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Exclusive: China is using bounty hunters to claw back money inside Australia #4Corners ⁦@abcnews⁩.

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@TraceyLeeHolmes Idea for new 4Corners Sport presented Tracey Holmes @4corners.

This afternoon we looked at how the learners could link their individual player challenges to the 4corners @HuntsFA - @GazMarheineke got through most of the delivery before the heavens opened.

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On March 2nd at 9:30am, we are partnering with the Healing Center for our Local Serve! We are excited to serve our community by packing and sorting goods in the Healing Center warehouse. Come make a difference in someone’s life for just a few hours of yours..

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omg next week’s @4corners already has me in tears. Talking with women leaving prison, and honestly (without watching it yet) - thank you for telling these stories. I just hope some hard truths about WA’s imprisonment rates for fines is discussed..

@4corners Is there any connection between the Chinese money laundering and Gold Coast councillors? #ccc #morequestions.

That 18 storey development in Chevron Island is right across the road from the office of @stevenciobo. Think he knew nothing, @4corners? #4corners #GoldCoast.

@cscviews Australian Story was up to its usual brilliant standard. Didn’t watch 4corners with as much.

@neighbour_s @abcnews #ProjectDragon sounds a bit serious. #4Corners ‘capchevron dirty money’ ....

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@sleepingdingo @4corners Yes I understand that! All I said was I hope they are working on it 😃😃.

The high price of Chinese money laundering in Canada /via @globeandmail #4corners.

“We’re here to try to catch Bad Guys”. And here I am, trying to convince kids the world isn’t about good and bad guys. Oh my naivety! @4corners #EconomicBountyHunters #ProjectDragon 😬.

#4Corners remember, the vest threats and intimidation are ones that are not legally proven, after all. Simple..

There’s no way these guys would be talking without approval from way up the Party chain. Clearly China approves of tonight’s #4corners content. Looks like we all end up toeing the Party line. literally.

#4Corners I suspect that the truth is somewhere in between. There were threats, under the table or otherwise, but not direct..

Macquarie Bank runs an operation whereby they sell resident visas to wealthy Asians for $5 million. #4Corners.

#4Corners Okay, now, that is starting to look actually fishy on any terms. This is something that does not actually look political..

If this guys requires subtitles than 75% of NRL post match interviews should have #4corners.

Councils such as @Boroondara are complicit in the washing of offshore monies - greed for rates the core focus instead of considered planning about the long term health and soul of our community #4Corners @4corners - Rampant development with no controls.

The problem is the Australian government has been committed to inflating the property bubble as a proxy for economic growth, so they were happy this laundered money was being parked in property in Australia. #4Corners.

In our small street alone 4 out of 10 houses empty. Bought by Chinese Nationals and then left vacant. It has materially changed the nature of our local community - for the worse, Friendly neighbourhoods replaced with high fences and vacant properties @4corners @Boroondara.

#4Corners security constant ! Ha , pfttt. Dragon bag men. Enjoy your time while you can, #whatgoesaround.

Surely the biggest misappropriation of funds on the Gold coast is any cent invested into the Gold Coast Suns? #4corners.

@TonyHWindsor @4corners So we need a Royal Commission to investigate this mess? #Irony.

Sometimes I get the feeling that we’re all just background for Chinese drama. #4corners.

Exclusive: China is using bounty hunters to claw back money inside Australia #4Corners ⁦@abcnews⁩.

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