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Updated: July 1st, 2022 09:40 PM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.#jhope_MORE 1M+
2.Technoblade 920K+
3.hoseok 569K+
4.hobi 284K+
5.#StrangerThings 281K+
6.Kevin Durant 228K+
7.Nets 211K+
8.Eddie 182K+
9.Mike 181K+
10.#StrangerThings4 166K+
11.Lucas 147K+
12.robin 112K+
14.Nancy 92K+
15.Vecna 84K+
16.Noah 75K+
17.Hill 75K+
18.Jason 73K+
19.Snake Island 68K+
20.Jonathan 52K+
21.Hong Kong 50K+
22.Miles Bridges 42K+
23.Proud Boys 38K+
24.Dustin 38K+
25.#TheBoys 35K+
26.#ENGvIND 33K+
27.Season 5 32K+
28.Epstein 32K+
29.hopper 28K+
30.Marshall 27K+
31.Stack 24K+
32.Jenny 22K+
33.Saad 22K+
34.Kemp 22K+
35.byers 20K+
36.Barilaro 10K+
37.Wallace 10K+
38.Leigh Sales <10K
39.#couchpeloton <10K
40.Newman <10K
41.#ABC90 <10K
42.Kikau <10K
43.daily quordle 157 <10K
44.McKay <10K
45.Fifita <10K
46.Motlop <10K
47.Chooks <10K
48.#AFLBluesSaints <10K
49.Penrith <10K
50.#SLvAUS <10K
51.Uncle Jack Charles <10K
52.Sutton <10K
53.Cerra <10K
54.Holbrook <10K
55.Sinclair <10K
56.Kyrgios <10K
57.Hunter Clark <10K
58.Hipwood <10K
59.#allredandblue <10K
60.Hewett <10K
61.Carlton <10K
62.Verrills <10K
63.Edrick Lee <10K
64.Tim Membrey <10K
65.Paul Murray <10K
66.#leighsales <10K
67.Copenhagen <10K
68.Happy 90th <10K
69.Cottrell <10K
70.towards 2000 <10K
71.Jack Sinclair <10K
72.Travis Head <10K
73.#abc730 <10K
74.Stocker <10K
75.Hobbs <10K
76.Master of Puppets <10K
77.jenny morrison <10K
78.Plowman <10K
79.tino <10K
80.#NRLKnightsTitans <10K
81.Ryder <10K
82.Barnett <10K
83.Robbo <10K
84.VicRoads <10K
85.Cormann <10K
86.Highmore <10K
87.Aboriginality <10K
88.Sainters <10K
89.Klemmer <10K
90.Tina Arena <10K
91.Joey Manu <10K
92.Dom Young <10K
93.Jack Steele <10K
94.Dry July <10K
95.St Kilda <10K
96.Tex Hoy <10K
97.#NRLPanthersRoosters <10K
98.Voss <10K
99.Stolen Generations <10K
100.Kate Halfpenny <10K
101.edrick <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

Player of the Match is Cameron Green for his 77 off 109 balls #SLvAUS

Twitter trends Australia - #SLvAUS by

Told them I was getting this photo for my boys but they saw right through me. #ABC90

Twitter trends Australia - #ABC90 by Mark Humphries

Every year I do dry July in honour of my nephew, Lee who was killed at work on a Rio Tinto mine site. He was just 32 years old. Every year he would do dry July so I do it in his memory. I miss him so.

Victory for Australia by 10 wickets! A dominating performance by the tourists today #SLvAUS

If VicGov want to save money, they could always stop building more prisons and arming cops to the hilt instead of privatising VicRoads.

In an increasingly crazy media environment, thank you Leigh for your years of forensic exposition of the news and examination of those who make it. To these skills you added charm and calm and a wry sense of humour. #LeighSales @abc730

I am so angry my blood is boiling about this. So the Govt forcibly removed kids; required we denounce our culture & connections & are now requiring that we prove our Aboriginality to be compensated for the damage of the removal? So sorry Uncle Jack.

Travis Head with two wickets in his first over! Complete misjudgement from de Silva #SLvAUS

Twitter trends Australia - Travis Head by

Uncle Jack Charles asked to prove Aboriginality to receive Stolen Generations reparations

Happy 90th birthday ⁦⁦to the ⁦ABC. Celebrating with my old housemate ⁦@wendy_harmer⁩ Such colour coordination

Twitter trends Australia - Happy 90th by Heather Ewart

Eric Hipwood has been sent to the tribunal:

Twitter trends Australia - hipwood by AFL

10-wicket win in under two and a half days! A stunning victory from our boys, four wickets for both Nath Lyon and Trav Head! The second Test starts next Friday and will also be played in Galle #SLvAUS

Twitter trends Australia - Galle by Cricket Australia

Yooo @ look after my guy! Two greats dudes together 🙌🏻

ABC News
ABC News

Indigenous actor and elder Uncle Jack Charles asked to prove Aboriginality for Stolen Generations reparations

Happy 90th Birthday Aunty! I grew up in country Vic listening to the ABC on my dad’s radio and I’ve never stopped tuning in. As a teenager @triplej was my best friend. As a mum ABC Kids was a saviour! Today, as a community we need our public broadcaster more than ever! #ABC90