Australia : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in Australia today.

RankingHashtag/Topic AustraliaTweets Volume
1.Politics 357946
2.Opinion 271982
3.Miami 238533
4.kyungsoo 203648
5.Indigenous 176277
6.Windows 11 163453
7.Doja 152315
8.YEONJUN 139713
9.Champions 97225
10.Honey 92546
11.Tyler 88571
12.Planet Her 82496
13.SOOBIN 67248
14.Clippers 66970
15.Henry 58068
16.Montreal 49878
17.Blues 48301
18.Habs 47750
19.Jared 42994
20.Booker 41280
21.Wendy 40980
22.Cheers 40109
23.Elon 38155
24.Chip 38032
25.Neil 34990
26.#AskSRK 34494
27.Jensen 32920
28.Fever 31364
29.Porter 30379
30.Stanley Cup 29703
31.The NSW 29459
32.Cotton 28687
33.Tucker Carlson 28513
34.supernatural 28187
35.Ricky 28033
36.#coronavirus 27408
37.Curry 27156
38.Halloween 26341
39.Nini 24905
40.Chris Paul 24871
41.The AMA 24518
42.Paul George 22350
43.yunho 21412
44.#BadHabits 19732
45.Grealish 19216
46.Hale 18254
47.Gladys 17724
48.Kawhi 17629
49.Ed Sheeran 15766
50.Melbourne 14795
51.Stay At Home 14131
52.Richmond 14117
53.#LockDown 11442
54.#COVID19nsw 11118
55.Bolton 10610
56.Christian Porter 10535
57.Chant 10476
58.#covidnsw <10k
59.#AFLTigersSaints <10k
60.NSW Health <10k
61.Goulding <10k
62.Rosehill <10k
63.St Kilda <10k
64.Maddie Studdon <10k
65.#TheBadBatch <10k
66.Clayton <10k
67.Sainters <10k
68.Eastern Suburbs <10k
69.Grimes <10k
70.Vixens <10k
71.Jacinta <10k
72.Pascoe <10k
73.South Australia <10k
74.Rugby League <10k
75.Steele <10k
76.Vossy <10k
77.Newman <10k
78.Randwick <10k
79.Netball <10k
80.#GoldStandard <10k
81.Nick Coffield <10k
82.Steven Miles <10k
83.Shaun Johnson <10k
84.Lucy Dacus <10k
85.Gold Standard <10k
86.Mildura <10k
87.Laming <10k
88.Patrick Cripps <10k
89.Dunstan <10k
90.Dark Emu <10k
91.Waverley <10k
92.Ryder <10k
93.Cripps <10k
94.King St <10k
95.Nick Meaney <10k
96.#thedrum <10k
97.#ScottyFromDamageControl <10k
98.Tom Browne <10k
99.Joh Bailey <10k
100.#NBLFinals <10k
101.#IBelieveKate <10k
102.Dusty <10k
103.Northern Beaches <10k
104.Carlton <10k
105.Queensland Nickel <10k
106.Kerry Chant <10k
107.Sydneysiders <10k
108.#NBL21 <10k
109.#ExandriaUnlimited <10k
110.Balta <10k
111.Savva <10k
112.Burgo <10k
113.niki savva <10k
114.Mickleham <10k
115.Jackie Jarvis <10k
116.Credlin <10k
117.#HSMTMTS <10k
118.#ScottyTheAnnouncer <10k
119.4 LGAs <10k
120.#ExUSpoilers <10k
121.Ali Brigginshaw <10k
122.#sydneycovid <10k
123.Rupert Murdoch <10k
124.#ClipperNation <10k
125.Pearce <10k
126.#nswpol <10k
127.Melbourne United <10k
128.Roberts-Smith <10k
129.City of Sydney <10k
130.#Origin <10k
131.Newtown <10k
132.Leo Connolly <10k
133.Michael Myers <10k
134.Courier Mail <10k
135.Cotchin <10k
136.Suncorp Stadium <10k
137.Newnes <10k
138.Dr Chant <10k
139.Belinda Sharpe <10k
141.LGAs <10k
142.Ben Roberts <10k
143.Bondi <10k
144.Riewoldt <10k
145.Meaney <10k
146.Sydney CBD <10k
147.Higgins <10k
148.#NRLW <10k
149.#MorrisonOutbreak <10k
150.Dimma <10k

Australia Top Tweets Now

Antony Green
Antony Green ()

City of Sydney boundary runs down the middle of King Street Newtown, so non-essential businesses on one side will shut but the other side can stay open. The joys of health orders.

Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese ()

I know that Sydneysiders will do the right thing. We’ll crush this outbreak. It’s time our political leaders matched your determination. We’re in a race against time. Fix the rollout. Build national quarantine. Let’s get back to normal.

Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd ()

Just when you thought Murdoch’s “Australian” couldn’t get any worse… Savva was an ex-Liberal staffer but she often produced genuine, insightful analysis. Credlin is just a hard-right hack who pushes narrow corporate, partisan & factional agendas. 

Melbourne United
Melbourne United ()


Stephanie Anderson
Stephanie Anderson ()

JUST IN: I’ve spoken to the owner of the Sandringham dry cleaner. His wife & two sons have received negative results, but are still isolating for full 14 days. He is now being cared for separately in the Holiday Inn hotel hotel. Says he hopes the spread stops with him @9NewsMelb

The NBL ()

Your #NBL21 Champions, @MelbUnitedHQ 🏆

#NBL21,Twitter trends in Australia now
The NBL ()

The moment @MelbUnitedHQ became #NBL21 champs 🏆 #NBLFinals

The NBL ()

Absolute 𝓈𝒸𝑒𝓃𝑒𝓈 @MelbUnitedHQ #NBLFinals #NBL21

NSW Health
NSW Health ()

⚠️RESTRICTIONS EXTENDED; STAY AT HOME ORDERS: CITY OF SYDNEY, RANDWICK, WAVERLEY & WOOLLAHRA LGAs⚠️ For more information, visit: Please continue to check the NSW Government website as more information will be made available:

LGAs,Twitter trends in Australia now
Melbourne United
Melbourne United ()

Baba to Landale for the HAMMER! #TimeToUnite

NSW Health
NSW Health ()


Eastern Suburbs,Twitter trends in Australia now
💚🌏 Sarah Hanson-Young
💚🌏 Sarah Hanson-Young ()

Government members claim South Australia does not need fresh water. What the actual heck?! 👇

Nyunggai Warren Mundine AO
Nyunggai Warren Mundine AO ()

My endorsement of Jacinta Price for the CLP Senate candidate for the Northern Territory:

Jacinta,Twitter trends in Australia now
Julian Hill MP
Julian Hill MP ()

Yeah, well here’s some other things that would boost vaccine uptake: 1) having enough vaccine 2) having choice in vaccines 3) a proper National Information campaign about the vaccine so Clive Palmer doesn’t fill the gap 4) getting vaccine to States on time. #auspol

Peter Law
Peter Law ()

A WA Labor MP has revealed she and other winners of the Rural Women’s Award were told in 2014 to be careful of Barnaby Joyce “because he had history of groping women” and “was known to sexually harass women at events”.

NRL ()

Nick Meaney is moving to the @storm in 2022! ⚡ Details ✍

Nick Meaney,Twitter trends in Australia now
James Morrow
James Morrow ()

Just talked to a waitress at a cafe in inner west. Terrified non-lockdown lockdown will extend further and destroy her business’s trade, feels terrible for businesses already affected, wonders when this madness will end. But hey, CovidZero, right?

Samantha Maiden
Samantha Maiden ()

Covid positive limo driver’s bombshell claim via @newscomauHQ

Virginia Trioli
Virginia Trioli ()

How foolish would you have to be to lose the best political columnist in the country? #nikisavva ⁦@australian⁩

Andrew Leigh
Andrew Leigh ()

The Morrison Govt wants to use ‘independent assessments’ to kick people with disabilities off the NDIS. It says the NDIS isn’t affordable. Yet the Liberals also gave JobKeeper subsidies to The King’s School, which charges $40,000 a year #auspol