Australia Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 17th, 2021 02:44 PM IST
S.No.Trending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
1.#NCT127_Sticker 1M+ tweets
2.#NCT127Sticker_Accessed 862K+ tweets
3.The US 721K+ tweets
4.NCT 127 STICKER OUT NOW 519K+ tweets
5.Biden 503K+ tweets
6.China 395K+ tweets
7.jaehyun 393K+ tweets
8.haechan 329K+ tweets
9.Deltarune 289K+ tweets
10.johnny 277K+ tweets
11.doyoung 260K+ tweets
12.Nicki Minaj 231K+ tweets
13.Australia 225K+ tweets
14.JUNGWOO 193K+ tweets
15.taeil 183K+ tweets
16.Lil Nas X 108K+ tweets
17.US & UK 103K+ tweets
18.Macron 90K+ tweets
19.Brexit 85K+ tweets
20.eric 83K+ tweets
21.Washington 81K+ tweets
22.Defence 78K+ tweets
23.hobi 76K+ tweets
24.Giants 74K+ tweets
25.Montero 63K+ tweets
26.The French 61K+ tweets
27.soobin 60K+ tweets
28.UK and US 53K+ tweets
29.Boris 53K+ tweets
30.US and UK 53K+ tweets
31.Construction 51K+ tweets
32.APPROVED 50K+ tweets
33.Ruby 49K+ tweets
34.#auspol 45K+ tweets
35.Porter 42K+ tweets
36.Terry 40K+ tweets
37.Selfish 38K+ tweets
38.Rachel 37K+ tweets
39.New Zealand 35K+ tweets
40.Imperial 33K+ tweets
41.Taiwan 32K+ tweets
42.Norm Macdonald 31K+ tweets
43.pence 28K+ tweets
44.Simu 28K+ tweets
45.Heinicke 26K+ tweets
46.Jamie 26K+ tweets
47.UK and Australia 24K+ tweets
48.Collins 24K+ tweets
49.Clive Sinclair 19K+ tweets
50.Sir Clive 19K+ tweets
51.Otis 19K+ tweets
52.Greens 19K+ tweets
53.#AUKUS 18K+ tweets
54.Sir Clive Sinclair 18K+ tweets
55.Doug 18K+ tweets
56.Piers Morgan 15K+ tweets
57.THATS WHAT I WANT 14K+ tweets
58.Indo-Pacific 14K+ tweets
59.Georges 13K+ tweets
60.Morris 13K+ tweets
61.Daniel Jones 12K+ tweets
62.Eddy 10K+ tweets
63.Newcastle 10K+ tweets
64.#ThatFellaDownUnder 10K+ tweets
65.#wankers <10K tweets
66.Tradies <10K tweets
67.Rainbow Warrior <10K tweets
68.Martin Foley <10K tweets
69.#CovidVictoria <10K tweets
70.John Setka <10K tweets
71.Eagle Farm <10K tweets
72.Mohammed Skaf <10K tweets
73.Ballarat <10K tweets
74.Jeroen Weimar <10K tweets
75.Serkan <10K tweets
76.Gould <10K tweets
77.#NYGvsWFT <10K tweets
78.ANZUS <10K tweets
79.#NYGvsWAS <10K tweets
80.paul keating <10K tweets
81.Wodonga <10K tweets
82.LOST IN THE CITADEL <10K tweets
83.CFMEU <10K tweets
84.The Hunt for Red October <10K tweets
85.Jamie Kah <10K tweets
86.Term 3 <10K tweets
87.#QandA <10K tweets
88.228 in ICU <10K tweets
89.Keating <10K tweets
90.Dutton <10K tweets
91.Peter Hartcher <10K tweets
92.Glen Innes <10K tweets
93.Vigil <10K tweets
94.Corey Enright <10K tweets
95.Rosie Batty <10K tweets
96.Albury <10K tweets
97.Essendon <10K tweets
98.BRUCE LEHRMANN <10K tweets
99.Jobe <10K tweets doherty <10K tweets
101.Stan Grant <10K tweets
102.#Submarines <10K tweets
103.pyne <10K tweets
104.Specsavers <10K tweets
105.McLean <10K tweets
106.Elaine <10K tweets
107.USUKA <10K tweets
108.Stephens <10K tweets
109.Bandt <10K tweets
110.#NRLManlyRoosters <10K tweets
111.Left-leaning Twitter <10K tweets
112.Brittany Higgins <10K tweets
113.Rod Stewart <10K tweets
114.Great House <10K tweets
115.Naval Group <10K tweets
116.Setka <10K tweets
117.Robyn <10K tweets
118.wyong <10K tweets
119.Tales of Dominica <10K tweets
120.Jeff Penza <10K tweets
121.Christopher Pyne <10K tweets
122.Chernobyl <10K tweets
123.Steve Price <10K tweets
124.#AskSonic <10K tweets
Australia Top Tweets Now

Das Boot? In reality Australia will have no upgraded submarine capability until 2040 at the earliest. Yesterday’s all the way with the USA/UK was “pure theatrics”. We have no contract. Peter Hartcher’s analysis here👇👇

In case you missed it, Tharnicaa will remain in community detention till Christmas at least & the family unable to go #hometobilo because @AlexHawkeMP today gave only 3 family members bridging visas again for 3 months & left Tharni in community detention. So cruel. So wrong.

Christmas - Twitter trends in Australia now

With Queensland’s decision, five out of six states (all but NSW) have now passed voluntary assisted dying laws. Yet an anachronistic 1997 law prevents the ACT & NT from even debating the issue. This is unjust & undemocratic. The Andrews Law must go. #auspol

#auspol - Twitter trends in Australia now

Afghan Australians are protesting that the Australian Government has left their families to be killed by the Taliban. Tradies are protesting in Melbourne today not being able to use their tea rooms. Privilege at its worst. We don’t get how lucky we are in this country.


Tom Mitchell has won his third Peter Crimmins Medal 👏 More details:

Tom Mitchell - Twitter trends in Australia now

Queen Victoria 👑 Ok there’s a fair bit going on. Numbers first: 514 cases 148 linked 366 mystery 4370 active cases Ballarat 3 new cases Total cases 6 182 in hospital 51 in ICU 29 on ventilators People in hospital: 87% no jab 12% one jab 1 person fully jabbed

Changes Regional (not inc Ballarat) Indoor gyms and pools open Indoor recreation facilities open: 10 people indoor and 20 outdoor. Pools open with limits Sis I haven’t included everything. All changes here:

Ballarat - Twitter trends in Australia now

Martin Foley says there is a child under one in hospital with Covid. Without missing a beat Rachel barks back “Are there any underlying conditions?”

Khal Asfour, Mayor of Canterbury-Bankstown, on double standard in policing Covid restrictions across Sydney. One gets arrested when they’re grieving (in southwest Sydney). The other gets to sunbake (in Bondi). #QandA

A woman in her 20s died at Gosford Hospital. She was not vaccinated. She was a resident of the Life Without Barriers group home in Wyong, where she acquired her infection.

Did Stan Grant ever see Tony Jones host #qanda? He needs to sit & watch a few episodes & learn what ‘host’ means.

The White Jedi. Like Gandalf, Saruman was a servant of the Mortis Gods, sent into the Galaxy to counsel and lead the Jedi. He was eventually corrupted by Darth Sauron and brought over into the Dark Side. Had to pay some homage to Count Dooku as well :)

Gandalf - Twitter trends in Australia now