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If you watched last night Extinction Nation episode of @4corners and want to know what needs to be done to turn around Australia’s appalling extinction rate, read this thread with points from the Ecological Society of Australia.

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Have been watching few youth grassroots tournaments recently. #4corners model coaching application has very often opposite to what it has been desiged for-young players development. Question is why? #4corner coaching model in action -kids ⚽️ tournaments.

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@LesleyvanS @jrojourno The Office of the Public Guardian provides independent oversight, and the Public Guardian herself featured prominently in our Four Corners investigation into this issue last month.

Did you watch #4corners and think ‘what can I do’? These are a valiant bunch 50km from Melbourne. Only $495 has been donated to keep the largest feral predator-free ecosystem in Victoria where you can see some of Australia’s most threatened fauna, including Bandicoots, Quolls ….

Morning after @4corners aired the story of the Leadbeater’s Possum (habitat lost to logging & fires) and @sussanley confirmed it’s ‘critically endangered’, these rolled out of Toolangi. There’s only 1% old growth forest left, hence it’s trending extinction.

@4corners Continue human over population! More is us less of everything else!! We are the problem! We are destroying the environments that are killing both our creatures & our plants!! No mire echuses STOP human population growth totally!!.

This is a beautiful, poignant addition to the dialogue around @4corners extinction crisis last night which, as we humans do, focussed on mammals. Sometimes, the important things are ugly..

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If you are at the Four Corners Action today we’re using the hashtag #4Corners and #XRToronto. Share you photos! Hope to see you there!.

This has made me recall the just ASTONISHING #4corners on Kathy Jackson and Michael Lawler a few years back from @caromeldrum. An astonishing piece of journalism I still think about often..

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Just watched, the ignorance of government is astounding. We need a permanent federal ICAC. #auspol #4Corners.

No matter if you are for jobs or for the environment. You need to see this to make an informed decision..

@thebrewerchef1 @4corners I got ya! He was just such a jerk. Nothing to do with his sports commitment..

@AdamBreguet @vichygirl Time to upgrade the quality of our representatives to inspiring and dedicated people who act in the interests of the country, not simply in keeping themselves in a job. #4Corners.

@4corners @BushHeritageAus So with all this going on, why do most Australians keep supporting parties that care for nothing except economic growth? ... & who share the Big Australia #population agenda? #RedefiningGrowth.

@4corners @witch_lisa It’s as if 4 Corners regularly informs of the deficiencies in Government, and Australia in general. God bless the producers, and reporters. I can’t condone cutting services to save a pittance of the Budget to see so much suffering #ourABC.

If you watched last night Extinction Nation episode of @4corners and want to know what needs to be done to turn around Australia’s appalling extinction rate, read this thread with points from the Ecological Society of Australia.

Further to @4corners Tweets made Ross Hampton @AFPonline, in regard to Q’s on Leadbeater’s Possums, obviously thinks Aust’s ppl who aren’t Forestry Workers are stupid. He refers to something he called ‘Appropriate Science’. WTF is that? Appropriate for who??.

#4Corners A contemptuous Ley. Journ “Do donations to political impact on decisions under our environmental protection act?” Ley “No they don’t.”BL RAPID BLINKS LYING. Journ “..$200,000 donation from Walker Corp.” Ley defensive “No knowledge.” BL RAPID BLINKS Lying..

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only jumping on the #qanda #4Corners hashtags to put this on your radar - bring it up with your families, community groups, workplaces, industries and get a contingent going.

Violating the RAMSAR Convention on Wetlands, designed to protect global migratory birds, is akin to breaking the Geneva Convention in war. Wake up Australia. #4Corners #auspol.

Let’s not forget the Australian Bilby, listed as endangered in Qld and vulnerable nationally #4Corners.

James for his sins wrote the offsets policy for Fed Enviro Dept. now at @acf offsets are like saying i can take your children from you and do as i will with them on the condition that i promise to look after someone else’s children in some other city. #farcical #4corners.

Now, more than ever, we NEED to get the big money out of politics. No more donations from developers. #4Corners.

Experiencing eco-grief right now watching #4corners on Australia’s threatened species crisis. It’s devastating how little politicians and industry care about the ecosystems that keep us all alive. This feels like a emergency to me..

What an absolute disgrace - Federal & State Governments of all stripes putting their donor’s interests above our environment & unique species. Appalling #auspol #4corners.

Australia has the highest rate of mammal extinctions in the world & is the fourth worst for animal extinctions globally. In the last decade alone a bat, skink & rat have become extinct. Extinction Nation, tonight on @4corners..

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