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Updated: January 21st, 2022 04:45 AM IST

Top Twitter Trends

S.No.Trending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
1.Biden 1M+
2.NFTs 1M+
3.Lisa 350K+
4.Chan 282K+
5.Ukraine 277K+
6.Russia 239K+
7.harry styles 237K+
8.Arsenal 224K+
9.Putin 169K+
10.Deaths 150K+
11.Microsoft 128K+
12.Liverpool 116K+
13.East 104K+
14.Partey 60K+
15.Jota 60K+
16.#AusOpen 48K+
17.Eastern 43K+
18.#ARSLIV 41K+
19.The WA 40K+
20.Jokic 40K+
21.Vogel 35K+
22.Scott Morrison 29K+
23.Arteta 20K+
24.Wembley 18K+
25.Maxwell 18K+
26.Kyrgios 18K+
27.Klopp 17K+
28.Medvedev 15K+
29.Maxi 13K+
30.Tom Baker 10K+
31.Diego Schwartzman <10K
32.lincraft <10K
33.maddison inglis <10K
34.accc <10K
35.McGowan <10K
36.Pantry <10K
37.Sam Stosur <10K
38.Meg Lanning <10K
39.cameron boyce <10K
40.#NewNFTProfilePic <10K
41.harries <10K
42.West Australians <10K
43.#YNWA <10K
44.#forklifts <10K
45.Barnett <10K
46.McClown <10K
47.Raducanu <10K
48.the chaser <10K
49.Burnley <10K
50.Perth <10K
51.laura tingle <10K
52.Wellcamp <10K
53.ATAR <10K
54.Kelly Slater <10K
55.#brivper <10K
56.Tahlia McGrath <10K
57.the tga <10K
58.#WomensAshes <10K
59.Stoinis <10K
60.#wapol <10K
61.Tonka <10K
62.National Cabinet <10K
63.Western Australia <10K
64.Clive Palmer <10K
65.Go Nick <10K
66.pakenham <10K
67.Lanning <10K
68.Novavax <10K
69.christian porter <10K
70.Bogut <10K
71.jim courier <10K

Australia Top Tweets Now

We are just minutes away from Scott Morrison denying that he ever suggested that minors should drive forklifts in factories…..

I think @electionsvic should just get over with and rebrand as @VictorianLabor Any spare red shirts?Or all been accounted for? *This message was absofkinlutely endorsed by Andrew Bogut of the Defund the Victorian Electoral Commission Political Party, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000.

Giving away 12,000 FIFA points for #TOTY attackers. To enter: - Like + Retweet - Follow me @JamieODoherty Winner announced in 24 hrs 🔵

TOTY - Twitter trends in Australia now

CONFIRMED: Mark McGowan is set to announce the plan to fully reopen WA’s border to quarantine-free travel on February 5 will be delayed, The West Australian has confirmed.

Thanks for the PR release @DanielAndrewsMP !! Damn , did it again. Sorry, I meant @electionsvic 😉😉😉 *this message was endorsed by Andrew Bogut of the non crooked Political Party, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000.

Mark McGowan is making things up Claims 5000 people a day are being hospitalised in Australia. Not even close. 3rd dose is the new goal post.

Player of the Match: Tahlia McGrath. No doubt about it #Ashes

Tahlia McGrath - Twitter trends in Australia now

The jurisdictions around the world still pursing covid zero: - China - Hong Kong - Western Australia That is all

Cmon @NickKyrgios !!! *this post was authorized by Andrew Bogut, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000. Did I done good @electionsvic ?

Ruling by fear isn’t leadership. McGowan is making incorrect assertions, completely unchallenged. Year 3 of the pandemic - and he’s promising compassion. If your family member is dying or dead you still have to go into 2 weeks of isolation. Compassion WA style

A maiden T20 International half-century for Tahlia McGrath! #Ashes

Tahlia McGrath - Twitter trends in Australia now

We have granted provisional approval to Biocelect Pty Ltd (on behalf of Novavax Inc) for its COVID-19 vaccine, NUVAXOVID. This is the first protein COVID-19 vaccine to receive regulatory approval in Australia. Find out more:

the tga - Twitter trends in Australia now