Australia | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Now

Updated: January 21st, 2022 10:46 PM IST

Top Twitter Trends

S.No.Trending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
2.nfts 1M+
3.Biden 890K+
4.Lisa 380K+
5.Arsenal 241K+
6.ukraine 231K+
7.Russia 225K+
8.Deaths 148K+
9.harry styles 143K+
10.Liverpool 138K+
11.Failed 136K+ 136K+
13.soobin 134K+
14.Meatloaf 113K+
15.East 103K+
16.partey 78K+
17.jota 75K+
18.the wa 58K+
19.karl 54K+
20.#ARSLIV 49K+
21.Britney 49K+
22.#ausopen 46K+
23.wembley 43K+
24.eastern 40K+
25.Rest In Peace 39K+
26.Miranda 31K+
27.Woah 28K+
28.mcgowan 27K+
29.#newnftprofilepic 26K+
30.Klopp 25K+
31.Craig 23K+
32.arteta 22K+
33.Vogel 19K+
34.Jokic 17K+
35.maxwell 17K+
36.scott morrison 15K+
37.Embiid 15K+
38.Gina 14K+
39.#NoVaccineMandates 14K+
40.maxi 13K+
41.medvedev 13K+
42.perth 11K+
43.kyrgios 11K+
44.Leicester 11K+
45.burnley 11K+
46.tom baker 10K+
47.meg lanning <10K
48.pakenham <10K
49.tahlia mcgrath <10K
50.dockers <10K
51.jim courier <10K
52.bogut <10K
53.frydenberg <10K
54.national cabinet <10K
55.sam stosur <10K
56.Morrison Government <10K
57.Wellcamp <10K
58.pantry <10K
59.lincraft <10K
60.raducanu <10K
61.barnett <10K
62.glenn maxwell <10K
63.#forklifts <10K
64.novavax <10K
65.maddison inglis <10K
66.mcclown <10K
67.clive palmer <10K
68.the vec <10K
69.the chaser <10K
70.kelly slater <10K
71.the tga <10K
72.atar <10K
73.Courier <10K
74.ellyse perry <10K
75.west australians <10K
76.#womensashes <10K

Australia Top Tweets Now

Rather than distributing rapid antigen tests through Medicare, the Morrison government is just leaving it up to the market. It says a lot about how much Scott Morrison values free and universal healthcare. With @Renshaw4NthSyd

Morrison Government - Twitter trends in Australia now

Breaking : the VEC (@electionsvic ) has decided to rename and rebrand to clean up their image and bring more integrity to their department. Sources have said they have decided to go with “Comancheros”.

Would you make any changes to the #BBL11 team of the tournament? 🤔 FULL TEAM 👉

glenn maxwell - Twitter trends in Australia now

The prolific Meg Lanning just keeps on keeping on! Check out the highlights from her unbeaten half-century last night:

meg lanning - Twitter trends in Australia now

Dear West Australians, COVID “wave” is said to be “peaking” in eastern Australia. Deaths are at pandemic record (46 in NSW today 21/1/22). You’re suppression measures work. If you open your borders without effective controls you risk your health services & (avoidable) death.

The Perth protest tomorrow should attract numbers in the hundreds of thousands! #McClown #WorldWideFreedomRally

@Ageinvestigates @_rosiegrant Kerry Stokes is sure burning an awful lot of money funding his various protégés’ losing law suits.

#BreakingNews West Coast forward Jack Darling has become the first WA player to refuse to get vaccinated.

‘Wouldn’t happen to LeBron in the NBA’: Inside Smith’s ‘bonkers’ BBL ban as Cricket NSW chief & @SixersBBL captain fume, via @tommorris32 👇🏼

Steve Smith - Twitter trends in Australia now

Former basketball star @andrewbogut says he will not pay any fine after he received a formal caution from the Victorian Electoral Commission over a video he posted on social media, via @australian

BREAKING: Jesse Bromwich has become the fifth player to sign with the Dolphins 📝🔏 DETAILS:

Jesse Bromwich - Twitter trends in Australia now

‘Wouldn’t happen to LeBron’: Inside Smith’s ‘bonkers’ BBL ban as cricket chief fumes 🤯🚫 👉 ✍️ @tommorris32

Steve Smith - Twitter trends in Australia now