Australia | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Today

Updated: August 14th, 2022 07:42 AM IST
RankTrending Hashtag / TopicsTweet Volume
1.Trump 1M+
2.Rushdie 563K+
3.Salman Rushdie 495K+
4.Jesus 438K+
5.Manchester United 397K+
6.Arsenal 357K+
7.Brentford 315K+
8.Espionage Act 269K+
9.Ronaldo 263K+
10.Messi 255K+
11.China 245K+
12.#BREMUN 208K+
13.Islam 168K+
14.Chen 149K+
15.Ten Hag 148K+
16.Man Utd 133K+
17.Argentina 114K+
18.Liverpool 113K+
19.De Gea 105K+
20.Gabriel Jesus 103K+
21.Nintendo 99K+
22.Adorable 95K+
23.Maguire 92K+
24.Everton 84K+
25.Breakfast 76K+
26.Cruz 75K+
27.Chicago 69K+
28.DeSantis 65K+
29.Taiwan 64K+
30.jongdae 64K+
31.Brighton 61K+
32.Man City 57K+
33.Anne Heche 53K+
34.The Satanic Verses 46K+
35.Rashford 41K+
36.Britain 40K+
37.Martinelli 37K+
38.Nate 32K+
39.Amanda 32K+
40.Shaw 31K+
41.Elizabeth 30K+
42.saad 28K+
43.#UFCSanDiego 26K+
44.Susan 26K+
45.Lampard 26K+
46.Neil 25K+
47.McTominay 24K+
48.Xhaka 23K+
49.Murdoch 20K+
50.#ManUtd 18K+
51.Varane 17K+
52.SkyNews 17K+
53.Everglow 15K+
54.Morrison 14K+
55.Coalition 14K+
56.Bowen 13K+
57.Klein 13K+
58.chungha 13K+
59.Denmark 11K+
60.Bloke 11K+
61.Judy 10K+
62.melksham <10K
63.Father Bob <10K
64.Chris Bowen <10K
65.eagle farm <10K
66.Speers <10K
67.jack martin <10K
68.rosehill <10K
69.#AFLCrowsNorth <10K
70.James Campbell <10K
71.lillian frank <10K
72.The Chinese Ambassador <10K
73.Wordle 420 X <10K
74.barrass <10K
75.Teals <10K
76.Cripps <10K
77.Reynolds <10K
78.Viney <10K
79.Peter Hartcher <10K
80.Milford <10K
81.giga kick <10K
82.#nrlroosterscowboys <10K
83.Mackay <10K
84.frumos <10K
85.#afldogsgiants <10K
86.#AFLDeesBlues <10K
87.Rory <10K
88.#nrlbroncosknights <10K
89.Newnes <10K
90.Wallabies <10K
91.Naden <10K
92.#BRAvAUS <10K
93.#AFLFreoEagles <10K
94.Matt Guy <10K
95.Daily Quordle 201 <10K
96.Tamworth <10K
97.uncommon james <10K
98.Liberal Party <10K
99.Chito <10K
100.Mr Brightside <10K
101.lobb <10K
102.#insiders <10K
103.ben cunnington <10K
104.Ben Brown <10K
105.Andrews <10K
106.max king <10K
107.Chinese Ambassador <10K
108.#ARGvAUS <10K
109.Owies <10K
110.Matthew Guy <10K
111.Carlton <10K
112.Daily Quordle 202 <10K
113.Bowman <10K

Australia Top Tweets Today

C’mon Treasurer ⁦@JEChalmers⁩ .. you’ve got the numbers in the Reps and the Senate (with the Teals + Greens). For god’s sake use them. We need a super tax now on energy/corporate profiteers & legislation to scrap those outrageous stage 3 tax cuts.

Julian #Assange’s US lawyers have had enough. They’re suing Mike Pompeo, ex-CIA head, and the CIA’s contracted security firm for stealing lawyer-client privileged communications. About time someone took on the illegal actions of a rogue CIA.


WOW. Kozzy wins it for the Dees in the dying seconds 😲 #AFLDeesBlues

Twitter trends Australia - #AFLDeesBlues by AFL
Fox Footy
Fox Footy

A long time coming for Ben Cunnington, running on for the first time since round 19 2021. 📺WATCH #AFLCrowsNorth LIVE in 4K on ch. 503 or stream on Kayo: ✍️BLOG 🔢MATCH CENTRE


The Blues were two minutes away from locking in their first finals berth since Then this happened 👇 Watch the thrilling Last Two Minutes of #AFLDeesBlues now, thanks to Kennedy.

David Mundy lacing people out inside 50 over the Can videos go in the Louvre too? #foreverfreo #DoItForDave

Massive blow for Carlton tonight… Adam Cerra is out with an adductor strain. Will be replaced tonight by Will Setterfield. Paddy Dow sub. Blues already missing Hewett/Kennedy … get Cripps back but midfield light on tonight


A dominant derby performance and a deserving Glendinning-Allan Medal winner🏅 #AFLFreoEagles

Twitter trends Australia - #AFLFreoEagles by AFL
Fox Footy
Fox Footy

‘Can’t stop smiling’: Roos star’s heartwarming interview after completing emotional AFL comeback ❤️❤️❤️ MORE >

Twitter trends Australia - ben cunnington by Fox Footy

good morning happy Sunday☀️today on #Insiders are ABC host Pat Karvelas, 9fax (smh) international editor Peter Hartcher and murdoch editor James Campbell. The interview is with federal Energy minister Chris Bowen.

Someone had their weet-bix this morning 🤯 Suaalii having a field day! 📺 Watch #NRLRoostersCowboys ch. 502 or stream on Kayo: ✍️ BLOG 🔢 MATCH CENTRE


Four to go. David Mundy still has some business to take care of after his final Western Derby 💪 🎥: @FOXFOOTY #AFLFreoEagles

Excellent piece of umpiring to not fall for this flop #AFLDeesBlues

Thanks for everything, Mundy! 😭 #aflfreoeagles #foreverfreo

Twitter trends Australia - #AFLFreoEagles by Shelley⚓

Opposition leader Matthew Guy is now Matt Guy in Coalition press releases ahead of the November election Friends and colleagues almost always call him Matthew Similarly, the Premier is usually called Daniel by those who know him #springst

Twitter trends Australia - Matt Guy by Paul Sakkal