Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.#BTS8thAnniversary 1928653
2.Christian Eriksen 1390671
3.JUNGKOOK 950795
4.Trump 632748
5.#EURO2020 614360
6.Denmark 508144
7.Biden 459539
8.NAMJOON 321997
9.China 300597
10.#BTSARMY 256321
11.England 252979
12.Johnson 246152
13.Draw 226992
14.Penguin Key To SSR Murder 189413
15.vinnie 176086
16.Diaz 170073
17.bryce 162490
18.#BTSFESTA2021 147034
19.HOSEOK 145016
20.Deji 129278
21.Boris 125828
22.#UFC263 117272
23.hobi 112989
24.Ubisoft 110229
25.Leon 87482
26.Bobby 86968
27.Australia 77981
28.Hill 61009
29.Alex Jones 60696
30.jimins 58641
31.tayler 58085
32.Andy 56719
33.Jarvis 52499
34.Rigged 48388
35.Moreno 48166
37.Emperor 42708
38.changmin 40823
39.#youtubersvstiktokers 38484
40.Morrison 38081
41.Adesanya 37463
42.Sancho 36493
43.Edwards 36112
44.Anne Frank 35949
45.billie 33010
46.Trippier 32542
47.Vettori 32462
48.Marvin 32181
49.Kelly 30769
50.Izzy 27994
51.Clippers 27534
52.Grealish 26416
53.Chris Evans 26320
54.Croatia 25977
55.Austin McBroom 25838
56.Craig 23043
57.sunwoo 22513
58.Kent 21549
59.Chilwell 20942
60.Roar 19254
61.Murphy 19073
62.john smith 17923
63.Kick Off 17291
64.Maia 16522
65.Clark 15996
66.callahan 15670
67.Reds 14436
68.#ENGvNZ 14185
69.Martha 13903
70.Joe Rogan 13501
71.#ENGCRO 12787
72.Mummy 12721
73.#insiders 12692
74.Kennedy 12555
75.Southgate 11982
76.Leon Edwards 11507
77.#SocialGloves 11443
78.#XboxBethesda 11435
79.Moses 11289
80.Brooks 10803
81.Toby Greene <10k
82.Hetherington <10k
83.Ingrid <10k
84.#gotiges <10k
85.#CelebrityApprentice <10k
86.Optus Stadium <10k
87.Nicho Hynes <10k
88.Laurie <10k
89.Nate Diaz <10k
90.#SSNFirebirdsFever <10k
91.#QueensBirthdayHonours <10k
92.Powell <10k
93.Tarryn Thomas <10k
94.Joe Ingles <10k
95.Haynes <10k
96.Tassie <10k
97.Zero COVID <10k
98.Edenhope <10k
99.Liam Ryan <10k
100.Parsons <10k
101.Nathan Brown <10k
102.Bandt <10k
103.Hynes <10k
104.Dwayne <10k
105.Richmond <10k
106.#BRIvADL <10k
107.Aaron Hall <10k
108.Speers <10k
109.Queen Elizabeth II <10k
110.Roosters <10k
111.Mumford <10k
112.Abbot <10k
113.#classic100 <10k
114.Murray Bridge <10k
115.Adelaide Ace <10k
116.Gutherson <10k
117.Mackay <10k
118.Beethoven <10k
119.Kobe Hetherington <10k
120.Peta Credlin <10k
121.Billy Walters <10k
122.West Coast <10k
123.Bevan <10k
124.#PWAonFITE <10k
125.Nikki Savva <10k
126.Whittaker <10k
127.Leon Cameron <10k
128.Kaylee McKeown <10k
129.north face <10k
130.#NRLWarriorsStorm <10k
131.Aldred <10k
132.Hawkesbury <10k
133.Boyd Cordner <10k
134.Medivac <10k
135.carleen hefel <10k
136.Doueihi <10k
137.Nic Nat <10k
138.Dark Emu <10k
139.Katie Allen <10k
140.#jackirish <10k
141.Zimmerman <10k
142.Josh Kelly <10k
143.Ducked <10k
144.Dusty <10k
145.Figgy <10k
146.Messiah <10k
147.Cunnington <10k
148.Liddle <10k
149.Wallabies <10k
150.coalition mps <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

Julian Hill MP
Julian Hill MP ()

First Biden walked out before Morrison spoke at the April Climate Summit. Now Biden won’t hold a 1-1 meeting with Morrison at G-7. Maybe Morrison made the wrong call for Australia when he went all in on Trump? Refusing to back Net Zero Emissions by 2050 isolates us further.

Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd ()

Get ready for the next mudslinging onslaught from the Murdoch thugs with the Liberal Party thugs against Dan Andrews. This is the lot who happily raised not a whimper over Christian Porter taking a month’s stress leave following a rape allegation.


But seriously A DRAW!?!? Taylor Holder was robbed.

Taylor Holder,Twitter trends in Australia now
FatherBob ()

Murdoch’s Ghostbusters Sunday H/S at it again😳….no Welcome back Dan, let alone Welcome back ….in an unAustralian activity…in sinks the boot…are these people Aussies at all😳?…never kick a bloke/person when they’re down.🇦🇺.

Julian Hill MP
Julian Hill MP ()

🇦🇺 Scouring the list now trying to find Old Mate Phil Gaetjens’ AO for services to fact finding, innovation in investigations and always getting to the bottom of things. 🇦🇺

Fox League
Fox League ()

BREAKING: Roosters skipper Boyd Cordner forced to retire due to concussion at 29 👉

Boyd Cordner,Twitter trends in Australia now
Adam Bandt
Adam Bandt ()

I’ll be joining @David_Speers on the @InsidersABC hot seat this morning. We’ll be talking Scott Morrison’s climate isolation at G7, bringing the Biloela family home, and how to stop Melbourne going into lockdown again. Tune on in!

Speers,Twitter trends in Australia now
Paddy Sweeney
Paddy Sweeney ()

Luke Edwards appears an inspired selection by @WestCoastEagles at pick 52. Composed, skilful and quality decision maker - like his old man. 27 touches against the reigning premiers in second game = Round 13 Rising Star #AFLEaglesTigers

brad davidson
Brad davidson ()

Heavily backed and Kittyhawk Flyer too good at Hawkesbury to kick us off on the right note 👌 $3 when sent yesterday 🏇🏿

Brisbane Roar FC
Brisbane Roar FC ()

Locked in for the Elimination Final 🔒 #BRIvADL #ForTheCrest

#BRIvADL,Twitter trends in Australia now
Racing Victoria
Racing Victoria ()

Linda Meech has claimed her first winner back since becoming a mother with a copybook ride to land the 165th Apsley Cup at Edenhope aboard Last Week for @cmaherracing.

Edenhope,Twitter trends in Australia now
Fox League
Fox League ()

What a servant for the Warriors, take a bow Ken Maumalo 🙌 👉

Ken Maumalo,Twitter trends in Australia now
Fox Footy
Fox Footy ()

EAGLES WIN A CLASSIC! Josh Kennedy kicks the match-winner, handing the @WestCoastEagles victory over @Richmond_FC. 📝 #AFLEaglesTigers RECAP: 🔢 MATCH CENTRE:

Josh Kennedy,Twitter trends in Australia now
AFL ()

FT: @WestCoastEagles (85) defeat @Richmond_FC (81). Josh Kennedy, the hero 🙌 #AFLEaglesTigers

Josh Kennedy,Twitter trends in Australia now
Fox Footy
Fox Footy ()

JOSH. KENNEDY. 🔥 📝 BLOG: 🔢 MATCH CENTRE: 📺 WATCH #AFLEaglesTigers on @kayosports:

AFL ()

HT: @NMFCOfficial (58) lead @GWSGIANTS (52). A Ben Cunnington goal after the siren gives the Roos a slim lead. #AFLNorthGiants

cunnington,Twitter trends in Australia now
NRL ()

Mitchell Moses magic at Bankwest Stadium! 🤩 #TelstraPremiership Moment of the Match #NRLEelsTigers

Fox League
Fox League ()

A powerful moment 👏 #NRLWarriorsStorm 📝 BLOG 📲 MATCH CENTRE 📺 WATCH via @kayosports

NRL ()

Beautiful athleticism from the Foxx to get that down! 🦊 #TelstraPremiership #NRLWarriorsStorm

Ronny Lerner
Ronny Lerner ()

Surely Mumford got Goldstein high at the throw-in with 49 seconds to go? Also Taranto looked like the threw the ball on the wing a few seconds later #AFLNorthGiants