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Updated: September 13th, 2021 07:36 PM IST

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A huge thank you to the former Jehovah’s Witnesses who had the courage to speak up on #4Corners about how the ‘religion’ has shattered their lives and families.

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@LaLegale @4corners And these charlatans run their businesses as charities. Tax them!#auspol

Bearing Witness: Exposing the secretive world of the Jehovah’s Witnesses

@erinredmond11 Same here. Arrived today - same day #4corners story. It has a return address in town.😱. Hubby found it in letterbox and said the same as you.

#4Corners When will religions lose their “charity” status, and pay tax?? They are corporations and many are organised crime syndicates. Jehovas Witnesses are a cult at its worst.

Excellent expose of the abusive practices of this highly destructive cult!

Hard to not see the correlation with Pentacostal Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s belief in his own position as a ‘chosen one’ come ‘the rapture’. Unlike Jehovahs Witnesses, the Pentecostals don’t door knock to save others. #4Corners #auspol

@m_lesleywalker @4corners Exactly right. The only difference is the guns and that men aren’t allowed beards. Run basically the same way outside of that.

@SirBAntMQ @4corners Antoine, the men love the power to dominate women, ‘good’ reason to join, their ultimate ego trip. Women are LONG suffering & completely brain washed into believing their purported role of subservience. They destroy esteem, life spirit, & intellect. It is utterly evil, & so sad.

@drlouisehansen JW’s and I guess Hillsongers do not value University education because it teaches critical thinking. @noplaceforsheep

Important episode. Their door knocking and train station presence targets the lost & to entrap them in a cult of oppression and doom. Terrible organisation, dangerous cult, child abuse #auspol #4corners

There is only one way to address the Jehovah witness organization, hit them in the pocket and shut this offensive organization down. Revoke their tax free charity status and associated benefits their religious fundamentalist hypocrisy offends me to the core. 😡😡😡😡 #4Corners

Did seem similar, who knew. Studying comparative religions should be taught in schools. #4Corners #auspol

@RebekahsRight @4corners You equate the pain of the Holocaust with your pathetic self-loathing in displaying the yellow star. Get in the bin.

A huge thank you to the former Jehovah’s Witnesses who had the courage to speak up on #4Corners about how the ‘religion’ has shattered their lives and families.

Thank God for #4Corners. That episode about sexual abuse coverups in the Jehovas Witness community was unbearable and unmissable. Amy and her mother, my god. How outrageously those women have been wronged.

Sicking story of yet another religion hiding child abuse from authorities on #4corners tonight

@AmryanAnnie Some males + even occasional tomboys .. #4corners

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Well it’s always been a secretive, nontransparent, distrusted “religion”#4corners

The acts of shunning and shaming should set off alarm bells for would-be followers of these extremist religious groups. Greed and a thirst for unfettered power seem to be the common thread. #4Corners

Religion is a scam to fleece the unwary, using child abuse to brainwash innocent children. Ban religions and the world will be a better place. #4corners

Hey @4corners pls tell me tonight’s show answers the most important question: how many @GulfstreamAero do these fkrs have?

Absolute charlatans preying on the vulnerable and gullible. And worse than that they are the biggest hypocrites imaginable. #4Corners

#4Corners The criminal charge of concealment laid against Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston relates to events more than two decades ago. But time has not dulled the pain caused by his father, Frank.

My brother in law was brought up Jehovah Witness he had to leave home at 18 unless he continued going to Kingdom. He is badly scared by his upbringing in this hideous religion #4Corners

Excellent #4corners tonight. As someone who experienced living under the cult as a child, I can tell you everything being reported about JWs is absolutely accurate.

#4Corners Jehovas Witness is NOT a Christian enterprise. Jesus accepts everyone. JW should lose their religious standing, they are clearly a cult. 🙄

Fact: Serena and Venus Williams are still practicing Jehovah’s Witness… 🎾🎾 @4corners

@4corners @ABCTV Oh - I missed it. So glad to have Looking to see if I can catch on iview.

@HBWonder @4corners Hundreds of sects in the world Let’s do one on all of them, then sink Religion for the final time They are all the same - EVIL .

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Former Jehovah’s Witnesses speak out about the practices that are tearing families apart, in ‘Bearing Witness’, Monday on #4Corners

#4Corners Photo,#4Corners Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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