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Updated: September 20th, 2021 11:36 AM IST

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PSA: due to rights restrictions, the #BrownlowMedal cannot be streamed on 7plus. You can watch live and free on Channel 7.

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今後メルカリへ出品するiPhoneケースですが、対応機種はiPhone7/8/7Plus/8Plus/X/Xs/11 です🧺🐿 カメラとイヤホンに被ってはしまいますが、6sも7/8専用と同じ物が着けられます🎈꙳⋆ お待たせしている状況なので早く撮影したいのに、雲が多くてなんとも言えないぃいぃ…🌬𓂃𓈒𓂂

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@swanage123 I’ve always had iPhones too. Not sure it’s still the best, but I like em. I accidentally ran over my 7plus and replaced it with an 11. I was out of contract and due upgrade so free on EE, but I’m really pleased with the camera on it. Good luck tho, it’s a bit if a minefield. 👍🏻


@jmwilt21 Devices I have 0 regrets purchasing: S8+ S10+ Galaxy Buds iPhone 7plus iPhone 12


เคสประกบลายน้อนหมี น่ารักมากกกกก 🥺💘 น้องกันกระแทก กันเลนส์กล้อง วางแล้วจอไม่โดนพื้น ติดฟิล์มกระจกก็ใส่ได้ปกติ พร้อมส่ง 7plus-12promax บาทค่า✨ ซื้อคู่ส่งฟรี แนะนำหาเพื่อนมาหารเลยคั้บ!💥

7plus Photo,7plus Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

#พร้อมส่ง 🧸เคสประกบซิลิโคนม่วง/เขียวมิ้น/น้ำเงิน 〰️ iphone 7plus-12promax (ไม่มี12mini) 〰️ ราคา 130 บาท 〰️ เคสประกบ สองชิ้น(ขอบด้านหน้าและเคสซิลิโคนด้านหลัง) เคสหนา กันกระแทกได้ดี ขอบกล้องยกสูง กันเลนส์กล้องได้ดีมาก #เคสไอโฟน

@freetocriticise हाहा! ऐसा नहीं नहीं भाई! मैं 5 साल मे एक बार फोन बदलता हू! 7plus चला रहा हू अब तक. बीवी जबरदस्ती दिला रही है फोन. इसके पहले नोट 2 चलाया पूरे 5 साल! साल मे 2 बार सिर्फ तब फोन बदलते थे जब पिताजी पैसा दिया करते थे!

@itsRyanUnicomb @7plus I reckon SBS on Demand is pretty Solid. Amazing selection of film and television from Australia and international.

How am I watching the #BrownlowMedal online @7AFL as I’m trying on the @7plus app and it’s saying it’s not available. I don’t have normal antenna tv anymore.

@nick_smith41 @7AFL Its an AFL event, much like the games none of them are on streaming because the streaming stuff is licensed to Fox/ Kayo. You try streaming a game during the year on the 7Plus app. You cant. Its always some bloody fishing show.

@johnawhistler @7plus I just tried that too but it must be because the AFL owns the rights and is charging people to watch on the AFL live pass.

Brownlow not streamed on 7plus some twitch streamers giving coverage though @afl7 @afl #brownlow #7plua

For all the #streamers…@Channel7 #Brownlow @7plus it’s only round 7 so 2 hours to go 😂

@ppeterson751 @7AFL Also it def is channel 7s fault. They have exclusive access to the Brownlow and grand final and def could be allowing it to be streamed over 7plus.

@ChessyBinks I don’t have an antenna, I watch all my free to air tv through the apps and it’s not on the 7plus app

@7NewsMelbourne @AFL Any chance those of us without tv can watch? Tried 7plus tried AFL app no luck. Ridiculous in this day and age we can’t stream it

What’s this #brownlow nonsense? I’m having too much of a ball flicking between two versions of Border Security and the dedicated Better Homes and Gardens channel on the @7plus app. 😐😐😐😐

@sackers1 @7plus Seven have exclusive rights which I definitely understand and accept its not on FOX and is absolutely Doesnt explain why its not on 7s own digital property nor on the AFL website/app

No Brownlow on @7plus or @AFL website and no tracker on AFL website am I missing something? #Brownlow

You can watch it live on Channel 7, but you can’t watch it live streaming on the 7plus app? Make it make sense, please.

@Channel7 your level of incompetence is staggering. Why would you not stream the Brownlow on your 7Plus app. Absolute dinosaurs. #Brownlow

@7AFL Very disappointing Channel 7 that we cannot watch the Brownlow live through your own 7plus app!

@Channel7 @7plus can stream the Olympics and Paralympics from Tokyo but can’t stream the Brownlow from Perth. 🤦‍♀️

@7AFL Overseas people can watch it on WatchAFL with an account (or in Aus with a VPN) @7plus making it easier for overseas people than Australians without an antenna 🤣

PSA: due to rights restrictions, the #BrownlowMedal cannot be streamed on 7plus. You can watch live and free on Channel 7.

@7AFL @7plus Been waiting all day for the Brownlow and it’s not streaming on the app?!?! Fix this ASAP 😡😡😡

@7AFL an absolute joke that 2 years in a row the Brownlow isn’t on the 7plus app. It’s 2021. Get it together

Anybody know how to stream the #Brownlow coverage? 7plus isn’t streaming and it doesn’t look like AFL Live app is either

@sackers1 @7plus Yep but poor aerial signal so stream everything. Had to scramble for a cable as just expected it available.

Will G-Nat!on take the title of #TheVoiceAU 2021? 👑 Vote for G-Nat!on to win ➡️

7plus Photo,7plus Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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