Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.Black 2182195
2.The US 1002256
3.Japan 888326
4.Columbus 516426
5.jungkook 497580
6.Biden 452908
7.Patrick 452077
8.Delhi 417241
9.No. But 396751
10.Ohio 357474
11.iPad 304106
12.China 300287
13.Jesus 294269
14.The PM 289792
15.jeno 286150
16.JAEMIN 275823
17.chenle 255705
18.#GlazersOut 255156
19.Modi 243248
20.Mario 232936
21.Prince 226462
22.haechan 214130
23.namjoon 200720
24.Fair 197149
25.SO CUTE 190692
26.PayPal 183422
27.Major 178178
28.PARK JIMIN 161922
29.Cash 161863
30.Indonesia 161446
31.Correct 155405
32.Sean 150631
33.Apex 150348
34.Centre 147738
35.Captain 143314
36.Bangtan 142915
37.Wendy 138839
38.The Lord 137566
39.Tucker 136480
40.Sort 135329
41.Pakistan 126383
42.London 122721
43.seokjin 121802
44.The Queen 118439
45.Australia 117054
46.Israel 116013
47.DeFi 114506
48.Insta 111548
49.Marvel 107462
50.Kyle 105429
51.Pokémon 101049
52.#EarthDay 100973
53.#KKRvCSK 98086
54.jisung 97008
55.Top 5 96693
56.Chicago 95728
57.jaehyun 95140
58.renjun 93360
59.Putin 90234
60.Josh 89091
61.Fantastic 87625
62.NFTs 86487
63.Cross 83990
64.Nicki 72624
65.Democrat 69607
66.seulgi 69040
67.Microsoft 66555
68.Warzone 66445
69.Jane 65800
70.Agnelli 64069
71.Jones 62249
72.Western 61725
73.Iran 61425
74.Liberals 61350
75.Elizabeth 60540
76.Lily 60266
77.Kitty 59624
78.Fortnite 59392
79.Nigerian 57258
80.Lauren 55947
81.Everytime 55066
82.Dave 54733
83.Roman 53448
84.LeBron James 53194
85.ariana 52635
86.Hydrogen 52197
87.The Church 48023
88.Morgan 47218
89.Steven 46493
90.#THFC 46398
91.jihyo 46111
92.Emily 45345
93.Hindu 42695
94.yunho 42156
95.Knuckles 41237
96.Morrison 40134
97.Danny 39830
98.Toronto 39189
99.Elliot 38714
100.Britain 36496
101.May Allah 35580
102.Wilson 34184
103.Sunrise 34132
104.Fran 33688
105.Russell 32622
106.Robin 32351
107.Rachel 30123
108.Shameless 29282
109.Payne 29150
110.selena 28616
111.Israeli 28522
112.Oliver 28484
113.Drake 28087
114.Bali 26753
115.Barbara 26691
116.Apple Watch 26491
117.Horizon 26225
118.Superman 25154
119.Huawei 24922
120.#COYS 24336
121.Linux 24224
122.Lebron 23436
123.#AEWDynamite 22762
124.The CCP 22611
125.Swiss 22514
126.Eddie 21757
127.#WarzoneReport 21593
128.get smart 20442
129.Cathy 20025
130.Sasha 19888
131.Herlock Sholmes 19638
132.Megan 19601
133.Helen 19419
134.Correction 19321
135.Kano 19178
136.#EarthDay2021 18643
137.Middle East 18330
138.Romeo 17965
139.Syria 17781
140.FNCS 17417
141.wooyoung 17088
142.Luigi 15170
143.Saints 15159
144.Beijing 15005
145.Queen Elizabeth 14975
146.WandaVision 14838
147.Albo 14726
148.Kiara 13158
149.Marx 12633
150.louise 12630

Australia Top Tweets Now

Chief Health Officer, Victoria
Chief Health Officer, Victoria ()

Don’t know what you call a selfie post-vaccine. But here’s my #vaxxie and couldn’t be happier. Caring, professional and efficient approach of everyone at the Royal Exhibition Buildings, especially the ⁦@StVincentsMelb⁩ staff. Thank you!

#vaxxie,Twitter trends in Australia now
The Australian
The Australian ()

BREAKING: Foreign Minister Marise Payne has torn up Victoria’s controversial Belt and Road agreements with China.

Kristina Keneally
Kristina Keneally ()

Here’s the full story of what it was like meeting Nades, Priya, Kopika and Tharunicaa in Christmas Island #hometobilo “I saw first-hand the terrible toll detention is taking on the Biloela family” via ⁦@GuardianAus⁩ 👇👇

Adelaide 36ers
Adelaide 36ers ()

The Adelaide 36ers are pleased to announce that rising young Filipino talent @kzsottolive has signed a multi-year deal with the Club from NBL22. Read more: #WeAreSixers

Filipino,Twitter trends in Australia now
Victoria Police
Victoria Police ()

Today, and every day, we remember the lives of Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor, Senior Constable Kevin King and Constables Josh Prestney and Glen Humphris who were killed in the line of duty one year ago today. We will remember them. More 🔗

Financial Review
Financial Review ()

The entire board of Australia Post has been called to give evidence to the Christine Holgate inquiry, with senators set to use another blockbuster hearing to highlight Liberal Party links to the corporation’s leadership.

Socceroos ()

BREAKING: The Olyroos have been drawn into Group C at #Tokyo2020!

Olyroos,Twitter trends in Australia now
Fox League
Fox League ()

Dragons star Trent Merrin retires from NRL effective immediately at 31 🙏❤️ 👉

Trent Merrin,Twitter trends in Australia now

Introducing Stevie Spark, the nicest man in Australia 😍😭 👊 Order #GallenBrowne now at

The Sydney Morning Herald
The Sydney Morning Herald ()

Breaking: Victoria’s Belt and Road deal with China torn up | @Gallo_Ways

NRL ()

Trent Merrin has announced his immediate retirement 😓 Details -

Trent Merrin,Twitter trends in Australia now
Wide World of Sports
Wide World of Sports ()

🚨FIRST ROUND!🚨 Can you believe it! Gal shocks the former World Champ!😲 MORE 👉 #9WWOS #GallenBrowne

#GallenBrowne,Twitter trends in Australia now
Sky News Australia
Sky News Australia ()

Tearing up Victoria’s Belt and Road Initiative with China has been a “magnificent start” from the federal government, according to Sky News host Paul Murray.

Ambulance Victoria
Ambulance Victoria ()

We work side by side with @VictoriaPolice every day. They not just colleagues, they’re family. For so many, today is not an easy day. Today we remember Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor, Constable Glen Humphris, Senior Constable Kevin King and Constable Josh Prestney.

Glen Humphris,Twitter trends in Australia now
The Age
The Age ()

Britain’s Trade Secretary Liz Truss has labelled Australia’s trade minister Dan Tehan “inexperienced” and planned to make him sit in an uncomfortable chair for nine hours of trade talks. @latikambourke @Gallo_Ways

Fox League
Fox League ()

A relaxed Lucas ‘Big Daddy’ Browne is ready to take on Gallen in the ring 🥊 Order now 👉

Guardian Australia
Guardian Australia ()

Jab and go: Bunnings offers to host vaccination hubs to help get economy back on track

Sky News Australia
Sky News Australia ()

NSW Police Minister David Elliott has revealed there is no doubt government-paid school teachers are deliberately radicalising children against the police force.

Ben Prentice
Ben Prentice ()

@andrewbogut Type @nbl and Mitch Creek and have a look at the legal experts hanging the bloke a month ago and today his charges have been dropped. Social media is 💩💩💩 on matters like this

AFL ()

Geelong is set to be without Patrick Dangerfield for up to two months. @cleary_mitch has the details 👇