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Updated: June 27th, 2022 03:42 PM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.Supreme Court 984K+
2.seokjin 667K+
3.America 567K+
4.SCOTUS 331K+
5.Chan 306K+
6.Glastonbury 251K+
7.#RoeVsWade 195K+
8.#ForbiddenDoor 166K+
9.NATO 119K+
10.Rudy 66K+
11.#StanleyCup 63K+
12.Game 3 59K+
13.Claudio 40K+
14.Ponga 19K+
15.Moore 17K+
16.Marxist 17K+
17.Independents 16K+
18.Morrison 15K+
19.Klein 12K+
20.Stewart 11K+
21.Ashton 10K+
22.Munster <10K
23.Taika Waititi <10K
24.Lismore <10K
25.Tim Smith <10K
26.Jim Chalmers <10K
27.#AFLPiesGiants <10K
28.#BBAU <10K
29.Frank Moorhouse <10K
30.Tedesco <10K
31.Suncorp <10K
32.Jason Clare <10K
33.indies <10K
34.Reggie <10K
35.Prestia <10K
36.Sydney Harbour Tunnel <10K
37.Dion <10K
38.#aflpowersuns <10K
39.Blockade Australia <10K
40.#NinjaWarriorAU <10K
41.Zali <10K
42.dutton government <10K
43.Aldo <10K
44.Jake Trbojevic <10K
45.Tupou <10K
46.#abc730 <10K
47.Daily Quordle 153 <10K
48.Albo <10K
49.Indue <10K
50.Father Bob <10K
51.Kaufusi <10K
52.Luai <10K
53.#MasterChefAU <10K
54.Lambie <10K
55.Boyd <10K
56.Grundy <10K
57.Cleary <10K
58.Greg Sheridan <10K
59.Parliamentary Library <10K
60.Corowa <10K
61.#Origin <10K
62.Burton <10K
63.Penny Wong <10K
64.Buckley <10K
65.#thedrum <10K
66.Geelong <10K
67.Crichton <10K
68.Hollie Hughes <10K
69.Wighton <10K
70.Estelle <10K
71.Nunn <10K
72.latrell <10K
73.Not A Single Doubt <10K
74.Hollie <10K
75.Steve Price <10K
76.tarryn thomas <10K
77.Pocock <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

Something wrong with the TV and stuck on Ch 9 after Origin last night. Being forced to watch Today. Wow. If they think 100 climate change protestors are mucking up the traffic a bit in the city they should see what the floods did for traffic in Lismore.

Jake Trbojevic on his return to Origin: - 71 mins in the middle at prop - 143 metres; the most of any forward - 61 PCM; the most of any forward - 31 tackles from 32 attempts The king in the middle that the Blues needed #Origin #NSWblues


Nathan Cleary earns the Player of the Match after putting on a CLINIC 🚀#BackInBlue

Twitter trends Australia - Cleary by NSWBlues

Michael Ennis believes NFL scouts will come knocking for Matt Burton after his Origin masterclass 🤯💣🎯 STORY 👉

Twitter trends Australia - Wighton by Fox League

#Origin II Half-Time ⏰ Aaaaand 😅 The @NSWBlues leading 14-12 in a THRILLER.

Twitter trends Australia - #NSWblues by NRL
Fox Footy
Fox Footy

“You’ve taken us to this situation. Enough’s enough. Either make a stand, or get rid of the whole stance against the head trauma once and for all, because it’s been absolute crap to this point.” 🔥 David King was fired up on First Crack. MORE >

Twitter trends Australia - Prestia by Fox Footy

What a return to the Origin arena 💪 STORY 👉

Twitter trends Australia - Jake Trbojevic by Fox League

this starts tonight #TypedByJosh #NinjaWarriorAU on @Channel9 and @9Now

I’ve not seen a better explanation on the wildly underrepresented issues of the Stewart-Prestia incident than this from David King.

the amount of people who were backing independents throughout the campaign that have suddenly turned bc of Albanese’s decision is honesty wild gotta be some of the biggest backflips of 2022

Liberal leader Peter Dutton has taken a swipe at the Prime Minister over his European trip and urged the government to immediately adopt his “important” pension reform.

before hitler all germans were whimsical little children in lederhosen running to tell the townsfolk about the wonders of chocolate

UP AND UNDER: Angus Crichton just vomited three times on sideline at HT as made his way to sheds

NSW Police imposed bail conditions on at least one Blockade Australia activist that would prohibit the use of encrypted communication apps and force them to hand over any communications device to police and provide passcodes upon request. Our statement:

💔 RIP Not A Single Doubt 💔 Not A Single Doubt retired from stud duties in January 2020 due to a progressive lung disease and his condition deteriorated in the past few days. As a result, he was euthanised this morning. Our thoughts are with everyone who cared for him.

Twitter trends Australia - Not A Single Doubt by 7HorseRacing 🐎