Australia | Twitter Trending Hashtag And Tweets Now

Updated: October 27th, 2021 05:46 PM IST
S.No.Trending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
1.The Plan 203K+
2.yeonjun 159K+
3.Braves 136K+
4.Technology 136K+
5.Governor 116K+
6.Sudan 88K+
7.Conte 87K+
8.#COP26 84K+
9.Astros 84K+
10.Josh 73K+
11.Walter Smith 71K+
12.#auspol 51K+
13.Crown 48K+
14.Murphy 46K+
15.Bears 44K+
16.Lakers 44K+
17.ESPN 42K+
18.Lebron 42K+
19.Tanya 42K+
20.Boris 39K+
21.Adobe 38K+
22.Emily 38K+
23.Quinton de Kock 29K+
24.The Billionaire 28K+
25.Westbrook 28K+
26.Pfizer COVID-19 27K+
27.Knicks 27K+
28.Tina 26K+
29.Hertz 25K+
30.Jess 23K+
31.treasury 21K+
32.Marta 21K+
33.Taku 20K+
34.Pikmin 18K+
35.Andrews 17K+
36.JonTron 16K+
37.Holly 15K+
38.leigh 14K+
39.Mitch 14K+
40.Hannah Gadsby 13K+
41.Mandy 13K+
42.PowerPoint 12K+
43.The Australian Way 12K+
44.West Indies 11K+
45.Victorian Bar <10K
46.Ben Stokes <10K
47.Katharine Murphy <10K
48.Sloane <10K
49.Vegemite <10K
50.Voter ID <10K
51.Nanette <10K
52.Konrad <10K
53.Jane Norman <10K
54.Mitchell Pearce <10K
55.Djokovic <10K
56.Ritu <10K
57.Carpenter <10K
58.Amade <10K
59.Darvid <10K
60.McKinsey <10K
61.Jokic <10K
62.#gruen <10K
63.Aus Open <10K
64.wentwood <10K
65.#BacheloretteAU <10K
66.#NetZero <10K
67.A-League <10K
68.Angus Taylor <10K
69.Sean Abbott <10K
70.Boiling <10K
71.Mr Barnes <10K
72.Tony Armstrong <10K
73.Ronni <10K
74.Canterbury <10K
75.Strathfield <10K
76.Adelaide United <10K
77.Brooke <10K
78.Coatsworth <10K
79.gary barnes <10K
80.#LoveIslandAU <10K
81.Novak <10K
82.Daryl Maguire <10K
83.Jeroen Weimar <10K
84.David Attenborough <10K
85.JB HiFi <10K
86.Greg Inglis <10K
87.Christopher Blanden <10K
88.#LNPClimateCriminals <10K
89.#ScottyHasAPamphlet <10K
90.Gina Rinehart <10K
91.Tip Top <10K
92.Father Bob <10K
93.Torres Strait <10K
94.Laird <10K
95.Australian Open <10K
96.Greg Hunt <10K
97.tanveer sangha <10K
98.Dyson <10K
99.#ScottyfromMarketing <10K
100.#TheDrum <10K
101.Mike Cannon <10K
102.bendigo cup <10K
103.Russell Woolf <10K
Australia Top Tweets Now

Premier on Aus Open: ‘on behalf of every vaccinated Victorian who has done the right thing - my Goverment will not be applying for an exemption for any unvaccinated player’ @7NewsMelbourne

Aus Open - Twitter trends in Australia now

For years Morrison and Frydenberg have been making false claims about the costs of acting on climate change. Today we discovered that in all that time they’ve never asked Treasury to model the actual impacts. Says it all. @jennymcallister #auspol #ausecon

Any young person who is struggling with their identity, or feeling excluded or judged, can look today to Josh Cavallo. Thank you for your courage Josh. For reminding all that we are strong and we are here. And we are United.

Only in Australia 😆⛳ Amateur golfer Wendy Powick was on the Gold Coast ready to tee off, when a mob of kangaroos charged up the fairway looking for front row seats. Great footage!🎥: @wendywoogolf

9th year in Government, still no climate change plan. Just a PowerPoint full of BS - literally not one new policy to get to Net Zero. A wasted decade. Just embarrassing. #auspol

PowerPoint - Twitter trends in Australia now

The Young Socceroo is believed to be the only current, openly gay male professional footballer in the world after he revealed his sexuality in an emotional social media video.

Machinery shed is abuzz with speculation about why Gary Barnes has been recalled to #ICAC today…

Victorian Bar Council president Christopher Blanden has described the government’s pandemic bill as “the greatest challenge to the rule of law that this state has faced in decades.” It’s being debated in parliament now and is expected to be pushed through this week. #springst

Cap #756 💙 Good luck to our debutant, Tanveer Sangha! #SheffieldShield

tanveer sangha - Twitter trends in Australia now

Adelaide United footballer Josh Cavallo has become the first active player in the history of A-League Men to come out as gay.

Adelaide United - Twitter trends in Australia now

last week Keith Pitt told RN “the climate is always changing”, a common formulation used by coal expansion proponents. This week Scott Morrison promoted him. The coal barons don’t give a fuck about unlegislated announcements as long as they have their men in cabinet.

Analysis: Melbourne should be leading Sydney in the vaccine race and under-supply is no excuse — Daniel Andrews should have done more with less because sometimes less is more, writes independent observer Dr Nick Coatsworth. | ANALYSIS

Coatsworth - Twitter trends in Australia now