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Updated: August 19th, 2022 06:45 PM IST
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3.Lisa 1M+
4.Jennie 696K+
5.Jisoo 661K+
6.jungkook 603K+
7.Casemiro 568K+
8.wonwoo 279K+
9.#SheHulk 196K+
10.The Shot 94K+
11.Sam Harris 78K+
12.Top 4 75K+
13.jikook 74K+
14.Jane 57K+
15.Morrison 56K+
16.Finland 50K+
17.Caro 45K+
18.Teddy 42K+
19.Truck 40K+
20.#auspol 29K+
21.Tigers 27K+
22.Erika 23K+
23.Demons 21K+
24.Petty 19K+
25.Albo 18K+
26.Caleb 14K+
27.Huawei 14K+
28.Riki 14K+
29.Garcelle 11K+
30.Langdon <10K
31.Hurls <10K
32.#NRLSouthsPanthers <10K
33.#AFLLionsDees <10K
34.Coates <10K
35.Jaxson Paulo <10K
36.liam martin <10K
37.Steven May <10K
38.Roos <10K
39.Daily Quordle 207 <10K
40.Neale <10K
41.Sussan <10K
42.Mitch Robinson <10K
43.bombers <10K
44.Pickett <10K
45.Arden Street <10K
46.Turpin <10K
47.Barham <10K
48.Charlie Cameron <10K
49.Umar Patek <10K
50.Torres Strait <10K
51.Rayner <10K
52.Hird <10K
53.Nofa <10K
54.Nour <10K
55.#NRLCowboysWarriors <10K
56.Olam <10K
57.Norf <10K
58.Gardening Australia <10K
59.Munster <10K
60.Daily Quordle 206 <10K
61.Harry Grant <10K
62.vietnam veterans day <10K
63.Ronni <10K
64.Clarko <10K
65.Paul Taylor <10K
66.Ben Brown <10K
67.Ruby Princess <10K
68.Jake Lever <10K
69.Rutten <10K
70.Mess Minister <10K
71.Clarkson <10K
72.#NRLBroncosStorm <10K
73.Zorko <10K
74.Tom Browne <10K
75.Bellamy <10K
76.David Barham <10K
77.Round 23 <10K
78.Gabba <10K
79.Latrell <10K
80.Daniher <10K
81.charlie curnow <10K
82.Justin Olam <10K
83.Scomo <10K
84.sheedy <10K
85.Sonja Hood <10K
86.Viney <10K
87.#EVSummit <10K
88.Suncorp <10K
89.Schnitzel <10K
90.Reece Walsh <10K
91.Michaelia Cash <10K
92.Reynolds <10K
93.Essendon <10K
94.Port Power <10K
95.Sonja <10K
96.Bluey <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

Most have excoriated @ScottMorrisonMP secret ministerial appointments but said they were “legal”. Is that right? The appointments were made so Morrison could exercise the powers of the ministers secretly shadowed by him - as he did with the decision on the gas lease.

A Voice to Parliament will consult Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on issues that impact them. Because when a government listens to people with experience and knowledge of culture and community, the outcomes are better. Respect works.

#RobynDenholm: “batteries are the biggest economic opportunity for australia this century. 70% of tesla’s lithium comes from australia… $1bn last year. but we send it overseas with very little value add. we have all minerals, the skills and the capital.” #EVSummit

Exclusive: How Scott Morrison’s demand for a “direct command and control structure” in health led to clashes between Lieutenant General John Frewen and Health Minister Greg Hunt, with the military leader warning he “answered to the Prime Minister

.@Bowenchris @ #EVSummit “while standards must be designed specifically for australia, standards that lack ambition will leave us at the back of the global queue for cheaper, cleaner vehicles. we do need to aim for as close to best practice as is achievable.”

Twitter trends Australia - #evsummit by 💧simon holmes à court
Fox Footy
Fox Footy

🔵⚪ BREAKING 🔵⚪ Alastair Clarkson will coach North Melbourne in 2023 as the coaching great reaches his much-anticipated decision. MORE:

Twitter trends Australia - Rutten by Fox Footy

A work of (bread) art! 📸 Thanks for sharing serendipitousmommy (on IG) #Bluey

Twitter trends Australia - Bluey by Official Bluey TV

North Melbourne fans already doing cartwheels today… but the admission across town from new Essendon president David Barham that the Bombers should’ve acted quicker at 2-10 to chase Alastair Clarkson will be their cherry on top

The face of a woman who doesn’t need a plan B. 💙🤍💃🏻

Former Melbourne captain and Clarkson Hawthorn lieutenant Todd Viney is locked in as his new right-hand man

Essendon players expressed their displeasure to new president David Barham when he addressed them this morning asking a volley of questions about the shambolic week.

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

North Melbourne has a four-time premiership winning coach. The Bombers have got nothing ... and have been absolutely roasted by the footy world 👀💥 REACTION>>>

Twitter trends Australia - Sonja Hood by Fox Footy

It’s Friday, Roobetters! I know what I’ll be getting up to this weekend…🎮🎰🤑 How about you? 🦘 #FridayFeeling #MrRoo


A massive win for the Demons to lock in a top four spot! #AFLLionsDees

Twitter trends Australia - #AFLLionsDees by AFL

Also, poor Ben Rutten. Him coaching Essendon again in 2023 would be like getting back with your partner after they fooled around a lil bit with someone else who they actually like more. And everyone knows about it. Grim.