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Updated: August 18th, 2022 10:42 AM IST
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1.Liz Cheney 1M+
2.jeno 891K+
3.Wyoming 374K+
4.North 149K+
5.Bear 138K+
6.The GG 137K+
7.Morrison 119K+
8.Kayo 95K+
9.Pence 80K+
10.Liberal 73K+
11.Lakers 70K+
12.Garcia 69K+
13.Cook 63K+
14.#auspol 58K+
15.cabinet 46K+
16.#AEWDynamite 38K+
17.La Niña 35K+
18.Guillermo 28K+
19.jenny 24K+
20.Bridget 20K+
21.Home Affairs 19K+
22.Howard 18K+
23.Albo 17K+
24.Bolt 17K+
25.Early ID 16K+
26.Ministries 16K+
27.Benson 12K+
28.Westminster 11K+
29.#ENGvSA <10K
30.Pentecostal <10K
31.Father Bob <10K
32.Vietnam Veterans <10K
33.Trent Barrett <10K
34.Rutten <10K
35.Twiggy <10K
36.Governor General <10K
37.Kingston <10K
38.john howard <10K
39.Accor <10K
40.#AustraliaCup <10K
41.Mark Latham <10K
42.Everald <10K
43.Andrew Clennell <10K
44.Bridget McKenzie <10K
45.Ruby Princess <10K
46.Fatman Scoop <10K
47.Speers <10K
48.Dutton <10K
49.Michael Hurley <10K
50.Essendon <10K
51.Hanners <10K
52.Lismore <10K
53.Barrett <10K
54.Messiah <10K
55.Karen Andrews <10K
56.Canterbury <10K
57.Suburban Rail Loop <10K
58.morning sage <10K
59.McKenzie <10K
60.Scummo <10K
61.Lest We Forget <10K
62.Hurls <10K
63.#Wordle425 <10K
64.Horror Movie <10K
65.Narty <10K
66.Meredith <10K
67.Super Bowl <10K
68.Daily Quordle 206 <10K
69.Dan Hannebery <10K
70.Sarah Martin <10K
71.Michaelia Cash <10K
72.Clarko <10K
73.Liberal Party <10K
74.Danielson <10K
75.Waleed <10K
76.#nrlgf <10K
77.Scomo <10K
78.Clarkson <10K
79.Norman Gunston <10K
80.Prue <10K
81.Torres Strait <10K
82.Hurley <10K
83.#MadAsHell <10K
84.anglican <10K
85.Daniel Rioli <10K
86.Fr Bob <10K
87.#LiarFromTheShire <10K
88.NRL Grand Final <10K
89.#WISC22 <10K
90.Parra <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

Heading up to the Torres Strait to hear from First Nations people about their priorities and aspirations, and to discuss the proposed Voice to Parliament.

can’t believe the media has bought the line that frydenberg and morrison are great friends. as if!

What does all this say about Liberals’ underlying culture on protecting our institutions: Westminster (Executive fully accountable to Parliament), independent civil service, non political judiciary. This lot were like an extended visit from the Visi-Goths.

Arrived to a very warm welcome in the Torres Strait, with Minister for Indigenous Affairs @LindaBurneyMP and Senator @nitagreenqld.

Twitter trends Australia - Torres Strait by Anthony Albanese

North Melbourne president Sonja Hood has spoken to @7NewsMelbourne after tonight’s Kangaroos board meeting. The latest on the chase for Alastair Clarkson and the updated timeline on his decision. Why they’re still chips in:

People who didn’t know about @ScottMorrisonMP ministry of secrets Finance Minister Industry Minister Resources Minister Attorney General who taught him how to do it ASIO boss Home Affairs Treasurer and his department Oh yeah and the Governor General who signed the form


Michael Hurley has announced his retirement. Wishing the veteran Bomber all the best in life after footy ❤️

I think people forget just how good Dan Hannebery was before injuries cruelled him. At the age of 26: 2015 AFLCA Player of the Year 3x All Australian 2010 Rising Star 3x Top five finish in Brownlow Medal Lost in the huge wave of elite midfielders over the last decade.

Riku Danzaki with the quick feet and the finish to open the score 💨 #MagicOfTheCup #AustraliaCup @AustraliaCup

Today is #VietnamVeteransDay. Some 60,000 Australians served in the Vietnam War between 1962 and 1972, 521 of whom died; almost 2,400 were wounded. We give thanks and pay our respects to those commemorated on the Roll of Honour, and to the survivors who came home. Lest we forget.

Twitter trends Australia - Lest We Forget by Aust War Memorial

Club release a photo of Langers embracing Hurley after Hurls breaks the news of his retirement❤️

Twitter trends Australia - Hurls by Scooter

Michael Hurley on the week at Essendon: “For me there’s probably an element of frustration. Throughout my career I’ve craved a bit of stability and a settled footy club. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be that way at the moment.”

Seeing Michael Hurley play on Saturday night would be great for Michael, Club Members and his Team Mates. Its an inspirational story that deserves an inspirational moment for all involved watching on Saturday.

Essendon has confirmed Michael Hurley will make a remarkable return to the field this weekend after a life-threatening infection. It will be his final game in the AFL. What a story 👏

These two club legends held our backline together for years. Saturday marks the end of an era. Thank you Hooksey. Thank you Hurls. @essendonfc 🔴⚫️

Twitter trends Australia - Hurls by BatemansBayBomber