Australia | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Today

Updated: May 27th, 2022 04:42 PM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.Texas 1M+
2.Uvalde 1M+
3.Guns 1M+
4.America 698K+
5.the nra 532K+
6.Beto 484K+
7.Ray Liotta 422K+
8.Warriors 357K+
9.#savetf2 308K+
10.Ted Cruz 258K+
11.AR-15 226K+
12.Goodfellas 177K+
13.Mike 141K+
14.George Floyd 137K+
15.Star Wars 116K+
16.lucas 106K+
17.Buddy 91K+
18.Cream 88K+
19.Luka 85K+
20.Klay 76K+
21.Depeche Mode 75K+
22.#StrangerThings4 70K+
23.Yedam 70K+
24.Andy Fletcher 63K+
25.NBA Finals 57K+
26.make change 51K+
27.Field of Dreams 50K+
28.Mavs 44K+
29.Doug 43K+
30.Billionaires 43K+
31.robin 41K+
32.Hyolyn 41K+
33.Nancy 38K+
34.#ObiWan 36K+
35.#QandA 34K+
36.eddie 33K+
38.Steph Curry 29K+
39.Indigenous 29K+
40.Sophie 25K+
41.Downer 24K+
42.Priya 13K+
43.Voldemort 11K+
44.Border Force 10K+
45.Pezzullo <10K
46.Andrew Symonds <10K
47.Dusty <10K
48.#NRW2022 <10K
49.Murugappan <10K
50.Herald Sun <10K
51.#BeBraveMakeChange <10K
52.Tharni <10K
53.Richmond <10K
54.Haas <10K
55.Tago <10K
56.Jim Chalmers <10K
57.#NRLIndigenous <10K
58.#nrlstormmanly <10K
59.#gotiges <10K
60.Preuss <10K
61.#NRLPanthersCowboys <10K
62.Bec Judd <10K
63.#AFLSwansTigers <10K
64.Bragg <10K
65.Port Arthur <10K
66.chrissy <10K
67.Nadesalingam <10K
68.#NRLBroncosTitans <10K
69.Richard Flanagan <10K
70.Stuart Robert <10K
71.Penrith <10K
72.#CRUvRED <10K
73.National Reconciliation Week <10K
74.Fiji <10K
75.payne haas <10K
76.#Bloods <10K
77.stolen generations <10K
78.Shannon Neale <10K
79.Roughy <10K
80.#IStandWithDan <10K
81.Chester <10K
82.Ronni <10K
83.Daily Quordle 122 <10K
84.#afternoonbriefing <10K
85.Hayes <10K
86.Acting Home Affairs Minister <10K
87.Heeney <10K
88.Lincoln Crowley <10K
89.Tom Uren <10K
90.Munster <10K
91.Paddy Dow <10K
92.#PantherPride <10K
93.Kevon Looney <10K
94.Sinclair <10K
95.Torres Strait <10K
96.#HomeToBilo <10K
97.Brighton <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

Speaking with the Murugappan family about my decision today as interim Home Affairs Minister to enable them to return #HometoBilo, the big-hearted QLD town which has embraced them so warmly #auspol

Twitter trends Australia - Murugappan by Jim Chalmers MP

When I visited Biloela in 2019, I saw just how much the community loves Priya, Nades, Kopika and Tharnicaa. Today my Government has enabled them to return home. #HometoBilo

Twitter trends Australia - #HomeToBilo by Anthony Albanese

It was important for me to travel to the Pacific to demonstrate our commitment to a building a more secure region, and a stronger Pacific family. It was a pleasure to meet with @henrytpuna, Secretary-General of the Pacific Islands Forum in Fiji today.

Twitter trends Australia - Fiji by Senator Penny Wong

Meghan Markle Visited Uvalde To Donate Food At A Blood Drive And Pay Tribute To The School Shooting Victims

Today after 10yr long struggle, yrs in detention, beautiful #Murrugappan family will be told they can finally go #HomeToBilo! Let’s celebrate it fiercely! Then remember the thousands of other families just like them here in Oz with no place to call home. We need seismic change

Twitter trends Australia - #HomeToBilo by Kon Karapanagiotidis
ABC News
ABC News

Scott Morrison instructed Border Force to reveal election day asylum boat arrival

Morrison instructed Border Force to reveal election day asylum boat arrival We must never forget this. After 9 yrs as Minister & PM he told us he couldn’t speak about refugees at sea. This has always been about votes not saving lives via @ABCaustralia

Please note it’s just on a Briding Visa. The Acting Minister for Home Affairs has used their discretion under section 195a of the Migration Act to allow them to return #hometobilo. They’ll have work rights & can go to school but the fight to stay is far from over. It’s a start.

Awful but unsurprising revelation from the ABC - Scott Morrison instructed the Border Force to participate in a political, racist fear campaign on election day around asylum seekers. What an awful little man.

Twitter trends Australia - Border Force by Ketan Joshi
SBS News
SBS News

#BREAKING Since 2018 the Muragappan family have been moved between Christmas island, hospitals and community detention in Perth. They are now free to return to Biloela. Read the full story here: #hometobilo

It’s a no-brainer hire for the Blazers. Only was a question of when someone would hire Mike to a job like this, not if. @mike_schmitz is the best. He’s a genuinely terrific person who eats, lives and breathes this thing.

ABC News
ABC News

Announcement on future of Biloela asylum seeker family to be made today, PM says

Businesswoman Bec Judd says she feels “unsafe” after a number of crimes in Bayside and has vented her anger at the Andrews government.

Kate Miller-Heidke closing the show with a song about “dancing on the grave of an arsehole”. 👨‍🍳 💋 #QandA

I want to assure @HometoBilo campaign that Asylum Seeker Resource Centre will keep doing all we can in support, so that #biolela is the families permanent home not just temporary. A great first step today but permanency is what Priya, Nades, Kopi & Tharni need to truly be safe

Twitter trends Australia - Tharni by Kon Karapanagiotidis