Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.Israel 489069
2.Dogecoin 480815
3.Palestinian 452035
4.America 388137
5.Jerusalem 325404
6.Canelo 278296
7.Elon 262345
8.London 208816
9.Kabul 173260
10.Elon Musk 172442
11.jaehyun 155169
12.Daniel 129223
13.Sending 126355
14.#MothersDay 96327
15.Australia 92002
16.#CaneloSaunders 90297
17.Eric 78646
18.Labor 78371
19.Hunter 76302
20.Andy 74360
21.Lewis 73638
22.Warriors 72628
23.budget 62624
24.#dogetothemoon 57407
25.#ChineseRocket 51368
26.Curry 45753
27.Levi 44328
28.Steph 38327
29.Danny 38129
30.Port 36802
31.Robertson 34639
32.Pete 34136
33.Westbrook 32132
34.Billy Joe 30174
35.GAME DAY 29717
36.Bruce 29498
37.Katie 26553
38.Jess 26545
39.Saad 26363
40.Cowboy 26084
41.Stella 25833
42.The Crown 25520
43.Hannah 24941
44.Miley Cyrus 24843
45.Mitch 23768
46.Eddie 22787
47.#LongMarch5B 22142
48.#UFCVegas26 21954
49.Saab 21789
50.Maldives 20843
51.Saturday Night Live 19950
52.Russ 18895
53.Klein 17896
54.Kennedy 17344
55.Priya 16301
56.Nets 16011
57.Nuggets 15893
58.Your Mum 14045
59.CZ-5B 13727
60.Nationals 13685
61.Dear God 12371
62.Beal 12224
63.Phillips 12040
64.Gabby 11754
65.Albo 11518
66.Mums 11482
67.Turbo 11228
68.Aspergers 10332
69.Warner 10268
70.Round 8 10190
71.Upper Hunter <10k
72.#MCYvBRI <10k
73.Pentecostal <10k
74.Speers <10k
75.Sailing <10k
76.Aged Care <10k
77.#MightyWest <10k
78.ScoMo <10k
79.Ansell <10k
80.Prince Philip <10k
81.Perth <10k
82.Newman <10k
83.Eddie Betts <10k
84.Keanu <10k
85.Brickman <10k
86.Tasmania <10k
87.Cripps <10k
88.#insiders <10k
89.dufty <10k
90.Curran <10k
91.Alan Jones <10k
92.Macca <10k
93.Xavier Coates <10k
94.Flanagan <10k
95.Liberal Party <10k
96.Carly <10k
97.HCWs <10k
98.Malcolm Turnbull <10k
99.Gough Whitlam <10k
100.doggies <10k
101.Tom Trbojevic <10k
102.#LEGOMastersAU <10k
103.Skylab <10k
104.The LNP <10k
105.#ssnvixenslightning <10k
106.#RepcoSC <10k
107.Jodi <10k
108.#60Mins <10k
109.Macrae <10k
110.Stanton <10k
111.the new daily <10k
112.Stocker <10k
113.Race 10 <10k
114.#AFLDogsBlues <10k
115.Tilly <10k
116.Port Adelaide <10k
117.keanu reeves <10k
118.#SSNFirebirdsThunderbirds <10k
119.kath <10k
120.Brent <10k
121.Jokic <10k
122.Bont <10k
123.Jock <10k
124.Walsh <10k
125.Jason Bennett <10k
126.SANFL <10k sweeney <10k
128.#NRLDragonsBulldogs <10k
129.Chalmers <10k
130.jack manifold <10k
131.#NRLManlyWarriors <10k
132.Teague <10k
133.Hallmark <10k
134.Impey <10k
135.Malcolm <10k
136.Sue Chrysanthou <10k
137.#AFLLionsFreo <10k
138.Collingwood <10k
139.gestede <10k
140.Michael Slater <10k
141.#PERvMVC <10k
142.hawthorn <10k
143.Carlton <10k
144.Treasurer <10k
145.Indian Ocean <10k
146.#Budget2021 <10k
147.Point Break <10k
148.#BBAU <10k
149.Pacific Ocean <10k
150.Zac Williams <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

Claire Lehmann 🚀
Claire Lehmann 🚀 ()

Caitlyn Jenner is an Olympic gold medallist and a trans woman, yet Sarah Silverman is lecturing her here as if she knows zero about athletics or being trans. So much for the weight of lived experience.

FatherBob ()

Thanks letting me thread the needle on the Singer sewing were never jealous of the wealthy people who loved your dressmaking.🕊.

Mumma,Twitter trends in Australia now
Yadu Singh
Yadu Singh ()

Our tribute to Veer Shiromani Maharana Pratap on his 481th Jayanti (birth anniversary). #Maharanapratap will always be known as the epitome of valour, self-respect (स्वाभिमान) & patriotism. He will undoubtedly continue to inspire & guide us in the future! #MahaRanaPratapJayanti

Birth Anniversary,Twitter trends in Australia now
Mitch Cleary
Mitch Cleary ()

Zac Williams and Patrick Cripps combined for five disposals in the final term. 11 Dogs had five or more #AFLDogsBlues

Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese ()

On the third time, she didn’t make it. Maryanne Albanese died on the 25th of May, 2002. Around every Mother’s Day, I visit the cemetery where mum is and I remember how much she sacrificed for me.

albanese,Twitter trends in Australia now
NRL ()

Xavier Coates has officially signed with the @storm ⚡ Meanwhile, the @brisbanebroncos hunt for a replacement has begun. Details ✍

Xavier Coates,Twitter trends in Australia now
Fox Cricket
Fox Cricket ()

David Warner and Michael Slater deny sensational reports the two were involved in a bar brawl 👉

Michael Slater,Twitter trends in Australia now
Port Adelaide FC
Port Adelaide FC ()

FT | Showdown XLIX is ours! #AFLPowerCrows #weareportadelaide

#aflpowercrows,Twitter trends in Australia now
AFL ()

The Power now lead the Crows 25-24 in Showdown history. #AFLPowerCrows

#AFLPowerCrows,Twitter trends in Australia now
ABC News
ABC News ()

Malcolm Turnbull urges Upper Hunters voters to turn their backs on Nationals

Supercars ()

The drought is over for Cameron Waters! He wins Race 11 at the OTR SuperSprint 👏👏 #RepcoSC

#RepcoSC,Twitter trends in Australia now
Fox Footy
Fox Footy ()

INCREDIBLE SCENES. True dedication from the goal umpire tonight, putting his body on the line for the good of the game 👏 📚BLOG: 📱MATCH CENTRE: 📺WATCH #AFLLionsFreo on @kayosports

Tim Fernando
Tim Fernando ()

So when is Zac Williams gonna cop the kind of criticism Brad Hill was under? Similar contracts, and arguably playing even worse than what Hilly was before turning it around

AFL ()

A Bulldog turned Blue 🔵 Liam Jones plays his 150th game today 👏 #AFLDogsBlues

#AFLDogsBlues,Twitter trends in Australia now
Port Adelaide FC
Port Adelaide FC ()

What. A. Night. Match gallery 📷 BTS gallery 📸 #weareportadelaide

Port Adelaide,Twitter trends in Australia now
Brisbane Lions
Brisbane Lions ()

HT | A dominant first half, our small forwards looking electric so far ⚡️ #AFLLionsFreo #Uncaged

#AFLLionsFreo,Twitter trends in Australia now
AFL ()

The @brisbanelions climb up the ladder continues after a comfortable victory over Fremantle at the Gabba. Match Report: #AFLLionsFreo

#AFLLionsFreo,Twitter trends in Australia now
Brisbane Roar FC
Brisbane Roar FC ()

Two changes to the XI today as Corey Brown starts in @ALeague game number 1️⃣5️⃣0️⃣! #MCYvBRI #ForTheCrest

#MCYvBRI,Twitter trends in Australia now
FatherBob ()

Thanks, keep speaking words of there will be an answer so “let it be”..glad as a twelve year old to have been useful threading the eye of the needle on the Singer sewing machine. You were never jealous of affluent people who loved your dressmaking.👏.

Supercars ()

Waters pips van Gisbergen in enthralling Tailem Bend finale 🔥🔥 #RepcoSC