Australia | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Now

Updated: January 25th, 2022 01:37 AM IST

Top Twitter Trends

S.No.Trending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
1.Amazon 1M+
2.#NFTs 717K+
3.Spotify 688K+
4.Biden 670K+
5.#NFTCommunity 559K+
6.Brady 527K+
7.Bills 475K+
8.Rams 427K+
9.Ukraine 425K+
10.America 363K+
11.Mahomes 331K+
12.Russia 320K+
13.Josh Allen 275K+
14.#Euphoria 275K+
15.China 248K+
16.Angel 241K+
17.Europe 223K+
18.Putin 205K+
19.49ers 177K+
20.Sending 169K+
21.Cassie 160K+
22.Nate 151K+
23.Jennie 151K+
24.Packers 144K+
25.Jump 138K+
26.#NFLPlayoffs 128K+
27.NATO 127K+
28.Germany 122K+
29.Jack 120K+
30.jules 102K+
31.Inflation 81K+
32.Nintendo 78K+
33.maddy 72K+
34.elliot 72K+
35.#BUFvsKC 70K+
36.Britain 54K+
37.Taiwan 44K+
38.Julian Assange 40K+
39.Carol 34K+
40.Philippines 29K+
41.McDonalds 29K+
42.Derek 29K+
43.Barnaby 24K+
44.Eminem 24K+
45.Watford 23K+
46.Maggie 22K+
47.Poland 22K+
48.Vine 20K+
49.Iraq 20K+
50.Hamilton 18K+
51.Alfie 18K+
52.Sinner 17K+
53.Sydney Sweeney 11K+
54.Denise 11K+
55.Hughes 11K+
56.Cornet 10K+
57.Peng Shuai 10K+
58.Chemist Warehouse <10K
59.Aboriginal <10K
60.Australia Day <10K
61.Tsitsipas <10K
62.Matildas <10K
63.Bazza <10K
64.Fritz <10K
65.harold thomas <10K
66.#Wordle220 <10K
67.fowler <10K
68.Lisa Wilkinson <10K
69.Invasion Day <10K
70.#melbourneweather <10K
71.Halep <10K
72.#imacelebrityau <10K
73.NDIS <10K
74.Botox <10K
75.Wordle 219 X <10K
76.Stuart Robert <10K
77.New England <10K
78.#phivaus <10K
79.Kaia <10K
80.Deputy PM <10K
81.Stef <10K
82.Grace Tame <10K
83.Kanepi <10K
84.Antony Green <10K
85.Commonwealth <10K
86.jelena dokic <10K
87.WeChat <10K
88.Sabalenka <10K

Australia Top Tweets Now

Weird line of attack where the government is suggesting it’s somehow @AlboMP fault that @ScottMorrisonMP got his WeChat account owned by the Chinese. Or that it’s “not fair!” ALP still has an account and he doesn’t. Are you meant to take this nonsense seriously ?

What do you call an Indian lady that claims to be a human rights activist but sides with overseas Houthi terrorist militias after they killed 2 innocent Indian workers in the UAE!?

Sit down. You wouldn’t be Muslim today and believe you’re going to paradise if it wasn’t for the Arabs that converted your ancestors to Islam. Those “bloodthirsty Saudis” are the world’s #1 donor to Muslims in Yemen, exceeding $ Billion in 2019 alone, more than the USA & UK.

Another train wreck interview from Mr Morrison’s Deputy @Barnaby_Joyce: 1 Claims there’s plenty of RATs in 🇦🇺 2 Govt couldn’t predict RATs were needed 🤦‍♂️ 3 Refuses to acknowledge any mistakes despite empty supermarket shelves 🤯 4 Attacks WA Premier McGowan #NotOnYourSide

Prof. Raina MacIntyre says we need vaccine booster specifically for Omicron. Original vaccines were for Wuhan strain. New vaccines should be ready for US in March. Reinfection with Omicron is now a global pattern. No such thing as “herd immunity”. Australia is not in the queue.

SENSATIONAL! 🤯 Take a bow, Reece Topley! 🤩 What a run out! #WIvENG

Reminder that Barnaby Joyce gets rapid antigen tests on demand for free. If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for the rest of us.

#BREAKING: The Aboriginal Flag can now be reproduced without permission paying a fee after negotiations with Luritja artist Harold Thomas. Via @nadine_silva_

Lisa Wilkinson is not clever. She is not insightful. She is not entertaining. She is nothing more than a middle-age wannabe Kardashian married to a wannabe pirate. Her ratings are comparable to QandA. Stop giving her mental bandwidth. She is an awful snob in a sea of privilege.

“People are not dying” Deputy PM @Barnaby_Joyce immediately apologises after saying “people are not dying” of COVID in Australia. #auspol #RNBreakfast @patskarvelas

Biloela Tamil family wins challenge to decision barring them from reapplying for bridging visas

Australian government buys copyright to Aboriginal flag in $20m deal