Australia | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Now

Updated: December 5th, 2021 04:45 PM IST

Top Twitter Trends

S.No.Trending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
1.#FortniteFlipped 607K+
2.soobin 356K+
3.PART ONE 313K+
4.Chelsea 257K+
5.Across the Spider-Verse 162K+
6.Stars 155K+
7.Origi 138K+
8.Kim Seokjin 128K+
9.Chris Cuomo 97K+
10.Divock 84K+
11.Mendy 74K+
12.Labor 68K+
13.Victory 67K+
14.Ajaz Patel 58K+
15.West Ham 46K+
16.Curry 44K+
17.Glory 39K+
18.Harris 33K+
19.#UFCVegas44 29K+
20.Gwen 26K+
21.Aldo 21K+
22.Greens 20K+
23.Bitmart 18K+
24.#insiders 17K+
25.Maxi 13K+
26.Sam nook 13K+
27.Dune 13K+
28.Rojas 12K+
29.Haney 12K+
30.Harden 10K+
31.Yasmin <10K
32.Sha Tin <10K
33.Whincup <10K
34.Crute <10K
35.Feeney <10K
36.#BBL11 <10K
37.Credlin <10K
38.Mostert <10K
39.Phillipe <10K
40.Mr Mosaic <10K
41.Coorey <10K
42.Triangles <10K
43.Pfizer COVID-19 <10K
44.#RepcoSC <10K
45.Kirribilli <10K
46.Peter Cundall <10K
47.yuel <10K
48.Speers <10K
49.Only in Australia <10K
50.NTEU <10K
51.#MVCvADL <10K
52.Holden <10K
53.Rainbird <10K
54.Guida <10K
55.Clay Guida <10K
56.James Campbell <10K
57.Gardening Australia <10K
58.Skaife <10K
59.Melbourne Stars <10K
60.Expensive Ego <10K
61.Nikki Savva <10K car <10K
63.Paddy <10K
64.Werribee Cup <10K
65.Sixers <10K
66.Twisted Sister <10K
67.Fornaroli <10K
68.Bandt <10K
69.Eureka <10K
70.South Sudanese <10K
71.Big Bash <10K
72.Philippe <10K
73.Chaz <10K
74.Echidna <10K
75.regal power <10K
76.Macarthur <10K
77.Stoinis <10K
78.Burke <10K
79.#Bathurst1000 <10K
80.Riddell <10K
81.Holdsworth <10K
82.#ranboospace <10K
84.ATAGI <10K
85.Mark Skaife <10K
86.ian moss <10K
87.Neale Daniher <10K
88.Kurt Ams <10K
89.TAFE <10K
90.Mariners <10K
91.Kyla <10K
92.#AustraliaHasFallen <10K
93.Usman <10K
94.Ballarat <10K
95.Lee Holdsworth <10K
96.#MVCvPER <10K
97.Khawaja <10K
98.Peta Credlin <10K

Australia Top Tweets Now

An Albanese Labor Government will fund 465,000 free TAFE places for Australians studying in areas of skills shortage.

#BREAKING The national medical regulator has approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5-11 @abcnews

All the way from @lahoreqalandars, Syed Faridoune will debut for the Melbourne Stars 💚 #TeamGreen #BBL11

#BBL11 - Twitter trends in Australia now

After a wasted LNP decade of missed opportunities on clean energy jobs and investment, the best Frydenberg can come up with on #insiders is the same old lies and scare campaigns - no wonder business and employers backing @AustralianLabor’s Powering Australia plan #auspol

The most Aussie BP Ultimate Safety Car ever 😅😅😅😅😅 #Bathurst1000 #RepcoSC

Better skills and more opportunities for more Australians - another positive ⁦@AustralianLabor⁩ economic policy out today #auspol Labor TAFE and university policy: Free TAFE, more university places in $ billion post-pandemic skills package

This apology from Murdoch’s Credlin ran online at 10pm on Friday. SkyNews was aware of Credlin’s racist lies months ago. The strategy is clear: serve up racist red meat to the audience to do maximum damage; then wait until the story has “died” to quietly apologise. Disgusting.

Who let all of that dust in here? 🥲 Neale Daniher received a richly-deserved standing ovation as he presented Simon Goodwin with the Jock McHale Medal at the MCG ❤️💙 (via @melbournefc)

Vale Peter Cundall. Courageous campaigner for social justice and the environment. He stood up against Wesley Vale and Gunns pulp mills and fought for the forests. Rest In Peace Peter as ‘we will never, ever give up’ just as you never did. #politas #auspol

To The Cutting Echidna, Supercars Twitter thanks you for your service #Bathurst1000 #RepcoSC

Jerry and I car pooled to save on emissions on our way to Ballarat. ;)

Peter Cundall, long-time Gardening Australia host, dies aged 94