Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.Black 2220513
2.Japan 888326
3.Columbus 516426
4.jungkook 497580
5.Delhi 417241
6.Ohio 357474
7.China 317930
8.Queen 297872
9.Jesus 294269
10.jeno 286150
11.Argentina 257105
12.chenle 255705
13.#GlazersOut 255156
14.iMac 254956
15.Mario 232936
16.Prince 226462
17.namjoon 200720
18.SO CUTE 190692
19.PARK JIMIN 161922
20.Indonesia 155114
21.Sean 150631
22.Apex 150348
23.captain 146534
24.Bangtan 142915
25.The Lord 137566
26.Black Lives Matter 136639
27.Tucker 136480
28.Wendy 123108
29.jaemin 122360
30.seokjin 121802
31.The Queen 115180
32.DeFi 114506
33.Insta 111548
34.Kyle 105429
35.Prime Minister 105004
36.#KKRvCSK 98086
37.jisung 97008
38.Top 5 96693
39.jaehyun 95140
40.haechan 94697
41.renjun 88286
42.Cross 83990
43.Josh 80021
44.Jane 76194
45.Grey 74577
46.Roman 72991
47.Nicki 72624
48.Microsoft 66555
49.btob 65566
50.Emilia 62451
51.Iran 61531
52.Elizabeth 60540
53.Lily 60266
54.Kitty 59624
55.seulgi 57614
56.Dave 56598
57.Lauren 55947
58.Everytime 55066
59.Tucker Carlson 51505
60.Tommy 49006
61.John Henry 48126
62.Morgan 47218
63.Steven 46493
64.#THFC 46398
65.jihyo 46111
66.Hydrogen 45478
67.Spain 43885
68.yunho 37868
69.Britain 36496
70.Huawei 36014
71.May Allah 35580
72.Wilson 33778
73.Russell 32622
74.Robin 32351
75.Knuckles 32285
76.Egypt 32167
77.Payne 31194
78.Dr Who 30503
79.Shameless 29282
80.Oliver 28484
81.Drake 28087
82.Origin 27090
83.Colin 26982
84.Bali 26753
85.Barbara 26691
86.Apple Watch 26491
87.Horizon 26225
88.mRNA 26106
89.Superman 25154
90.Nini 25125
91.#COYS 24336
92.devastating 24010
93.Lebron 23436
94.Eddie 22721
95.Swiss 22514
96.Get Smart 21438
97.Sasha 19888
98.Mortal Kombat 19874
99.Megan 19601
100.Kano 19339
101.Correction 19321
102.Syria 17843
103.Jim Steinman 17316
104.wooyoung 17088
105.Aunty 15306
106.Luigi 15170
107.Beijing 15062
108.Queen Elizabeth 14975
109.Albo 13773
110.commonwealth 13290
111.Kiara 13158
112.Louise 12715
113.Marx 12633
114.Prince Philip 12451
115.#Tokyo2020 11993
116.Amhara 10891
117.Brittany 10793
118.Jenna 10406
119.#MortalKombatMovie 10289
120.David Elliott <10k
121.Mark Korda <10k
122.Your Majesty <10k
123.Mark Latham <10k
124.Howard Springs <10k
125.liam wilson <10k
126.Shenhua <10k
127.Ipswich <10k
128.Uyghurs <10k
129.#TheWeekly <10k
130.Therese <10k
131.Mulder <10k
132.Gerry Harvey <10k
133.RAAF <10k
134.Big Daddy <10k
135.national press club <10k
136.Telehealth <10k
137.Pentecostal <10k
138.#FlecheWallone <10k
139.Marty <10k
140.#sbscycling <10k
141.Mitch Creek <10k
142.Victorian <10k
143.Paul Murray <10k
144.Robyn <10k
145.Brett Sutton <10k
146.#ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke <10k
147.Courtney <10k
148.Twiggy <10k
149.wynona <10k
150.Carrie <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

Chief Health Officer, Victoria
Chief Health Officer, Victoria ()

Don’t know what you call a selfie post-vaccine. But here’s my #vaxxie and couldn’t be happier. Caring, professional and efficient approach of everyone at the Royal Exhibition Buildings, especially the ⁦@StVincentsMelb⁩ staff. Thank you!

#vaxxie,Twitter trends in Australia now
Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese ()

Household solar is booming in Australia. Plenty of families want to install a battery – but for many, the cost is still too high. I have a plan to change all that. Labor will build community batteries for household solar, with one battery supporting up to 250 homes.

Australia,Twitter trends in Australia now
The Australian
The Australian ()

BREAKING: Foreign Minister Marise Payne has torn up Victoria’s controversial Belt and Road agreements with China.

Samantha Maiden
Samantha Maiden ()

Ms ⁦@BrittHiggins_⁩ urges PM to set date for face-to-face meeting to discuss significant reforms to protect parliamentary staff and women more broadly ⁦@newscomauHQ⁩

Kristina Keneally
Kristina Keneally ()

Here’s the full story of what it was like meeting Nades, Priya, Kopika and Tharunicaa in Christmas Island #hometobilo “I saw first-hand the terrible toll detention is taking on the Biloela family” via ⁦@GuardianAus⁩ 👇👇

Kristina Keneally
Kristina Keneally ()

On Christmas Island I heard from locals living on the front lines of border security. They do not want the people smugglers resume their evil trade. But they also are amongst the strongest supporters of #hometobilo My piece in @australian today 👇

South Australia Police
South Australia Police ()

Update: Big Bird is back! The bright yellow Sesame Street costume recently stolen from a Circus at Thebarton has been returned in the early hours of this morning. The suspects if apprehended could face one count of theft… two counts of

Big Bird,Twitter trends in Australia now
Samantha Maiden
Samantha Maiden ()

Malcolm Turnbull has lashed Scott Morrison’s “pathetic” sledges about inner city elites in wine bars and climate change policy, urging him to act on more ambitious targets @newscomauHQ

Adelaide 36ers
Adelaide 36ers ()

The Adelaide 36ers are pleased to announce that rising young Filipino talent @kzsottolive has signed a multi-year deal with the Club from NBL22. Read more: #WeAreSixers

Filipino,Twitter trends in Australia now
Rex Patrick
Rex Patrick ()

It’s outrageous that @ScottMorrisonMP won’t let Australians see the charter of responsibility he has given to each of his Minister. He arrogantly commits transparency fraud against us. Transparency is to Morrison as kryptonite is to Superman. #auspol #FOI

Malcolm Turnbull
Malcolm Turnbull ()

Plan?? There is no plan. Millions paid to a Chinese state owned miner to not develop a mine on the Liverpool Plains but unrestricted, relentless expansion of open cut coal mines in #Upperhunter

Dr Tracy Westerman
Dr Tracy Westerman ()

Cameron Doomadgee, 36, died in a police cell; locked up for being drunk. Died from massive internal injuries incl broken ribs, ruptured spleen, liver cleaved in 2 across his spine. The pathologist compared the injuries with those of plane crash victims. Police acquitted 6/8

Financial Review
Financial Review ()

The entire board of Australia Post has been called to give evidence to the Christine Holgate inquiry, with senators set to use another blockbuster hearing to highlight Liberal Party links to the corporation’s leadership.

The Age
The Age ()

Pfizer and Moderna-style vaccines could soon be made in Melbourne. The Victorian government has announced it will put $50 million towards establishing a facility to manufacture mRNA coronavirus vaccines

Dr Tracy Westerman
Dr Tracy Westerman ()

& let’s not forget John Pat a 16 yr old boy beaten to death by police in front of (Aboriginal) witnesses. His revealed a fractured skull, haemorrhage & swelling, as well as bruising and tearing of the brain. Pat sustained massive blows to the head. Officers

Socceroos ()

BREAKING: The Olyroos have been drawn into Group C at #Tokyo2020!

Olyroos,Twitter trends in Australia now
The New Daily
The New Daily ()

#BREAKING Brittany Higgins says it is “disappointing” she hasn’t been able to yet lock in a meeting with Prime Minister @ScottMorrisonMP despite weeks of trying, @JoshButler reports. #auspol

Fox League
Fox League ()

Dragons star Trent Merrin retires from NRL effective immediately at 31 🙏❤️ 👉

Trent Merrin,Twitter trends in Australia now
The Sydney Morning Herald
The Sydney Morning Herald ()

Breaking: Victoria’s Belt and Road deal with China torn up | @Gallo_Ways

NRL ()

Trent Merrin has announced his immediate retirement 😓 Details -

Trent Merrin,Twitter trends in Australia now