Australia Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: August 6th, 2021 04:44 AM IST
RankingTrending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
1.Messi 527381
2.Grealish 309247
3.Barcelona 276478
4.#Hockey 270363
5.taylor 174842
6.Barca 132962
7.La Liga 132902
8.#Bronze 128301
9.#Ethereum 126801
10.Ronaldo 116712
11.Victoria 116143
12.Man City 91290
13.Parliament 89417
14.Jeff 83067
15.Ed Sheeran 65753
16.sheeran 64040
17.Hunter 64005
18.Luka 59841
19.Speaker 54163
20.Houston 52754
21.Team USA 52428
22.Cabinet 50454
23.Aaliyah 48188
24.White House 47853
25.phoebe bridgers 46807
26.Phil 39220
27.phoebe 36889
28.Doncic 35680
29.Kohli 31763
30.Better Man 31345
31.Batum 30704
32.Durant 28634
33.#iunlockedthevault 26720
34.Porter 24400
35.Penny 24162
36.Kennedy 21633
37.#ENGvsIND 19995
38.Barnaby 17759
39.Brian Houston 16802
40.Ronan 16779
41.Slovenia 16751
42.Hiroshima 16479
43.Gavin 16327
44.Newcastle 14322
45.Belgium 14144
46.Gulf Stream 13731
47.Ashes 13717
48.Andrews 13241
49.New England 11469
50.#lockdown6 10400
51.Victorians <10k
52.#IStandWithDan <10k
53.Coorey <10k
54.Melissa Wu <10k
55.Sam Kerr <10k
56.Chris Stapleton <10k
57.National Cabinet <10k
58.#ComeOutCharging <10k
59.Paralympics <10k
60.Kookas <10k
61.#ScottyTheBlameShifter <10k
62.Hansard <10k
63.Penny Wong <10k
64.#decathlon <10k
65.#COVID19Vic <10k
66.lake macquarie <10k
67.#AUSvUSA <10k
68.deputy prime minister <10k
69.Belgian <10k
70.Exum <10k
71.Ash Moloney <10k
72.Bunnings <10k
73.Farken <10k
74.grace tame <10k
75.#GossipGirl <10k speaker <10k
77.#DictatorDan <10k
78.goulding <10k
79.#kookaburras <10k
80.#victorialockdown <10k
81.Hendo <10k
82.Laura Tingle <10k
83.Wangaratta <10k
84.bandstand <10k
85.Cedric Dubler <10k
86.#CovidVic <10k
87.Deputy PM <10k
88.#WeAreMatildas <10k
89.Rex Patrick <10k
90.#thebachelorau <10k
91.peter bol <10k
92.Closing the Gap <10k
93.Dan Murphy <10k
94.#SportClimbing <10k
95.Royal Commission <10k
96.Pell <10k
97.Delly <10k
98.West HQ <10k
99.Ronni <10k
100.#qanda <10k
101.#viclockdown <10k
102.Tinashe <10k
103.#NRLKnightsBroncos <10k
104.#ausvbel <10k
105.#boomers <10k
106.#AllStars6 <10k
107.Matt Canavan <10k
108.Keegan Palmer <10k
109.#ScottyFromHillsong <10k
110.Rapinoe <10k
111.tom simons <10k
112.stan grant <10k
113.#BoycottSPC <10k
114.Canavan <10k
Australia Top Tweets Now

Leigh Sales returns from leave on Monday. Thank you Laura Tingle for a fantastic hosting stint. @abc730 is fortunate to have these two incredible journalists on our program.

MATILDAS LEGEND SAM KERR! @samkerr1 has officially become @TheMatildas all-time leading goalscorer with 48 goals ⚽️ #AUSvUSA #WeAreMatildas

#AUSvUSA - Twitter trends in Australia now

Who wants facts? Also - who wants to break things? 🙋🏽‍♀️ Lockdown town came back to Vic like Adele singing Hello - it’s me!! Let’s hit the numbers.

Remember that time when Chris Goulding was hitting 3s, we led the US by 15 points & we were enjoying coming out of the latest Victorian lockdown… I miss 90 minutes ago. #goodtimes

As hard as 7 days of lockdown is in Victoria tonight it honestly pales to 8 years of lockdown for the refugee men imprisoned in Melbourne tonight by @ScottMorrisonMP. Their suffering won’t end next Thursday. #lockdown6

If we have to have #lockdown6 as devastating as this will be for us all, it will still be right choice if a risk of people dying and delta spreading in our communities. This would not be a human rights violation or a basis to protest. It’s us together keeping each other safe.

The only limiting factor in the vaccination of Victorians is the supply from the Commonwealth Government, Premier @DanielAndrewsMP tells #springst #qt in a point of @10NewsFirstMelb

YESSS!! THROUGH TO THE OLYMPIC FINAL! Mariafe and Taliqua win the second set 21-13 and will play for gold in Tokyo!!! What a win! #TokyoTogether #beachvolleyball @ausvolley

#beachvolleyball - Twitter trends in Australia now

“I don’t hold a hose, mate” “It’s not a race.” Mr Morrison never takes responsibility and always blames someone else. #CarParkRorts 👇

Hey @ScottMorrisonMP as all of Victoria suffers tonight we will remember you told us it was not a race. You had one job and you’ve put us here again tonight. #lockdown6

So sad to learn of the passing of Brian Henderson. I have wonderful memories of working with him. Credible, reliable and reassuring on-air, away from the cameras Brian was humble and engaging with a great sense of humour. Brian Henderson made a huge contribution to our industry.

Brian Henderson - Twitter trends in Australia now

Thinking of Al-Taqwa College students, staff and parents who are taking on more than their share of the burden - two outbreaks at the one school since July last year. Thousands of students, including VCE students, forced to isolate for 14 days again.❤️

TASSIE I can’t believe you’re out of the club. Let’s talk about it. A man flew from NSW to VIC then to Tassie. On arrival he was taken to the quarantine bin butttt he decided to leave before his test came back and it was positive.

Australia’s Ash Moloney has won the country’s first track and field medal of the Tokyo games, finishing the final leg of the decathlon – the 1500 metres – quick enough to take home a bronze medal:

ash moloney - Twitter trends in Australia now

I’ll be watching Morrison like a hawk to make sure he follows through on his #ClosingTheGap commitments today. Or will the LNP far right led by Dutton (who boycotted the @NationalApology in 2008) just white-ant the funding process and once again set up these targets to fail.

Premier Daniel Andrews has asked the federal government to send more Pfizer vaccines to Victoria as he locked down the state for the sixth time in a bid to suppress a fresh coronavirus outbreak, writes @paulsakkal | #COVID19Vic #Viclockdown

Breaking: Victoria will enter its sixth lockdown as Premier Daniel Andrews warns he will do “everything we can” to avoid a “NSW-style” outbreak. #COVID19Vic #Viclockdown

Altona North GP Dr Mukesh Haikerwal says his clinic did the test which was notified yesterday. “It’s a different situation to last year” “It’s a much better place now to where we were last year,” @10NewsFirstMelb #springst

Dr Mukesh Haikerwal - Twitter trends in Australia now

Whoa. @DrEricDing on #qanda. Explaining delta is different. It’s a massively powerful panel tonight.

#qanda - Twitter trends in Australia now

Congratulations to Jean van der Westhuyzen and Tom Green on Gold for Australia in the K2 1000m #TokyoTogether 🥇🇦🇺