Australia | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Now

Updated: January 29th, 2022 02:46 AM IST

Top Twitter Trends

S.No.Trending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
1.Spotify 1M+
2.Holocaust 410K+
3.Trudeau 279K+
4.Joe Rogan 263K+
5.Neil Young 233K+
6.Diaz 189K+
7.Apple Music 180K+
8.Elon 173K+
9.nate jacobs 150K+
10.The Shot 140K+
11.Wiggins 131K+
12.namjoon 128K+
13.Maus 117K+
14.Kanye 95K+
15.#PokemonLegendsArceus 89K+
16.Nadal 86K+
17.Willow 66K+
18.Mane 56K+
19.Medvedev 41K+
20.Berrettini 39K+
21.Turner 30K+
22.Sixers 25K+
23.Evans 25K+
24.Tsitsipas 24K+
25.Tidal 20K+
26.UNESCO 15K+
27.Great Barrier Reef 13K+
28.ezra miller 13K+
29.Grace Tame 12K+
30.Aged Care 12K+
31.Wordle 223 X 10K+
32.Canberra 10K+
33.Australia Day <10K
34.Scorchers <10K
35.brighton yacht club <10K
37.Robyn <10K
38.Sifu <10K
39.Son of Omicron <10K
40.Laurie Evans <10K
41.Vale Tom <10K
42.sussan ley <10K
43.#ausvvie <10K
44.#BBL11 <10K
45.haneen zreika <10K
46.Tim Wilson <10K
47.#BBLFinal <10K
48.Timmy <10K
49.Heather Knight <10K
50.Dr Chant <10K
51.McEnroe <10K
52.Stefanos <10K
53.israel folau <10K
54.Toms <10K
55.Colbeck <10K
56.Canterbury <10K
57.Ronni <10K
58.Pru Goward <10K
59.#melbourneweather <10K
60.Marvel Stadium <10K
61.rogic <10K

Australia Top Tweets Now

MEDVEDEV BLOWS UP! 😡😡 The Russian has sensationally accused Tsitsipas of being coached and has GIVEN IT to the umpire over it too! 🤯🤯 #AusOpen - live on Channel 9, 9Now and Stan Sport.

WE ARE #BBL11 CHAMPIONS!!! 🏆 An all-round #MADETOUGH performance earns us our FOURTH TITLE! 💪 Time to celebrate Scorchers fans!!! 🎇

Scorchers - Twitter trends in Australia now

Liberal frontbencher Tim Wilson escaped Melbourne’s brutal lockdown to live in Canberra for 95 nights over 2021, claiming $37,494 from taxpayers in travel allowance @newscomauHQ

What a team, what a season 👊 🔥 One more game to go! 🏆 #MADETOUGH #BBL11

#MADETOUGH - Twitter trends in Australia now

EXCLUSIVE: While Tim Wilson claimed for 95 nights of travel allowance in Canberra and Queensland, parliament was only sitting for 32 days during the same , partly committees & fears the border would close again contributed to the $37k bill

Tim Wilson - Twitter trends in Australia now

PERTH SCORCHERS ARE BBL|11 CHAMPIONS 🏆 They defeat the Sixers by 79 runs 🔥 👉

Scorchers - Twitter trends in Australia now

Grace Tame has been honest, open and sincere in her fight for justice for sexual assault victims — and these are words no one would use to describe the PM, writes Michael Bradley @marquelawyers

You’re not serious about protecting the Great Barrier Reef if you’re not serious about climate change. For Scott Morrison it’s just a political problem to be spun away on the eve of an election. With Shadow Environment Minister @terrimbutler in Brisbane today. #auspol

WA Governor Kim Beazley has apologised for wrongly claiming at an Australia Day citizenship ceremony that up to 10 per cent of children who catch Omicron “face death”.

Grace Tame should take a leaf out of Ash Barty or Jelena Dokic’s book, or any book that’s about class & good manners. All those making excuses for her because they hate the PM should probably do the same.

Diving Darcie Brown! Sensational catch from the young fast bowler! #Ashes | @CommBank

The “Son of Omicron” appears to be “less dangerous and deadly” BUT its harder to trace (everyone panic)! So you won’t know you have it, you won’t have symptoms and the RATs won’t be able to tell you that you actually don’t have it 🤪 It’s a comedy skit now.