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Updated: May 25th, 2022 01:41 PM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.The US 1M+
2.Texas 1M+
3.Guns 712K+
4.America 688K+
5.Biden 601K+
6.Japan 572K+
7.Republicans 491K+
8.Prayers 427K+
9.China 326K+
11.The NRA 307K+
12.Davos 296K+
13.Tokyo 240K+
14.Sandy Hook 239K+
15.SHINee 217K+
16.Congress 213K+
17.The United States 196K+
18.Steve Kerr 169K+
19.Greg Abbott 166K+
20.Australia 144K+
21.Modi 143K+
22.#Uvalde 128K+
23.Ted Cruz 125K+
24.Togashi 111K+
25.Liberal 105K+
26.Chris Murphy 104K+
27.Quad 97K+
28.Dallas 85K+
29.Kissinger 83K+
30.Taiwan 72K+
31.Ricky Gervais 65K+
32.Columbine 61K+
33.The Feed 56K+
34.Liberals 54K+
35.Hunter x Hunter 52K+
36.Mavs 47K+
37.2nd Amendment 44K+
38.#GunControlNow 41K+
39.Toto 40K+
40.AR-15 34K+
41.Nats 33K+
42.#EndGunViolence 30K+
43.#EnoughIsEnough 21K+
44.Libs 19K+
45.Booker 18K+
46.Dutton 16K+
47.Liberal Party 15K+
48.Nationals 13K+
49.Embiid 11K+
50.Bernie Finn <10K
51.Coorey <10K
52.Daily Quordle 121 <10K
53.#SPAConf <10K
54.#GunViolence <10K
55.Wuthering Heights <10K
56.Sussan Ley <10K
57.Section 44 <10K
58.Downer <10K
59.ICAC <10K
60.Port Arthur <10K
61.Fiji <10K
62.Probyn <10K
63.#4corners <10K
64.John Howard <10K
65.PM Albanese <10K
66.Dai Le <10K
67.#AlboIsOurPM <10K
68.Fiona Martin <10K
69.ATAGI <10K
70.Karen Andrews <10K
71.South Vietnam <10K
72.Joe Hildebrand <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

America, where states seek to charge women for homicide for having an abortion but have no worries about an 18 year old having military grade guns to commit mass murder If only those who claim to be pro - life actually cared about the life of living children #texas #GunControl

Former Liberal leader Alexander Downer says it’s a “national mistake” that Josh Frydenberg was ousted and it’s indicative of a country who think voting someone new in will change the weather.

I don’t know @dai_le & have never met her. We probably differ on many things politically. I have to say I am so disturbed to see people trolling through her background to try & discredit her. The 1st Federal MP who was a refugee. We should be celebrating this #racism #auspol

#BREAKING: Peter Dutton will run unopposed for leadership of the Liberal Party. Former Minister for Home Affairs, Karen Andrews, confirmed that no one else would be putting their hand up. Read more: #9News

Twitter trends Australia - Karen Andrews by 9News Australia

The Teal independents are absorbed in an orgy of self-congratulation, unaware they will have no power in parliament and have unleashed a more right-wing Liberal party that will return with a vengeance in three years time, writes Joe Hildebrand.

I know this sounds a bit weird since she’s probably about to become the new deputy Liberal leader but I know almost nothing about Sussan Ley and don’t think I’ve ever reported on her on @6NewsAU

Probyn opined on our behalf that: “...the Morrison Government will be remembered fondly.” by whom?

Jos Buttler went nuts for Rajasthan but David Miller topped it while Matthew Wade played a role to book Gujarat a spot in the #IPL2022 final

Christine Milne on #TheDrum nails it. Australia is moving from 2 party system to more inclusive parliament .

Acting Health Minister Katy Gallagher confirmed ATAGI is expanding the eligibility for another booster to people with cancer, other complex health conditions and Australians living with a disability.

The Age
The Age

Darren Chester is considering challenging Barnaby Joyce for party leadership, saying the latter damaged the re-election prospects of moderate Liberals. #auspol #AusVotes

For those just tuning in, Dai Le left South Vietnam in 1975 (no longer a country) and spent two years in refugee camps as a non citizen before moving to Australia. She ticked that she had not been a citizen of a foreign country on her AEC form and it’s being treated as a gotcha


Sam Switkowski has learned his fate following a tackle on Jack Ginnivan last weekend. Details:

Twitter trends Australia - sam switkowski by AFL

@themiasandrist If whoever had gone through Le’s paperwork had serious concerns about her validity to run under section 44 they could have contacted the AEC or Le’s office to query the inconsistency. Instead they chose social and public media. Grubs.

TRIBUNAL VERDICT: Sam Switkowski has been suspended for 2 weeks by the AFL Tribunal #foreverfreo

Twitter trends Australia - sam switkowski by Fremantle Dockers