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Updated: August 8th, 2022 11:41 AM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.Gaza 776K+
2.Israel 579K+
3.Brighton 300K+
4.Palestinian 187K+
5.Ten Hag 175K+
6.Mike 161K+
7.#MUNBHA 142K+
8.Palestine 139K+
9.Australia 116K+
10.Mctominay 110K+
11.New York 98K+
12.Maguire 91K+
13.Rashford 87K+
14.Predator 71K+
15.Mets 69K+
16.Prey 50K+
17.Tekken 38K+
18.Shaw 33K+
19.McFred 31K+
20.Juri 30K+
21.Dalot 26K+
22.Ricky 26K+
23.Jamaica 25K+
24.Roger Waters 23K+
25.Moonlight 20K+
26.Salmon 19K+
27.Diamonds 13K+
28.Bridget 13K+
29.Sticky 13K+
30.The Seekers <10K
31.ICAC <10K
32.owies <10K
33.#nrltigersknights <10K
34.Rachelle <10K
35.Judith Durham <10K
36.#AFLLionsBlues <10K
37.Jane Hume <10K
38.Nigella <10K
39.Peter Bol <10K
40.Stephenson <10K
41.Amy Brown <10K
42.Jenny West <10K
43.Rowan Dean <10K
44.Carey <10K
45.Nick Kyrgios <10K
46.Avon <10K
47.Tahlia McGrath <10K
48.Alan Joyce <10K
49.Linda Reynolds <10K
50.Cripps <10K
51.Beethoven <10K
52.Ah Chee <10K
53.Bruz <10K
54.Daily Quordle 196 <10K
55.Father Bob <10K
56.#nswpol <10K
57.Ollie Hoare <10K
58.Ekka <10K
59.Paddy Dow <10K
60.shannon noll <10K
61.Peter FitzSimons <10K
62.#maskedsingerau <10K
63.Grace Tame <10K
64.#afleaglescrows <10K
65.Carlton <10K
66.Gladys <10K
67.newnes <10K
68.Cotchin <10K
69.Hastie <10K
70.Klau <10K
71.#TheBlock <10K
72.josh kennedy <10K
73.Hoops <10K
74.#aflnorthswans <10K
75.Daily Quordle 195 <10K
76.John Barilaro <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

A huge congratulations to Josh Kennedy on a fantastic career 👏 #weflyasone @WestCoastEagles

Twitter trends Australia - Josh Kennedy by Adelaide Crows

🚨 John Barilaro tells the Inquiry that he knew Jenny West was a candidate for the Trade job, but didn’t know she’d been offered the job. Below is a document with Jenny West’s name on it, endorsing her as the preferred candidate with John Barilaro’s signature on it.

Twitter trends Australia - John Barilaro by Laura Jayes

Peter Bol you star 🌟 🥈 Silver in the Commonwealth Games 800m final pushing Kenyan Kinyamal all the way to the line 👏 1 his time @CommGamesAUS #ThisIsAthletics #BoldInGold

Twitter trends Australia - Peter Bol by Athletics Australia

With the @AussieDiamonds hard fought victory we become the first nation to win 1,000 gold medals at the Commonwealth Games! 🥳🎉🎊🥇🇦🇺💚💛 A testament to the incredible athletes and team members who have represented our country at the Games!! #BoldInGold #1000Golds

Twitter trends Australia - Testament by Commonwealth Games Australia

Just putting it out Sarah Klau is pretty good at netball. Enjoy your OJ! #B2022

ABC News
ABC News

Barilaro US job inquiry set to probe all NSW trade appointments in wake of claims against Premier

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has accused newspaper columnist & author Peter FitzSimons of being aggressive & rude to her during an interview, alleging he accused her of “giving racists a voice”, @australian @aus_media

AUSSIE QUINELLA 🥇🥈🇦🇺 Kelsey-Lee Barber wins GOLD in the javelin with as Mackenzie Little takes SILVER with a massive PB of ! @CommGamesAUS #ThisIsAthletics #BoldInGold

Twitter trends Australia - kelsey-lee barber by Athletics Australia

🏃🇦🇺🥈 Already a national sporting hero, @pbol800 was thankful to finally win his first major international medal, with a silver in the 800m final. 💚💛 📝 More from @birminghamcg22 👉

Twitter trends Australia - Peter Bol by ABC SPORT

Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has accused journalist Peter FitzSimons of being “very aggressive” during a passionate interview about the Indigenous Voice.

Sky News host Rowan Dean says it is unlikely the proposed Indigenous Voice to Parliament will do anything to “help the poorest and most vulnerable Indigenous Australians in remote, rural communities”.

Peter FitzSimons from a mansion in Mosman has the audacity to aggressively accuse Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price from Alice Springs of “giving racists a voice” because she is not a supporter of the Voice to Parliament & he is. He’s a pompous ignoramus.


The @brisbanelions get win number 14 for the year! #AFLLionsBlues

Twitter trends Australia - #AFLLionsBlues by AFL

Unfortunately Will Hamill has suffered a concussion. Ben Davis will play the remainder of the game. #weflyasone #AFLEaglesCrows

If Aus don’t break this partnership very soon, India will get this comfortably. #AUSvIND #CommonweathGames