Australia | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Today

Updated: February 7th, 2023 06:43 PM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.Syria 899K+
2.#GRAMMYs 800K+
3.Beyoncé 588K+
4.China 463K+
5.Harry Styles 323K+
6.Lizzo 234K+
7.Man City 191K+
8.Adele 183K+
9.Turkish 165K+
10.The Voice 161K+
11.Manchester City 160K+
12.Kyrie 155K+
13.Satan 128K+
14.AOTY 115K+
15.#HogwartsLegacy 95K+
16.Sarah 91K+
17.Madonna 83K+
18.Simon 74K+
19.Parliament 71K+
20.Jesse 70K+
21.The Board 67K+
22.Harry Potter 64K+
23.Labor 59K+
24.Caro 50K+
25.Senate 44K+
26.Lara 43K+
27.Klay 40K+
28.Bard 39K+
29.Rowling 36K+
30.Mavs 34K+
31.Rita 34K+
32.Cam Thomas 33K+
33.Bonnie Raitt 26K+
34.JK Rowling 25K+
35.Shannon 19K+
36.Greens 16K+
37.Lita 14K+
38.Duncan 13K+
39.Question Time 12K+
40.phoebe 11K+
41.Jane Caro <10K
42.#SaferInternetDay <10K
43.Reserve Bank <10K
44.Marzia <10K
45.Melinda <10K
46.Pearce <10K
47.Dan Tehan <10K
48.Kerrie <10K
49.Rachelle <10K
50.#SID2023 <10K
51.Lidia Thorpe <10K
52.Ollie <10K
53.Lambie <10K
54.#TheGazeys <10K
55.sarah ferguson <10K
56.#MAFSAU <10K
57.Behrouz Boochani <10K
58.Alyssa <10K
59.Zooper Doopers <10K
60.Bronte <10K
61.Nauru <10K
62.Caitlin <10K
63.Aaron Finch <10K
64.#SurvivorAU <10K
65.Blak <10K
66.Paige <10K
67.Jacinta <10K
68.Gerry <10K
69.Treaty <10K
70.Xavier Cooks <10K
71.The Reserve Bank of Australia <10K
72.Jacinta Price <10K
73.The RBA <10K
74.Brayshaw <10K
75.#foreverfreo <10K
76.Philip Lowe <10K
77.Jordie <10K
78.#QandA <10K
79.Shonee <10K
80.Nat Fyfe <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

Jacinta Price has weighed in. FULL STORY HERE:

Twitter trends Australia - Jacinta by 2GB Sydney

“If that is upsetting you, I think you need to review your priorities!”

Two-time World Cup winner Aaron Finch has announced his immediate retirement from all forms of international cricket. A legend of limited overs. Thanks for everything Finchy! ❤️🇦🇺👏 MORE:

Twitter trends Australia - Aaron Finch by Fox Cricket

Shall we play a game OR THOUSAND?! Book your leave, find a fish feeder, inform your loved ones, don’t run with scissors - #PAXAUS IS BACK! 6-8 October 2023 | Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre Badges? Merch? Panels? Guests? Purple Monkey Dishwashers? Stay tuned for more!

Twitter trends Australia - #PAXAUS by PAX Australia

Nat Fyfe informed teammates today that he will stand aside as captain and from any formal leadership duties. After six years in the role, Fyfe is our second-longest serving captain. Thanks, Nat 💜 #foreverfreo

Today the Labor government joined with the Liberals to block the Greens call to release documents surrounding Australia’s catastrophic invasion of Iraq. #auspol 🧵


THE KING OF #NBL23 👑 Xavier Cooks took the @SydneyKings to the top and is rewarded by taking home the Andrew Gaze Trophy for Most Valuable Player presented by @HungryJacksAU 🏆

Twitter trends Australia - Xavier Cooks by NBL

At its meeting today the Reserve Bank Board decided to increase the cash rate target by 25 basis points to per cent. It also increased the interest rate on Exchange Settlement balances by 25 basis points to per cent.

Congratulations to our Andrew Gaze MVP for NBL23 👑🎉 #WeTheKings #TheGazeys

Twitter trends Australia - #TheGazeys by Sydney Kings

Nat Fyfe: It was always my dream to be the first premiership captain of Fremantle. Giving up that dream has been difficult but it also opens up other opportunities. It allows me to lead from the shadows and have maximum impact from a place people might not see. #foreverfreo


LOCKED DOWN 🔒 Antonius Cleveland of the @Adelaide36ers takes home the Damian Martin Trophy for Best Defensive Player for a second consecutive year 🙌 #TheGazeys live on ESPN + the NBL social channels

Twitter trends Australia - #TheGazeys by NBL

Barry Brown Jr proved to be the ultimate spark plug off the bench for the @NZBreakers, deserving of the recognition as winner of the #NBL23 Best Sixth Man Award presented by Marsh 🔌 #TheGazeys live on ESPN + the NBL social channels from 8:30pm AEDT

Twitter trends Australia - #TheGazeys by NBL

#BREAKING: The Reserve Bank of Australia has hiked interest rates by 25 basis points, bringing the official cash rate to per cent. DETAILS: #9News

Twitter trends Australia - The Reserve Bank of Australia by 9News Australia

ALL-NBL FIRST TEAM ⭐️ Congratulations to Creek, Cooks, Cotton, Walton Jr and Doyle on being selected to the All-NBL First Team for #NBL23 🙌 #TheGazeys live on ESPN + the NBL social channels

Twitter trends Australia - #TheGazeys by NBL

Good morning Australia - Tony Abbott has joined the board of climate denier marketing agency (funded by the fossil industry) @thegwpfcom Tony is directly responsible for badly worsening the energy crisis by stalling renewables in the early 2010s through lies and deceptions

Twitter trends Australia - Tony Abbott by Ketan Joshi