Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.#BTSARMY 2237459
2.#BTS_Butter 2029061
3.Covid 1961401
4.#ButterVideoTeaser 865710
5.JUNGKOOK 718899
6.Biden 660628
7.Congress 566604
8.Twitch 418046
9.gfriend 417082
10.#CongressToolkitExposed 413916
11.Mark 404595
12.China 401258
13.taemin 368089
14.Queen 358262
15.My God 274464
16.namjoon 265737
17.Corona 233510
18.jeno 233491
19.SO CUTE 225408
20.Republicans 218096
21.Texas 212797
22.hoseok 205818
23.Korean 198529
24.Bangtan 193643
25.Jhope 192856
26.Kane 191394
27.hobi 182540
28.Jack 180560
29.Michael 175904
30.Pfizer 173882
31.GET IT LET IT ROLL 161485
32.Democrats 159985
33.Argentina 158858
34.DeFi 158489
35.Nigeria 150878
36.Chelsea 141349
37.Natural 135827
38.Anna 135085
39.Europe 133385
40.JIHYO 127470
41.Slowly 117631
42.Australia 116063
43.Legend 108016
44.Thomas 102550
45.Eula 97161
46.Iran 95436
47.Joel 93949
48.Wise 93901
49.Jean 91826
50.Astra Zeneca 90867
51.Alan 90611
52.Cavani 90295
53.#MUFC 89195
54.taeyong 84988
55.Anne 83729
56.joon 81018
57.Northern 79643
58.Yuri 78810
59.tommy 77770
60.Tik Tok 71922
61.TikTok 71730
62.hanbin 69737
63.Russia 66456
64.Ireland 65384
65.Tottenham 59893
66.#Eurovision 59513
67.Manu 59324
68.NIKI 59301
69.Minhyuk 59100
70.Victor 57645
71.#CHELEI 56476
72.West Bank 54486
73.Andy 53971
74.Leicester 53927
75.Wonho 49285
76.soobin 47282
77.Destiny 46379
78.Barca 46352
79.TUBBO 44971
80.Hyungwon 44584
81.Kihyun 44055
82.Werner 43387
83.Taeyeon 41607
84.TYLER 41605
85.Charles Grodin 41120
86.Spurs 40269
87.iPad 39625
88.Lebron 38986
89.Roger 37980
90.Egypt 36924
91.Goodness 36304
92.Danny 35838
93.Malta 35285
94.Morrison 33447
95.Mans 33193
96.Freddie 31974
97.Quran 31642
98.Brighton 31557
99.cheol 30877
100.SHOWNU 30797
101.Fulham 30764
102.lana 30340
103.GEORGE LORE 30036
104.Shrek 29357
105.Bryce 28227
106.Evan 27700
107.Levy 27136
108.Empathy 26966
109.Dylan 26867
110.Wilder 26805
111.Hector 26627
112.Naomi 25358
113.Pity 23762
114.#FFXIVAlienwareSweepstakes 23450
115.Ukraine 23330
116.Jules 23016
117.Syria 22886
118.Rosie 21934
119.Preston 18912
120.Norway 18849
121.Azerbaijan 17560
122.Ashes 16919
123.Abby 16659
124.Serena 16549
125.Midnight Run 16091
126.Ben Platt 16091
127.Joe Rogan 15903
128.Hawaii 15274
129.JENNA 15217
130.Poland 15027
131.Evan Hansen 15024
132.Teresa 14806
133.Ethiopian 14737
134.Big Brother 14459
135.Halloween 13971
136.Duncan 13903
137.Tuchel 13871
138.Beethoven 13322
139.Romania 12657
140.Belgium 12331
141.Cyprus 12283
142.Adriana 12193
143.Catherine 11959
144.Netherlands 11945
145.PETA 11551
146.#ClimateAction 11388
147.Hornets 11157
148.Rotterdam 10727
149.Burnley 10681
150.Footscray <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese ()

The US is so far ahead of Australia’s vaccine rollout that they are now vaccinating 12 year olds. Meanwhile, too many Australians over the age of 80 are still waiting. We need to do better.

Kristina Keneally
Kristina Keneally ()

.@ScottMorrisonMP can roll out a red carpet for himself, but he can’t rollout a vaccine for you. Scott is in it for himself, he doesn’t care about you. Australians deserve a prime minister who is on their side.”

Prime,Twitter trends in Australia now
Nick Bonyhady
Nick Bonyhady ()

BREAKING: The Fair Work Commission has ruled that a Deliveroo rider was an *employee* of the company ( rights to a minimum wage, super, etc) not an independent contractor. It has upheld his unfair dismissal claim too.

Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd ()

What planet does this guy come I assume there is room in Andrew Laming’s empathy class for another candidate.

Abc730 ()

When a woman calls triple-zero over domestic violence, it’s unfathomable to many that she would end up arrested, held in a police cell and issued with an AVO – but that’s exactly what happened to 24-year-old Rosie Cooney. #abc730

Adam Liaw
Adam Liaw ()

It will always be insane to me how the Michelin model of going into Asian countries entirely revolves around giving 1 star to some kind of street food for the free local press, while giving 3 stars almost exclusively to French restaurants, and people just go along with it.

Kristina Keneally
Kristina Keneally ()

.⁦@lindareynoldswa⁩ rails against ‘empathy’ in the NDIS Seriously Whether it’s bushfire victims, women experiencing harassment or assault, or people with a disability - the Liberals just don’t care about people. The Liberals are not on your side.

Leigh Sales
Leigh Sales ()

If you want some understanding & context around death numbers in Australia, I recommend @ABSStats annual mortality report. Here are the numbers of deaths of Australians annually from flu/pneumonia in the years pre-covid. 2019 - 4100 deaths 2018 - 3200 deaths 2017 - 2400 deaths

ABC News
ABC News ()

Penny Wong accuses Scott Morrison of stoking China tensions for political gain ()

JUST IN: Pat Cummins, Josh Hazlewood, Mitch Starc and Nathan Lyon have issued a joint statement following recent reports regarding the 2018 Newlands scandal. Read here:

Bancroft,Twitter trends in Australia now
Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese ()

Four years ago, Amanda was pregnant and homeless. She was really struggling. But she got back on her feet thanks to Launch Housing East St Kilda. Today, Amanda showed me her old room. She’s moved out, and is now studying at TAFE and raising her daughter.

TAFE,Twitter trends in Australia now
Catherine ()

Bruce Pascoe’s Dark Emu is a fantasy. A lie. Aboriginals weren’t farmers & living in cities. This utter rubbish is being taught in schools. People who believe it have been duped big time by a fraud pretending he’s Aboriginal.

CricBlog ✍
CricBlog ✍ ()

If the Australia pace bowlers ever bowl to Cameron Bancroft in the nets again. #Cricket

Cameron Bancroft,Twitter trends in Australia now
Eliza Barr
Eliza Barr ()

A teen cryptocurrency trader and CrossFit enthusiast has been lashed by a magistrate after he was caught red-handed dealing ecstasy to a party bus guest near Cronulla pub Northies. 🚨 @stgeorgeshire

Fox Footy
Fox Footy ()

JUST IN | Tarryn Thomas is free to play after successfully appealing his one-match ban for rough conduct at the AFL Tribunal. MORE >

tarryn thomas,Twitter trends in Australia now
Senator Jordon Steele-John 🌏🔥
Senator Jordon Steele-John 🌏🔥 ()

It goes without saying that I will be boycotting Virgin #BoycottVirgin #AusPol

Sky News Australia
Sky News Australia ()

MediaWatch host Paul Barry seems determined to undermine the investigative journalism of Sharri Markson, according to Sky News host Chris Kenny.

Parkway Drive
Parkway Drive ()

It’s #TongueOutTuesday today, Jeff knows whats up! 📷 @LucasEnglund

#TongueOutTuesday,Twitter trends in Australia now
PerthNow ()

Clive Palmer must pay the legal costs of the West Australian government over his dropped contempt case, which a judge said was ‘far from diligent’.

Clive Palmer,Twitter trends in Australia now
ABC News
ABC News ()

Big Pineapple train ridden by Diana and Charles allegedly crashed by brewery tour patron