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Updated: March 29th, 2023 11:44 PM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.For You 4M+
2.Nashville 901K+
3.Guns 734K+
4.America 504K+
5.Elon 193K+
6.AR-15 148K+
7.Tears of the Kingdom 106K+
8.Uvalde 98K+
9.Speaker 80K+
10.Tyler 65K+
11.Easter 61K+
12.Valorant 49K+
13.Sandy Hook 35K+
14.Prince Harry 32K+
15.Beck 29K+
16.Wes Anderson 25K+
17.TotK 22K+
18.BOTW 18K+
19.Lily Savage 17K+
20.#TheMandalorian 13K+
21.Barack Obama 12K+
22.#TheBadBatch 10K+
23.#AloneAustralia <10K
24.Mr Ed <10K
25.Menindee <10K
26.Urge the Environment Minister <10K
27.Greens <10K
28.Indue <10K
29.Sandown <10K
30.Hot Fuzz <10K
31.#AusGP <10K
32.Port Arthur <10K
33.Aunty Joy <10K
34.Welcome to Country <10K
35.Dan Tehan <10K
36.The NRA <10K
37.Andrews <10K
38.Peter Bol <10K
39.Michael Pascoe <10K
40.Pearce <10K
41.Trent Robinson <10K
42.Liberal MPs <10K
43.Warwick Farm <10K
44.#hardquiz <10K
45.joe gauci <10K
46.Coalition MPs <10K
47.#SYDvPER <10K
48.Andrew Hastie <10K
49.Tekken 8 <10K
50.Kiama <10K
51.Garrick <10K
52.add your name <10K
53.stan grant <10K
54.John Kerin <10K
55.Paul Brereton <10K
56.devlin <10K
57.Norwood <10K
58.Gould <10K
59.Jacinta <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

Noticed that pro-climate-action accounts were stagnating or shrinking, and that denier accounts seemed to be ballooning. So - I checked, with some help, Elon Musk has made Twitter into a safe space for pro-fossil fuel disinformation. A 🧵

Twitter trends Australia - Elon by Ketan Joshi

BREAKING: Roshena Campbell, Peter Dutton’s Aston -Candidate-from-Brunswick, pocketed over $30,000 from ratepayers for her own childcare, while OPPOSING Labor’s cheaper childcare for families #auspol

Twitter trends Australia - Roshena Campbell by Julian Hill MP

If we want it bad enough, can we make it happen? 🖋️ Join the @NiallOfficial waitlist to stay tuned for all Australian tour information.

Twitter trends Australia - Ticketek by Ticketek Australia

Daniel Andrews is in China lecturing Victorians about the supposed “toxic” environment for certain minority groups in Victoria, while he is wined and dined by the CCP that are holding a million Uyghur muslims in concentration camps to “re-educate” them.

Credit where credit due, Paul Brereton is a good choice for NACC. He’s scrupulously honest, a true intellect, with a genuine history of service. Congrats to ALP, Albo, and Dreyfus. This is a million miles from the LNP’s flat out refusal to have a NACC.

The Voice was aggressively marketed to conservatives by Aboriginals they admire for advocating personal responsibility but whose signature programs are at odds with what conservatives stand for. It’s a conservative façade spearheading radical change

‘Just relax’ 😡🔥🚫 Trent Robinson blasts Phil Gould’s ‘ridiculous’ and ‘fearful’ Suaalii tirade STORY 👉

Twitter trends Australia - Trent Robinson by Fox League

The Tigers are preparing a huge offer in a move from the struggling club that stinks of desperation 😮😬🤔

Parliament crush: Female attendant injured after former SAS commando Andrew Hastie tries to leave the chamber after the Speaker ordered staff to locks the doors via @newscomauHQ

Could this big-money move actually work ❓⁉ DETAILS 👉

Twitter trends Australia - trent robinson by Fox League

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus has announced Paul Brereton as Australia’s first national anti-corruption commissioner. #auspol #NACC


Trent Robinson has ruled out the possibility of an early release for Joseph Suaalii and urged NSW to consider the Wallabies-bound star for Origin.

Phil Gould has dismissed Trent Robinson’s crack at him over the Joseph Suaalii saga by declaring “you mistake me for someone who cares what he says” 😮🍿👀

ABC News
ABC News

Paul Brereton appointed to lead National Anti-Corruption Commission

Australian star Guy Pearce says that actors should not have to announce their gender identity or sexual preference to attain work, and it should not be used to preclude them from roles.