Australia | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Today

Updated: September 26th, 2022 03:42 AM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.Iran 1M+
2.Rihanna 423K+
3.Bills 182K+
4.Dahmer 150K+
5.Italy 149K+
6.Cats 108K+
7.Dolphins 102K+
8.Chiefs 84K+
9.Patriots 80K+
10.Colts 67K+
11.Labor 63K+
12.Opposition 61K+
13.Super Bowl 45K+
14.Campbell 38K+
16.Wentz 30K+
17.Duke 26K+
18.#insiders 25K+
19.Mankad 22K+
20.Shana Tova 22K+
21.Remco 18K+
22.Bluetooth 15K+
23.Maiden 14K+
24.Halo 3 13K+
25.Jane Hume 13K+
26.icac 10K+
27.Kuol <10K
28.Daily Quordle 245 <10K
29.Dutton <10K
30.Devlin <10K
31.Thunderstruck <10K
32.Selwood <10K
33.JobKeeper <10K
34.Penrith <10K
35.Robodebt <10K
36.#nzlvaus <10K
37.Daily Quordle 244 <10K
38.Robbie Williams <10K
39.speers <10K
40.i wish i win <10K
41.coorey <10K
42.Buckley <10K
43.kikau <10K
44.cumdog <10K
45.milne <10K
46.Geelong <10K
47.Rapture <10K
48.#nrlpantherssouths <10K
49.Sam Newman <10K
50.nsw cup <10K
51.Sandown <10K
52.Joel Selwood <10K
53.latrell <10K
54.#AFLGF <10K
55.#AFLGrandFinal <10K
56.Cam Green <10K
57.Finch <10K
58.Deng <10K
59.alligator blood <10K
60.Stef <10K
61.Waltz On <10K
62.Bec Allen <10K
63.Cameron Green <10K
64.Angus Taylor <10K
65.isaac smith <10K
66.Norm Smith <10K
67.Optus <10K
68.opals <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

Shorter Coalition, as channeled through Jane Hume, “we don’t have policies, we’re in opposition”. 🤨

Wishing the Australian Jewish community a sweet and happy New Year as you gather for Rosh Hashanah. Shana Tova.

Twitter trends Australia - Happy Jewish New Year by Anthony Albanese
Fox Footy
Fox Footy

“My Pop, who I was very close to and had a lot to do with the person I am today ... passed away on Wednesday ... I made a mad dash to Albury and spent 24 hours with him, I’ll be forever grateful he was still mentally there. ❤️ MORE > #AFLGF

Twitter trends Australia - norm smith by Fox Footy

If we get federal ICAC wrong “it will stop good people” standing for public office: Jane Hulme. Yes NACC legislation must have procedural fairness. It will. So that’s clear. Calling all good people: please stand for election. You have nothing to fear but integrity/accountability.

Twitter trends Australia - ICAC by Quentin Dempster

Viliame Kikau is free to play in the 2022 Grand Final after being charged with a Grade One shoulder charge offence for his tackle on Campbell Graham.

Twitter trends Australia - kikau by NRL

THE GATOR! 🐊🩸 Alligator Blood takes out a star-studded G1 Underwood Stakes @GaiWaterhouse1


When it’s your first time at 1800 and you beat Zaaki and I’m Thunderstruck in a Group 1 🐊🩸

Twitter trends Australia - Thunderstruck by TAB

JUST IN Taane Milne will miss six games with an early guilty plea after being sent off for a high shot MORE:

Twitter trends Australia - Penrith by Fox League

Panthers fans can breathe a big sigh of relief 🥲✅ DETAILS:

Twitter trends Australia - Penrith by Fox League
Fox Footy
Fox Footy

“We share a very special friendship, and I consider him like family. He has my back and I have his.” ❤️ MORE > #AFLGF

Twitter trends Australia - Joel Selwood by Fox Footy
Fox Footy
Fox Footy

‘Done something very silly’: Priceless moment in Cats star’s all-time premiership afterparty 😂🐄🏅 MORE > #AFLGF

Twitter trends Australia - Chris Scott by Fox Footy

Such a fantastic day of racing at Sandown today, what a wonderful track that is a great asset to the racing industry. The atmosphere was terrific. The more big meetings held at Sandown the better IMO

Garang Kuol is just insane. The confidence to run with the ball into the space and composure to square it to McGree as well. Calling him a talent is almost underplaying how good he is.

What can I say? Alligator Blood. 🐊🩸🆎 Never ever ever give up. Racing with wings for my beloved wife, Joy. The Blood took us to the moon 🚀 with a massive G1 win in the Underwood.

a bizarre assessment of Angus Taylor enjoying his role and talking about the economy from Campbell. More comfortable than Frydenberg ever was, says Campbell. Murphy disagrees. When you talk to them in private, says Campbell. Is that a measure? asks Murphy. #Insiders