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Updated: December 9th, 2022 08:42 PM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.Griner 1M+
2.#MohsenShekari 884K+
3.#TheGameAwards 748K+
4.Whelan 547K+
5.Marine 546K+
6.Queen 420K+
7.Genshin 410K+
8.WNBA 345K+
9.Elden Ring 221K+
10.Armored Core 206K+
11.Brazil 181K+
12.Game of the Year 167K+
13.Royal 166K+
14.Bill Clinton 164K+
15.jaehyun 164K+
16.Raiders 125K+
17.God of War 122K+
18.Celine Dion 109K+
19.#HarryandMeghanNetflix 104K+
20.GOTY 100K+
21.jungwoo 89K+
22.Hades 2 87K+
23.Baker Mayfield 86K+
24.Croatia 80K+
25.Diana 79K+
26.Rams 72K+
27.Sinema 70K+
28.Warner 38K+
29.Geoff 38K+
30.Al Pacino 34K+
31.#PAKvENG 30K+
32.Carey 30K+
33.Bass 30K+
34.Paddy 27K+
35.Tekken 8 26K+
36.taeil 23K+
37.Piers 22K+
38.Christopher Judge 21K+
39.Reggie 21K+
40.Abrar 21K+
41.Xenoblade 3 19K+
42.Claude 18K+
43.DCEU 13K+
44.Halsey 12K+
45.Hozier 12K+
46.#PAKvsENG 11K+
47.Steve Price <10K
48.Cameron Green <10K
49.#AUSvWI <10K
50.#BRIvADL <10K
51.Adelaide Oval <10K
52.Marnus <10K
53.5sos <10K
54.Pyne <10K
55.Boland <10K
56.#Danslide2 <10K
57.Neser <10K
58.Welcome to Australia <10K
59.Prince Andrew <10K
60.Cam Green <10K
61.Withnell <10K
62.#INDvAUS <10K
63.Luai <10K
64.The AFP <10K
65.AUKUS <10K
66.Australia Day <10K
67.Travis Head <10K
68.Redcliffe <10K
69.Bryce Cotton <10K
70.Gather Round <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

To correct a typo, Labor has won Bass giving the Andrews government 56 seats, up one on the 55 seats won in 2018. #springst #vicvotes


The Game Awards starts in about an hour. Which new FromSoft announcement would you be the most hype for?

Wow. Only one player has achieved the milestone faster than Marnus Labuschagne ... the Don #AUSvWI

Twitter trends Australia - Marnus by

more than 140,000 households in australia tonight running on batteries that were charged by solar during the day… all of them took load off the grid during this evening’s peak, and almost all will get through to the next period of sunshine.


Nine matches, four days, three venues and 18 teams in SA 📍 The full fixture for Gather Round has just landed.

Twitter trends Australia - Gather Round by AFL

Michael Neser doing what Michael Neser does best! #OhWhatAFeeling #AUSvWI | @Toyota_Aus

Teams not playing at Adelaide Oval in the non-Magic Round Fremantle Gold Coast GWS Hawthorn Brisbane North Melbourne Gather around the popular teams and go searching for the others #AFL

STEVE PRICE: Labelling those who refer to African youth gangs racist is fuelling the bloodshed on our streets. And where are these kids’ parents?

Senior public servant under scrutiny at robodebt inquiry appointed head of Aukus project office | Aukus | The Guardian

Travis Head admits he spent a lot of time stewing after getting out for 99 in Perth, so a home-town hundred was sweet relief 🙌 @alintaenergy | #AUSvWI

@theheraldsun There is something seriously wrong with Steve Price. And with the editorial team of the Herald Sun.

Nathan Lyon gets Jermaine Blackwood for the seventh time! And he becomes the leading wicket-taker at the Adelaide Oval in the process 😎 #PlayOfTheDay #AUSvWI | @nrmainsurance

Nathan Lyon has surpassed the late, great Shane Warne as the leading wicket taker at the Adelaide Oval. A ground where Lyon once served as the curator.

Travis Head averaging 136 in the series but in an absolute fit of rage as he leaves the ground again… and rightfully so. Cricket is never good.


Nine matches, four days, three venues and 18 teams in SA 📍 Check out the full Gather Round fixture:

Twitter trends Australia - Gather Round by AFL