Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.No. No 3433174
2.The US 1076735
3.#SunooOurMiracleOfJune 538561
4.Game 1 487278
5.King 486587
6.Loki 446148
7.Trump 445358
8.#EURO2020 403511
9.Mark 395311
10.Cuba 361531
11.Colombia 335321
12.Pfizer 333768
13.McAfee 329375
14.Republicans 321821
15.#FreeBritney 284535
16.UEFA 250528
17.Portugal 236761
18.Benzema 225845
19.Cristiano Ronaldo 219151
20.England 218991
21.Disney 187797
22.Canada 185046
23.Ronaldo 181340
24.Michael 158911
25.#GERHUN 149771
26.Congress 142513
27.Anna 136175
28.Victoria 126827
29.Brexit 125137
30.LGBT 120488
31.Germany 119659
32.Mbappe 108887
33.Felix 107968
34.Vtuber 106598
35.Spain 101694
36.Heaven 99933
37.Premier 99334
38.Britney 97161
39.#PORFRA 96589
40.Momo 96420
41.Russia 95546
42.#FRAPOR 94595
43.John McAfee 93712
44.Hong Kong 89670
45.Kohli 85020
46.Status of Women 81834
47.Tigray 79260
48.New Zealand 77056
49.Republic 74091
50.Ivermectin 72211
51.GOAT 71404
52.Parliament 70676
53.Bucks 69645
54.Apple Daily 69043
55.#WTCFinal 67895
56.Ethiopia 65964
57.Gaetz 65298
58.Hungary 65054
59.Matt Gaetz 57073
60.Hawks 54174
61.Atlanta 52891
62.Luka 49023
63.World Cup 48819
64.LETS GO 48487
65.Collins 47499
66.Jane 46367
67.Jamie 45357
68.Rest in Peace 42427
69.Phil 42083
70.Jared 39282
71.Poland 38778
72.World Test Championship 37695
73.#NBAPlayoffs 37380
74.Epstein 35759
75.Ross 34450
76.Pogba 34196
77.Danny 30814
78.Julian 27019
79.Group F 26563
80.COVID-19 Delta 26109
81.Trae Young 25746
82.Morrison 25411
83.Giannis 25177
84.Wembley 24442
85.The NSW 23955
86.maths 23372
87.Childe 22438
88.Wilbur 22347
89.Sky News 22002
90.#DireWagesOfSin 21939
91.Horizon 20840
92.Murphy 20555
93.Black Sea 19928
94.Jrue 19903
95.#Euro2021 19745
96.Kane Williamson 19530
97.Belgium 19269
98.Singapore 18858
99.Big Tech 18787
100.Gladys 18104
101.Middleton 17422
102.Manila 15489
103.Washington DC 15319
104.Spider-Man 13766
105.Saudi Arabia 12991
106.Melbourne 12578
107.Bolt 12264
108.PTSD 12141
109.Bernie 11383
110.#COVID19nsw 11088
111.Bowie 11077
112.Question Time 10984
113.Wdym 10306
114.Mark Hoppus <10k
115.Alan Kohler <10k
116.Crossroads <10k
117.Brad Hazzard <10k
118.Niki Savva <10k
119.Liberal Party <10k
120.Porridge <10k
121.Ronni <10k
122.warren entsch <10k
123.Kerry Chant <10k
124.Paddington <10k
125.Greater Sydney and Wollongong <10k
126.robyn <10k
127.South Australians <10k
128.Andrews <10k
129.Woodside <10k
130.Kyle Jamieson <10k
131.NSW MPs <10k
132.Credlin <10k
133.Prue <10k
134.#sydneylockdown <10k
135.North Queensland <10k
136.Carrick <10k
137.Hazzard <10k
138.Kiwis <10k
139.Horizons <10k
140.Maggoted <10k
141.Dr Chant <10k
142.New South Wales <10k
143.Pentecostal <10k
144.Double Bay <10k
145.Kevin Rudd <10k
146.Kevin Muscat <10k
147.2nd AZ <10k
148.#GladysOutbreak <10k
149.South Australia <10k
150.#ACandleForKate <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

Jane Caro
Jane Caro ()

As a 64 year old, who’s had an AZ dose &will have my 2nd, can I congratulate our govt on sending me & my peers an unequivocal message about our value. You told us it was safe, told us to get it & now intend phasing it out entirely due to blood clotting concerns! Thanks for that.

Kon Karapanagiotidis
Kon Karapanagiotidis ()

So let’s call out what @AlexHawkeMP has done to #hometobilo fam that hasn’t been picked up yet. He’s granted family bridging visas except Tharni who remains in community detention (with her family). By doing so it stops them going home to #biloela because Tharni can’t leave Perth

Kon Karapanagiotidis
Kon Karapanagiotidis ()

In my 20 years as a refugee lawyer I have never seen a family situation where a family is placed onto bridging visas after being in community detention and the only one kept in community detention is the child. Unheard of you need to know. #hometobilo

Larissa Waters
Larissa Waters ()

Today is a sad reminder of why we must have an independent inquiry into the allegations against former Attorney-General Christian Porter. #auspol #ACandleForKate @ACandle_ForKate 1/12

Larissa Waters
Larissa Waters ()

Good question in #SenateQT confirming that Barnaby Joyce will now sit at the table on the Cabinet taskforce on women’s safety and security. Women’s safety. Unbelievable! #auspol

Andrew Leigh
Andrew Leigh ()

JobKeeper was meant to keep battlers in jobs, not subsidise the assets of Australia’s most exclusive private schools #auspol

Kristina Keneally
Kristina Keneally ()

Australians will welcome the news today that the Minister for Immigration Alex Hawke is personally intervening in the Biloela family’s case and using his ministerial discretion to grant bridging visas for Nades, Priya and Kopika Murugappan. 🧵 👇 #hometobilo

ABC News
ABC News ()

Sri Lankan Tamil family issued temporary visas to work and study in Australia

Kon Karapanagiotidis
Kon Karapanagiotidis ()

.@AlexHawkeMP could’ve granted the #Murugappan family any visa he wanted as he exercised his unlimited power under section 195A of Migration Act. So what did he do, give them a permanent visa? No. A 3 mth bridging visa for 3 & Community detention for a 4 year old #hometobilo

Adam Liaw
Adam Liaw ()

If NSW goes into lockdown I demand they begin live streaming the Ben Roberts-Smith defamation trial.

NRL ()

Chad Townsend has officially left the @Cronulla_Sharks to join the @NZWarriors for the remainder of 2021 ✍ Details 👉

Chad Townsend,Twitter trends in Australia now
Kon Karapanagiotidis
Kon Karapanagiotidis ()

I’ve many people asking me in my TL why is 4 year old Tharnicaa still in community detention (CD) but not rest of the family? The only inference that can be drawn is that in keeping Tharni in CD it ensures she can’t leave Perth which then guarantees family can’t go #hometobilo

Kon Karapanagiotidis
Kon Karapanagiotidis ()

Please excuse my voice on this video, I’m battling a bad chest infection but wanted to quickly do a 2 minute video to try & answer all your questions regarding #Hometobilo family especially why just bridging visas? What are they? And why is Tharni still in community detention?

Crikey ()

There are three options for getting more information about the Christian Porter allegations on the table: a coronial inquest into Kate’s death; the release of unredacted documents from the ABC defamation case; and a senate inquiry into Porter [Unlocked]

CommBank ()

UPDATE 6:05pm: We’re working to fix issues for customers logging on to the CommBank app and NetBank. We urge customers to be vigilant for scams and fraud. Remember we will never ask for your PIN, Netcode SMS or password details.

Adelaide Crows
Adelaide Crows ()

“(Before) I won my first world I went over to my dad’s hotel room and watched the Crows versus Collingwood 🚴‍♂️🙌 @SW91 | #weflyasone

BirdLife Australia
BirdLife Australia ()

Breaking news! The @APVMA is intending to refuse the NSW Government’s emergency permit to use bromadiolone to end the mouse plague, due to environmental concerns. This is a huge win in the fight to stop this highly toxic poison from entering bird food chains. 📷Ian Wilson

apvma,Twitter trends in Australia now
Adam Bandt
Adam Bandt ()

The Murugappan family deserves more than temporary solutions. @AlexHawkeMP has the power to grant them permanent visas & freedom. He is choosing not to. Enough excuses, enough delays. Let them go #HomeToBilo

9News Australia
9News Australia ()

Barnaby Joyce has admitted he failed to update his register of interests, and declare he had a rental property in New South Wales. #AusPol #9News

🌱 Diana Ryall AM
🌱 Diana Ryall AM ()

Hillsong event June 29 to July 2 in Byron- @ScottMorrisonMP does not want a lockdown in NSW @GladysB