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LR @RepMcCaul: This year’s July 1st anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover to the CCP is an especially dark day for freedom loving people around the world. Full Statement:

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Dr Lilliana Corredor
Dr Lilliana Corredor ()

DO LISTEN‼ @RadioNational host @PhillipAdams_1 Talks to investigative journalist Andrew Fowler about the #AssangeCase. Fowler just published a revised version of his book The Most Dangerous Man in the World: Julian #Assange & clarifies issues. BRAVO👏

Jo ()

1st July at Summer cloud burst over silvered sound of Iona.

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Rambling Rambler
Rambling Rambler ()

@Jmood17 @Iluvinspireu 😂 you are so funny Jamie! Happy 1st of July!❤️❤️❤️

42 Commando
42 Commando ()

42 Cdo was aboard HMS BULWARK alongside in Karachi. On 29th June the ship sailed for Kuwait at best speed. On 1st July 42 Cdo flew ashore to secure Kuwait Airport. ‘A’ Troop moved to Mutla Ridge to dig in & provide preliminary security for the rest of the Unit to follow.

ahha Tulsa
Ahha Tulsa ()

Friday, July 3 from 12-9: 1st floor opens, including a new exhibition in THE GALLERY: Re/Convening: Native Arts of Oklahoma. This exhibition spotlights 32 Native artists.⁠ We will be open from 12-9. Attendance will be limited during First Friday. (5/6)

Shahid Q Malik
Shahid Q Malik ()

@Kashifabbasiary Watched your show of 1st July. The two mad men of PPP and PMLN were like all others from the two parties only shout, scream and abuse to prove loyalty to their paymaster. Men like them are curse for the nation. These are not men to listen to and waste time.

TheBookloverDiaries ()

My July TBR video will be up by the end of the week, but it is the 1st of July today. Time to share with you my first pick of the month for my #supportauthorsmonth Thank you Heather for sending me a copy. I am really excited to read this. #thebookloverdiariesJulyTBR

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Alex ()

“I entirely renounce, relinquish and abandon the use of my former name. I shall at all times hereafter in all records, deeds, and other writings, use and subscribe the said name of Alexander Welsh.“ It may be July 1st but the pride celebrations don’t stop!!

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Ève Christian
Ève Christian ()

@YUL_Weather Other questions: these data are based on what range of years? Ex: since when is the coldest temperature for a 1st of July is 8,9? And is it the coldest min or the coldest max? The data are from YUL or another station? Thanks again.

Fowosere #AG2020
Fowosere #AG2020 ()

@NolaLawal First half of 2020 cancelled. We started again July 1st Beginning of a new year

Alyssa Mireles
Alyssa Mireles ()

Happy 1st Day of July! This month is Dumbo! Have a safe and great July! Happy Birthday July babies!

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Nurulkhairiyah ()

Such a very busy week with all new norm at of teaching back at 😊

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Miracle🌺 ()

🚨4th OF JULY SALE🚨 *Starting July 1st & ends July 4th at midnight* •$ Sale 25mm Minks & 20mm Minks (“Extravagant”, “Lavish”, “Posh”, “Pleasure”) •$ Sale 22mm Minks & 16mm Minks (“Bliss”, “Fancy”, “Deluxe”, “Splendour”) -Includes: eyelash brush & tweezer

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tracy jeanne rosenthal
Tracy jeanne rosenthal ()

It’s July 1st. Hundreds of thousands of tenants are beginning their fourth month on rent strike.

Amit Chaturvedi
Amit Chaturvedi ()

Saturn goes Retrograde today July 1st, Saturn Retrograde calls for everyone to slow down and be observant since Retrograde Saturn controls Karmic Tests, all issues unresolved will be brought up at this time to heal, topics of love health work & Money will amplify, Read that Again

Sumit Kumar
Sumit Kumar ()

Today is 1st July and the central government cancelled the allotment of Congress leader #PriyankaGandhiVadra official accomodation and asked her to vacate the bungalow by August 1 following the withdrawal of her SPG protection.

kshopandprems ❤️
Kshopandprems ❤️ ()


🌽 Sidelines - Nebraska 🌽
🌽 Sidelines - Nebraska 🌽 ()

Happy July 1st! As we enter the second half of 2020, share your favorite halftime speeches below in the replies👇

Traveling Marketer
Traveling Marketer ()

Happy July 1st everyone! Hoping you’re starting the 2nd half of the year with as much kindness for yourself as you give others. Sending love! 💙xx

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Lina Ortega
Lina Ortega ()

National Postal Worker Day is July 1st. Today we appreciate and thank this community of individuals that work consistently and diligently to help us send and receive all of our mail and packages. Tell a postal worker in your life how much you appreciate them. #essentialworkers

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APX - Reducing Risk for Firefighters & Communities
APX - Reducing Risk for Firefighters & Communities ()

Did you know that Canada has a real hard water problem? Most of the time, it’s frozen. 😆 Happy Canada Day to all our wonderful Canadian customers, employees and friends. Wishing you all a safe and happy July 1st 🇨🇦 #HappyCanadaDay

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Michael Kaye 🏳️‍🌈
Michael Kaye 🏳️‍🌈 ()

TODAY! Roughly 257,400 LGBTQ people in Virginia — people of color, people of faith, immigrants, women and more — are protected from discrimination at work and in their communities as the Virginia Values Act goes into effect July 1st.

House Foreign Affairs GOP
House Foreign Affairs GOP ()

LR @RepMcCaul: This year’s July 1st anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover to the CCP is an especially dark day for freedom loving people around the world. Full Statement:

Omagh CBS
Omagh CBS ()

Summer Counselling is available between 1st -14th July and 17th - 31st of August to all young people. All referrals can be made directly via the digital referral form on the Familyworks website or via the telephone numbers, 02891821721 and 02891820341.

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FolkyHarbourYarn ()

Postage Update: Royal Mail has updated its prices as of today, 1st July 2020. These mostly affect international post due to the cost of air freight, as Royal Mail can no longer rely on using space on commercial…

G E E🌹
G E E🌹 ()

It’s the 1st day of July 😫I pray this month be filled w blessings & good energy 🌸

💝 Tapity Beaks #YellowRibbon4Assange 🍀 #Clovers4
💝 Tapity Beaks #YellowRibbon4Assange 🍀 #Clovers4 ()

National [online] day of action against sanctions – 1st July

Red ♥️🦋🌺🌸
Red ♥️🦋🌺🌸 ()

July 1st! Lord please let this month bring positivity and less cases of covid because at this point the world is goin crazy and we’re all over it. Amen.

Hayls ()

wait it’s july 1st why did i not this could either be the best month of my entire life or the worst. god i pray its the best i’ve had it rough all my life as it is just let this one thing go right PLEASE


@TheLovelyIsla Happy Wednesday/Good Morning for today you very beautiful 😍/lovely 💟💝💘💖❣️💕💞💓💗🤎🤍🖤💜❤️🧡💛💚💙/sexy/wonderful (in a kind/nice way) person. Also Happy 1ST Day Of July.

☚ #ENGvWI #AustrianGP ☛
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