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This is an absolutely chilling @4corners on the @UN. Incredibly brave whistleblowers..

Friendly reminder: #ghislainemaxwell spoke at two United Nations events. Yet @innercitypress has been banned from press conferences in New York, because he asks questions. #4Corners.

#4Corners Photo,#4Corners Photo by Lisa Tait 💙💛,Lisa Tait 💙💛 on twitter tweets #4Corners Photo

Where do you find truth? After watching #4corners on the UN and @ABCmediawatch on the way MSM handle stories for their masters, you are left scratching your head. It really is sad..

Whoa, just watched the 4 Corners special about sexual abuse in the UN and how it was covered up. If you can’t trust the UN, who can you trust? #4corners.

@antonioguterres Time for reflection? Time to take responsibility?.

Their idea in dealing with whistleblowers is they must destroy the individual, by any means necessary. Former UN climate change adviser #4corners.

@Milliganreports @4corners Actually nah, I CBF. No surprises here. But I hope it opens some eyes (& minds), leading towards more allies & action.

@MikeCarlton01 Hope you make a speedy recovery. Do take good care of your tweeting finger. What’s your response to tonight’s 4Corners?.

@Milliganreports @4corners Ooh might catch up on 4 Corners for once Speaking the language of all that is do wrong with so many flipping things *big dopey dimwit voice* “it’s the bro code”.

@Milliganreports @4corners It’s everywhere 😩 we hear so many stories, but about very few perpetrators. Hiding in plain sight they are. Maintaining the systems.

@ClaudiasEyes Claudia, same in Australian institutions, & when whistleblowers have approached ABC, incl ABC Ballarat where U work, closed door. ABC seems to run stories when someone powerful wants does Murdoch or sm other mogul wish 2 discredit / pressure UN? #4Corners.

@Milliganreports @4corners Tonight’s ABC 4 Corners program highlighting UN secretary-general António Guterres’s zero tolerance policy on sexual harassment within the organisation obviously means zero tolerance to whistleblowers who have been sexually assaulted..

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