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Updated: October 17th, 2021 05:45 AM IST
S.No.Trending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
1.Hyunjin 431K+ tweets
2.Adele 397K+ tweets
3.Allay 327K+ tweets
4.Batman 323K+ tweets
5.HWANG HYUNJIN 285K+ tweets
6.Queen 251K+ tweets
7.Animal Crossing 214K+ tweets
8.David Amess 213K+ tweets
9.#DCFanDome 201K+ tweets
10.Copper Golem 195K+ tweets
11.Glare 190K+ tweets
12.#TheBatman 154K+ tweets
13.Chelsea 153K+ tweets
14.ACNH 144K+ tweets
15.Mendy 128K+ tweets
16.Anna 105K+ tweets
17.Matic 97K+ tweets
18.Liverpool 91K+ tweets
19.Ronaldo 87K+ tweets
20.Labor 86K+ tweets
21.Mane 75K+ tweets
22.Bobby 74K+ tweets
23.#WATLIV 64K+ tweets
24.Mo Salah 63K+ tweets
25.Leicester 61K+ tweets
26.Watford 60K+ tweets
27.Omar 60K+ tweets
28.Manchester United 60K+ tweets
29.Maguire 56K+ tweets
30.Robert Pattinson 56K+ tweets
31.#MUFC 52K+ tweets
32.TOMMY 51K+ tweets
33.#MinecraftLive 51K+ tweets
34.#BRECHE 50K+ tweets
35.Greenwood 47K+ tweets
36.Brentford 47K+ tweets
37.#LEIMUN 45K+ tweets
38.Karl 42K+ tweets
39.Suzuki 41K+ tweets
40.#OleOut 36K+ tweets
41.Rashford 35K+ tweets
42.Firmino 31K+ tweets
43.Glasgow 30K+ tweets
44.Nats 29K+ tweets
45.Man United 25K+ tweets
46.Chips 25K+ tweets
47.Sadio 25K+ tweets
48.Black Adam 24K+ tweets
49.Lukaku 24K+ tweets
50.Sancho 23K+ tweets
51.Vardy 23K+ tweets
52.Leeds 23K+ tweets
53.Times Square 22K+ tweets
54.Pogba 19K+ tweets
55.Suicide Squad 15K+ tweets
56.Agnes 15K+ tweets
57.Mason Greenwood 14K+ tweets
58.Chilwell 14K+ tweets
59.Werner 12K+ tweets
60.Danielson 12K+ tweets
61.De Gea 12K+ tweets
62.Tielemans 12K+ tweets
63.#SaySorryJosh 11K+ tweets
64.Victorians 10K+ tweets
65.Nature Strip <10K tweets
66.buffalo river <10K tweets
67.Bailly <10K tweets
68.Kooyong <10K tweets
69.Lindelof <10K tweets
70.Speers <10K tweets
71.oxley road <10K tweets
72.Dianne <10K tweets
73.#caulfieldcup <10K tweets
74.TOMMYS <10K tweets
75.Katy Gallagher <10K tweets
76.Sir Dragonet <10K tweets
77.Rod Stewart <10K tweets
78.oh anna <10K tweets
79.British Empire <10K tweets
80.Sarr <10K tweets
81.James Campbell <10K tweets
82.Tahlia McGrath <10K tweets
83.#offsiders <10K tweets
84.Kapalua Sunset <10K tweets
85.Zidane <10K tweets
86.Bridget McKenzie <10K tweets
87.Randwick <10K tweets
88.Brock Jarvis <10K tweets
89.Incentivise <10K tweets
90.Fred Hollows <10K tweets
91.Anthony Byrne <10K tweets
92.Bohemian Rhapsody <10K tweets
93.Burnet <10K tweets
94.ranieri <10K tweets
95.JobKeeper <10K tweets
96.Hobart <10K tweets
97.Greg Hunt <10K tweets
98.National Plan <10K tweets
99.Laura Tingle <10K tweets
100.#insiders <10K tweets
101.Masked Crusader <10K tweets
102.Nationals <10K tweets
103.Might and Power <10K tweets
104.#YNWA <10K tweets
105.Gladys Berejiklian <10K tweets
106.extreme flight <10K tweets
107.Angus Taylor <10K tweets
108.Danny Rose <10K tweets
109.nhmrc <10K tweets
110.Narty <10K tweets
111.Dan Ilic <10K tweets
112.Christian Porter <10K tweets
113.Peter Moody <10K tweets cadeau <10K tweets
115.eagle farm <10K tweets
116.Murdoch <10K tweets
117.Gough Whitlam <10K tweets
118.Elton <10K tweets
119.#netballchaos <10K tweets
Australia Top Tweets Now

For 10 minutes, a Times Square billboard shamed Australia on climate

Did this guy pick up the Morrison talking points file from 3 months ago? I don’t get his rant today… aren’t we going along with the national plan, or is he saying we should forget this and open up today? 🤷‍♂️🤪

national plan - Twitter trends in Australia now

Any deal between Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce on climate will just be more insincere political spin. For eight long years they’ve done nothing but stand in the way of climate action and renewable energy jobs.

Congratulations @danilic for your Times Square bill board initiative to expose Australia’s pariah status on global decarbonisation. Mr Ilic tells CNN: “Our leaders don’t work for us .. they work for fossil fuel corporations”.

Here’s the Libs celebrating repealing the carbon price & emissions trading scheme that was law in this country after a Greens/Labor/indies power-sharing Parliament passed it. This gov has done everything it can to fast-track climate collapse. Kick the Libs out. #insiders

#insiders - Twitter trends in Australia now

A ‘decade of climate inaction’? No. We had climate legislation in this country. The Greens, Labor & independents passed it into law. It was working. It was cutting pollution. Then the Libs and coal & gas corporations tore it down. Time to kick the Libs out.

BREAKING: A special queer friendly pop up vaxx clinic will be running at the @VicPrideCentre from next week for a Rainbow Vaxx Week. More info at - Book in your vaxx by calling Star Health at 03 8644 3311 and ask for a #FabJab or VPC appointment. #JOY949

Rainbow - Twitter trends in Australia now



Just an unbelievable sprinting performance from the best sprinter in the world, Nature Strip there. They were flying early and he just travelled so sweetly for so long. Masked Crusader outstanding, Eduardo brave. Was a bridge too far for Classique but he was brave #TABEverest

Nature Strip- “I’m the best horse in Australia” Incentivise- “Excuse me?” Zaaki v Verry Elleegant v Anamoe next week… Gotta love spring racing!

This one means a lot to Peter Moody, his first Caulfield Cup.