Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Twitter trends in Australia now - Modi, Maria, #MaplestoryForJin, Disney, joon, Knicks, Photoshop, #MELvFCS, Jake.

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.Trump 2511242
2.LOVE YOU 1388077
3.The US 905026
4.Amazon 804489
5.America 636331
6.#Abyss 485676
7.No. We 445220
8.PlayStation 377781
9.#AbyssByJin 375986
10.seokjin 329807
11.Dominion 314538
12.SEVENTEEN 310369
13.Kim Seokjin 285540
14.#BrightestDiamondJin 281033
15.MY HEART 268956
16.#LePetitPrinceJin 255301
17.#OurHappinessJin 254589
18.SO CUTE 250505
19.Jesus 249820
20.Farmers 248916
21.Jake 198172
22.#1204PhasesofMoonJin 188661
23.Maria 179985
24.taeyong 175783
25.namjoon 172391
26.Double 168146
27.#EternalEpiphanyJin 159154
28.New York 157359
29.Impact 153723
30.Pfizer 151194
31.hyung 148804
32.#OurMoonJinDay 146341
33.Sending 145041
34.California 142649
35.jisung 133951
36.Tiny 133467
37.President Biden 128299
38.US Election 126736
39.Judge 122002
40.Disney 121559
41.Rudy 119420
42.Correct 116974
43.Brexit 116842
44.Tommy 116734
45.Slow 112947
46.#HappyBirthdayJin 111928
47.Orange 108707
48.Ivanka 108468
49.Pakistan 106918
50.Johnny 105692
51.Democratic 105318
52.yuta 104300
53.Modi 104267
54.Florida 101001
55.Mary 98139
56.Nintendo 94947
57.Crypto 90465
58.Xbox 89940
59.Labor 87012
60.jaehyun 85971
61.hobi 83382
62.Vtuber 83325
63.Embarrassing 83284
64.Robert 83178
65.haechan 81872
66.Drugs 80280
67.Victory 78322
68.Arsenal 78040
69.Sting 76494
70.doyoung 76347
71.Punjab 74857
72.Medium 74077
73.Kevin 71432
74.WAIT WHAT 70135
75.Bollywood 69875
76.Kraken 69592
77.felix 68632
78.#MaplestoryForJin 68475
79.jaemin 66788
80.renjun 66153
81.Delhi 65417
82.Edward 65004
83.bakugou 63406
84.Simon 62330
85.Lazy 58739
86.Aquarius 58675
87.Cook 58317
88.iPad 56341
89.Charlie 56163
90.Ivanka Trump 55551
91.Humans 55496
92.England 55196
93.Victor 55063
94.Hugs 54764
95.The British 54135
96.Minecraft 54038
97.Zhongli 53282
98.Patrick 52447
99.Jinnie 51457
100.Punjabi 50867
101.Photoshop 49566
102.Melissa 49296
103.Jason 48893
104.#WorldwideHandsomeDay 48545
105.Amanda 47821
106.Hindu 47620
107.Steven 45926
108.HBO Max 45103
109.Britney Spears 43948
110.chenle 43798
111.Tyler 43424
112.winwin 43224
113.jinyoung 43088
114.joon 42046
115.Season 5 41832
116.Sofia 41830
117.DeFi 41192
118.Bill Gates 40035
119.Stacey 39340
120.Dean 38380
121.Rihanna 38324
122.Warner Bros 38044
123.Owen 37960
124.Guardian 37783
125.Swan 36892
126.Dune 36251
127.Coke 35358
128.#JINDAY 34515
129.Cyberpunk 34397
130.Milan 33456
131.Italy 33187
132.Tori 32502
133.Shameful 32445
134.Barbara 30706
135.Batman 30695
136.Fabulous 30471
137.Benny 29413
138.taeil 28987
139.Roblox 28096
140.Port 27109
141.kate bishop 26788
142.Amber 25729
143.Megan 25701
144.Charlotte 25321
145.Kamala Harris 24592
146.relatable 23649
147.Terry 22583
148.Corp 22040
149.Abby 21028
150.fark 20354

Australia Top Tweets Now

Chief Health 🍩fficer, Victoria
Chief Health 🍩fficer, Victoria ()

In case you’re interested, a few years ago I left Melbourne and moved *checks notes*...the Dandenongs.

Martin Flanagan
Martin Flanagan ()

When did Andrew Bolt write one (1) story that expressed a love of Melbourne? Of its history, traditions, great characters? Bolt was a virus in its veins. His job was to make it feverish, ill-tempered, tearing at itself. What he served was the Murdoch business model.

Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd ()

Is anybody else getting a whiff of #MurdochsPetitionPanic? A special meeting of Murdoch editors to spell out their strategy to avoid answering for their conduct before a Royal Commission.

Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd ()

Straight from the Murdoch playbook: they know they can’t win the argument, so they frame it around a couple of individuals and try to demolish them personally. But this isn’t about me or Turnbull — it’s about Australians demanding fairness, accuracy and diversity in their news.

Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd ()

If Murdoch’s editors have nothing to be ashamed of, why are they so afraid of a Royal Commission? Honestly, you’d think we were asking for their firstborn children the way they are so frantically overreacting. #MurdochsPetitionPanic #MurdochRoyalCommission

Claire Lehmann 🎄
Claire Lehmann 🎄 ()

We should hope for more revolts like the one against Peterson writes @NathanJRobinson in the @guardian. I suppose Nathan also wants Penguin to give back the millions made from 12 Rules, cancelling the employment & book contracts enabled by these profits

Stefania Ferrario
Stefania Ferrario ()

There was a pooch on set at today’s @DitaVonTeese lingerie shoot 🐶🥰

stefania,Twitter trends in Australia now
The Australian
The Australian ()

When the 1300Koalaz hotline answered a call claiming a koala had wandered into a home and climbed up the Christmas tree, they thought it was a prank. Amanda McCormick, who made the call, took these photos before the koala rescue team arrived 🎄🐨

Amanda,Twitter trends in Australia now
Ameet Bains
Ameet Bains ()

The tributes will undoubtedly flow over the coming weeks but thank you to Peter Gordon for all he has done for the @westernbulldogs during his Presidency. Too many achievements to list, other than to say his legacy is immense. Enjoy your coming football retirement PG!

Sky News Australia
Sky News Australia ()

Sky News host Paul Murray says China forgets that while they think they are winning a PR war, the actual strength of Australia lies in the fact it is connected.

ABC News
ABC News ()

Scientist Tim Flannery warns of climate impacts if South32 coal mine expansion approved

VicGovDHHS ()

UPDATE FOR DAYLESFORD, HEPBURN & HEPBURN SPRINGS Coronavirus fragments have been detected in wastewater at Daylesford. If you are a resident or have visited Daylesford, Hepburn or Hepburn Springs from 28 November to 1 December (1/2)

daylesford,Twitter trends in Australia now
Ray Martin
Ray Martin ()

@RonniSalt I thought it was due next weekend Ronni. I thought this weekend is ‘PM larrikin with cricketers feature’

The Age
The Age ()

The Office of National Intelligence has confidentially briefed the government that many of Australia’s most popular Chinese-language news outlets have been co-opted by Beijing.

Fox Footy
Fox Footy ()

JUST IN Long-time @westernbulldogs president Peter Gordon, who first saved the club from a merger, then financial oblivion - and oversaw their first flag in 62 years - is stepping down. MORE:

Peter Gordon,Twitter trends in Australia now
Adam Bandt
Adam Bandt ()

Legends. We shouldn’t be destroying country to fuel a gas led recovery. #GamilMeansNo

GetUp! ()

Parliament’s notoriously secret committee on intelligence has signed, sealed and delivered sweeping new powers for ASIO to track, surveil and question citizens. These laws are a serious assault on our democracy and our civil liberties.

Senator Jordon Steele-John 🌏🔥
Senator Jordon Steele-John 🌏🔥 ()

Happy #IDPWD ✊ Today we celebrate the resilience, diversity & power of our community, as well as acknowledging the challenges we still face every single day. This year I asked the community what message they wanted to send today. Here’s some of my favourite responses 💚

#IDPWD,Twitter trends in Australia now
NSW Health
NSW Health ()

NSW Health will be asking people who travelled on the below services at the following periods to get tested immediately and self-isolate, until further advised by NSW Health.

NSW Health,Twitter trends in Australia now
Sciencegovau ()

An aerospace engineer ✈ and a marine ecologist 🤿 are among the 60 new #SuperstarsofSTEM – The program empowers amazing women working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to be public role models for girls and young women:

#SuperstarsofSTEM,Twitter trends in Australia now