Australia | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Today

Updated: October 2nd, 2022 04:42 AM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.Putin 835K+
2.Arsenal 505K+
3.Covid 440K+
4.NATO 328K+
5.Halloween 326K+
6.Liverpool 210K+
7.Lyman 195K+
8.Chelsea 194K+
9.Tottenham 175K+
10.#ARSTOT 153K+
11.Gabriel 153K+
12.Brighton 135K+
13.#SingaporeGP 109K+
14.North London 98K+
15.Spurs 92K+
16.Partey 83K+
17.Saliba 75K+
18.CPAC 74K+
19.#CRYCHE 74K+
20.#LIVBHA 70K+
21.Silva 65K+
22.Potter 63K+
23.Game Day 60K+
24.Emerson 58K+
25.Diaz 58K+
26.Xhaka 58K+
27.Trent 56K+
28.Conte 50K+
29.Bobby 48K+
30.Gallagher 45K+
31.Mount 45K+
32.Klopp 43K+
33.Thiago 36K+
34.Sterling 34K+
35.Trossard 33K+
36.Fulham 24K+
37.Nunez 19K+
38.Firmino 17K+
39.Credit Suisse 17K+
40.Lloris 13K+
41.Jota 12K+
42.Milner 12K+
43.Alisson 11K+
44.#fibawwc 11K+
45.Toure <10K
46.National Cabinet <10K
47.Lauren Jackson <10K
48.steph talbot <10K
49.Arzani <10K
50.sheedy <10K
51.Dutton <10K
52.kennards <10K
53.Paul Kelly <10K
54.Croatian <10K
55.#insiders <10K
56.empire of japan <10K
57.Sydney United <10K
58.Fabinho <10K
59.Melbourne CBD <10K
60.Daily Quordle 251 <10K
61.aflw <10K
62.private eye <10K
63.Speers <10K
65.Jeff Kennett <10K
66.MacArthur <10K
67.Dreyfus <10K
68.lunar flare <10K
69.#HBDTopShot <10K
70.Hendo <10K
71.giga kick <10K
72.#UFCVegas61 <10K
73.Steve Price <10K
74.Ellsberg <10K
75.welcome to country <10K
76.Lyle <10K
77.#sudvmac <10K
78.Randwick <10K
79.#NRLGF <10K
80.luke hodge <10K
81.Hodge <10K
82.#AustraliaCup <10K
83.francesco guardi <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

Let’s spare a thought for Murdoch’s Steve Price. Throwing bombs in the hope people will find him edgy, rather than just pitiful.

Hey Siri, show me a masterclass of swing bowling! 😲 NSW were 6-20 as WA and Jhye Richardson tore through the top order 🔥

🥉🥉ROSE GOLD🥉🥉 Our 6th FIBA Women’s World Cup medal has been secured and we could not be more proud of this team!! 💛💚💛💚 WHAT A MOMENT!! #WeAreBasketball

Twitter trends Australia - rose gold by Basketball Australia

🥔 👀 Peter Dutton has the reverse problem of most Opposition Leaders. Unfortunately for him, most people know exactly who he is. 🥔 #auspol

The skipper Tess Madgen leads the “LJ” chant!!! How bloody special. I’m not crying - you are!!!!! 30pts in her last game for the Opals.

Australia loves you Lauren! 💚💛 Lauren Jackson checks out of the game for the last time to raucous applause and a few tears 😢 #FIBAWWC | @aus_opals

SEN 1116
SEN 1116

Luke Hodge issues statement on shock Hawthorn allegations | |#AFL

Twitter trends Australia - luke hodge by SEN 1116

Sydney United fans wanting the Reich back when really they should be worried about their right back getting cooked by Arzani every possession

The FASTEST 100 in #WNCL history!!! Laura Harris brings it up off only 50 balls 🔥

Twitter trends Australia - Laura Harris by

So happy to win the race named after the great man. I trained alongside him at the Randwick trainers hut for decades. I retained some of the knowledge that he passed on. You listen, you learn and you never stop learning.

Twitter trends Australia - randwick by Grahame Begg Racing

Ontem demos a largada para a comemoração da vitória do @LulaOficial aqui na Austrália!

Twitter trends Australia - Na Austrália by GIRL FROM SÃO GONÇALO

ICONIC. Shout out to the Opals on securing the @FIBAWWC Rose Gold 🥉 and to @laurenej15, you are the 🐐 congratulations on an absolutely incredible career 🙌

Twitter trends Australia - rose gold by The NBL
ABC News
ABC News

Hawks president criticises Indigenous players for speaking to ABC

🐯Brilliant come from behind win! 👍🏼 🐯That’s FOUR in a row!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 🐯Upped the pressure when it counted. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 🐯Great team effort. 🙌🏼 🐯Mon Conti is a super ⭐️ 🐯And what a goal by Emelia Yassir! 🤩 🐯So proud. 🖤💛 #AFLWTigersSuns

Twitter trends Australia - #AFLWTigersSuns by Cheryl Critchley

I saw Karen Carpenter Trending on Twitter and was reminded of one of the greatest vocal performances I have ever heard. Her voice was immaculate