Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.Meghan 1226658
2.#InternationalWomensDay 944300
3.I LOVE YOU 824865
4.Queen 623151
5.Royal 598229
6.Markle 597106
7.The UK 577915
8.President 540923
9.#OurMusicYoongi 503966
10.#KingYoongiDay 481403
11.I MEAN 424791
12.The Queen 377349
13.Apple 375875
14.Diana 364328
15.The British 346087
16.Prince Harry 334977
17.Piers 315181
18.Archie 220730
19.Race 217175
20.Charles 189329
21.Andrew 180209
22.Kate 170669
23.David 163868
24.Eren 163324
25.#HappyBirthdaySUGA 158349
26.Royals 155713
27.Min Yoongi 149410
28.hoseok 147664
29.#AlwaysWithYoongi 146478
30.The Crown 139157
31.Canada 137532
32.hobi 134669
33.Disha Key To SSR Case 121747
34.William 121577
35.Elizabeth 117054
36.London 111436
37.I LOVE U 107140
38.Levi 105761
39.Dogs 102983
40.Revolution 99846
41.taeyeon 99650
42.Saudi 97527
43.Chelsea 96307
44.Islam 93238
45.Josh 91265
46.Britain 91022
47.Buckingham palace 87874
48.PayPal 87236
49.#OurGeniusMinPD 84649
50.Nintendo 84602
51.Philip 80621
52.#YoongiOurHome 78874
53.Scotland 74806
54.Russia 74717
55.Hiding 72889
56.#HappyBirthdayYoongi 72417
57.Piers Morgan 70403
58.The Firm 67442
59.Frank 62929
60.Everton 59787
61.Phillip 59108
62.Xbox 59068
63.Republic 57389
64.#CHEEVE 57048
65.Charlie 54009
66.Duchess 53141
67.Prince Philip 50236
68.Dave 47478
69.Eddie 47032
70.Omega 43122
71.edward 41998
72.Havertz 41346
73.Tuchel 40617
74.Christmas 40360
75.Commonwealth 40213
76.#YoongiDay 38469
77.Rosie 36051
78.Tara 34708
79.lana 32345
80.Steam 31607
81.Ethan 30611
82.Wilbur 30432
83.Sharma 30263
84.#AbolishTheMonarchy 29422
85.moonbyul 28947
86.Our PM 28661
87.Werner 26621
88.Toronto 25900
89.Dylan 25655
90.Mount 25585
91.Jennifer 24200
92.Stalin 23121
93.Prince William 23038
94.Happy IWD 22947
95.Halloween 22461
96.Michael Jackson 22324
97.Leeds 19963
98.West Ham 18364
99.Evan 18294
100.Head of State 18178
101.Bishop 18088
102.Louise 17791
103.Media Watch 16546
104.#4Corners 16465
105.Burger King 15964
106.Mason 15759
107.Bucky 15471
108.Bill Gates 15468
109.Lizzy 15150
110.Daryl 14515
111.Mick 13336
112.Owen 12585
113.Jedi 12489
114.leigh 11696
115.byul 11178
116.Moses 10835
117.Cam Rayner <10k
118.#AFLSunsLions <10k
119.Craig Kelly <10k
120.#CCMvMAC <10k
121.Noice <10k
122.#abc730 <10k
123.Bethesda <10k
124.frank zumbo <10k
125.Demon Slayer <10k
126.#CCMFC <10k
127.Windsors <10k
128.Stardew Valley <10k
129.#MAFSAustralia <10k
130.Police Commissioner <10k
131.Corey <10k
132.Julia Gillard <10k
133.grimes <10k
134.Monster Hunter <10k
135.Cronk <10k
136.Bryce <10k
137.#RoyalFamily <10k
138.Nationals <10k
139.hungry jacks <10k
140.#auspoI <10k
141.#TheProjectTV <10k
142.Stuart <10k
143.#MediaWatch <10k
144.Sussexes <10k
145.liberal party <10k
146.John Anderson <10k
147.Assyrian <10k
148.#AAMISeries <10k
149.Heydon <10k
150.YOONGIS <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

Leigh Sales
Leigh Sales ()

My guest tonight is the former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on Canberra culture and it is well worth your time #abc730

Justin Stevens
Justin Stevens ()

Julie Bishop to @leighsales In my experience an allegation of that nature…would have been brought to the attention of the Prime Minister immediately…” #abc730

Samantha Maiden
Samantha Maiden ()

Small point but I very much enjoyed the rather cool look on the face of 7:30 @GraceTobin after Craig Kelly staffer slams the door in her face. All hail @GraceTobin ()

Mitchell Starc has 2-0! Henry Hunt and Liam Scott have both been trapped lbw by the big left-armer, who is getting some sharp Watch live: #SheffieldShield

#SheffieldShield,Twitter trends in Australia now
Kristina Keneally
Kristina Keneally ()

Clear and compelling argument on why an investigation into the rape allegations against Porter would strengthen the rule of law. “As a witness in the Heydon inquiry I’m speaking out on why Porter should face investigation”👇👇

AFL ()

Cam Rayner has been helped off the field after this incident. #AAMISeries

Adam Liaw
Adam Liaw ()

The Northern Rivers region is the anti-vaxx capital of Australia and the most high profile people casting doubt on COVID19 vaccines are Pete Evans, Clive Palmer and Craig Kelly but sure, I guess we can frame the problem as the ethnics again. ()

What a screamer! Liam Guthrie with one of the catches of the season #SheffieldShield

Seona Thompson
Seona Thompson ()

Very proud Mum moment. @BenThompson2102 winning the Adelaide Cup ❤️

Fitzy & Wippa
Fitzy & Wippa ()

It was very emotional for me to see everyone come together! @RitaOra talks about her show-stopping performance at the @sydneymardigras parade. Full chat: ()

The plan of rolling the weekend profit into Tralee Rose seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately $ x SFA = SFA

Fox Cricket
Fox Cricket ()

Still got it 🔥🔥🔥 Starc roars back to life in savage swing display >>> #SheffieldShield

The Australian
The Australian ()

BREAKING: Former Nationals leader and deputy PM John Anderson will put his name forward for preselection to become the party’s Senate candidate at the next federal election. ()

The #SheffieldShield match at the MCG ends in a draw, with no further play possible on day four due to rain. Final scorecard:

#SheffieldShield,Twitter trends in Australia now
Jim Chalmers MP
Jim Chalmers MP ()

Josh Frydenberg is cutting JobKeeper for thousands of workers and small businesses in Cairns and FNQ which are still struggling, and now he’s come here empty-handed when the region is crying out for help #auspol @TheCairnsPost @nitagreenqld

Frydenberg,Twitter trends in Australia now
Fox Football
Fox Football ()

First game, first touch, first goal. This is the stuff of dreams from Matt Hatch. Watch Every Match of the 2020/21 @ALeague season live and on-demand on @kayosports: #CCMvMAC #CCMFC

Fox Footy
Fox Footy ()

... the physios are telling me it looks like an ACL at this stage, so that’s probably his season done and dusted. 😔 Latest on Cam Rayner:

Fox League
Fox League ()

The boys are back 🙌 #NRL360 returns for 2021 at on Ch502 (and Kenty will have a bit more to say 🤣) ()

#BREAKING: Samantha Armytage dropped a bombshell this morning, announcing she is leaving Sunrise at the end of this week. ()

The rain has cleared and we are back playing at the MCG. Vics resume on 1-93 needing a further 160 to win against Tasmania #SheffieldShield. Tune in:

#SheffieldShield,Twitter trends in Australia now