Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.JUNGKOOK 756180
2.#Bayern3_Rassismus 644940
3.got7 538802
4.Apple 362280
5.SHINee 345673
6.Prince 316002
7.Group 1 265819
8.German 263823
9.The Boys 248027
10.Dogs 219666
11.FIX YOU 212246
12.Hyunjin 210280
13.Vlive 208275
14.Vision 158991
15.CUTEST 152595
16.taeyong 151186
17.Dragon 148307
18.Gojo 144994
19.Mary 138566
20.APEX 137215
21.Kayo 120246
22.Johnson 116587
23.STILL WITH YOU 116175
24.Storm 114187
25.Messi 106889
26.tommy 95673
27.Binance 90816
28.LGBTQ 83592
29.Bobby 83240
30.Manchester 80688
31.Hu Tao 79383
32.Bird 79104
33.Cook 77655
34.Countdown 72444
35.Victory 66632
36.Chelsea 64073
37.Oscar 63890
38.Thankyou 60813
39.Uber 60495
40.Arizona 56342
41.Barca 55732
42.Warriors 54517
43.jype 52936
44.Knights 47837
45.Paula 44352
46.Man City 42502
47.Liverpool 42058
48.Stones 38163
49.Berry 33161
50.Porter 28796
51.Brighton 28005
52.Duke 27975
53.Blues 27835
54.Parker 26917
55.Christians 23906
56.Cooper 22656
57.Leeds 22324
58.Howard 22270
59.Sterling 22078
60.Champions League 21537
61.Hook 21215
62.New Zealand 19562
63.Robinson 19347
64.Dragons 17182
65.Ginny 16472
66.Attorney General 16432
67.jinki 16195
68.Titans 15365
69.Molly 15061
70.West Ham 14839
71.#1DOnlineConcertStayAtHome 14621
72.Wdym 13916
73.Ayyy 13645
74.Draymond 12847
75.Lingard 12576
76.Casper 12468
77.Raiders 11912
78.Ivermectin 11503
79.Caleb 11022
80.Cancelo 10990
81.Cowboys 10874
82.ABBA 10625
83.Birmingham 10469
84.Panthers 10283
85.Skyhooks <10k
86.Verry Elleegant <10k
87.Berisha <10k
88.NSW Cup <10k
89.Elton John <10k
90.Ole Kirk <10k
91.Mudgee <10k
92.Optus <10k
93.#watchingrage <10k
94.Latrell <10k
95.Ascot <10k
96.#WSWvADL <10k
97.Dolphins <10k
98.Rabbitohs <10k
99.Criaderas <10k
100.Sharks <10k
101.Randwick <10k
102.A-League <10k
103.Cody Walker <10k
104.Miracle Mile <10k
105.Sydney in 1988 <10k
106.Sutton <10k
107.Adelaide <10k
108.Bowie <10k
109.Nash <10k
110.parra <10k
111.Harry Grant <10k
112.Cleary <10k
113.Western United <10k
114.demon slayer <10k
115.senator simon birmingham <10k
116.Auckland <10k
117.Slade <10k
118.#ParkerFa <10k
119.Sam Walker <10k
120.#CabinetRapist <10k
121.Albury <10k
122.#BRUvWAR <10k
123.Wallabies <10k
124.Flemington <10k
125.bronte beach <10k
126.dom to shoot <10k
127.markovic <10k
128.#VerryElleegant <10k
129.#MCIWHU <10k
130.harold holt <10k
131.Dockers <10k
132.North Melbourne <10k
133.Holmes <10k
134.Roosters <10k
135.JAY PARK <10k
136.#RepcoSC <10k
137.craig goodwin <10k
138.Penny Wong <10k
139.#NRLTrials <10k
140.Griffin <10k
141.St George <10k
142.Buffalo River <10k
143.#CharityShield <10k
144.Diamanti <10k
145.#ALeague <10k
146.Chaillot <10k
147.Coroner <10k
148.Joseph Suaalii <10k
149.Senator Wong <10k
150.Roy Morgan <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese ()

When you’re making a year’s worth of passata, you’ve got time to talk. Connie told me about her late husband, Luigi. He suffered from dementia. Eventually, he lost his ability to speak English, remembering only his Italian. His final years were spent in aged care. It wasn’t easy.

Connie,Twitter trends in Australia now
Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese ()

Happy Tomato Day! Spent the morning making a year’s worth of passata with the Bertoni family in Concord in Sydney. Nonna even let me take a couple of jars home.

Happy Morning,Twitter trends in Australia now
Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese ()

Now Connie is on the waiting list for home care. She’s one of 100,000 Australians who have been approved for care, but still don’t have it. When I asked if there was anything I could do, her reply was simple: “Do something for the old people.”

Unofficial tAronto Baynes Fan Club
Unofficial tAronto Baynes Fan Club ()

To celebrate Aron Baynes’ 500th career game, Baynes Fan Club will now power rank all 500 of his games so far: 500. Game 31 - 12/21/2013 Aron Baynes committed 2 fouls in 1 minute 53 seconds playing time in a Spurs 13 points loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. (1/500)

Baynes,Twitter trends in Australia now
Unofficial tAronto Baynes Fan Club
Unofficial tAronto Baynes Fan Club ()

And finally the number 1 performance of Aron Baynes’ career. 1. Game 466 - 3/6/2020 37 / 16 / 9 / 2 If you know, you know. (500/500)

7HorseRacing 🐎
7HorseRacing 🐎 ()


ABC News
ABC News ()

Birmingham says allegations in letter accusing Cabinet Minister of rape should be left to police

Supercars ()

Everything you could ever want to know about livery design? Thanks Larko! 🤗 Larko breaks down the science behind liveries in the Hino Hub #RepcoSC

Unofficial tAronto Baynes Fan Club
Unofficial tAronto Baynes Fan Club ()

Aron Baynes tonight vs the Rockets: 🚀 9 points (27 away from 3,000) 🚀 6 rebounds 🚀 5 screen assists (unofficial) 🚀 1 three pointer made (99th career) 🚀 500th career game played Raptors back to .500 and improve to 5-2 under the Bench Baynes lineup.

Adelaide Crows
Adelaide Crows ()

Borlase with our third of the day at Alberton 😬 #weflyasone

alberton,Twitter trends in Australia now
NRL ()

NINE IN A ROW 🐰🐰 The #CharityShield stays with the @SSFCRABBITOHS!

#charityshield,Twitter trends in Australia now
Plus500 Brumbies
Plus500 Brumbies ()

🐴//🙌🏽 Put that in the history books! Our biggest win over the old enemy EVER! #BRUvWAR #BrumbiesFamily

#BRUvWAR,Twitter trends in Australia now
Sky Racing
Sky Racing ()

What a race! What a mare! Verry Elleegant takes out the #TABChippingNorton! Gun ride from @mcacajamez for @cwallerracing!

Adelaide United
Adelaide United ()

Nervous ending but 3️⃣ points in the bag! #AUFC #WSWvADL

#wswvadl,Twitter trends in Australia now
Scooter ()

I think i am a bit cold in nature when it comes to ex players. Joe Daniher playing well means very little to me. I only look forward to what Essendon needs to do and get things right.

Supercars ()

Cameron Waters has secured the first @ARMORALLAusNZ Pole Position of 2021 🔥🔥 #RepcoSC

#RepcoSC,Twitter trends in Australia now
Isaac Butterfield
Isaac Butterfield ()

I don’t know what people think the real Isaac Butterfield is like. But here is a hint, I’m spending my Saturday night watching Midsomer Murders.

butterfield,Twitter trends in Australia now
Graham Readfearn
Graham Readfearn ()

From me - Clive Palmer coalmine near Great Barrier Reef must be blocked, conservationists say, as project moves to assessment stage

Supercars ()

Anton is in the fence! 😱😱 We have our first BP Ultimate Safety Car of the season #RepcoSC

Fremantle Dockers
Fremantle Dockers ()

We can’t keep up as Fyfe adds another! That’s three in two minutes 👊 ⚓️ 40 🦅 15 #foreverfreo