Australia Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 25th, 2021 10:50 PM IST
S.No.Trending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
1.Coldplay 1M+ tweets
2.David 193K+ tweets
3.Daniel 169K+ tweets
4.Chelsea 161K+ tweets
5.North 149K+ tweets
6.Ronaldo 148K+ tweets
7.Disney 138K+ tweets
8.Villa 124K+ tweets
9.The Age 124K+ tweets
10.Grimes 101K+ tweets
11.Dogs 99K+ tweets
12.Hunter 94K+ tweets
13.#MUFC 88K+ tweets
14.#OleOut 66K+ tweets
15.#CHEMCI 63K+ tweets
16.Manchester United 58K+ tweets
17.#AEWRampage 56K+ tweets
18.Tuchel 54K+ tweets
19.Jane 49K+ tweets
20.Greenwood 48K+ tweets
21.Lewis 47K+ tweets
22.Phil 44K+ tweets
23.Lando 42K+ tweets
24.karl 40K+ tweets
25.#MUNAVL 35K+ tweets
26.Singapore 34K+ tweets
27.Daisy 33K+ tweets
28.tina 33K+ tweets
29.Lukaku 32K+ tweets
30.Alonso 30K+ tweets
31.#RyderCup 29K+ tweets
32.Leeds 27K+ tweets
33.Sophie 26K+ tweets
34.Salem 24K+ tweets
35.Oliver 23K+ tweets
36.Demons 23K+ tweets
37.Pies 22K+ tweets
38.Maguire 20K+ tweets
39.Cavani 19K+ tweets
40.Sancho 18K+ tweets
41.Channel 7 18K+ tweets
42.Kante 18K+ tweets
43.Glenn 17K+ tweets
44.Pogba 17K+ tweets
45.Saints 16K+ tweets
46.#Flanders2021 14K+ tweets
47.St Kilda <10K tweets
48.Wallabies <10K tweets
49.#PantherPride <10K tweets
50.meatloaf <10K tweets
51.George Jennings <10K tweets
52.Jim Stynes <10K tweets
53.Jennings <10K tweets
54.Down Under <10K tweets
55.Gawn <10K tweets
56.Luai <10K tweets
57.McFred <10K tweets
58.Ennis <10K tweets
59.Treloar <10K tweets
60.Sandown <10K tweets
61.Souths <10K tweets
62.Bont <10K tweets
63.#PurpleReign <10K tweets
64.Eskimo Joe <10K tweets
65.Tim English <10K tweets
66.Goliath <10K tweets
67.Bellamy <10K tweets
68.McTominay <10K tweets
69.Hughes <10K tweets
70.Boks <10K tweets
71.Cleary <10K tweets
72.Colin Hay <10K tweets
73.Edwards <10K tweets
74.#GiveEmHell <10K tweets
75.Doggies <10K tweets
76.Mike Brady <10K tweets
77.Caleb Daniel <10K tweets
78.Neale Daniher <10K tweets
79.#NRLFinals <10K tweets
80.#NZLvRSA100 <10K tweets
81.Dees <10K tweets
82.Golden Rose <10K tweets
83.Baker Boy <10K tweets
84.Libba <10K tweets
85.Bondi <10K tweets
86.#MightyWest <10K tweets
87.7plus <10K tweets
88.Karnivool <10K tweets
89.Luke Jackson <10K tweets
90.Wayne Carey <10K tweets
91.Rugby League <10K tweets
92.Bailey Williams <10K tweets
93.Max Gawn <10K tweets
94.Riverfire <10K tweets
95.Great Southern Land <10K tweets
96.Foxtel <10K tweets
97.Dylan Edwards <10K tweets
98.#AFLGrandFinal <10K tweets
99.INXS <10K tweets
100.Brian Taylor <10K tweets
101.Pickett <10K tweets
102.#MurdochRiot <10K tweets
103.#LEEWHU <10K tweets
104.#NRLGF <10K tweets
105.All Blacks <10K tweets
106.Simon Goodwin <10K tweets
107.Home Affairs <10K tweets
108.Go Doggies <10K tweets
109.#MurdochRoyalCommission <10K tweets
110.#MurdochGutterMedia <10K tweets
111.Bunnies <10K tweets
112.Daisy Pearce <10K tweets
113.Goodwin <10K tweets
114.Floating Artist <10K tweets
115.#couchpeloton <10K tweets
116.Ketut <10K tweets
117.Paul Roos <10K tweets
118.Welch <10K tweets
119.Optus <10K tweets
120.Bailey Smith <10K tweets
121.Anamoe <10K tweets
122.Norm Smith <10K tweets
123.Optus Stadium <10K tweets
124.Birds of Tokyo <10K tweets
125.Premiership <10K tweets
126.#AFLGF <10K tweets
127.Basil <10K tweets
128.Petracca <10K tweets
129.#aflgrandfinal2021 <10K tweets
130.Rosehill <10K tweets
131.Perth <10K tweets
132.Cazaly <10K tweets
133.Penrith <10K tweets
134.#CovidVictoria <10K tweets
135.Footscray <10K tweets
136.Weightman <10K tweets
137.Sutton <10K tweets
138.essendon <10K tweets
139.Ben Brown <10K tweets
140.Rhonda <10K tweets
141.Nathan Jones <10K tweets
142.Munster <10K tweets
143.roosters <10K tweets
144.Fritsch <10K tweets
145.Zaaki <10K tweets
146.Luna Park <10K tweets
147.Nat Fyfe <10K tweets
148.#YieldToNone <10K tweets
149.John Butler <10K tweets
150.Collingwood <10K tweets
Australia Top Tweets Now

Geez. Anyone would think there a teeny bit of anti-Labor bias going on? 🤔 Still waiting for the front pages condemning Scott Morrison’s lockdowns, failure to order enough vaccines, or failure to build safe national quarantine … 🤔 🤷‍♂️ #auspol #springst

Scott - Twitter trends in Australia now

My mum’s pumped! She’s been a Dees fan since the 70s and is more excited than the whole family. I did not make her sing or film this 💙❤️ @melbournefc #GrandFinal


Imagine how proud Neale would be watching this ❤️ #AFLGF

#AFLGF - Twitter trends in Australia now

According to Vic police 2 most dangerous nights of year for women in Australia are: 1. NYE 2. Night of #AFLGrandFinal This tells us something disturbing about our culture, masculinity & male entitlement. Know during lockdown you can leave anytime to get to safety #AFLGF

Look I know this is probably really uncool and behind the times, because I haven’t been paying attention, but I have just discovered that there is an AFL team captain whose name is GAWN! How Australian can you get ? #AFLGF

A great win for the Dees - well deserved, and well waited for. Commiserations to the Western Bulldogs players, coaches and staff. Upwards and onwards for next year.

Neale Daniher. How bloody good. ❤️💙 MORE:

Neale Daniher - Twitter trends in Australia now

Another photo of Eastern Suburbs privilege taken at Bondi last night. Meanwhile, out in the west, boys brutally arrested for trying to buy masks. Where’s the riot squad? If this was taken out west I can tell you now, it would have been a very different story.

Bondi - Twitter trends in Australia now

Congratulations to @melbournefc and AFC Hall of Fame member Simon Goodwin! Huge achievement 👏 #AFLGF

Simon Goodwin - Twitter trends in Australia now

For Jimmy Stynes. For Nathan Jones. For Dean Bailey. For Neale Daniher. For so many more .. For the red and the blue 🔴🔵 #AFLGF


Birds of Tokyo putting on a show! @Telstra #AFLHalfTimeShow | #AFLGF

Have to say what an incredible job the people of Western Australia did in hosting the #AFLGF. You did a seriously incredible job tonight. Thank you to the people of WA for making it possible ❤️ We still want it back though next year at the G 😂 #aflgrandfinal2021