Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.Grammys 1688542
2.Myanmar 1319691
3.blackpink 1117124
4.harry styles 688424
5.COVID-19 516466
6.Queen 414237
7.Royal 377421
8.The UK 372008
9.China 295455
10.PROUD OF HARRY 280813
11.Manchester 279486
12.Tony 268987
13.taylor 267126
14.Jesus 244716
15.Liverpool 235768
16.Cuomo 204913
17.#BTSGrammyPerformers 195059
18.The West 194234
19.Megan 180255
20.Build 172192
21.Rangers 170354
22.APEX 169163
23.#MCIMUN 156789
24.Meghan 150443
25.#OprahMeghanHarry 148905
26.Lucas 136265
27.Lebron 108015
28.Steph 106325
29.#MUFC 104668
30.Dame 102246
31.Australia 100756
32.Man City 100175
33.The Age 99615
34.Sterling 98804
35.#IWD2021 95685
36.Dr. Seuss 91517
37.Royal Family 89000
38.The Crown 86573
39.Oprah 85270
40.Aaaa 85048
41.Kate 83956
42.Haaland 78477
43.Shaw 76471
44.Flowers 75296
45.Fulham 74221
46.#NBAAllStar 73394
47.Beyoncé 69121
48.Iran 69002
49.#InternationalWomensDay 68979
50.Anfield 68714
51.Parliament 67005
52.Martial 65670
53.Religious 60940
54.Klopp 60694
55.Mane 56610
56.Chelsea 55636
57.Uber 54102
58.Charles 52122
59.Diana 51133
60.William 50948
61.Dave 46365
62.Archie 45333
63.Luke Shaw 44342
64.Tone 43700
65.#LIVFUL 43500
66.Zion 43385
67.#AEWRevolution 42879
68.The Royal Family 38736
69.Phillip 38464
70.Nets 35231
71.#ChooseToChallenge 35012
72.Reds 34178
73.Embiid 31833
74.Kenny 31121
75.Creepy 31066
76.Royals 30858
77.Antifa 30119
78.Camilla 29275
79.Blake Griffin 27634
80.Indigenous 27522
81.Kane 27062
82.Woah 27037
83.Navy 26278
84.#ComfortOcs 25939
85.Rashford 25895
86.Switzerland 25707
87.Sunrise 24844
88.Mumford 24736
89.Virginia 24654
90.Brooklyn 24519
91.Leicester 23298
92.Qatar 23217
93.Conley 23097
94.Austria 22950
95.Henderson 22608
96.Kerry 22496
97.Luka 21892
98.Spurs 21584
99.HELL YEAH 21253
100.Ricky 21113
101.#ManchesterDerby 20765
102.Everton 20640
103.Prince Harry 19484
104.Swiss 19338
105.Raya and the Last Dragon 18973
106.Newcastle 18083
107.Commonwealth 17279
108.Happy International 17202
109.Bryson 17004
110.Giannis 16872
111.Payne 16512
112.Tatum 16425
113.Bale 16414
114.Somalia 15896
115.Luigi 15252
116.Apologies 15145
117.Maguire 14022
118.The Morrison 13867
119.Kyrie 13013
120.Norway 12508
121.Jensen 11872
122.Lavine 11770
123.Heather 11687
124.Richie 11547
125.Trent 11528
126.Women in Leadership 11445
127.#IWD21 <10k
128.Stokes <10k
129.Tasmania <10k
130.Adelaide Cup <10k
131.#GenderEquality <10k
132.morphettville <10k
133.Linda Reynolds <10k
134.Kerry Stokes <10k
135.#4Corners <10k
136.Aboriginal <10k
137.Daily Mail <10k
138.#WomenLead <10k
139.Yolngu <10k
140.Minister for Women <10k
141.Torres Strait <10k
142.On IWD <10k
143.the sydney morning herald <10k
144.West Australian <10k
145.Happy IWD <10k
146.kai wang <10k
147.Leunig <10k
148.Four Corners <10k
149.Kathryn <10k
150.Rupert Murdoch <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese ()

Women should be in every room where decisions are made – and I’m proud to work alongside so many dedicated women in the Labor team. Happy International Women’s Day. #IWD #IWD2021

Happy IWD,Twitter trends in Australia now
RN Breakfast
RN Breakfast ()

[Linda Reynolds] needs to be able to turn up to the parliament and answer questions, and if she is not well enough to do that, then we have to seriously ask, is she available to do the job as Defence Minister? - Shadow Home Affairs Minister @KKeneally ()

What a screamer! Liam Guthrie with one of the catches of the season #SheffieldShield

AFL ()

How has that possibly bounced through? Connor Rozee wowee! #AAMISeries

Kon Karapanagiotidis
Kon Karapanagiotidis ()

There must be a uni that could give him a scholarship? @MohammadDaghag1 one of the most incredible young people I’ve ever met. He dreams of one day of being our PM. He’s been offered place to study Law/Commerce but can’t take it up because he’s on a TPV.

Jared Owens
Jared Owens ()

@BevanShields I respect you, Bevan, but I don’t think it’s good for journos to pronounce snap judgments about the professional ethics of healthcare providers. They would probably have agonised over this decision and sought advice from colleagues.

Jim Chalmers MP
Jim Chalmers MP ()

Josh Frydenberg is cutting JobKeeper for thousands of workers and small businesses in Cairns and FNQ which are still struggling, and now he’s come here empty-handed when the region is crying out for help #auspol @TheCairnsPost @nitagreenqld

Frydenberg,Twitter trends in Australia now
AFL ()

Eagles forward Zac Langdon has been taken off on the stretcher after this incident. #AAMISeries ()

The plan of rolling the weekend profit into Tralee Rose seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately $ x SFA = SFA

Victorian Cricket Team
Victorian Cricket Team ()

Two quick wickets and Tasmania are nine down. A great reflex catch from Jake Fraser-McGurk, then Patto gets Doran for 98. Tas lead by 251. Watch live: #SheffieldShield ()

#BREAKING: Samantha Armytage dropped a bombshell this morning, announcing she is leaving Sunrise at the end of this week. ()

The rain has cleared and we are back playing at the MCG. Vics resume on 1-93 needing a further 160 to win against Tasmania #SheffieldShield. Tune in:

#SheffieldShield,Twitter trends in Australia now
Victorian Cricket Team
Victorian Cricket Team ()

Another 50 for the skipper! We move to 1/105 chasing 253. Watch live: #SheffieldShield

#SheffieldShield,Twitter trends in Australia now
Warren Tredrea
Warren Tredrea ()

Connor Rozee 16poss, 9mks and two goals but still headed for foot surgery early next week.

Sophie McNeill
Sophie McNeill ()

Myanmar coup: Foreign Minister Marise Payne announces #Australia will suspend bilateral defence agreement with #Myanmar over coup violence

Port Adelaide FC
Port Adelaide FC ()

Make that 3️⃣ for Fantasia! Raz drills a neat set shot after a tidy Connor Rozee pass. ⚡ (37) 🇷🇴 (7) #weareportadelaide

Rozee,Twitter trends in Australia now
Port Adelaide FC
Port Adelaide FC ()

Forward Connor Rozee will undergo a surgical procedure to correct an issue with a joint in his foot. #weareportadelaide

Dr Skye Kinder
Dr Skye Kinder ()

This is a joke, right? Women are being sexually assaulted in Parliament and by elected officials and the Member for Wentworth hands out flowers? Read the room. #auspol #IWD2021

Indigenous_gov ()

On International Women’s Day read about the strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who are challenging themselves and others to achieve great things and triumph over adversity. #IWD2021 #LearnDreamAspire

Torres Strait,Twitter trends in Australia now
Port Adelaide FC
Port Adelaide FC ()

Goals: Fantasia 3, Gray, Georgiades, Ladhams, Wines, Rozee 2, Houston, Butters, Farrell, Mead Disposals: Houston 34, Bonner 27, Gray, DBJ 26, Amon, Butters 24 #weareportadelaide