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Updated: July 6th, 2022 11:42 PM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
2.Boris 521K+
3.Ukraine 394K+
4.Disney 257K+
5.hobi 130K+
6.KARINA 122K+
7.hoshi 93K+
8.Chet 60K+
9.#ThorLoveAndThunder 59K+
10.#PMQs 54K+
11.Sinner 52K+
12.#Wimbledon 52K+
13.Bette 44K+
14.Materia 43K+
15.#TDF2022 38K+
16.God of War 38K+
17.Nadal 35K+
18.Gerald 30K+
19.Westminster 25K+
20.Hawaii 23K+
21.Albo 21K+
22.Fritz 19K+
23.Porter 19K+
24.Morrison 18K+
25.Chad 17K+
26.Billie 16K+
27.#MsMarvel 15K+
28.cheol 14K+
29.Stage 5 14K+
30.Ms Marvel 13K+
31.BoJo 13K+
32.OLED 11K+
33.Ragnarok 10K+
34.Mick Gatto <10K
35.Taranto <10K
36.Hazzard <10K
37.Stuart Dew <10K
38.Simon Clarke <10K
39.Dusty <10K
40.Aaron Mooy <10K
41.matt canavan <10K
42.#sbstdf <10K
43.AAMI <10K
44.Garin <10K
45.Reece Walsh <10K
46.#couchpeloton <10K
47.Reggie <10K
48.Giddey <10K
49.Fiji <10K
50.Coorey <10K
51.Daily Quordle 163 <10K
52.Littleproud <10K
53.Gorr <10K
54.kerry chant <10K
55.daniel johns <10K
56.mvdp <10K
57.Christian Bale <10K
58.Keyma <10K
59.Grand Slam <10K
60.Estelle <10K
61.Happy Birthday Dan <10K
62.Angus Taylor <10K
63.Daily Quordle 164 <10K
64.sandown <10K
65.#afternoonbriefing <10K
66.Singleton <10K
67.Sussan <10K
68.Karen Andrews <10K
69.#BBAU <10K
70.Brenton <10K
71.#fratl <10K
72.Happy 50th <10K
73.Perth Zoo <10K
74.Taras <10K
75.#asksbstdf <10K
76.Daily Quordle 162 <10K
77.Canavan <10K
78.greg jennett <10K
79.Ajla <10K
80.Tricia <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

sir i have asthma and low blood pressure and difficulty absorbing iron and pes planus and allergies and im lactose intolerant please lets calm down on the gene pool for a sec ok

Not a good look for Gatto to be associating with the likes of Porter:

Sky News host Rowan Dean says the Netherlands seems to be sliding into dictatorship under Prime Minister Mark Rutte as its national government has been “penetrated by globalist activists from the World Economic Forum”.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte are golden pin-up boys for Klaus Schwab and the globalist fantasists of the World Economic Forum, says Sky News host Rowan Dean.

Lot of really effective stuff from Chet in drop coverage already. Giddey is way too good for Summer League. Poku has committed a horrible foul, gotten stripped on a post-up and thrown an outrageous behind-the-back pass. I am home.

I mean, I get why the federal Coalition seem so confused and outraged at seeing Albo doing his job. After all, the last guy spent most of his time being photographed pretending to do the jobs of other people instead. #auspol

Our first Semi-Finalist! Congratulations @billie_mckay15 🎉 #MasterChefAU

Twitter trends Australia - Billie by MasterChef Australia

BREAKING: Perth Zoo’s beloved Asian elephant Tricia has died aged 65.

Twitter trends Australia - Perth Zoo by The West Australian

BREAKING | @sam_mcclure reports Richmond, Collingwood, Essendon and Geelong are all making a play for out of contract GWS star Tim Taranto.


The @NZWarriors confirm Reece Walsh is likely to return to Brisbane in 2023 on compassionate grounds. Details ✍

Twitter trends Australia - reece walsh by NRL

“TOTAL CRAP”: Labor Senator Murray Watt has slammed David Littleproud on Twitter, after the Nats leader said the government “hasn’t taken the risk of foot-and-mouth disease seriously enough” “You’ve chosen to lie about it” #6NewsAU #AusPol |

Twitter trends Australia - Littleproud by 6 News Australia

A peach perfect dish from the queen of desserts 🍑 #MasterChefAU

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

Two for Dew! @GoldCoastSUNS confirm a contract extension for their coach. DETAILS 📝:

Twitter trends Australia - Stuart Dew by Fox Footy

@YouAreLobbyLud How about AHPRA actually tone police those practitioners undermining public health at every available opportunity or disseminating disinformation. Really. What a ridiculous state of affairs.


Across the world people are looking for solutions to rising costs of living. Professor @JosephEStiglitz is a Nobel Laureate and former chief economist at the World Bank. He challenges the orthodoxy that big interest rate rises are the answer. #abc730