Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Twitter trends in Australia now - Panthers, Clare, Great Barrier Reef, kensington, JAEMIN, #TheMandalorian, #WeLoveYouHyunjin, Travis, Speedy.

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.seokjin 1755615
2.got7 915218
3.RESONANCE 709534
4.Times 696233
5.America 593268
6.doyoung 418571
7.Twitch 377262
8.#WonderAtMidnight 294249
9.Handsome 249757
10.shawn 246809
11.jungkook 230164
12.Jack 224519
13.Count 224489
14.Alex 167031
15.Male 149410
16.#GreysAnatomy 127149
17.Wisconsin 121296
18.#WeLoveYouHyunjin 119823
19.hunter 118905
20.jisoo 116204
21.yuta 114094
22.jennie 112155
23.soobin 111836
24.Fauci 108533
25.Cake 108130
26.Johnny 103621
27.remind 100201
28.Legit 99059
29.taeyong 95193
30.Waste 92534
31.Disgusting 92492
32.Labor 90720
33.jaehyun 90442
34.ariana 88963
35.Kayo 86908
36.Sehun 80540
37.Jeff 80089
38.Church 77391
39.Beer 76980
40.JAEMIN 75770
41.Rahul 74250
42.Burn 65899
43.jeno 61114
44.haechan 60029
45.Titan 57968
46.Carol 57231
47.Nintendo Switch 56636
48.Kamala 56107
49.Kings 55900
50.renjun 55534
51.Warner Bros 52107
52.Potato 47440
53.Dune 46666
54.Wonho 44986
55.Mariah 44459
56.#OhSanta 43674
57.Satan 42295
58.Swag 41528
59.#aot135spoilers 41308
60.Travis 40009
61.Valley 39483
62.CSGO 38999
63.wonwoo 38079
64.Thai 37412
65.Ahhhh 36861
66.taeil 36441
67.ASMR 34079
68.chenle 33703
69.Goodness 32192
70.#LotusInnGrandOpening 32115
71.Soda 30624
72.Steelers 29929
73.xiao 27874
74.Jennifer 27485
75.Curry 26881
76.Jesse 26469
77.Kratos 26358
78.Bucks 25363
79.Putin 24858
80.Tulsi 22892
81.abel 22293
82.jikook 22205
83.CCTV 21283
84.Teach Me How To Love 21242
85.#TheMandalorian 20688
86.Atlus 19993
87.Indians 19537
88.Fark 19363
89.zendaya 18512
90.Jadeja 17860
91.Thor 16118
92.Home Alone 15663
93.snsd 14712
94.Mulan 14673
95.Virat 14450
96.#CriticalRole 14314
97.Maxwell 14310
98.Speedy 13814
99.Caleb 13424
100.Arteta 12503
101.Kohli 12158
102.#AUSvIND 11762
103.Tania 11136
104.#StarWars 10427
105.Richie 10348
106.Wade 10264
107.Coalition IR <10k
108.Queenslander <10k
109.Woomera <10k
110.Scummo <10k
111.Lachlan Murdoch <10k
112.Great Barrier Reef <10k
113.Kane Williamson <10k
114.Red Cross <10k
115.Starc <10k
116.Coles <10k
117.Jack Black <10k
118.Pell <10k
119.Jooheon <10k
120.#ReefLiveAU <10k
121.nick kroll <10k
122.Wally <10k
123.Moonee Valley <10k
124.Bandcamp Friday <10k
125.Finch <10k
126.Race 3 <10k
127.My GP <10k
128.kenso <10k
129.Henriques <10k
130.Seinfeld <10k
131.Big Bash <10k
132.Byron Bay <10k
133.Swepson <10k
134.Steve Smith <10k
135.Bioware <10k
136.2ne1 <10k
137.Clare <10k
138.Chapter 14 <10k
139.kensington <10k
140.#T20I <10k
141.Chahal <10k
142.Shorten <10k
143.Vultan Tin <10k
144.#RIPRupertMurdoch <10k
145.Brad Hazzard <10k
146.Mudgee Cup <10k
147.Cory <10k
148.Amundi <10k
149.Boba Fett <10k
150.Ipswich <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now ()

4 . 2 2 6 4 4 4 4 . Jadeja smashed 30 off his final 10 balls! #AUSvIND

Jadeja,Twitter trends in Australia now
Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd ()

So Morrison, missing in action during last summer’s bushfires, still made time to kiss the ring of Lachlan Murdoch, one of Australia’s most influential climate sceptics — and he charged taxpayers to do it. Morrison’s leadership hinges on Murdoch’s support.

Fox Sports Lab
Fox Sports Lab ()

Most Test Innings of 150 Runs since 2014 Virat Kohli 🇮🇳 10 Steve Smith 🇦🇺 8 Kane Williamson 🇳🇿 7 Joe Root 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 6 Tom Latham 🇳🇿 5 Younis Khan 🇵🇰 5 #NZvWI

Mark Humphries
Mark Humphries ()

Crisis meeting at the PM’s office about his love of curry metaphors. ()

India XI: Shikhar Dhawan, KL Rahul (wk), Virat Kohli (c), Shreyas Iyer, Sanju Samson, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Washington Sundar, Deepak Chahar, Mohammed Shami, Thangarasu Natarajan #AUSvIND

Fox Cricket
Fox Cricket ()

It took four matches but the summer has had its first blow It was between Justin Langer and match referee David Boon 😱😱😱 DETAILS >>> #AUSvIND

Langer,Twitter trends in Australia now
Quentin Dempster
Quentin Dempster ()

Hamish McDonald: As someone who has been associated with the SMH for more than 50 years ... I can’t think of a lower level of commentary ever run in the newspaper. Please read this stinging critique of our journalism re Australia and China. via @EMAILiT

Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese ()

Had a great time with Aubree, Mila and George reading “If you’re happy and you know it” this morning in Ipswich. Child care is so good for children, and it should be within reach of every Australian family. That’s exactly what Labor’s cheaper child care will do.

Ipswich,Twitter trends in Australia now
Adam Bandt
Adam Bandt ()

To call this “extremely concerning” is an understatement. The Greens will be fighting these proposals in Parliament next week.

🍩 MFW 🍩
🍩 MFW 🍩 ()

This prick’s boss went ballistic over one fucking Chinese tweet. Watch him say NOTHING about this prick endangering people’s actual lives and the health of millions with his anti-virus bastardry. #Crickets #NotALeaderJustALiberal ()

The Renegades have added EIGHT new players to their list for this season as they look to bounce back from a disappointing campaign last summer #BBL10

Assad Tannous
Assad Tannous ()

The haters are going to say this was photoshopped. Coming in hot to Byron

Byron Bay,Twitter trends in Australia now
Australian Space Agency
Australian Space Agency ()

And so the @haya2_jaxa activities begins! We’re welcoming @JAXA_en to Woomera this morning ahead of a big day touring the Woomera Prohibited Area and visiting the various historic sites of Woomera Village. Stay tuned! #Hayabusa2

Woomera,Twitter trends in Australia now ()

At Seddon Park, New Zealand resume after the tea break with skipper Kane Williamson unbeaten on 236 LIVE: #NZvWI

West Indies,Twitter trends in Australia now
Sky News Australia
Sky News Australia ()

Sky News host Chris Kenny says Labor Leader Anthony Albanese has made a big mistake getting on the wrong side of the China debate.

Jane Caro
Jane Caro ()

#thedrum every year Fairfax (or whatever they’re called now) runs the Independent Schools supplement marked ‘Special Report’. It’s also advertorial, drives me nuts! This coal ‘Special Report’ is just the same.

Adam Bandt
Adam Bandt ()

We need Labor to join us in fighting the Libs & the climate crisis, but they won’t if the Labor Right faction gets its way. The collection of essays by Right factional heavies released today includes a strong defence of coal exports from Nat Pres Wayne Swan (@SwannyQLD).

NRL ()

The full @NZWarriors squad will be based in Tamworth for a month before moving to the Central Coast.

Sky News Australia
Sky News Australia ()

Sky News host Chris Kenny says the “woke types” on the ABC always claim Australia is at fault whenever it disagrees with a different country. ()

Sean Abbott takes another catch and India are seven down now #AUSvIND