Australia Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 18th, 2021 02:44 PM IST
S.No.Trending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
1.Biden 697K+ tweets
2.taylor 528K+ tweets
3.Pakistan 521K+ tweets
4.China 354K+ tweets
5.Montero 299K+ tweets
6.Group 1 295K+ tweets
7.chenle 224K+ tweets
8.Deltarune 172K+ tweets
9.Paris 141K+ tweets
10.Kabul 116K+ tweets
11.Indonesia 111K+ tweets
12.Eric 110K+ tweets
13.Ruby 79K+ tweets
14.Macron 79K+ tweets
15.Nuclear 72K+ tweets
16.Imperial 67K+ tweets
17.#SexEducation 58K+ tweets
18.The French 56K+ tweets
19.Boris 51K+ tweets
20.Cook 50K+ tweets
21.Otis 49K+ tweets
22.Luke 48K+ tweets
23.#SmackDown 44K+ tweets
24.karl 42K+ tweets
25.US and UK 40K+ tweets
26.Saab 40K+ tweets
27.Porter 36K+ tweets
28.Morrison 35K+ tweets
29.Philadelphia 35K+ tweets
30.Cops 34K+ tweets
31.Eduardo 30K+ tweets
32.MITCH 29K+ tweets
33.Maeve 29K+ tweets
34.US and Australia 29K+ tweets
35.philly 27K+ tweets
36.Australia and US 26K+ tweets
37.Ambassadors 25K+ tweets
38.Collins 23K+ tweets
39.mashiro 22K+ tweets
40.Ric Flair 20K+ tweets
41.Vincent 20K+ tweets
42.#AEWRampage 19K+ tweets
43.talia 16K+ tweets
44.Tubbo 15K+ tweets
45.#AUKUS 14K+ tweets
46.Raphinha 11K+ tweets
47.Outraged 10K+ tweets
48.Richmond 10K+ tweets
49.Nonconformist <10K tweets
50.Tarrant <10K tweets
51.Gough Whitlam <10K tweets
52.eagle farm <10K tweets
53.Alpine Edge <10K tweets
54.Mike Carlton <10K tweets
55.French Ambassador <10K tweets
56.George Main Stakes <10K tweets
57.Dice Roll <10K tweets
58.Federal Labor <10K tweets
59.Boks <10K tweets
60.left-leaning twitter <10K tweets
61.Atishu <10K tweets
62.Robyn <10K tweets
63.Dirty Thoughts <10K tweets
64.Verry Elleegant <10K tweets
65.Thunderstruck <10K tweets
66.Pigs <10K tweets
67.#Wallabies <10K tweets
68.aimee <10K tweets
69.Four Moves Ahead <10K tweets
70.#ThatFellaDownUnder <10K tweets
71.Kiss The Bride <10K tweets
72.Tea Rose <10K tweets
73.Everest <10K tweets
74.Jason Falinski <10K tweets
75.Bridge Road <10K tweets
76.Hodge <10K tweets
77.Piers Morgan <10K tweets
78.trent zimmerman <10K tweets
79.#melbourneprotests <10K tweets
80.Dutton <10K tweets
81.Randwick <10K tweets
82.Annavisto <10K tweets
83.Sierra Sue <10K tweets
84.#freedomrally <10K tweets
85.High Supremacy <10K tweets
86.Brander <10K tweets
87.Joe Cocker <10K tweets
88.Xander <10K tweets
89.#ThankYouVicPol <10K tweets
90.#wankers <10K tweets
91.#Melbourneprotest <10K tweets
92.Nature Strip <10K tweets
93.Bella Nipotina <10K tweets
94.Malcolm Turnbull <10K tweets
95.Nash <10K tweets
96.Tupou <10K tweets
97.Term 3 <10K tweets
98.Coach Beard <10K tweets
99.Bridge Rd <10K tweets
100.North Sydney <10K tweets
101.The Gauch <10K tweets
102.Jason Collett <10K tweets
103.Belmont <10K tweets
104.trent robinson <10K tweets
105.Radley <10K tweets
106.Tedesco <10K tweets
107.Setka <10K tweets
108.#AUSvRSA <10K tweets
109.Hugh White <10K tweets
110.Rainbow Warrior <10K tweets
111.#NRLManlyRoosters <10K tweets
112.daniel moor <10K tweets
113.Tom Wills <10K tweets
114.Michelle Grattan <10K tweets
115.lightsaber <10K tweets
116.Caulfield <10K tweets
117.Victoria Police <10K tweets
118.Bowraville <10K tweets
119.Great House <10K tweets
120.Masked Crusader <10K tweets
121.The Saturday Paper <10K tweets
122.General Beau <10K tweets
123.CFMEU <10K tweets
124.Gytrash <10K tweets
125.Brisbane <10K tweets
126.Rod Stewart <10K tweets
127.Heresy <10K tweets
128.Swinton <10K tweets
129.Sea Eagles <10K tweets
130.alexander matters <10K tweets
131.tradies <10K tweets
132.Zaaki <10K tweets
Australia Top Tweets Now

Star Mountains, West Papua The National Liberation Army has claimed responsibility for the burning of public buildings, including a school and a health clinic, on Monday. A nurse died, 4 others were injured, one is still missing. 300 health workers in the regency were evacuated

Papua - Twitter trends in Australia now

Will be intriguing if we ever learn who the mystery donors to Christian Porter’s legal defence fund are - given that just about every WA billionaire speculated - Gina Rinehart, Kerry Stokes, Twiggy Forrest and even Nev Power have now firmly denied they put money in.

It’s a privilege to be allowed to work during #melbournelockdown. Being deemed an essential worker means I’m one of lucky ones to both be able to go to work & have secure job. So to the tradies who are protesting not being able to use their tea rooms, please check your privilege.

Josh Morris is a true legend of the game 🙌 Enjoy retirement 👏 👉 📺 WATCH via @kayosports


One of the best centres to grace the #NRL  Thank you, Josh Morris 👏 #NRLFinals @sydneyroosters

An apt summary of the Melbourne protest chat right now 😅 #freedomrally

#freedomrally - Twitter trends in Australia now

US will see our subs as joint asset making automatic our recruitment for war against China and the Australian continent a nuclear target. Whew! Imagine the mess we’d be in without the steady strategic vision of Dutton Morrison and ASPI.

Labor staffer who worked at Parliament House charged with two counts of rape.

We will get the new subs in 2040 suggests Hugh White. Might get up to 12 in 2050s. In the 2030s we may have none functioning. Gain UK but lose France, the bigger European power in the Pacific. Indonesian military now views us as potential threat.

The sexual harassment and assault within wrestling is something I’m very outspoken about. I feel horrible for the experiences outlined in #DarkSideOfTheRing and I only hope eventually there’s a generation that don’t experience anything of the sort. Keep working towards this.

“If I’m south’s, I’m hoping manly don’t win.” Braith Anasta, Manly 42-6 in the 79th minute. @ShitBraithSays