Australia | Twitter Trending Hashtag And Tweets Now

Updated: October 27th, 2021 04:45 AM IST
S.No.Trending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
1.Pakistan 507K+
2.The Plan 200K+
3.Conte 192K+
4.Michael 176K+
5.Dune 168K+
6.Pfizer 152K+
7.Tesla 151K+
8.Technology 128K+
9.Sudan 117K+
10.#COP26 80K+
11.hoshi 77K+
12.chenle 77K+
13.#PakvsNz 75K+
14.Morrison 69K+
15.Glasgow 62K+
16.Crown 53K+
17.#auspol 52K+
18.Hertz 51K+
19.Boris 48K+
20.South Africa 48K+
21.Walter Smith 43K+
22.Dune 2 38K+
23.Emily 38K+
24.Vera 34K+
25.Nats 33K+
26.Brazil 32K+
27.Cabinet 29K+
28.Tina 29K+
29.Fran 25K+
30.De Kock 22K+
31.Spencer 21K+
32.Taku 20K+
33.Nationals 20K+
34.Treasury 20K+
35.Leigh 20K+
36.Marta 20K+
37.Cameron 19K+
38.Mitch 18K+
39.Joan 17K+
40.JonTron 17K+
41.Chomsky 16K+
42.Khalid 16K+
43.Saul 15K+
44.Hannah Gadsby 12K+
45.Birmingham 11K+
46.Arteta 11K+
47.Quinton de Kock 10K+
48.Brookes <10K
49.jane norman <10K
50.Sam Kerr <10K
51.Ellie Carpenter <10K
52.Polks <10K
53.RSVPed <10K
54.Katharine <10K
55.derryn <10K
56.McKinsey <10K
57.#ScottyfromMarketing <10K
58.David Attenborough <10K
59.Laura Tingle <10K
60.Malcolm Turnbull <10K
61.#LNPClimateCriminals <10K
62.JB HiFi <10K
63.fiona patten <10K
64.Robbie <10K
65.Wellcamp <10K
66.Tim Wilson <10K
67.Gayle <10K
68.Ben Stokes <10K
69.Russell Woolf <10K
70.carlton draught <10K
71.Welcome to Melbourne <10K
72.Carpenter <10K
73.Daryl Maguire <10K
74.Vito <10K
75.#AUSvBRA <10K
76.ATAGI <10K
77.Utopia <10K
78.Angus Taylor <10K
80.Mediterranean <10K
81.mary fowler <10K
82.Tim Smith <10K
83.Keith Pitt <10K
84.The TGA <10K
85.West Indies <10K
86.Katharine Murphy <10K
87.PowerPoint <10K
88.Mike Cannon <10K
89.#Wentworth <10K
90.Gina Rinehart <10K
91.Lendl Simmons <10K
92.Nanette <10K
93.Torres Strait <10K
94.Leunig <10K
95.Birmo <10K
96.#matildas <10K
Australia Top Tweets Now

So glad the Prime Minister has a new pamphlet to tackle climate change. 9th year in government & a new pamphlet which says nothing new. #auspol #ScottyFromGaslighting

“The Australian Way” is not a plan. It’s a con. Net zero by 2050 is a death sentence. Morrison’s plan is dangerous and will cost our kids their future.

👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 #ScottyfromMarketing

#ScottyfromMarketing - Twitter trends in Australia now

Exclusive: Nationals at war in leaked WhatsApp messages over ‘Terminator’ @mattjcan shooting a “cop” in spoof climate change video @newscomauHQ

Terminator - Twitter trends in Australia now

.@samkerr1 adds our second of the night! Can we talk about that nutmeg though 👀 🎥: @10FootballAU #AUSvBRA #WeAreMatildas

Wow this is massive! Torres Strait leaders sue federal government over climate change - This is the first Australian climate class action brought on behalf of First Nations people. Fantastic @GrataFund!

FULL TIME | It ends even in another thrilling match against Brazil. #AUSvBRA #WeAreMatildas

#AUSvBRA - Twitter trends in Australia now

9th year in Government, still no climate change plan. Just a PowerPoint full of BS - literally not one new policy to get to Net Zero. A wasted decade. Just embarrassing. #auspol

PowerPoint - Twitter trends in Australia now

Confirmed: @M_McCormackMP confronts @Barnaby_Joyce on the floor of Parliament over leaked Terminator texts. He’s furious over this story

Scott Morrison’s net zero pivot is about winning an election and saving face in front of his AUKUS buddies Joe Biden and Boris Johnson. It has nothing to do with getting serious on climate change, writes @kishor_nr #auspol #cop26glasgow

POLKS AGAIN, DE JA VU 🇦🇺 1-0 🇧🇷 #AUSvBRA #WeAreMatildas

Polks - Twitter trends in Australia now

3. Given CUB was sold ages ago and the multinationals who have owned them since have engaged in union busting, I reckon all three of my close CUB relations would prefer we drank local from companies who respect their workers; 4. Carlton Draught is yuck. Soz.