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Updated: February 3rd, 2023 04:43 AM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.jungkook 2M+
2.Taekook 405K+
3.Beyoncé 306K+
4.Minister 174K+
5.Tom Brady 145K+
6.Mason Greenwood 134K+
7.Greenwood 116K+
8.Alba 101K+
9.hoshi 94K+
10.Amanda 93K+
11.#spendwisely 91K+
12.Heat 72K+
13.mnet 64K+
14.#AEWDynamite 47K+
15.Nancy 44K+
16.Hollywood 43K+
18.Tone 38K+
19.Catholic 34K+
20.Porter 28K+
21.Pell 28K+
22.Claire 24K+
23.hanbin 24K+
24.haruto 24K+
25.Jesse 23K+
26.#RobodebtRC 23K+
27.#WorldWetlandsDay 21K+
28.Tudge 21K+
29.Wong 19K+
30.Ozzy 17K+
31.Howard 15K+
32.Vitamin D 14K+
33.King Charles 14K+
34.Duncan 11K+
35.Dutton 11K+
36.Volk 10K+
37.Janelle <10K
38.Paul Rudd <10K
39.#Putin <10K
40.max bryant <10K
41.labor-held <10K
42.Barilaro <10K
43.Daily Quordle 375 <10K
44.Caroline Chisholm <10K
45.Penny Wong <10K
46.Mary Mackillop <10K
47.Wordle 594 X <10K
48.the rba <10K
49.Telly <10K
50.michael neser <10K
51.#melbourneweather <10K
52.Morning Rob <10K
53.tarryn thomas <10K
54.Caitlin <10K
55.Neser <10K
56.Post Malone <10K
57.Vit D <10K
58.Turnbull <10K
59.Ronni <10K
60.Australian $5 <10K
61.#melbweather <10K
62.Alyssa <10K
63.Sixers <10K
64.National Cabinet <10K
65.$ALBT <10K
66.#MAFSAU <10K
67.#TaskmasterAU <10K
68.Dan Christian <10K
69.the reserve bank <10K
70.First Australians <10K
71.Narty <10K
72.fred nile <10K
73.spencer johnson <10K
74.Tony Abbott <10K
75.#Wordle594 <10K
76.Breville <10K
77.Scorchers <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

In a sensational decision, the Reserve Bank will dump King Charles III from the bill, saying it was time for a “new design that honours the culture and history of First Australians.”

Twitter trends Australia - King Charles by The Australian

Zaine about to get roller nerfed with this 1v3 clip in ALGS god damn

Harrison definitely said no to foreplay, came in under 2 minutes and then rolled over and went to bed without looking at Bronte again. That man is EMBARRASSED #MAFSAU #MAFS

Melbourne press conference today welcoming a glowing endorsement of the @AlboMP Government’s economic plan from the IMF overnight, and discussing developments in the US economy, tax policies, Budget pressures, and the RBA’s decision on the five dollar note. #auspol #ausecon

Twitter trends Australia - The RBA by Jim Chalmers MP

Quite possibly the biggest upset in BBL history - Adam Gilchrist is shocked, and the Heat have won their way to the Big Bash Final to take on the Scorchers on Saturday! ✍ MORE Brought to you by @StreetSmartsQLD

Twitter trends Australia - Scorchers by Fox Cricket

What did the allegedly Reverend Fred Nile say about men in costumes flaunting their “lifestyle choice” in the streets of Sydney? It’s immoral, unnatural and abnormal … a public parade of immorality and blasphemy. Finally, it’s true.

Some of the mourners at Pell’s funeral service – seems mainly non Catholic ? But definitely RW one on right is Fred Nile who I honestly thought was dead!

Twitter trends Australia - Fred Nile by Mari R

The Perth Scorchers, Brisbane Heat and Perth Heat will all be playing in Grand Finals at the same time. @abcsport

The Sydney Sixers have won the bat flip and elected to bat first against the Brisbane Heat #BBL12

The NSW Auditor General has found the office of former Deputy Premier John Barilaro excluded Labor electorates from receiving bushfire grants | @lachlan_kennedy

What a review from Brisbane! The lbw was ruled out due to a little spike - but Jimmy Peirson held the catch! #BBL12

Every Simpsons fan knows what the new Australian $5 note design should be.

Twitter trends Australia - Australian $5 by Four Finger Discount

That smug feeling when you’ve brought the washing in before the rain. #melbourneweather

Twitter trends Australia - #melbourneweather by Dr Ruth DeSouza (FACN)

Auditor general finds NSW Labor seats denied bushfire grants due to limit set by John Barilaro’s office

I now know what I will be watching tomorrow morning, a glorious stretch where Tari Eason had a banked 3, 7 missed layups, a steal, a block, and six offensive rebounds in under 90 seconds lmao