Australia Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 20th, 2021 09:45 PM IST
S.No.Trending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
1.#YouthToday 914K+ tweets
2.#BTSatUNGA 802K+ tweets
3.SO PROUD 672K+ tweets
4.#OurPrideBTS 543K+ tweets
5.#Emmys 419K+ tweets
6.Emmy 342K+ tweets
7.seokjin 326K+ tweets
8.Gabby 321K+ tweets
9.#GotARMYRightBehindYou 291K+ tweets
10.Bangtan 248K+ tweets
11.China 236K+ tweets
12.#UNGA 214K+ tweets
13.Minister 193K+ tweets
14.De Gea 183K+ tweets
15.Squid Game 180K+ tweets
16.Union 161K+ tweets
17.Lamar 148K+ tweets
18.#WHUMUN 141K+ tweets
19.hobi 135K+ tweets
20.Chiefs 128K+ tweets
21.Porter 125K+ tweets
22.Nazis 107K+ tweets
23.Noble 99K+ tweets
24.CHANYEOL 98K+ tweets
25.The Crown 89K+ tweets
26.Macron 79K+ tweets
27.Hide 78K+ tweets
28.Karen 71K+ tweets
29.Tanya 55K+ tweets
30.Parliament 55K+ tweets
31.Ted Lasso 53K+ tweets
32.Blues 48K+ tweets
33.Construction 45K+ tweets
34.Cabinet 42K+ tweets
35.Evergrande 39K+ tweets
36.Ministry 38K+ tweets
37.Kate Winslet 32K+ tweets
38.Oliver 27K+ tweets
39.Sally 24K+ tweets
40.jimins 17K+ tweets
41.CFMEU 14K+ tweets
42.ACTU 14K+ tweets
43.Ronnie 13K+ tweets
44.Croatia 10K+ tweets
45.Barnaby 10K+ tweets
46.Priya 10K+ tweets
47.Ben Lee <10K tweets
48.beau ryan <10K tweets
49.Sam Dastyari <10K tweets
50.Clarko <10K tweets
51.Acting PM <10K tweets
52.WestConnex <10K tweets
53.#TheBlock <10K tweets
54.Angus Taylor <10K tweets
55.Sam Walsh <10K tweets
56.Matt Canavan <10K tweets
57.#SASAustralia <10K tweets
58.#HYBPA <10K tweets
59.Vito <10K tweets
60.Walsh <10K tweets
61.Setka <10K tweets
62.Teague <10K tweets
63.#DallyM <10K tweets
64.RWNJs <10K tweets
65.#sackdanandrews <10K tweets
66.#thedrum <10K tweets
67.Pearce <10K tweets
68.Bont <10K tweets
69.#afternoonbriefing <10K tweets
70.Sri Lanka <10K tweets
71.#VaxSolidarity <10K tweets
72.Alan Kohler <10K tweets
73.Tim James <10K tweets
74.#brownlow <10K tweets
75.Ollie Wines <10K tweets
76.Avi Yemeni <10K tweets
77.Tradies <10K tweets
78.Macy Gray <10K tweets
79.#CovidVictoria <10K tweets
80.Avi Yemini <10K tweets
81.Simon Birmingham <10K tweets
82.PRGuy <10K tweets
83.#AFL360 <10K tweets
84.Steele <10K tweets
85.teaguey <10K tweets
86.jack vidgen <10K tweets
87.Milford <10K tweets
88.Amanda Vanstone <10K tweets
89.CMFEU <10K tweets
90.#AustralianStory <10K tweets
91.Dan Tehan <10K tweets
92.#abc730 <10K tweets
93.hutchy <10K tweets
94.Herald Sun <10K tweets
95.Biloela <10K tweets
96.Voss <10K tweets
97.Bunnings Karen <10K tweets
98.#IStandWithDan <10K tweets
99.Macrae <10K tweets
100.#MaskedSingerAU <10K tweets
101.7plus <10K tweets
102.#hometoBilo <10K tweets
103.NSW Police <10K tweets
104.Canavan <10K tweets
105.Barnaby Joyce <10K tweets
106.RWNJ <10K tweets
107.Travis Boak <10K tweets
108.Madge <10K tweets
109.Sekta <10K tweets
110.Burnet <10K tweets
111.Atlantis <10K tweets
112.ben cousins <10K tweets
113.VicPol <10K tweets
Australia Top Tweets Now

Construction industry will be shut down for two weeks from midnight tonight. It will be tools down on construction projects across the state - only a very few vital projects will be allowed to continue. @7NewsMelbourne

That Scott Morrison was forced to replace scandal-damaged Christian Porter with scandal-damaged Angus Taylor speaks volumes about the non-vastness of the pool of capable, unblemished talent in the current federal government. #auspol

Major crisis talks going on within the State Goverment tonight over construction. Shutting down the entire industry is not off the table after tradies walked off sites, across the state, angry over the closure of tea rooms and mandatory vaccination. @7NewsMelbourne

Just sent message to Trades Hall Council chief, Sally McManus, that I’m here if needed…Solidarity Forever says EUREKA 🇦🇺👏🤝🕊😁…divide and conquer say the elites aka The Dark Side aka Capitalism gone sour with power.

I’ve already seen one Melbourne anti-lockdown group advertising another ‘protest’ outside CFMEU tomorrow in an encrypted chat. It was only a few weeks ago when anti-vaxxers co-opted the concerns of some truckies & now it seems they are doing the same with tradies in Victoria.

Watching the chaotic scenes outside the CFMEU offices this morning (how many are actual members, by the way?) and I just found out via a rally speaker that the vaccine rollout is actually communism. Is there any chance we can get the rollout happening quicker?

Saw #AustralianStory? Did u know @AlexHawkeMP has power under S195a of Migration Act to grant Tharnicca a permanent visas & freedom from community detention & to incl her family, so can all go home to Biloela, but he doesn’t think it’s in the public interest to do so. #hometobilo

#hometoBilo - Twitter trends in Australia now

Great work @sallymcmanus on @abc730 saying it like it is. The infiltration of unions by RWNJs is a serious concern … even if it’s only a passing, online phenomenon. Stand up to them. Their interests are not the workers. That much is abundantly clear.

#BREAKING: Protesters are now brawling and damaging CFMEU property. Protesters have smashed windows, kicked in glass and thrown bottles at the CFMEU building.

CFMEU - Twitter trends in Australia now

Was Jack Macrae stiff to only poll 14 Brownlow votes despite breaking the all-time record for most disposals in a season? 🤔 MORE >>

Macrae - Twitter trends in Australia now

Follow medical experts on this issue, not mad people on the internet, and not people that have got other motives ... the medical experts are telling us that the very best way to protect yourself and others is to get vaccinated and that is what we support. – Sally McManus, ACTU

No idea the Bilo family were housed in the dilapidated workers camp at Christmas Island, not the expensive upgraded facility. Just when you think it couldn’t be any worse. #AustralianStory