Australia | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Today

Updated: May 24th, 2022 09:42 PM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.Biden 620K+
2.Japan 462K+
3.Johnson 353K+
4.China 330K+
5.Davos 324K+
6.Thor 279K+
7.Tokyo 261K+
8.#ThorLoveAndThunder 228K+
9.North 162K+
10.Taiwan 138K+
11.Tu Le 132K+
12.SHINee 131K+
13.Gorgeous 119K+
14.Liberal 105K+
15.Modi 95K+
16.stranger things 92K+
17.hobi 79K+
18.Quad 71K+
19.Gorr 61K+
20.Drew 56K+
21.Christian Bale 53K+
22.Liberals 43K+
23.Define 40K+
24.Toto 37K+
25.Nats 35K+
26.Klopp 31K+
27.Greens 29K+
28.Foreign Minister 27K+
29.Hunter x Hunter 27K+
30.#BetterCallSaul 26K+
31.Zeus 25K+
32.Libs 23K+
33.Parody 23K+
34.Togashi 23K+
35.Billie 18K+
36.Unprecedented 18K+
37.Nationals 16K+
38.Uyghur 15K+
39.Dutton 15K+
40.Murdoch 15K+
41.Tsonga 15K+
42.Fiona 11K+
43.Phillips 11K+
44.Barnaby 10K+
45.Kissinger 10K+
46.lisette <10K
47.PRGuy <10K
48.Probyn <10K
49.South Vietnam <10K
50.Estelle <10K
51.#MasterChefAU <10K
52.Jai Hindley <10K
53.Dai Le <10K
54.Quiet Australians <10K
55.Wellington <10K
56.Melanie <10K
57.Mark McGowan <10K
58.Darren Chester <10K
59.#CheapSeatsAU <10K
60.#fratl <10K
61.#BBAU <10K
62.Penny Wong <10K
63.Bernie Finn <10K
64.Benji <10K
65.Curly <10K
66.Former PM <10K
67.Taras <10K
68.Daily Quordle 120 <10K
69.ICAC <10K
70.Aleisha <10K
71.Gilmore <10K
72.Geraldine Doogue <10K
73.Downer <10K
74.Timor Leste <10K
75.Ita Buttrose <10K
76.#AusVotes22 <10K
77.#afternoonbriefing <10K
78.PM Albanese <10K
79.jock <10K
80.#couchpeloton <10K
81.#AlboIsOurPM <10K
82.Mr Speaker <10K
83.Lismore <10K
84.Sukkar <10K
85.national broodmare sale <10K
86.Christine Milne <10K
87.Teals <10K
88.Pentecostalism <10K
89.Section 44 <10K
90.Dier <10K
91.#TheDrum <10K
92.sam switkowski <10K
93.Ricky Gervais <10K
94.Carroll <10K
95.Jim Chalmers <10K
96.Prime Minister Albanese <10K
97.Chris Hemsworth <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

By leaving their agency and going independent, #GOT7 upended the rules of an industry that normally controls its stars with an iron fist. @_xTGx speaks to the Idol group about rewriting the #Kpop career arc from within:

Twitter trends Australia - idol by GQ Australia

Labor back in front narrowly in Gilmore after polling place transposition error fixed.

I don’t know @dai_le & have never met her. We probably differ on many things politically. I have to say I am so disturbed to see people trolling through her background to try & discredit her. The 1st Federal MP who was a refugee. We should be celebrating this #racism #auspol

#BREAKING 🚨 Victorian Liberal MP Bernie Finn has been kicked out of the parliamentary party following a vote this morning | #6NewsAU

BREAKING: Bernie Finn has been expelled from the Victorian Liberal Party over his comments on abortion. @newscomauHQ

Mark Dreyfus flags Bernard Collaery case as priority if appointed attorney general

Dear @CommBank Your advertising appeared on Sky News alongside Paul Murray making fun of & disrespecting the elevation on of the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander flags. Is this a reflection of your corporate values #Auspol

Probyn opined on our behalf that: “...the Morrison Government will be remembered fondly.” by whom?

INCREDIBLE! 💰 Away Game sells for a whopping $4,000,000 at the @mmsnippets National Broodmare Sale. #MMGCNational2022 @cmaherracing

Twitter trends Australia - national broodmare sale by

Victorian MP Bernie Finn Today After Having His Membership With The Liberal Party Terminated

Ronni is a true thought leader - for women, for integrity, and for an Australia that takes a damn hard look at itself in the mirror and chooses to be better.

The “quiet Australians” didn’t end up being male tradies but two million professional women who voted against the Libs in record numbers, writes Susie O’Brien.

Christine Milne on #TheDrum nails it. Australia is moving from 2 party system to more inclusive parliament .

Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg says he will work to ensure the Voice referendum passes. We have waited too long, he said this morning. @RadioNational #auspol

Good morning to Rowan Dean and Paul Murray. Labor and Independent Govt for three years. May the ranting continue.