Australia | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Now

Updated: November 27th, 2021 11:45 AM IST

Top Twitter Trends

S.No.Trending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
1.Thanksgiving 2M+
2.The WHO 2M+
3.Black Friday 557K+
4.Jake 276K+
5.China 275K+
6.South Africa 269K+
7.B.1.1.529 238K+
8.Omicron 198K+
9.The Shot 171K+
10.Delta 143K+
11.wooyoung 101K+
12.Peru 100K+
13.Italy 98K+
14.Ranboo 88K+
15.Botswana 84K+
16.World Cup 63K+
17.Stephen Sondheim 54K+
18.Hong Kong 50K+
19.Quarantine 47K+
20.Belgium 42K+
21.#coronavirus 37K+
22.Lakers 36K+
23.Greek 33K+
24.Omega 33K+
25.#SmackDown 30K+
26.#NuVariant 30K+
27.Virginia 27K+
28.Namibia 21K+
29.#LVvsDAL 17K+
30.#covidvariant 16K+
31.Dutton 16K+
32.ICAC 15K+
33.Solomon Islands 11K+
34.Gladys 11K+
35.Celtics 11K+
36.Elite Street <10K
37.Zipping Classic <10K
38.Caulfield <10K
39.Greg Hunt <10K
40.Sweeney Todd <10K
41.Blue Army <10K
42.National Press Club <10K
43.Vogel <10K
44.Goldstein <10K
45.#AUSvUSA <10K
46.#ScottyDoesNothing <10K
47.The Wiggles <10K
48.Spanish Mission <10K
49.Stadium Australia <10K
50.West Side Story <10K
51.#Melbourneprotest <10K
52.Warringah <10K
53.Tillies <10K
54.#MoreThanThanks <10K
55.Bossy <10K
56.Into the Woods <10K
57.Lady Of Honour <10K
58.Zoe Daniel <10K
59.Tricky Gal <10K
60.Send in the Clowns <10K
61.wiggles <10K
62.Ronni <10K
63.Alan Joyce <10K
64.Polly Grey <10K
65.Ebhaar <10K
66.David Brent <10K
67.Lady Laguna <10K
68.Honiara <10K
69.Sam Kerr <10K
70.Matthew Guy <10K
71.Tim Wilson <10K
72.Whit Goughlam <10K
73.Katie Allen <10K
74.Dragon Storm <10K
75.Moronic <10K
76.#WUNvPER <10K
77.Matildas <10K
78.Rosehill <10K
79.Bridget Archer <10K
80.Ayn Rand <10K
81.Deon <10K
82.Julia Banks <10K
83.Transformers <10K
84.Narty <10K
85.Decent Raine <10K
86.Futurama <10K
87.Mary Fowler <10K

Australia Top Tweets Now

Remembering Phillip Hughes 💔 His career in pictures: #63NotOut

#63NotOut - Twitter trends in Australia now

Tomorrow morning I will be talking Songs & Stories- In which one chooses three bits of music and tells some stories about them- with Brian Nankervis on ABC Melbourne at 11 How do you get Handel, Hendrix, Mahler and Jenny Morris into the one conversation? You may well ask

Now all EU states have responded to the threat of this new #Covid19 variant. @ScottMorrisonMP should act this morning. Better to be safe than sorry. Why risk all the sacrifices Australians have made? #auspol

Today we are playing on Wangal country. We acknowledge the Wangal as the first Custodians of the land, air and water where Stadium Australia is situated today, and we pay our respect to their Elders past, present and emerging. #AUSvUSA

#AUSvUSA - Twitter trends in Australia now

Alan Joyce says the new variant is of interest but he’s not concerned because with vaccines and the summer months we’ll be ok. I’d prefer to take advice from an actual expert.

أفضل خمسة مؤسسات تعليم وتدريب في قياس التحول الرقمي الحكومي التاسع (مرتبة حسب الأفضل): ١. جامعة الإمام عبدالرحمن بن فيصل ٢. جامعة الملك خالد ٣. جامعة القصيم ٤. المؤسسة العامة للتدريب التقني والمهني ٥. معهد الإدارة العامة.

عبدالرحمن بن خالد - Twitter trends in Australia now

Khawaja makes 36-ball statement, but he’d have ‘no issue’ if Head claims spot ASHES DAILY >>

Steve Smith - Twitter trends in Australia now

For today’s big Duke-Gonzaga matchup featuring the top-2 players on my draft board in Paolo Banchero and Chet Holmgren, I updated the 2022 NBA Mock Draft. Lot of notes on some early movers, including Jaden Ivey, Kendall Brown, Johnny Davis and more:

Banchero - Twitter trends in Australia now

@RonniSalt @shot_au “A man who’d be lucky to win fourth prize in a David Brent impersonation contest has been elevated to the highest office in the land. And why? “ Ka-ching 🥇🥇🥇 Question Of The Year, Ronni👏👏👏 ✌️🇦🇺✌️

HALF TIME | Behind at the break, plenty of chances for the Matildas. Make sure to watch a massive second half coming up on @10FootballAU #AUSvUSA #WeAreMatildas

#AUSvUSA - Twitter trends in Australia now

Wilson, who yesterday gained his own high-profile challenger, doesn’t appear to be taking it well, reportedly sending out a letter referring to former ABC journalist Zoe Daniel as a Labor and Greens “puppet”. who will Daniels preference . is she a lib vote farmer?

Absolutely thrilled for our own @WilliamstownFC young gun Charlie Dean. An A grader on and off the field. A fantastic addition for the @CollingwoodFC #AFLDraft