Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Twitter trends in Australia now - Sinclair, Gabba, Rashid Khan, Glenn, FTTP, Valley, Alan Joyce, Sky News, Among Us.

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.i just 1512889
2.Spotify 868441
3.#7YearsWithGOT7 722216
4.jungkook 684787
5.#PricelessJennieDay 612318
6.Apple 602429
7.#빛이나는_제니의_모든날이_찬란하길 580800
8.#갓세븐포에버_아가새는어디안가 543314
9.jennie 383222
10.Jesus 366384
11.John Sullivan 353484
12.Corey 323394
13.corey johnson 301805
14.chan 266659
15.#더_찬란하게될_승관이의_스물넷 240664
16.Reality 229577
17.Apple Music 225730
18.The Stand 187159
19.#Go_SEUNGKWAN_Day 179011
20.Harris 176701
21.Disney 170480
22.River 152066
23.Stars 147751
24.Korean 146752
25.Growing 140524
26.Nidhi 138129
27.Marvel 128032
28.Pakistan 126260
29.Official Video 125753
30.Nigeria 120160
31.megan 119027
32.Ivanka Trump 117303
33.#AskMewSuppasit 114148
34.#TGTATBO 111358
35.MAKNAE 110302
37.IRENE 103905
38.Khan 102595
39.Saved 100200
40.Jared Kushner 98570
41.ariana 97741
42.Marco 95293
43.Momo 95096
44.Among Us 94552
45.#WandaVision 92142
46.SHINee 90876
47.Gaga 90635
48.Grey 85234
49.Tommy 82786
50.Sweat 82639
51.winwin 82637
52.Doja 78943
53.Lemon 76481
54.wonwoo 75332
55.Jeff 74810
56.Brazil 72813
57.Saleh 66722
58.Nixon 65899
59.Thai 65763
60.Jets 65255
61.Rooney 64433
62.Dubai 64366
63.Emma 61166
64.#3435REMIX 59631
65.Lily 57770
66.Golf 54945
67.SWORD 52140
68.Valley 51052
69.Dean 49437
70.Tiger 49235
71.#MakeAbleistsUncomfortable 48180
72.Wuhan 45965
73.karl 44702
74.Salt 44486
75.taehyun 44265
76.Matthew 43835
77.#AUSvIND 42897
78.xiao zhan 42843
79.Shield 42074
80.soobin 41762
81.Destiny 41220
82.Plastic 40991
83.YEONJUN 38869
84.Harvard 38548
85.yunho 38322
86.Ratio 38213
87.President-elect Joe Biden 37386
88.Pinterest 37164
89.Biased 32708
90.Klan 32590
91.Steph 32138
92.The ABC 32098
93.Monica 32092
94.Shaq 28529
95.michael jackson 28108
96.Dutch 28007
97.dahyun 27298
98.norway 24980
99.Don Lemon 24538
100.Milo 23960
101.Tragic 23491
102.Barry 21049
103.Cory 19434
104.Sky News 19431
105.Avengers 18668
106.helena 18362
107.Tigers 17039
108.Doctor Who 16705
109.Warner 15941
110.Louise 15277
111.Mick 13768
112.Melbourne 12874
113.Spiderman 12787
114.Gabba 12767
115.Wade 12710
116.Tucker Carlson 12252
117.Glenn 12146
118.Tate 12071
119.Bonnie 11877
120.Joyce 11832
121.Carey 11638
122.Mandalorian 11554
123.jinki 11336
124.Kayleigh 11142
125.Easter 10995
126.MAXI 10969
127.Ashton 10747
128.Maxwell 10717
129.Take Joe 10593
130.#robodebt <10k
131.Adam Zampa <10k
132.lenore taylor <10k
133.Not A Single Doubt <10k
134.Eritrea <10k
135.#NBL21 <10k
136.Marnus Labuschagne <10k
137.Alan Joyce <10k
138.36ers <10k
139.#MELatADE <10k
140.Rowan Dean <10k
141.Blazers <10k
142.Tenet <10k
143.Melbourne United <10k
144.Peter Salmon <10k
145.Pink Floyd <10k
146.The IPA <10k
147.Grindr <10k
148.Ballina <10k
149.Financial Review <10k
150.#BBL10 <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now ()

Into the attack: Rohit Sharma from the Vulture St End! 🔥 Live #AUSvIND: ()

What a moment for Washington Sundar! His first Test wicket is the superstar Steve Smith! #OhWhatAFeeling @Toyota_Aus | #AUSvIND

Mark Humphries
Mark Humphries ()

This is not what Don Lemon said at all and is embarrassing even by Sky News standards. Makes that Sky News parody account look restrained.


pumped for my first live show of 2021. i’m performing at summer sounds festival in adelaide next wk with @genesisowusu and @clypsoishere. get ur tix lets gooo:

Adelaide,Twitter trends in Australia now
The NBL ()

Japan 🇯🇵 Air ✈️ Flight 1⃣8⃣ @babaseyo taking to the skies on debut for @MelbUnitedHQ #MELatADE #NBL21

David Hussey
David Hussey ()

Back in Melbourne and we can’t wait to return to the @MCG! Looking forward to seeing @StarsBBL fans tonight! #TeamGreen #BBL10

#BBL10,Twitter trends in Australia now
Shannon Deery
Shannon Deery ()

Breaking: @Qantas boss Alan Joyce calls on Victorian government to help get Victorians home. If we can find a way to let these (tennis) players can’t we find a way to let Victorians in from what are by global standards extremely low risk areas. #springst @theheraldsun

The Today Show
The Today Show ()

The racing pigeon who made a remarkable 15,000km journey flying from Alabama in the United States to Melbourne is being threatened with a death sentence by quarantine authorities. #SaveThePigeon #9Today

melbourne united,Twitter trends in Australia now
Australian Greens
Australian Greens ()

Good morning to everyone especially whoever bought Pauline Hanson’s domain name and redirected it 👉🏽

The Feed SBS
The Feed SBS ()

UPDATE: Joe the pigeon may live to see another day after a pigeon racing union said the band on his leg is a counterfeit and not from the US. ()

First session at the Gabba is complete, with Labuschagne and Smith looking good #AUSvIND SCORES:

labuschagne,Twitter trends in Australia now
Cricket Australia
Cricket Australia ()

So much greatness in one video! 😍 The 12 men to have reached 100 Test matches for Australia share their reflections ahead of Nathan Lyon’s 100th. Congratulations, @NathLyon421! 👏 #AUSvIND ()

Marcus Stoinis had to go after this full toss was ruled to be below waist height #BBL10 ()

India XI: Rohit Sharma, Shubman Gill, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ajinkya Rahane (c), Mayank Agarwal, Rishabh Pant (wk), Washington Sundar, Shardul Thakur, Navdeep Saini, Mohammed Siraj, T Natarajan #AUSvIND

Melbourne Stars
Melbourne Stars ()

Stars WIN! An emphatic 112-run win for the boys, back at our home the @MCG 💚 #TeamGreen

#TeamGreen,Twitter trends in Australia now ()

India have made four changes for the fourth and final Vodafone Test match #AUSvIND

The NBL ()

After getting a W in their first game of the season, @DeanVickerman and @babaseyo speak to the media ⤵️ #NBL21 #MELatADL ()

A big finish to an awesome knock from the Spiceman and you can see how much it means to him! #BBL10 | @BKTtires ()

Learn a few things about Marcus Stoinis, who grew up in Western Australia, but flourished in Victoria. His Melbourne Stars return to the MCG tonight to take on the Strikers #DirectHit

Stephanie Dalzell
Stephanie Dalzell ()

Acting PM Michael McCormack on Joe the pigeon, the Alabama racing bird who mysteriously ended up in Australia and is now facing the death penalty #joethepigeon #auspol

#joethepigeon,Twitter trends in Australia now