Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Twitter trends in Australia now - #SickoTrump, Champions League, Switch, joon, Lord Mayor, perth, Switch, Dr Fauci, hugh.

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.Trump 2200468
2.Covid 2109948
3.America 1021485
4.SO MUCH 960605
5.China 927498
6.COVID-19 850789
7.Halloween 788685
8.Jack 543024
9.Tucker 471565
10.I LOVE IT 411074
11.Island 400105
12.Omaha 316964
13.Wisconsin 310834
14.MAGA 310504
15.Xbox 266045
16.FRAUD 258976
17.#TO_BTS 253209
18.Science 220678
19.Islam 213097
20.namjoon 194598
21.Jake 190053
22.Jack Dorsey 182105
23.Switch 176802
24.Whitehouse 176031
25.Europe 173833
26.Kevin 168836
27.Canada 167159
28.Anonymous 164891
29.Mayor 159632
30.Rashford 152349
31.Terrible 146985
32.Pakistan 135245
33.jisung 133294
34.Fox News 133102
35.#MUFC 133014
36.Blocked 132337
37.Frank 130548
38.The Lord 124393
39.Jose 117720
40.chanyeol 116432
41.Miles Taylor 111950
42.Messi 109870
43.Armenian 108606
44.Felix 107715
45.Australia 106107
46.Mary 105912
47.adorable 103078
48.Marcus Rashford 95921
49.Ridiculous 95306
50.Marcus 95302
51.Leipzig 93794
52.Germany 87280
53.Barca 86412
54.Heaven 82421
55.Champions League 79691
56.Prayers 78660
57.jennie 77897
58.Morata 77658
59.Seoul 77383
60.Juve 76857
61.Labor 76397
62.USPS 75369
63.#SickoTrump 74434
64.hoshi 70504
65.Chelsea 68265
66.Christ 68046
67.Manchester United 67182
68.Tumblr 66177
69.Banks 65159
70.Wine 63313
71.Microsoft 63285
72.Emma 58370
73.Scream 57331
74.Kate 56644
75.Opposition 55102
76.Martial 54489
77.Mendy 52991
78.joon 52292
79.Juventus 52144
80.#JuveBarca 51782
81.Garbage 51469
82.Liverpool 50591
83.LETS GO 50536
84.Scotland 50044
85.vernon 49488
86.sehun 49131
87.Lindsey 48253
88.saudi 48220
89.#KRACHE 47428
90.Jane 47215
91.Steam 46090
92.Corey 45278
93.Poland 44936
94.dahyun 44401
95.frank ocean 42042
96.Parody 41906
97.Lame 41500
98.Pogba 41431
99.Lowkey 40858
100.Ziyech 40831
101.#XSXFridgeSweeps 39452
102.Ross 36541
103.RUEL 36510
104.jeongyeon 36025
105.Woah 35296
106.Greenwood 33351
107.May Allah 33050
108.#StreamSweetMelody 32619
109.Lana 32228
110.Screw 30811
111.#MUNRBL 30713
112.Julian 30615
113.Terry 29745
114.Mason 27881
115.South Korea 27420
116.seungkwan 26781
117.Elizabeth 26307
118.#WWENXT 26079
119.Nvidia 25856
120.Adrian 25789
121.Nikki 25780
122.Nigel 25017
123.Farage 24529
124.Sunrise 23708
125.Sasha 23671
126.Hawks 23638
127.Lions 22760
128.Tracy 22392
129.Lampard 22107
130.Genshin Impact 21870
131.Epstein 21810
132.Coal 21722
133.COVID-safe 21262
134.Heather 21155
135.Zack 19539
136.Bowie 19519
137.Dr Fauci 18422
138.#HalloweenHavoc 18061
139.Sammy 17832
140.Pulisic 17689
141.Watch Dogs 17533
142.Daryl 17153
143.Brenda 16680
144.Becky 15967
145.Telles 15868
146.#GrandMidweekExpo 15780
147.kageyama 14985
148.Madonna 14702
149.Shaw 14060
150.Greens 13865

Australia Top Tweets Now


so on friday 27th of Nov, im gonna stream my full live show from the rooftop of one of the most beautiful locations in sydney to 6 continents around the world. this will be my very first time playing the new ep in full with my band. tix @

ruel,Twitter trends in Australia now

i’m also going to be doing the first test filming of the rooftop live performance on the 13th of Nov for Great Southern Nights and we’ve got a very limited amount of double passes to sell for that one. tix @

ruel,Twitter trends in Australia now
ABC News
ABC News ()

White House coronavirus advisor Anthony Fauci praises Victorian attitude to mask wearing

Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd ()

Murdoch’s British journalists described their masthead as a division of the SS. The tactics Murdoch’s papers used in their attempts to discredit and ruin the lives of those they opposed were outrageous. Sign the #MurdochRoyalCommission here:

Senator Penny Wong
Senator Penny Wong ()

The Australian women subjected to the outrageous violation in Qatar deserve a proper apology at the very least – and they also deserve an Australian government that will pick up the phone to their Qatari counterparts and stand up for them.

Joe Hildebrand
Joe Hildebrand ()

So now the trolls are piling on Dave Hughes just for daring to question something. These people are sick. Love you @DHughesy!

Richard Cooke
Richard Cooke ()

It’s foolish to think News operates as a market-winning company here. It makes huge losses, and without suspicious and preferable tax treatment, the local arm would be bankrupted.

Kon Karapanagiotidis
Kon Karapanagiotidis ()

I had planned to enjoy a few pints in Melbourne tonight, had been longing for it but gave it a miss when every bar I passed had tables & chairs stacked together like it was Paris I get it, we’re so excited to be out & hospitality has suffered so much but please be careful & safe

AFL ()

.@melbournefc veteran Nathan Jones has signed one-year contract extension which will see him play for a 16th season in 2021.

Celeste Liddle
Celeste Liddle ()

Melburnians, you can go anywhere you like in a 25km radius as long as you wear a mask. So why the fuck then are so many choosing Chadstone as their anywhere you like? Seriously, Chadstone? ()

“He’s done that for no one other than Super Girl, that’s for sure.” Trainer Josh Julius has paid an emotional tribute to star mare Super Girl after Highclass Harry won the last at Bendigo. 🙏

Sciencegovau ()

Congratulations to Professor Mark Dawson from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, recipient of the 2020 Frank Fenner Prize for #LifeScientist of the Year. Fantastic! 🔬 Read more: Watch live: #pmprizes

🍩 MFW 🍩
🍩 MFW 🍩 ()

🧙🏼‍♀️ #NEWSCORPSE AD WITCHDRAWAL 151 🧙🏼‍♀️ Thanks #RoyalFlyingDoctorServiceSA for rejecting Murdoch’s lies. If you hate @NewsCorp too, hit these lists: And read this @DaveMilbo piece on how much this matters:

Annabel Crabb
Annabel Crabb ()

Oh boy that Melb reopening story on @abc730 made me amazing resilience you people.

Sciencegovau ()

Congratulations to Associate Professor Justin Chalker from Flinders University, recipient of the 2020 Prize for New Innovators. Outstanding! 💡 Read more: Watch live: #pmprizes #Innovation

Alex Lee
Alex Lee ()

Love seeing the real @NickKyrgios. Did NOT expect us to get an interview with Nick Kyrgios’ legend of a mum. So good. #ReputationRehab

Fox League
Fox League ()

Barrett’s Belmore revival continues with stunning coaching coup in All Blacks great Steve Hansen 💪 DETAILS -

Steve Hansen,Twitter trends in Australia now
Australian Academy of Science
Australian Academy of Science ()

#BREAKING: The prestigious #PMPrizes for Science has been jointly awarded to Academy Fellows Professors David Blair FAA, David McClelland FAA & Susan Scott FAA (@ozgravityguru) & their colleague Professor Peter Veitch.

Maddie ()

It’s a real testament to Rhyce Shaw both as a coach and as a person, to hear how much the boys loved him and how much he got out of them. Luke McDonald excelled under Shaw’s leadership, as did many others — that can’t be understated, nor should it be forgotten. Thanks Shawry. 💙

luke mcdonald,Twitter trends in Australia now
Shane Fitzsimmons
Shane Fitzsimmons ()

AFAC National Memorial to honour Fire & EM personnel who died on duty held ‘virtually’ today Tragically 14 lives lost over last year incl. 7 from NSW in 19/20 fires Fitting & heartfelt tributes incl. from His Excellency, GG Hurley & Prime Minister Morrison

Service NSW,Twitter trends in Australia now