Australia | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Today

Updated: January 28th, 2023 09:42 AM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.Pfizer 697K+
2.Russia 394K+
3.Arsenal 314K+
4.Holocaust 259K+
5.Auschwitz 242K+
6.The Voice 232K+
7.Putin 188K+
8.Israel 182K+
9.Memphis 173K+
10.Tyre Nichols 141K+
11.Adani 139K+
12.Paul Pelosi 132K+
13.Caicedo 101K+
14.Australia 98K+
15.#LavenderHazeMusicVideo 95K+
16.Jenin 93K+
17.Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji 67K+
18.Palestinian 59K+
19.Jerusalem 54K+
20.Dead Space 44K+
21.Djokovic 42K+
22.Yachty 42K+
23.Valley 41K+
24.Indigenous 36K+
26.#FACup 36K+
27.Haaland 34K+
28.George Floyd 33K+
29.#MCIARS 33K+
30.Abby 32K+
31.Auckland 32K+
32.Trossard 31K+
33.Lil Yachty 30K+
34.Novak 29K+
35.Lokonga 24K+
36.Hi-Fi Rush 23K+
37.phoebe 22K+
38.Turner 22K+
39.Partey 21K+
40.Goldeneye 21K+
41.Blake Lively 20K+
42.Anthony Gordon 19K+
43.Emirates 19K+
44.Tsitsipas 18K+
45.West Bank 17K+
46.#SmackDown 17K+
47.Caroline 17K+
48.Rodney King 13K+
49.Opus 12K+
50.Sambi 12K+
51.Greens 11K+
52.Tierney 11K+
53.Israelis 10K+
54.Tommy Paul 10K+
55.Kathryn Campbell <10K
56.Linda Reynolds <10K
57.#XboxFreeCodeFriday <10K
58.Scott Morrison <10K
59.David Sharaz <10K
60.Stefanos Tsitsipas <10K
61.First Nations <10K
62.Daily Quordle 369 <10K
63.Rosehill <10K
64.Chris Green <10K
65.Hugh <10K
66.#Hottest100 <10K
67.David Williams <10K
68.Opus Dei <10K
69.Chalmers <10K
70.Morning Richard <10K
71.Moonee Valley <10K
72.bryce cotton <10K
73.#モニタリング <10K
74.Israeli <10K
75.#coldest100 <10K
76.Vikki Campion <10K
77.#Wordle588 <10K
78.piscopo <10K
79.Dreyfus <10K
80.WotC <10K
81.Learning To Fly <10K
82.Nauru <10K
83.Serbian <10K
84.Red Resistance <10K
85.#NEWvBRI <10K
86.Cranbourne <10K
87.Barnaby <10K
88.Aboriginal <10K
89.Higgins <10K
90.#WELvPER <10K
91.Jim Chalmers <10K
92.Mike Carlton <10K
93.Thorpe <10K
94.spacey jane <10K
95.The Saturday Paper <10K
96.Saliba <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

Just give Jacinta Nampijinpa Price the power to fix Alice Springs. And she will…very well & quick smart. Listen to her voice, Albo.

Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has sensationally accused the Prime Minister of “racism” over his response to the Alice Springs crisis.

After 8 months of puerile commentary about the economy, rather than a plan, from @JEChalmers we now hear that he can remake capitalism. From a bloke who has never spent a day in a real business or risked his own money to set one up. Hubris.

Embarrassing for racing that it’s the jockeys who detected the problem with a dangerous wet section of the track tonight at Cranbourne. We grew up with stewards inspecting the track hours prior? How is this not picked up? Needs a addressing RV swiftly #Farcetonight

No six for you! Chris Green spectacularly saves six! #BBL12 @BKTtires | #GoldenMoment

Far right Liberals linked to Opus Dei schools are attacking the ABC before seeing the #4Corners story — ensuring an even bigger viewing audience.

Twitter trends Australia - Opus Dei by Peter Cronau

No Friday night racing at Cranbourne with the meeting abandoned. Extremely disappointing as the night was also a fundraiser for Deane Lester.

Best economy rate in the four-over Powerplay in #BBL12 (minimum 10 overs bowled): - Kane Richardson (MR) - CHRIS GREEN (ST) - Paddy Dooley (HH) - Akeal Hosein (MR) - Jason Behrendorff (PS)

Twitter trends Australia - Chris Green by

Linda Reynolds sends formal defamation complaint to Brittany Higgins’s partner David Sharaz

Just so everyone is very clear, Linda Reynolds and I are not related. In fact, I can’t relate to her at all.

What a run from L̶i̶o̶n̶e̶l̶ ̶M̶e̶s̶s̶i̶ Reno Piscopo! 🤤 #BondedByGold

Rain 😠 Such a shame to end an exciting, high-scoring match up like that #BBL12

Bryce Cotton…..lazy 40 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists 💪🔥 @PerthWildcats @NBL

Robodebt was a scam: kudos to The Saturday Paper and Rick Morton (and the Royal Commission)...

Does Reynolds really know what she is opening up here. She had her partner sit in continuously on Luhrmann trial so she knew what was said before she gave evidence; she tried to brief defence lawyer in court. She should have been done for contempt.