the country? #nikisavva ⁦@australian⁩

Andrew Leigh
Andrew Leigh ()

The Morrison Govt wants to use ‘independent assessments’ to kick people with disabilities off the NDIS. It says the NDIS isn’t affordable. Yet the Liberals also gave JobKeeper subsidies to The King’s School, which charges $40,000 a year #auspol

The Age
The Age ()

BREAKING: The original dossier detailing a rape allegation against former attorney-general Christian Porter, which he has denied, has been made publicly available for the first time

Brisbane Lions
Brisbane Lions ()

3QT | Standing up when it counts. Time to bring it home 💪 #AFLLionsCats

#AFLLionsCats,Twitter trends in Australia now
Antoinette Lattouf
Antoinette Lattouf ()

BREAKING: @GladysB has just announced a lockdown in Sydney’s eastern suburbs until July 2nd #COVID19nsw #nswpol

The Sydney Morning Herald
The Sydney Morning Herald ()

Breaking: Residents who live or work in the four LGAs of Woollahra, Waverley, Randwick and the City of Sydney have been issued a stay-at-home order as the COVID outbreak continues to spread

AFL ()

Celebrate the great news Blue baggers with the best of Crippa 🙌 (There is plenty more of this to come!) Best of Cripps: