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Updated: August 18th, 2022 12:42 AM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.Liz Cheney 873K+
2.JENO 861K+
3.Wyoming 331K+
4.The GG 149K+
5.North 147K+
6.Morrison 125K+
7.Resources 90K+
8.Cook 61K+
9.#auspol 60K+
10.Cabinet 41K+
11.La Niña 27K+
12.Jenny 25K+
13.Guillermo 25K+
14.Howard 24K+
15.Porter 24K+
16.Albo 18K+
17.ministries 16K+
18.Roar 15K+
19.Bolt 15K+
20.Early ID 15K+
21.Westminster 11K+
22.Benson 10K+
23.Liberal Party 10K+
24.#AustraliaCup <10K
25.Adelaide City <10K
26.#Baaeed <10K
27.Governor General <10K
28.Dutton <10K
29.Essendon <10K
30.adelaide united <10K
31.Father Bob <10K
32.andrew clennell <10K
33.Prue <10K
34.Dan Andrews <10K
35.Sonja <10K
36.Messiah <10K
37.Rutten <10K
38.Canterbury <10K
39.Hurley <10K
40.Clarkson <10K
41.#MagicOfTheCup <10K
42.Waleed <10K
43.shaun micallef <10K
44.charlie austin <10K
45.Daily Quordle 205 <10K
46.#ACYvADL <10K
47.Karen Andrews <10K
48.A-League <10K
49.Treasurer <10K
50.Frydenberg <10K
51.Scomo <10K
52.#LiarFromTheShire <10K
53.Fr Bob <10K
54.#ENGvSA <10K
55.#MadAsHell <10K
56.John Howard <10K
57.asio <10K
58.Sarah Martin <10K
59.Clarko <10K
60.Suburban Rail Loop <10K
61.Kennett <10K
62.Premiers <10K
63.Avondale <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

Gets weirder. So Scott Morrison as PM called Karen Andrews as Home Affairs Minister, ordering her to use a boat interception as Election Day propaganda. Yet he was secretly also the Home Affairs Minister. Why didn’t he just save the call and order himself?

Scott Morrison secretly appointed himself to Christian Porter’s ministerial portfolio without his consent after the former Attorney-General taught him how to do it ⁦@newscomauHQ⁩ also kept him in dark about Finance Minister power grab

North Melbourne president Sonja Hood has spoken to @7NewsMelbourne after tonight’s Kangaroos board meeting. The latest on the chase for Alastair Clarkson and the updated timeline on his decision. Why they’re still chips in:

People who didn’t know about @ScottMorrisonMP ministry of secrets Finance Minister Industry Minister Resources Minister Attorney General who taught him how to do it ASIO boss Home Affairs Treasurer and his department Oh yeah and the Governor General who signed the form

Sussan Ley has claimed Anthony Albanese is acting like he is in his old job of opposition leader and that his priorities are not on issues facing everyday Australians.

Riku Danzaki with the quick feet and the finish to open the score 💨 #MagicOfTheCup #AustraliaCup @AustraliaCup

Matthew Guy says if elected, in November, he will scrap the $ suburban rail loop and instead invest in health care system. @7NewsMelbourne

Twitter trends Australia - Suburban Rail Loop by Sharnelle Vella
SEN 1116
SEN 1116

“I’m sitting here saying North Melbourne supporters, don’t be this is Clarko doing his due diligence.” Luke Hodge provides his in-depth insights into his former coach and the decision that looms. | | #AFL

Twitter trends Australia - Clarko by SEN 1116
Fox Footy
Fox Footy

Ben Rutten praised for showing a tremendous amount of dignity while being caught up in an appalling situation. Full reaction 📝:

Twitter trends Australia - Rutten by Fox Footy

Finally - and I am yet to hear a logical explanation he waits until Peter Dutton moves from home affairs to Defence and then he POUNCES on @karenandrewsmp and @JoshFrydenberg in May 21

Twitter trends Australia - Dutton by Samantha Maiden

The cognitive dissonance of Scott Morrison’s defence is mind-boggling | Sarah Martin

@FatherBob Thank you Fr Bob, complacency’s a dangerous game. To those attacking Fr Bob, move along you’re a disgrace.

Here are the Quarter Final matchups! Who are your picks for the Semi Finals? - All details to be confirmed in the coming days. #AustraliaCup #MagicOfTheCup

Twitter trends Australia - #magicofthecup by Australia Cup

Not the prettiest of performances but we reach the Quarter Finals for a seventh time. Credit to City for a strong performance 👏 #ACYvADL #MagicOfTheCup

Twitter trends Australia - #ACYvADL by Adelaide United

🦓🆚🔴 ⏰ | Kick-off 7pm 🏟️ | ServiceFM Stadium 🖥️ | Live on 10 Play #ACYvADL #MagicOfTheCup

Twitter trends Australia - #MagicOfTheCup by Adelaide United