Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Twitter trends in Australia now - Melbourne, Christmas Island, Bush, Bolt, Sony, Darling Harbour, Nancy, Spotify, Taylor.

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.Spotify 1118587
2.#2020Wrapped 670714
3.America 667218
4.The UK 532612
5.Apple 487584
6.Trans 464089
7.Fortnite 337472
8.jungkook 294854
9.Republican 292302
10.Democrats 287270
11.Harry Styles 281143
12.Pfizer 236889
13.seokjin 225112
15.Martial 190987
16.Conference 190512
17.Taylor 176791
18.Defund the Police 167342
19.Draw 161878
20.Wall 161101
21.Impact 154139
22.baekhyun 147952
23.Washington 144678
24.Senator 142970
25.Lucas 141196
26.Josh 126269
27.Love Story 124025
28.Central 111086
29.hotel 106133
30.Peak 103298
31.Stone 100199
32.Monster 98293
33.Ravens 97249
34.Rudy 94940
35.Fox News 85412
36.Steelers 83873
37.Wise 78336
38.Praying 75720
39.Kate 74085
40.Islam 74071
41.Ryan 74019
42.PayPal 73485
43.#biggestlosertrump 73471
44.Church 72674
45.Nigerian 72136
46.Phil 67652
47.Ronaldo 62721
48.haechan 60873
49.Chelsea 60784
50.LeBron 60505
51.Messi 59715
52.Tommy 59664
53.candace 58721
54.Nancy 58430
55.Microsoft 58005
56.Houston 57505
57.Boris 57119
58.Sevilla 55852
59.Minecraft 55281
60.Sting 55175
61.Virgo 54382
62.Neymar 53635
63.#AEWDynamite 52324
64.Cavani 49467
65.Manchester United 49044
66.Hindu 48094
67.Bush 46351
68.bill 2020 45406
69.FIFA 43320
70.#MUFC 42967
71.Climate Change 40113
72.Dubai 40070
73.Pat Patterson 39323
74.Emily 38177
75.Sasha 37879
76.Wizards 37313
77.Rockets 36928
78.Clippers 36878
79.#MUNPSG 36732
80.Lucy 35941
81.covid-19 world 34731
82.Westbrook 32887
83.Lady Gaga 31852
84.Rashford 31653
85.#TrumpCrimeFamily 31025
86.Sony 30836
87.Boris Johnson 30522
88.Levi 30437
89.Pence 29769
90.Candace Owens 29416
91.Kenny 27769
92.Donny 27190
93.Oliver 25406
94.Sebastian 23859
95.Britney Spears 23079
96.Hailee 22397
97.#StandWithHongKong 21324
98.Toni 21110
99.Carl 20119
100.Elliott Page 20039
101.Kate Bishop 19847
102.Heartbreaking 19800
103.Canadians 18704
104.Welp 18703
105.Oreos 18626
106.Bolt 18404
107.#SEVCHE 18352
108.Sky News 18248
109.Yemen 16920
110.ABC News 16480
111.Hugh Keays 16346
112.International Day 16232
113.#PowerPactGospel 16016
114.Helen 15688
115.Immortan Joe 15588
116.Matrix 15294
117.Thankfully 15238
118.Louise 14085
119.harries 13936
120.Russ 13849
121.Giroud 13427
122.Melbourne 13422
123.Shaun 13221
124.Hugh Keays-Byrne 13209
125.McTominay 13172
126.United Nations 12923
127.Sherlock 12786
128.Chris Brown 11687
129.Pogba 11673
130.Elvis 11006
131.Harden 10847
132.Question Time 10666
133.Werner 10620
134.#SuperstarsofSTEM <10k
135.WeChat <10k
136.Country Hour <10k
137.McGowan <10k
138.Great Barrier Reef <10k
139.torres strait <10k
140.Building Back Better <10k
141.SO TRUE <10k
142.West Indies <10k
143.#NZvWI <10k
144.#scottyfromarketing <10k
145.World Heritage <10k
146.Greg Hunt <10k
147.Kyneton <10k
148.alan jones <10k
149.Lefties <10k
150.Coffs Harbour <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

Martin Flanagan
Martin Flanagan ()

When did Andrew Bolt write one (1) story that expressed a love of Melbourne? Of its history, traditions, great characters? Bolt was a virus in its veins. His job was to make it feverish, ill-tempered, tearing at itself. What he served was the Murdoch business model.

Margot Saville
Margot Saville ()

FFS, when you’re out at Public Bar playing tonsil hockey with a young woman, with half the Canberra press gallery in sight - really? Did the ABC have Ministers tailed? No, it didn’t. ()

The decision to review was an inspired one! ☝ Hazlewood gets Kohli for the third time this series! #OhWhatAFeeling @Toyota_Aus | #AUSvIND

Fox Cricket
Fox Cricket ()

SHOT OF THE SERIES ‼️ 🙌 📺 Watch #AUSvIND ODI Series on #FoxCricket Ch 501 or 💻 Stream on Kayo: 📝 Live blog: 📱Match Centre:

Erin Holland
Erin Holland ()

Bit bright this 😆 but my @affinitydiamonds and highlighter be popping! Game on here at Manuka Oval with @SonySportsIndia 🏏 #AusVInd

Manuka,Twitter trends in Australia now
ABC News
ABC News ()

Gladys Berejiklian oversaw fund that set aside $ for project backed by Daryl Maguire

Guardian Australia
Guardian Australia ()

Priya and Nades and their children have been held on Christmas Island for more than a year | First Dog on the Moon

Karen Middleton
Karen Middleton ()

The legendary & unfailingly irreverent Mungo MacCallum says farewell to the journalistic endeavour. Cheers to a phenomenal career.

🍩 MFW 🍩
🍩 MFW 🍩 ()

I was under the impression till now Andrew Bolt may have been moving to my region in country VIC. I’m SO relieved to hear he might instead be moving to Somers, which is a long, long way from my region. Sorry for all you peninsula-dwellers, tho ... oh okay not really ... 😜

The Sydney Morning Herald
The Sydney Morning Herald ()

Beijing controls Chinese-language media agencies in Australia, says intel agency

The Age
The Age ()

The Office of National Intelligence has confidentially briefed the government that many of Australia’s most popular Chinese-language news outlets have been co-opted by Beijing.

Fox Cricket
Fox Cricket ()

‘Lucky you blokes could bat’: Warnie and Howie rip Waugh over poor academic skills 🤣🔥 👉

Shane Warne,Twitter trends in Australia now ()

Steve Smith presented Cameron Green with his ODI cap and had a few words of advice for the young allrounder #AUSvIND

Alex Saunders 🇦🇺👨‍🔬
Alex Saunders 🇦🇺👨‍🔬 ()

Last year Mark Carney (Bank of England) said the USD is no longer working as the world reserve currency. Now he & Larry Find (BlackRock) are just casually chatting about how that magic internet money we call #Bitcoin could solve all their problems. 🇬🇧🏦💷

Sky News Australia
Sky News Australia ()

Sky News host Paul Murray says one of the most “insidious” occurrences of 2020 is how American media has “ignored truths” which have been before their very eyes.

Fox Cricket
Fox Cricket ()

‘The greatest’: King Kohli shatters Tendulkar’s record for fastest player to 12,000 ODI runs 😮🔥 👉

Manuka Oval,Twitter trends in Australia now
Aust War Memorial
Aust War Memorial ()

His rank was ordinary seaman, but there was nothing ordinary about Edward “Teddy” Sheean. His nephew, Garry Ivory, has dedicated almost half his life to campaigning for proper recognition of his uncle’s bravery. Read the article:

Garry,Twitter trends in Australia now
🍩 MFW 🍩
🍩 MFW 🍩 ()

Once The Blot leaves Melbourne, it will be one step closer to a #MurdochFreeMelbourne. Who are the other NewsCorp flunkeys living there, so we can politely ask them to fuck off too?

blot,Twitter trends in Australia now
Abc730 ()

Gladys Berejiklian oversaw fund that set aside $ for project backed by Daryl Maguire. More tonight #abc730 @FarrellPF @aljmcdonald #nswpol

Sciencegovau ()

An aerospace engineer ✈ and a marine ecologist 🤿 are among the 60 new #SuperstarsofSTEM – The program empowers amazing women working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to be public role models for girls and young women:

#SuperstarsofSTEM,Twitter trends in Australia now