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This woman should not be doing this alone. Where is the Australian Government? Where are the consular officials? These are Australian kids.#4Corners.

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@AyoCaesar @novaramedia I watched this interesting documentary last night - Sex, Lies & Julian Assange by ABC Australia. I think you may find it useful and very informative..

@4corners @ScottMorrisonMP Unfortunately we are all banging our heads against the wall of his lack of empathy. 😢.

@4corners @debbie_fearon Perhaps a follow up to help the commentariat understand the difference between trauma and.

@jopuccini @4corners Superb journalism. I always love Four Corners but this was next level..

Hi @ScottMorrisonMP, you can catch up on last night’s #4Corners program, Orphans of ISIS, on YouTube: It’s much better than Game of Thrones, trust us. #auspol.

@GrogsGamut Can we just get those kids out of Syria first please @4corners #auspol.

@HumanDymensions #qanda weekly farce follows brilliance of #4corners .The ABC needs to decide whether it wants to be above the commercial pack or become a version of Married at first sight .. if the organisation is no different to private companies the argument against privatisation is weakened.

Incredible persistence from Karen and extraordinary journalism from the ABC..

@BelindaJones68 Did he not watch #4Corners ?? These children are Australians. They need the govt’s help. How can he amuse himself knowing what this brave grandmother is going through? Who the hell can vote for this man! Vote for this man and it says a lot about you..

This is the entire crew (Karen’s and ours) in Syria involved in tonight’s @4corners. What a team!.

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After tonight’s riveting @4Corners read this thread from @rcallimachi about NZ nurse Louisa Akavi kidnapped by ISIS in 2013 who may be alive in the same Syrian refugee camp.

Tonight’s #4Corners told the kind of story very few news programs in the world could invest in to that extent - or tell so brilliantly. We should be constantly proud we have one of them here in Australia..

Where the Govt and DFAT always are, MIA when they are most needed. Grandmas should not be rescuing children from a war zone on their own. But what an incredible woman she is! #4corners.

This woman should not be doing this alone. Where is the Australian Government? Where are the consular officials? These are Australian kids.#4Corners.

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The courage of Karen Nettleton - despite panic, endless barriers, including weather - knows no bounds or boundaries. Her quest is heroic. @4corners.

All the vicious complexity of this horrible situation reduced to one fundamental and ancient human ...a Nanna’s love for her daughter’s babies. #4Corners.

Anyone with a daughter who thought they were across every nightmare boyfriend scenario have just been floored by Karen Nettleton. #4corners.

Absolutely riveting viewing, emotional, objective, insightful, engaging @4corners hats off to your whole team at #FourCorners #4Corners @ABCaustralia ....speechless. Good on you guys..

16 year old Hoda Sharrouf refused to get married while living under the brutal conditions of Islamic State. She showed strength, resilience and never gave up hope of one day coming home to Australia. @4corners.

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Do not turn away for a second. What happens in the next few minutes is extraordinary#4corners.

It is impossible to fathom what Karen Nettleton has endured. Her love and courage and determination is unbelievable. #4Corners.

This poor woman. Those poor kids. It is a crime that the Australian government hasn’t done more to rescue them. This is not their doing. @PeterDutton_MP #auspol #4Corners.

Watching @4corners is like being in a horrible, devastating dream you’re not sure you’ll ever wake up from. My stomach is in knots for Karen #4Corners.

Extraordinary #4corners tonight. The story of one seriously brave Nanna and her grandchildren in Syria.

For years the Sharrouf children had been trying to escape and tonight on @4corners you’ll get to hear them say it for themselves..

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