Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.COVID-19 999344
2.UEFA 990711
4.Trump 487246
5.Source 480315
6.Perez 449120
7.Maxine 447892
8.Maxine Waters 380142
9.Biden 362028
10.Chauvin 350353
11.China 322665
12.NASA 263424
13.Vaccines 240336
14.Green 235330
15.taemin 229794
16.Leeds 229025
17.Floyd 224548
18.#DogeDay 219890
19.Johnson 213073
20.Vita 200242
21.Derek Chauvin 183404
22.George Floyd 183393
23.Snow 175974
24.The Boys 159874
25.The ESL 151419
26.Klopp 150657
27.Steph 119227
28.Minneapolis 113578
29.Target 110917
30.Australia 95729
31.Orange 90326
32.ariana 89665
33.Parler 87968
34.Jack Black 86038
35.Andrea 84233
36.Bubble 83340
37.Anne 81836
38.BASIC 79795
39.Taurus 79763
40.Kelly 76901
41.Tesla 73603
42.Climate Change 72848
43.Grant 68658
44.karl 60996
45.Labor 60815
46.Sony 60676
47.Tanya 60438
48.Wine 59765
49.Capitalism 59042
50.Pelosi 58389
51.Grandma 55893
52.Joel 53987
53.Everton 52643
54.Walter Mondale 48854
55.billie 48761
56.ADHD 47072
57.Doug 46316
58.Shang Chi 44202
59.Lebron 43571
60.Batman 43373
61.pissed 43348
62.Seth 42245
63.Alot 41782
64.Elon 38709
65.Hollywood 38544
66.Boston 35668
67.Lakers 35347
68.Matthew 35079
69.#auspol 34564
70.US and UK 34512
71.Morrison 33584
72.#TommyVlog 33537
73.Navy 32929
74.Autism 31820
75.Superman 31768
76.#LEELIV 30756
77.Bucks 30174
78.betty 29641
79.Extraordinary 29401
80.Coal 27044
81.Taiwan 26274
82.Philly 23608
83.Greta 22012
84.Steph Curry 21703
85.New Zealand 21489
86.Americas 21424
87.syria 20965
88.Sixers 20610
89.Sacred 20446
90.Madonna 19732
91.Hindus 18630
92.#WWERaw 18544
93.#420day 18353
94.Porter 17657
95.Watson 17584
96.Olympics 16629
97.Simpsons 16038
98.Ouch 15307
99.Mitch 15258
100.Trevor 15145
101.ABC News 14443
102.Olympic 13817
103.Embiid 13002
104.Greta Thunberg 12677
105.Australians 11917
106.Morrissey 11599
107.Xinjiang 11207
108.Palmer 10917
109.Nash 10196
110.Prue <10k
111.Greg Hunt <10k
112.Churchill <10k
113.Queenslanders <10k
114.Maccas <10k
115.Hodgson <10k
116.#MilkshakeMorrison <10k
117.Cartier <10k
118.#auspol2021 <10k
119.Wally <10k zero <10k
121.Cronulla <10k
122.#afternoonbriefing <10k
123.#origami <10k
124.NDIS <10k
125.2032 Olympics <10k
126.Watermark <10k
127.#ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke <10k
128.Jokic <10k
129.ICAC <10k
130.Anthony Albanese <10k
131.Nathan Jones <10k
132.#YIAYshop <10k
133.Third World <10k
134.Barnaby <10k
135.Tino <10k
136.Prince William <10k
137.Gallen <10k
138.Canberra <10k
139.Teddy Cook <10k
140.Round 7 <10k
141.Gold Coast <10k
142.The Good Society <10k
143.Parra <10k
144.Stevie <10k
145.#TheDrum <10k
146.Neo-Nazis <10k
147.Twiggy <10k
148.Jeremy Howe <10k
149.Brisbane <10k
150.Canavan <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

Tom Taylor
Tom Taylor ()

As @SimuLiu becomes @Marvel’s next hero, it’s a good time to read his Variety article, and share it far and wide. #StopAsianHate #ShangChi

Syrian Girl 🇸🇾🎗
Syrian Girl 🇸🇾🎗 ()

YouTube will allow you to watch a video of #GeorgeFloyd’s death but they keep deleting videos of Israel choking a Palestinian child. #DerekChauvinTrial

#Palestinian,Twitter trends in Australia now
Adam Bandt
Adam Bandt ()

So, at an elite inner-city dinner party, Morrison says that regional Loves: Coal & climate crisis Hates: Cafes, wine, and dinner parties. And he reckons climate activists are the ones who are out of touch. ()

Gabba set for $1bn upgrade with Olympic bid win:

Gabba,Twitter trends in Australia now
Andrew P Street
Andrew P Street ()

I assume that Alan Tudge is going to face consequences for those consent ads - after all, that $4 million could have paid for 800 Cartier watches, or almost one-seventh of the Leppington Triangle despite being valued at $3 million. #auspol

Hugh Riminton
Hugh Riminton ()

The highlight of my day? Meeting 98yo Wally Williams. At 19, he was sent to the doomed defence of Singapore, worked the Burma railway, survived the sinking of his prison ship to Japan and the American firebombing of Yokohama. War, he says, is “a bad show.” ⁦#LestWeForget

Wally,Twitter trends in Australia now
The Australian
The Australian ()

BREAKING: Clinical trial results show the aborted University of Queensland COVID-19 vaccine would have been among the best in the world, generating an immune response in 99 per cent of patients it was tested on.

💧Michael West
💧Michael West ()

John Barilaro left defending dirty tricks as new Nats candidate David Layzell does right thing, disowns domain squatting. Follows @CallumDRFoote expose #auspol #pantsdown

Gabrielle Jackson
Gabrielle Jackson ()

“Where have you been?” “Just at home” *sound of a million women crying 😭 #MasterChefAU

Stephanie Dalzell
Stephanie Dalzell ()

Appearing before a parliamentary committee, Health Department Secretary Brendan Murphy is unable to tell @SenKatyG precisely how many Australians in 1A have received the COVID-19 vaccine. But he says he believes the vast majority of the group has received the shot

Masterchefau ()

Kishwar is here to put Bangladeshi food on the Australian food map 🙏 #MasterChefAU

💚🌏 Sarah Hanson-Young
💚🌏 Sarah Hanson-Young ()

We should all be worried that the anti-science, climate denialism from conservatives is putting Australia’s security at risk. 👇

Zachary Ruane
Zachary Ruane ()

Hi if I’ve just started following me coz of my mediocre #MasterchefAu tweets today here’s a photo of me just so u know what I look like

#MasterChefAU,Twitter trends in Australia now
The New Daily
The New Daily ()

The Christine Holgate affair highlights more government hypocrisy. If only the PM was as outraged over the $6 million cost to detain the Tamil family of four from #Biloela locked up on Christmas Island, writes @PaulBongiorno. #auspol

Rosita Díaz
Rosita Díaz ()


Steve Davies
Steve Davies ()

@noplaceforsheep Mormons, Pentecostalism. Whatever the brand is the mission is the same. Dominion over us. That, in a nutshell, is christo-fascism.

Cheryl Critchley
Cheryl Critchley ()

🐯How good is it having banners back for Dusty’s 250th? 🥳 🐯And Nathan Jones’ 👏🏼 🐯Cheer squads haven’t made men’s comp banners since September 2019. 🐯Can’t wait to see them back. 👍🏼 #AFLDeesTigers #GoTiges

nathan jones,Twitter trends in Australia now
Barry Mulligan
Barry Mulligan ()

we are having a Royal Commission ....... But as usual we will do fuck all about it. #ScottyTheAnnouncer

The Sydney Morning Herald
The Sydney Morning Herald ()

Exclusive: The NSW government plans to buy out the remaining licence for the proposed Shenhua Watermark coal mine, ending a long fight between miners and farmers

Cricket Australia
Cricket Australia ()

Together with @qldcricket, we have welcomed today’s announcement by the Queensland Government that the Gabba would undergo a substantial redevelopment should Brisbane win the right to host the 2032 Olympic Games.

2032 Olympic Games,Twitter trends in Australia now