Australia | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Today

Updated: March 28th, 2023 12:42 PM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.For You 1M+
2.jungkook 1M+
3.Nashville 738K+
4.America 523K+
5.Guns 455K+
6.China 388K+
7.Christian 380K+
8.Twitter Blue 291K+
9.Netanyahu 288K+
10.Binance 242K+
11.Tennessee 226K+
12.The NRA 207K+
13.sehun 174K+
14.Elon 155K+
15.Liberal 131K+
16.Labor 82K+
17.Audrey Hale 80K+
18.Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji 61K+
19.Humza Yousaf 56K+
20.AR-15 54K+
21.Evelyn 48K+
22.Caro 48K+
23.CFTC 44K+
24.Uvalde 43K+
25.Suspended 40K+
26.Embiid 39K+
27.#DepthCampaign 36K+
28.Jokic 29K+
29.#WWERaw 25K+
30.Jasper 22K+
31.Liberal Party 21K+
32.Libs 19K+
33.Sandy Hook 18K+
34.Chris Chan 16K+
35.Sign the Petition 16K+
36.Gail 15K+
37.Agatha Christie 14K+
38.Deeming 12K+
39.Moira Deeming 11K+
40.Diane 10K+
41.Aston 10K+
42.Dan Tehan <10K
43.tahnee <10K
44.Clarko <10K
45.Kiama <10K
46.Layton <10K
47.Gerry <10K
48.Port Arthur <10K
49.Lyndall <10K
50.#QandA <10K
51.David Pocock <10K
52.Stan Grant <10K
53.Latitude <10K
54.#aflswanshawks <10K
55.Pesutto <10K
56.Lyndal <10K
57.Macedonian Jesus <10K
58.Cornes <10K
59.Shonee <10K
60.Rowan Dean <10K
61.Alyssa <10K
62.Jack Wighton <10K
63.Liz and Matt <10K
64.Manfred Schaefer <10K
65.Ban RACISTS for LIFE <10K
66.#SurvivorAU <10K
67.Sussan Ley <10K
68.Richard Boyle <10K
69.Mastodon <10K
70.#afleaglesgiants <10K
71.ASPI <10K
72.$LTR <10K
73.#4Corners <10K
74.Hynes <10K
75.Rowan <10K
76.Mahoney <10K
77.#afldonssuns <10K
78.Congratulations Liz <10K
79.#guncontrol <10K
80.NDIS <10K
81.Jacinta Price <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

It’s now time for the Victorian liberals to lance the boil. Pesutto has got to go!!!

Twitter trends Australia - Pesutto by Nyunggai Warren Mundine AO

Great victory for the Libs and Moira Deeming over the lies of John Pesutto. His leadership is dead man walking. ‘Deeming’s letter contradicts Pesutto’s claims

Twitter trends Australia - Pesutto by Nyunggai Warren Mundine AO

It’s really difficult to watch #qanda panel discussing important issues about the Voice when Jacinta Price keeps interrupting and yelling over other panelists. She’s welcome to disagree, but can she let other people finish? This isn’t Sky After Dark!

John Pesutto tells ABC 7:30 ‘there will be consequences’ for Moira Deeming - if what she told the party room today is different to her true intentions. Comments come following these tweets from Deeming this evening. Mr Pesutto says the party will now have to review the tweets.

Twitter trends Australia - Moira Deeming by Sharnelle Vella

Congratulations to #SurvivorAU winner Liz! I’ll be talking to @AMikeBloomType about finale week, the results & the season at large. Send us your questions for the podcast! #RHAP

Twitter trends Australia - Congratulations Liz by Shannon Guss (Gaitz)

My reliable sources tell me the Liberal Party will retain Pittwater and Gareth Ward will retain Kiama. If true Labor maximum seats is 46.

Sky News host Peta Credlin has shared the speech Victorian Liberal Party MP Moira Deeming gave to defend herself from possible expulsion which “brought some in the room to tears”.

Ok I’m devastated George is gone but it was kind of worth it to see him walking onto that jury bench looking like Freddie Mercury #SurvivorAU

The Socceroos family are saddened to hear of the passing of cap #198 and 1974 FIFA World Cup representative, Manfred Schaefer. The team will wear black armbands tonight in Melbourne, and a moment of silence will be conducted before kick off. Vale.

Barack Obama and his wife Michelle arrived in Australia on a private jet despite climate change having been the former US president’s “greatest priority”, says Sky News host Chris Kenny.

I had two options – die or find a way to live as a transgender man | Jasper Lees


The party room will be looking very closely, all of us, who believed what was put to the party room ... if there is some discrepancy ... then that would have serious consequences, absolutely. - @JohnPesutto on Moira Deeming #abc730

Sad to hear the passing of ex @Socceroos Manfred Schaefer. My deepest condolences to his daughter Kim Schaefer, family & friends. Also to his beloved 1974 Socceroos Teammates. Privileged to have known you Manfred. You represented your Country & Clubs with Pride & lived life with…

Twitter trends Australia - Manfred Schaefer by Elia Santoro 💙

Ollie and Tahnee are absolutely adorable. Two genuinely nice people with zero drama. Exactly what MAFS needs more of. Please oh please let them live happily ever after. #mafs #mafsau

Remember when @GoldmanSachs released ➡️multiple⬅️bearish reports on #Lithium causing panic and low sentiment? Well well, they have been accumulating lithium shares and took out a huge parcel of $LTR yesterday. Market manipulation at its finest. 👏🏼