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Updated: March 23rd, 2023 02:42 AM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.Ramadan 354K+
2.Trans 284K+
3.Boris 271K+
4.chaeyoung 121K+
5.#WorldWaterDay 120K+
6.The Fed 110K+
7.Ramadan Mubarak 97K+
8.Fortnite 92K+
9.Victoria 91K+
10.May Allah 80K+
11.Powell 73K+
12.Uganda 69K+
13.IPCC 69K+
14.Xbox 61K+
15.Nazis 60K+
16.FOMC 58K+
17.Ozil 51K+
18.wonwoo 46K+
19.Israeli 43K+
20.#AllOfThoseVoices 39K+
21.Duncan 32K+
22.Evelyn 25K+
23.Rupert 25K+
24.Hobart 24K+
25.#INDvAUS 24K+
26.Louis Tomlinson 21K+
27.UEFN 19K+
28.AOTV 19K+
30.Kawhi 18K+
31.Greens 18K+
32.Yellen 15K+ 10 14K+
34.bronte 12K+
35.Caleb 12K+
36.Alyssa 11K+
37.Posie 10K+
38.Health Minister 10K+
39.Grogu 10K+
40.Hewett <10K
41.Sarah Henderson <10K
42.Lebanese <10K
43.Tahnee <10K
44.safeguard mechanism <10K
45.Latham <10K
46.Ken Henry <10K
47.Lyndall <10K
48.ron joseph <10K
49.Pocock <10K
50.Mark Latham <10K
51.Tame Impala <10K
52.Ahmed Best <10K
53.Sandown <10K
54.#Wordle642 <10K
55.the afl <10K
56.TERDs <10K
57.SUVs <10K
58.Tasmania <10K
59.royce hunt <10K
60.Christian Lives Matter <10K
61.#SMP2023 <10K
62.Brad Hazzard <10K
63.Belfield <10K
64.#MAFSAU <10K
65.Layton <10K
66.Tassie <10K
67.Posie Parker <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

A series win for the Aussies! 🙌 Scorecard: #AUSvIND

Twitter trends Australia - Aussies by

Surprising and fascinating revelation from professional war propagandist Bret Stephens.

Twitter trends Australia - Bret Stephens by Caitlin Johnstone

Veteran US observer and Pulitzer Prize author Geraldine Brooks says Australia has zip-tied its defence policy to a erratic United States with AUKUS. 👇👇”Let’s not be a lonely letter in someone else’s ugly acronym”.

Twitter trends Australia - Géraldine by Quentin Dempster

Giving away some balance to one random person who can guess the score correctly 💰 FaZe v Furia ❤️ + Retweet Comment Roobet username 👇

Twitter trends Australia - Furia by Roobet

FYI, I am personally much more afraid of the potential for violence from scary, intimidating men like those in this large mob, and even Mark Latham himself, than I am scared of trans women who might happen to be using a public toilet at the same time I am. This is terrifying 👇🏻


New polling, paid for by GetUp members, shows that people are demanding action from the Albanese Govt, now. of Labor’s own voters want them to work with Greens & independents to ensure climate laws require corporations to make genuine cuts to pollution #SafeguardOurClimate

Twitter trends Australia - Greens by GetUp!

Former Treasury secretary Dr Ken Henry says we need to increase taxes. #abc730 #auspol

Why do the media just lie and lie? This was a “rainbow rights” or whatever protest that occurred at St Michael’s Belfield, which is a church attended, inter alia, by Catholics of all rites and ethnicities. Does anyone in media know anything about Sydney beyond Ultimo & Glebe?

One Nation’s Mark Latham has deliberately whipped up dangerous and hateful views that have now tipped over into violence towards the community. This is straight from the playbook of Trump and other alt-right extremists and must be strongly condemned by Perrottet & Minns.

Our thin biosphere: Coming back to Sydney by train from Canberra for the funeral on an old friend. We owe it to future generations and all flora and fauna to stabilise the biosphere after two centuries of excessive CO2/CH4 (methane) emissions. That’s not too much to ask .. is it?

Twitter trends Australia - Canberra by Quentin Dempster

AUSTRALIA WINS THE SERIES 2-1! India has suffered its first ODI series defeat at home since 2019 as Adam Zampa spun the Aussies to victory in Chennai. REPORT: #INDvAUS

Twitter trends Australia - Zampa by Fox Cricket

Daniel Andrews has failed to apologise after NSW premier Dominic Perrottet was forced to call health minister Brad Hazzard just to get a bloody ambulance in Sydney.


Ron Joseph, an off-field giant of the VFL and AFL, has passed away at the age of 77. Details:

Twitter trends Australia - Ron Joseph by AFL

Australia have sounded a warning just seven months out from the World Cup! #INDvAUS

Two people have been charged after a large mob allegedly ambushed a peaceful LGBTI rights activist group who were protesting an anti-trans community event attended by NSW One Nation Leader @RealMarkLatham in southwest Sydney last night | #nswpol