Australia | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Today

Updated: March 31st, 2023 03:42 PM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.Trump 2M+
2.jisoo 900K+
3.Biden 643K+
4.America 600K+
5.Criminal 420K+
6.Grand Jury 345K+
7.The Age 141K+
8.#TrumpIndictment 121K+
9.Ricky 108K+
10.Stormy Daniels 104K+
11.Junior 96K+
12.Scott Pilgrim 95K+
13.Easter 87K+
14.haruto 83K+
15.Tyler 81K+
16.Garcia 79K+
17.Bucks 61K+
19.Celtics 48K+
20.#AusGP 37K+
21.Assange 35K+
22.Adams 32K+
23.Pelosi 32K+
24.Teddy 31K+
25.Julian Assange 31K+
26.April Fools 30K+
27.Bolt 24K+
28.Tatum 21K+
29.Aston 21K+
30.Salmon 18K+
31.Latham 12K+
32.Sticky 10K+
33.Roshena Campbell <10K
34.Grand Prix <10K
35.#AFLDogsLions <10K
36.#AFLPiesTigers <10K
37.Speers <10K
38.#WSWvADL <10K
39.#TransDayOfVisibility <10K
40.Darcy Moore <10K
41.Porter Davis <10K
42.Bont <10K
44.Greenwich <10K
45.Laura Tingle <10K
46.Alex Greenwich <10K
47.Penrith <10K
48.Dutton <10K
49.Ricky Stuart <10K
50.John Farnham <10K
51.Ash Johnson <10K
52.Jamarra <10K
53.Nathan Cleary <10K
54.Pauline <10K
55.Naarm <10K
56.John Anderson <10K
57.Latrell <10K
58.Triple M <10K
59.#NRLRaidersPanthers <10K
60.Race 4 <10K
61.Cleary <10K
62.WAFL <10K
63.#NRLSouthsStorm <10K
64.#NRLRoostersEels <10K
65.Lobb <10K
66.Clive <10K
67.Constable <10K
68.Chesser <10K
69.Richmond <10K
70.Thunderstruck <10K
71.Naughton <10K
72.Clive Palmer <10K
73.Mary Doyle <10K
74.McStay <10K
75.Albert Park <10K
76.Niantic <10K
77.Rapana <10K
78.Rory Lobb <10K
79.Nicky Winmar <10K
80.Brodie <10K
81.Warbrick <10K
82.Sussan <10K
83.Kerry Packer <10K
84.Zac Hosking <10K
85.Daily Quordle 431 <10K
86.#TDOV <10K
87.Cowan <10K
88.Nick Daicos <10K
89.Daniher <10K
90.Hipwood <10K
91.Canberra <10K
92.Bobby Hill <10K
93.Doug Mulray <10K
94.Wilmot <10K
95.Welcome to Country <10K
96.Al Capone <10K
97.Tago <10K
98.Collingwood <10K
99.Keary <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

Breaking: Laura Tingle elected to the Board of the ABC. There were some strong candidates, from a range of backgrounds, with Laura’s win just being declared. With Laura a very strong addition to an important national institution @latingle

Tomorrow, my neighbours in Aston choose their new MP. Mary Doyle will make a terrific, genuinely local representative. 🗳️ 100 years of history is against Mary. But she’s a fighter trying to make history for her community. #auspol

Twitter trends Australia - Mary Doyle by Julian Hill MP

Hanson wanted Latham in One Nation BECAUSE he is nasty and bigoted. He gets media attention by saying gross things. That’s the One Nation brand. So it’s rich for her to now be acting like he’s gone rogue with his homophobic tweet. She attended an anti-trans rally last week!

These are the same people that launched my prosecution. Well done again to Labor and ⁦@JulianHillMP⁩ and Shorten for going hard on this. The Aust people are sick of it. Every Govt contract seems to be covered in sleaze, while workers do it tough

SEN 1116
SEN 1116

“I’ll say it, they can’t win the flag with Daniher and Hipwood.” 🌋 MORE: @kanecornes

Twitter trends Australia - Daniher by SEN 1116

Bont is an unbelievable leader, made sure Jamarra Ugle-Hagan was at the front as the team walked down to the room. A strong and subtle message for a young player to know his whole team is behind him after what happened last week. #AFLDogsLions

#AndrewBolt says even Sky is finished with #MarkLatham - “He will be a pariah, and not just here at Sky.”

The Australian Government is tonight facing a staggering $300 billion dollar lawsuit from Clive Palmer. @JackHahn9News #9News

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

Jamarra 🖤💛❤️ Full story from #AFLDogsLions here 📝:

Twitter trends Australia - Jamarra by Fox Footy

TONIGHT 🐰⚡ #NRLSouthsStorm 📺 Tune in to watch on @nrlonnine

Twitter trends Australia - #NRLSouthsStorm by NRL

Have we seen Nick Daicos play in the wet yet? (At senior level). Based on what his Dad did on wet grounds we may see something even more special tonight #gopies #AFLPiesTigers

Going early with my -3. Trade bait Bont . 75 at HT, still hasn’t cracked 100 #AFLFantasy

Jane Caro
Jane Caro

So my Twitter feed is once again full of Donald Trump and Mark Latham but, this time, it’s different. Are we finally waking up and seeing through the bullshit, belligerence and bluster of macho politics?


No late changes this evening. Subs: @CollingwoodFC - Josh Carmichael @Richmond_FC - Noah Cumberland #AFLPiesTigers

Calling all What do you reckon Jaeman Salmon screamed after scoring the final try? 👀 📺WATCH #NRLSouthsStorm on Ch. 502 or stream via @kayosports ✍️BLOG 🔢 MATCH CENTRE