Australia | Twitter Trending Hashtag And Tweets Now

Updated: October 26th, 2021 12:45 PM IST
S.No.Trending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
1.Halloween 818K+
2.Pakistan 714K+
3.yuta 590K+
4.Liverpool 225K+
5.Dune 198K+
6.The Plan 192K+
7.Sudan 183K+
8.Manchester United 165K+
9.Conte 139K+
10.jungwoo 131K+
11.Anthony 117K+
12.James Michael Tyler 113K+
13.Gunther 109K+
14.Tesla 107K+
15.Crown 97K+
16.Old Trafford 75K+
17.#MUNLIV 65K+
18.Dame 58K+
19.Glasgow 54K+
20.Boris 51K+
21.Historic 49K+
22.Morrison 46K+
23.Zidane 44K+
24.#auspol 44K+
25.Hertz 42K+
26.#WWERaw 41K+
27.Ja Morant 37K+
28.Nats 35K+
29.Nationals 34K+
30.Man U 33K+
31.#HaloInfinite 32K+
32.cabinet 29K+
33.Nadia 26K+
34.Lamelo 20K+
35.Commissioner 15K+
36.Andrews 15K+
37.The G.O.A.T. 14K+
38.JonTron 13K+
39.Birmingham 12K+
40.Tatum 12K+
41.Dr Lanzer <10K
42.Abbie <10K
43.Monterey <10K
44.John Barilaro <10K
45.Neil Mitchell <10K
46.Tim Wilson <10K
47.ABC Perth <10K
48.#Estimates <10K
49.Copenhagen <10K
50.Woolfy <10K
51.Shayne <10K
52.Brett Sutton <10K
53.#afternoonbriefing <10K
54.Wellcamp <10K
55.Senator Wong <10K
56.Narrabri <10K
57.Steven Marshall <10K
58.Keith Pitt <10K
59.Russell Woolf <10K
60.Heroic <10K
61.Canavan <10K
62.Rusty <10K
63.Embiid <10K
64.#LNPClimateCriminals <10K
65.Birmo <10K
66.The Australian Way <10K
67.Swan Hill <10K
68.#rnbreakfast <10K
69.Lisa Millar <10K
70.PowerPoint <10K
71.#winkgate <10K
72.Tasmanian <10K
73.Fight Club <10K
74.Ben Stokes <10K
75.Ms Foster <10K
76.Angus <10K
78.Montague Street Bridge <10K
79.Terminator <10K
80.Rachael <10K
81.Stephanie Foster <10K
82.#NetZero <10K
83.Djokovic <10K
84.Barilaro <10K
85.Kim Garth <10K
86.#4Corners <10K
87.Avi Yemini <10K
88.Jane Norman <10K
89.nev power <10K
90.Matthew Guy <10K
91.Father Bob <10K
92.Mallee <10K
93.JB HiFi <10K
94.Bob Carr <10K
95.Daryl Maguire <10K
96.Victorian Premier <10K
97.Matt Kean <10K
98.#ScottyfromMarketing <10K
99.Leunig <10K
100.Royal Commission <10K
101.SA Health <10K
102.Cashews <10K
103.Giddey <10K
104.Leigh Sales <10K
105.Hannah Gadsby <10K
106.Matilda <10K
107.Tim Smith <10K
108.Carlton Draught <10K
Australia Top Tweets Now

So glad the Prime Minister has a new pamphlet to tackle climate change. 9th year in government & a new pamphlet which says nothing new. #auspol #ScottyFromGaslighting

Sky News host Sharri Markson says it is a “disgrace” that Dr Anthony Fauci is still the top coronavirus medical advisor to the President.

Exclusive: Nationals at war in leaked WhatsApp messages over ‘Terminator’ @mattjcan shooting a “cop” in spoof climate change video @newscomauHQ

Terminator - Twitter trends in Australia now

This man ⁦@Barnaby_Joyce⁩ speaks with forked tongue. He told the Nationals’ party room he does not believe in net zero 2050 which has now been adopted by the LNP Cabinet. The government will not legislate to enshrine the target in law. Our Glasgow “commitment” is a sham.

Cabinet - Twitter trends in Australia now

“The Australian Way” is not a plan. It’s a con. Net zero by 2050 is a death sentence. Morrison’s plan is dangerous and will cost our kids their future.

👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 #ScottyfromMarketing

#ScottyfromMarketing - Twitter trends in Australia now

Nostalgia again….when I was extradited all those years ago from my beloved South Melbourne Parish, 3AW Neil Mitchell reported to the public my predicament and the ETU paid a year’s rent so I could come straight here…solidarity forever👏🤝😁🇦🇺🕊🐪.

Confirmed: @M_McCormackMP confronts @Barnaby_Joyce on the floor of Parliament over leaked Terminator texts. He’s furious over this story

Thank you for speaking up and sharing your stories. #4Corners

Stunned to hear of Russell Woolf’s death as I arrived in the Nine office this morning. He was the guy with the biggest hug when a good mate of mine, Matt Price, died. He kept the hug happening for the following 14 years, whenever we bumped into one another. Goodbye Woolfy.

The death of popular Perth radio host Russell Woolf has shocked the industry.

Russell Woolf - Twitter trends in Australia now

John Barilaro has told corruption investigators “no one” in the NSW parliament suspected Gladys Berejiklian was in a relationship with a “pain in the arse” MP