Australia | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Today

Updated: May 16th, 2022 07:43 PM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.Buffalo 1M+
2.Ukraine 801K+
3.Eurovision 666K+
4.Jinyoung 575K+
5.Luka 509K+
6.Suns 455K+
7.Celtics 313K+
8.Game 7 311K+
9.Mavs 173K+
10.Booker 136K+
11.Johnson 134K+
12.Chris Paul 118K+
13.Finland 117K+
14.Boston 115K+
15.West Ham 108K+
16.Labor 86K+
17.Heizou 84K+
18.jaehyun 71K+
19.Grant Williams 59K+
20.Josh 59K+
21.Henry 54K+
22.Tanya 46K+
23.Chandler 45K+
24.Colin 42K+
25.taeil 36K+
26.The ABC 35K+
27.Greens 30K+
28.Andrew Symonds 26K+
29.Lulu 25K+
30.Sunrise 22K+
31.Parker 19K+
32.#FireTheLiar 14K+
33.Leigh 13K+
34.Benedict 10K+
35.Jane Hume <10K
36.Tully <10K
37.Daily Quordle 112 <10K
38.Trent Barrett <10K
39.Barrett <10K
40.#thedrum <10K
41.On The Couch <10K
42.Gould <10K
43.Conroy <10K
44.Canada and the OECD <10K
45.Caleb <10K
46.Mathias Cormann <10K
47.#HYBPA <10K
48.Pyne <10K
49.Reggie <10K
50.Bernie Finn <10K
51.Julie Bishop <10K
52.Industry Super <10K
53.John Howard <10K
54.Joss <10K
55.Matthew Guy <10K
56.Thanks Karen <10K
57.#ScottsSuperTax <10K
58.Cathy McGowan <10K
59.SASHI <10K
60.Flanagan <10K
61.brickman <10K
62.Saul Eslake <10K
63.Waleed <10K
64.Penelope <10K
65.Aldo <10K
66.Steele <10K
67.Shiel <10K
68.Paul Keating <10K
69.#abc730 <10K
70.cogs <10K
71.layla <10K
72.#superannuation <10K
73.Heppell <10K
74.#afternoonbriefing <10K
75.Jennifer Hewitt <10K
76.National Volunteer Week <10K
77.#AustralianStory <10K
78.Fran Kelly <10K
79.Alpha Male <10K
80.Gough <10K
81.Daily Quordle 111 <10K
82.Leigh Sales <10K
83.Advance Australia <10K
84.#BBAU <10K
85.Bernard Collaery <10K
86.belmore <10K
87.#sbseurovision <10K
88.Robbo <10K
89.HECS <10K
90.McGovern <10K
91.AUKUS <10K
92.Liam Ryan <10K
93.Ubisoft <10K
94.Penny Wong <10K
95.Dyson Heppell <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

I’m old. If I downsize, don’t I still have to live in a house? Won’t I be competing with young people in the same market? I don’t understand how downsizing increases supply of housing. #abc730

Put on the footy franks 🫘& crack open the Tia Maria 🍾! Happy 20th anniversary! I can’t believe #KathAndKim is almost as popular today as it was 20 years ago! Thanks to all you Foxymorons for watching (& to my bestie Kristen Blöink for coining that immortal phrase!) 🥰💕🙏🙌

BREAKING: A motion set to be moved to expel Bernie Finn from the Parliamentary Liberal Party. Details on @SkyNewsAust #springst

BULLDOGS UPDATE: Paul Vaughan first Dogs player to speak since the players were told of Trent Barrett quitting . As he drove out of Belmore he chipped the media: “Do you have to be here? You are the worst kind of people.” @9NewsSyd @NRLonNine

Child care is good for children, good for parents, and good for the economy. Labor will make child care cheaper, allowing more parents to work the hours they want, easing cost of living pressures on families. – with Tania Lawrence, Labor for Hasluck.

Twitter trends Australia - Tania by Anthony Albanese

‘Stunned’ players have been sent home from training 😮 DETAILS:

Twitter trends Australia - Gould by Fox League

Outspoken MP Bernie Finn to face a motion to be expelled from the Liberal Party. What a genius act, in the final days of a federal election campaign, for the Victorian Libs to turn the focus onto this. Breathtaking. #springst

Theoretically there’s nothing stopping any of these journos at National Press Club from asking Craig Kelly if he has been kicked in the head by a donkey.

EXCLUSIVE:Trent Barrett no longer Bulldogs coach. I understand he quit last night @9NewsSyd @NRLonNine

ABC News
ABC News

Scott Morrison suggests Labor may have leaked AUKUS information had it been briefed sooner

If you’re South Australian and heading to a pre-poll booth this week, here’s how to Vote 1 For Rex on the white Senate ballot paper. #ausvotes

Twitter trends Australia - rex patrick by Rex Patrick

Next-Gen 💫 Jesse Motlop, Ben Long, Tex Wanganeen and Maurice Rioli at the launch of Sir Doug Nicholls Round.

Twitter trends Australia - Sir Doug Nicholls by AFL
The Age
The Age

#BREAKING: A week after he said survivors of rape should not be allowed to have abortions, Bernie Finn appears likely to be expelled from the parliamentary Liberal Party. #springst | @paulsakkal

Curious: Victorian MLC #BernieFinn faces expulsion from Lib Party Room for expressing doctrinally correct Catholic views on abortion. I’ve seen no hint of intervention from #ScottMorrison - who said such freedoms of religion were core values to him. 🤷‍♂️

RIP legend, Andrew Symonds. 5 for 18 in 2005, bowling off spin in England 🏏