Australia | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Today

Updated: February 9th, 2023 01:42 PM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.Turkey 1M+
2.Lebron 1M+
3.SOTU 515K+
4.Switch 423K+
5.Lakers 383K+
6.Kareem 312K+
7.Elon 257K+
8.The NBA 210K+
9.Hogwarts Legacy 200K+
10.Nord Stream 187K+
11.Suns 122K+
12.Westbrook 112K+
13.Zelda 106K+
14.Durant 98K+
15.Seymour Hersh 92K+
16.Speaker 92K+
17.Nets 90K+
18.Jazz 84K+
19.Harry Potter 79K+
20.#NintendoDirect 76K+
21.Kyrie 76K+
22.Labor 73K+
23.#MUNLEE 69K+
24.Russ 64K+
25.Tears of the Kingdom 54K+
26.Bing 53K+
27.Utah 53K+
28.Bridges 51K+
29.Brooklyn 50K+
30.Beasley 47K+
31.Vanderbilt 45K+
32.Layton 44K+
33.Sancho 40K+
34.Mikal 39K+
35.Tanya 39K+
36.Karl 38K+
37.Gill 38K+
38.Garnacho 35K+
39.Metroid Prime 31K+
40.Toy Story 5 30K+
41.Knicks 27K+
42.Celtics 25K+
43.MH17 24K+
44.Cam Johnson 24K+
46.#INDvAUS 20K+
47.#AEWDynamite 20K+
48.#INDvsAUS 19K+
49.#TwitterDown 19K+
50.Ghost Trick 19K+
51.Warner 18K+
52.Jadeja 16K+
53.Booker 16K+
54.#BorderGavaskarTrophy 15K+
55.Ben Simmons 14K+
56.Nagpur 12K+
57.TotK 12K+
58.Tudge 11K+
59.Tatum 11K+
60.Pikmin 4 11K+
61.Fantasy Life 10K+
62.Gameboy 10K+
63.Renshaw <10K
64.Etrian Odyssey <10K
65.ATAGI <10K
66.#MAFSAU <10K
67.Michelle Rowland <10K
68.Baten Kaitos <10K
69.Margaret Court <10K
70.Novavax <10K
71.Clive Palmer <10K
72.Handscomb <10K
73.Frydenberg <10K
74.Alan Tudge <10K
75.Embiid <10K
76.Shulk <10K
77.Labuschagne <10K
78.warwick farm <10K
79.Travis Head <10K
80.Nauru <10K
81.blackpink <10K
82.#TheDrum <10K
83.Sportsbet <10K
84.#NBATradeDeadline <10K
85.Robyn <10K
86.#Robodebt <10K
87.Aston <10K
88.Davey <10K
89.Bruce Lehrmann <10K
90.Woody <10K
91.Marnus <10K
92.Teal <10K
93.Todd Murphy <10K
94.Wordle 600 X <10K
95.Goldman Sachs <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

WOW! 😲 Khawaja departs early, trapped LBW by Siraj! #INDvAUS

Twitter trends Australia - Khawaja by

BREAKING: Oh god you couldn’t make this up. Alan Tudge resigning right now saying the Cashless Welfare Card is one of his proudest achievements 🤯 #auspol

Australia heads into Lunch 2-76, after India took 2 early wickets in Nagpur. #INDvAUS

Twitter trends Australia - Nagpur by

Just on Tanya Plibersek blocking Clive Palmer’s coal mine because of environmental concerns, isn’t it nice to think back to Palmer spending $100 million and activating a small army of cookers to try to elect Liberals so they would approve his mine? Watching him fail is delightful

People trusted in you. Many people voted for you just because of refugees. - @BehrouzBoochani Behrouz is right - the Labor Party must take urgent action to evacuate refugees from Nauru and PNG.

Hear what Nathan Lyon had to say as Todd Murphy received his Baggy Green in Nagpur. #INDvAUS

News that the Comms Minister, who oversees gambling and was the shadow minister in charge of online betting, received donations from Sportsbet on the eve of last year’s election shows she should not be in charge of any gambling policy.

ABC News
ABC News

Alan Tudge expected to quit politics, sparking Josh Frydenberg comeback speculation

I am an unashamed fan of Travis Head’s work… Renshaw and Handscomb must have had some decent net sessions since arriving in India. #INDvsAUS

The Megyn Kelly Show host Megyn Kelly says American singer-songwriter Madonna has “crossed over to sad”.

Master and apprentice. Aussies going in with two specialist right-arm offies for first time since 1988 #INDvAUS

Twitter trends Australia - Aussies by Louis Cameron

जो बाप दस साल में.एक गुड़िया ना दे पाया...वो एक रात में. दुनिया देने की सोच रहा है ! Iconic #AjayDevgn𓃵 BHOLAA HAVOC IN 50DAYS

National treasure film & tv critic Margaret Pomeranz provided a stellar review of some idiotic reality TV dating show, on @theweeklytv with @charliepick. (I forgot which show!) #TheWeekly

Twitter trends Australia - #theweekly by Peter Murphy

The Prime Minister is facing calls to sack his Communications Minister Michelle Rowland after she received political donations from one of the country’s largest bookmakers on the eve of the election.

Jubilation for the Jets! ✈️ A stunning upset win for @NewcastleJetsFC over the league-leading @wufcofficial 😮 Full-time wrap 📰 #WeAreALeagues #WUNvNEW

Twitter trends Australia - #WUNvNEW by Liberty A-League