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My 9-year-old is watching my @4corners with me and she doesn’t understand live-tweeting. But she is taking it all in and has told me “Mummy!!! Aren’t you listening to your own story? Get off your phone?!”.

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Focus should be squarely on scrapping the structure of schooling as we know it. The time for tinkering around the edges is long gone! #4Corners.

Congratulations @Milliganreports @4corners on such an insightful program last night. Reading has the power to change lives but first we need to make sure our children are achieving the strong literacy skills they need to enable them to make this a reality #ReadingHour.

Children are struggling the world over learning to read. This Australian documentary includes the amazing @PamelaSnow2 Many stand out quotes but 1 from Rauno Parilla, We cannot expect children to learn to read by themselves. They have to be taught..

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Remember that controversial academic research on ethnic profiling through #AI @4corners? It’s made its way into a commercial surveillance camera! A recent @HikvisionHQ product boldly claims to analyse ethnicities as they walk past the camera.

Late to the party watching #4corners and find myself nodding along to @DanTehanWannon re: the need for getting syst synth phonics into every primary school. Has hell ❄️ over? Yes need oral vocab, grammar, etc but SSP was key for so many of my students with learning difficulties..

ICYMI | Catch the #4Corners investigation into why too many young Australians are struggling with literacy in the digital age here:.

Umm, isn’t that what teachers are supposed to correct?.

I have another view on #4corners kids reading results. My two very good readers both plateaued at age 10 as a big jump in maturity is needed to adopt the more serious and often dystopian subjects of junior fiction. Need more engaging, relatable books for kids 10-12.

ICYMI: Our @4corners from last night on why too many kids are missing out on achieving good literacy skills, the impact of the digital age, and some great schools, inspiring teachers, brilliant kids who are kicking goals..

@PamelaSnow2 @4corners Yup. I thought journalists were supposed to do fact-checks. A very disappointing, miss-the-point and muddy-the-waters episode, I thought. Where is our Emily Hanford?.

I also think greater emphasis needs to be placed on teaching foreign languages. They would not be nearly as hard to learn if kids knew basic English grammar first - nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs etc. English grammar & foreign languages go hand in hand. #4corners.

Ahmed, Simran, Xander on @4corners visiting Cambridge Primary School. ❤️ When they grow up: Simran wants an element named after him: ‘Simranium’. Xander wants to be a sports star & Ahmed wanted to be a super hero & now realises must FIRST be an engineer, THEN he can be Ironman..

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My 9-year-old is watching my @4corners with me and she doesn’t understand live-tweeting. But she is taking it all in and has told me “Mummy!!! Aren’t you listening to your own story? Get off your phone?!”.

Great to hear from @annecastles and @PamelaSnow2 talking about reading and reading difficulties on #4Corners tonight!!.

You can see the despair in that poor girl’s face. Imagine not being able to read while all of your peers eclipse you. #4Corners.

Refreshing to see a school with a growth mindset. Well done, Yeronga State High School. #4Corners.

And now we come to the meat of the problem. Who ultimately suffers from poor literacy? Its not ok to adopt a strategy bereft of evidence at the expense of those who need quality instruction the most #4Corners.

Kids and teachers at Yeronga State High told us they love school so much they don’t want to go on holidays. #4Corners.

Omggg pls #4Corners you HAVE to talk about independent vs public school funding! This is core to the debate about education in Australia!.

Can we take a moment to recognise that these kids are bilingual and multilingual. Wow! #4Corners.

Loving this episode. English in the middle schools is showing kids become disengaged. Let’s make English cool again. @PETAAConnect @4corners.

I wasn’t taught about how language works at school. I learned more about grammar through learning Indonesian. I was so excited to learn about meaning and structure rules and processes. Teachers on #4Corners are saying they’re not taught at uni either & they’re self teaching..

And the story comes to a head: guess who suffers the most from poor instruction? @4corners #4corners.

Veronica represents so many of us - frustrates that we weren’t taught how to teach literacy effectively. Infuriating doesn’t even come close #4Corners.

Screen time & literacy: How is excessive time spent on devices affecting children’s readiness to learn? Time to complete homework? Willingness/capacity to read a book? Worrying new results from @GonskiInstitute. More on our story on literacy in digital age @4corners tonight..

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