Australia | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Now

Updated: December 4th, 2021 11:45 AM IST

Top Twitter Trends

S.No.Trending Hashtag / Topics AustraliaTweet Volume
1.Covid 1M+
2.Spotify 1M+
3.#HappyBirthdayJin 846K+
4.iVote 820K+
5.Omicron 743K+
6.#OurDecemberAngel 552K+
7.Seoul 447K+
8.Australia 193K+
9.Common 175K+
10.Buddy 169K+
11.Florida 165K+
12.Round 1 154K+
13.Rare 135K+
14.Arsenal 132K+
15.Nancy 115K+
16.Labor 112K+
17.#5SOSThe10YearCelebrationShow 94K+
18.Warriors 80K+
19.Luke 56K+
20.Utah 41K+
21.Lebron 40K+
22.#MUNARS 38K+
23.Lakers 37K+
24.Joonie 36K+
25.Jazz 35K+
26.The Valley 33K+
27.Angela Merkel 27K+
28.#Bellator272 23K+
29.Romeo 21K+
30.Melo 20K+
31.Greens 20K+
32.calum 19K+
33.Auba 18K+
34.Dune 16K+
35.Ashton 16K+
36.#IDPWD 15K+
37.Cavs 15K+
38.Brock 15K+
39.Morris 14K+
40.Marshall 14K+
41.Bandcamp Friday 13K+
42.De Gea 12K+
43.Clippers 12K+
44.Activision 11K+
45.Nets 11K+
46.First Lady 11K+
47.Duncan 10K+
48.Pacers <10K
49.Vogel <10K
50.#WELvWSW <10K
51.Parnell <10K
52.Ascot <10K
53.South Australia <10K
54.Pakenham <10K
55.Phillip <10K
56.Pettis <10K
57.simpkin <10K
58.Carlton <10K
59.Russ <10K
60.Fair Work Commission <10K
61.Sherrin <10K
62.Shakespeare <10K
63.Hawaiian <10K
64.Craig Kelly <10K
65.moonee valley <10K
66.The Drum <10K
67.Alex Antic <10K
68.Rosehill <10K
69.Pakenham Cup <10K
70.Doomben <10K
71.Lidia Thorpe <10K
72.Antic <10K
73.The AFL <10K
74.Bob Brown <10K
75.Coorey <10K
76.Will Brown <10K
77.Adam Bandt <10K
78.Tudge <10K
79.Queensland <10K
80.#Melbourneprotest <10K
81.sobey <10K
82.Essendon <10K
83.Adelaide <10K
84.Smokin <10K
85.Steven Marshall <10K
86.rachelle <10K
87.Marine One <10K
88.savannah cloud <10K
89.JackJumpers <10K
90.St Kilda <10K
91.Jamie Kah <10K
92.Stan Grant <10K
93.Bunnings <10K
94.Triangles <10K
95.Murdoch <10K
96.Draymond <10K
97.Bandt <10K
98.Sixers <10K
99.#melbourneprotests <10K
100.The Saturday Paper <10K
101.Kennard <10K
102.Spurrier <10K
103.Mr Mosaic <10K
104.Far Too Easy <10K
105.Hemed <10K
106.#Bathurst1000 <10K
107.Gerard Henderson <10K
108.Embiid <10K
109.Frankie Pinot <10K
110.Vic Law <10K

Australia Top Tweets Now

Thank you for joining us for #5SOSThe10YearCelebrationShow. We’re so grateful for our wonderful fans who took the time to join us for this celebration, our amazing team, & the hardworking crew who helped us put this whole thing together. Let’s go party!

5sos - Twitter trends in Australia now

Can’t wait for you to see the show. 2pm on @YouTube. #5SOSThe10YearCelebrationShow

Farewell Angela Merkel, a monument to post WWII German reunification, reconciliation and compassionate leadership for a peace loving and dynamic Europe. We desperately need leaders of this intelligence and skill after the horrors of the 20th Century.

WWII - Twitter trends in Australia now

Not being allowed to go to Bunnings or Bali because you choose to not get vaccinated does not bloody make you Nelson Mandela. Jesus. I’ve had enough.

There was a gap of just five days between detection of the first omicron variant case in Australia, and the first omicron variant school outbreak. Anyone who tells you that transmission is rare in schools is lying to you.

To the 1000s at the #melbourneprotests why don’t you walk down to the Park Hotel Prison in the city where refugees have been locked up for 8 years? Nah. That would take caring about human rights & freedom instead of just your selfish demand to not be responsible for your choices.

The stark irony of a story on mining companies chronically understating methane emissions in the Bowen basin being followed by a story on record flooding. Apparently, we are too stupid to join the dots. @abcnews

BREAKING NEWS: Professor Nicola Spurrier recommend that the borders should be closed. So clearly the Marshall Liberal Govt did not follow the health advice.

SA Police Commissioner Grant Stevens confirms Prof Nicola Spurrier’s health advice was to close borders. Says today’s meeting was “intense”. Borders with Vic, ACT and NSW NOT closing. Extra testing requirements for arrivals. @abcnews @abcadelaide #SouthAustralia #COVID19

And don’t believe the fake news - it was @Mileshef and Red Union that won this - not Sally McManus and the CFMEU - who were on every media outlet calling Red Union a “fake Union” - and they’ve also pulled Union tickets off everyone they called “anti-vax”

Surely India lose a review with Ashwin reviewing being bowled. If your unsure of why your out you consult your partner not be given a hint by the umpire. #INDvzNZ

#BREAKING: The Fair Work Commission has ruled that a mandatory COVID-19 jab policy introduced by BHP is not lawful or reasonable, in a decision that could have huge implications for some of the mining giant’s WA operations.