Australia | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Today

Updated: May 19th, 2022 03:43 AM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.GOT7 1M+
2.Target 602K+
3.Elon 368K+
4.Amber 318K+
5.Elon Musk 275K+
6.NAYEON 248K+
7.taylor 244K+
8.Democrats 221K+
9.Lara 195K+
10.Rangers 193K+
11.Rocky 189K+
12.Tesla 143K+
13.London 142K+
15.taeil 108K+
16.Frankfurt 104K+
17.#UELfinal 88K+
18.Soccer 86K+
19.Prime Minister 85K+
20.Simon 84K+
21.Sarah 71K+
22.jimmy butler 66K+
23.#StopTheTreaty 66K+
24.Boris Johnson 60K+
25.#22GraduatesVersion 52K+
26.Mitch 41K+
27.Accidentally 33K+
28.resolve 32K+
29.howard stern 31K+
30.Sharma 29K+
31.#AlboForPM 25K+
32.Jordan Peterson 24K+
33.#EuropaLeagueFinal 22K+
34.Horford 22K+
35.Chet 20K+
36.Public Service 18K+
37.HARRYS 18K+
38.Tracy 17K+
39.national press club 11K+
40.Aaron Ramsey 11K+
41.Joe Rogan 10K+
42.The Liberal Government <10K
43.david littleproud <10K
44.nitv <10K
45.Cody Simpson <10K
46.#thuvfir <10K
47.james massola <10K
48.Daily Quordle 115 <10K
49.Bronwyn <10K
50.Jaycee <10K
51.Hrustic <10K
52.John Howard <10K
53.#ADLvMCY <10K
54.Bulldozing <10K
55.#rnbreakfast <10K
56.toombul <10K
57.Red Card <10K
58.Niki Savva <10K
59.littleproud <10K
60.Coles <10K
61.shae <10K
62.Metricon <10K
63.Jenny Morrison <10K
64.kathleen folbigg <10K
65.Ed Sheeran <10K in 50 <10K
67.Tracy Grimshaw <10K
68.Quad <10K
69.perused <10K
70.Daily Quordle 114 <10K
71.Scomo <10K
72.Wordle 334 X <10K
73.Angel of Death <10K
74.Matthew Mott <10K
75.PAX Aus <10K
76.Lisa Millar <10K
77.Uncle Arthur <10K
78.Stuart Robert <10K
79.#FireTheLiarFromTheShire <10K
80.#wunvmvc <10K
81.Devonport <10K
82.Eva Braun <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

The Liberals won’t change. The Prime Minister can’t change. The only way to change Australia for the better is to change the government this Saturday.

Our #Nightwing series has been nominated FIVE EISNER AWARDS. Best Continuing Series. Best Single Issue/One Shot for issue #87. Best Lettering for Wes Abbott. Best Penciller/Inker AND Best Cover Artist for my brother in comics, @Bruno_Redondo_F.

Twitter trends Australia - Eisner by Tom Taylor

TODAY: @AlboMP, Leader of the Opposition, will address the National Press Club today at 12:30pm AEDT. Watch live on @abcnews or later on ABC iView.

Twitter trends Australia - National Press Club by National Press Club

Australians can’t risk and can’t afford another three years of Scott Morrison, his rorts and waste, buck-passing and excuse-making, drift and dysfunction, and falling real wages. Here with ⁦@PatsKarvelas⁩ on ⁦@RNBreakfast⁩ #ausvotes #auspol

How does one prove they are gender diverse? I sense Coles will have the most gender diverse people moving forward in a single workplace…… #freeholidays Coles, give it a rest.

31 former judges have thrown their weight behind calls for a federal anti-corruption commission. In an open letter to parliament, the group says the erosion of public confidence in our shared democratic principles is at stake.

Yes @michellegrattan As the pandemic hit it was the states and territories acting within their constitutional powers which saved Australia until 95%+ were vaccinated. ScoMo would have let er rip as Murdoch’s NewsCorp insisted.

The Age
The Age

If Jenny Morrison could meet per cent of voters, Scott Morrison would be prime minister for life. | ANALYSIS by James Massola #auspol #ausvotes

Let’s have some fun. 🥳 On your phone, type “I’m heading to PAX Aus because” and let autocomplete do the rest. Why are you heading to PAX? 👀 #PAXAUS

Can anyone explain why Corangamite candidate Stephanie Asher is beaming at this question? “We are approaching [Covid] 6000 deaths so far this year. Was a decision taken that this is an acceptable number, and if not, what are you doing to stop 50 deaths from Covid a day in Aus?”

Twitter trends Australia - Corangamite by Daryl Maguire’s tractor

Coles has announced it is introducing gender affirmation leave for trans and gender-diverse team members. READ MORE:

Twitter trends Australia - Coles by The Project

In a letter to parliament, Finance minister Simon Birmingham has revealed that Michaelia Cash, David Littleproud, Keith Pitt and Richard Colbeck all made grants that their departments recommended should be rejected. | @KarenMMiddleton #AusPol #AusVotes

After nearly three years out with a drugs ban, Shayna Jack has qualified for the Australian Comm Games swim team in emotional scenes. MORE:

Twitter trends Australia - Cody Simpson by FOXSportsAUS

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese did the full Forrest Gump as he criticised the Labor leader’s media exit following repeated questions on costings.

Indebted to @JoeGauci46 tonight after making several crucial saves to preserve the clean sheet. 🧤⛔ Tip top form. 🔥 #ADLvMCY | @RAAofSA