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WATCH: The incredible moment a border collie saved another dog from being hit by a car. #9News.

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There is no one story about what happened on April 20, 1999 at Columbine High School. Twenty years later, 9NEWS is revisiting some of the people and places that changed forever after the tragedy that defined the community..

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California couple who tortured children sentenced to life in prison.

#BREAKING: A 25-year-old policeman has been stabbed in the back at Central train station. He has been taken to RPA Hospital in a stable condition. It is understood one person has been arrested at the scene. More updates to come. #9News.

Jerrie Cobb, who was banned from going into space for being a woman, has passed away. #9News.

The world of computer science is seeing a new generation of women getting into the field and @coschoolofmines is out to recruit them. #HeyNext #9News.

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#BREAKING: Queensland police have arrested a person over the murder of Brisbane doctor Luping Zeng. #9News.

@CBS4Tim This will go down as the second most devastating rejection you hand me (after your decision not to hire me after my inevitable firing from 9NEWS). But I respect both calls..

Did you miss the #9NEWS Denver mayoral debate last night? Thrills! Chills! Excitement for citizens of all ages! #copolitics.

Student with Down syndrome asks classmate to prom.

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Students at Foothill Elementary in Boulder work on positive sidewalk messages as they return to school after yesterday’s threat. #9NEWS.

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#BREAKING: North Korea has test-fired a new type of tactical guided weapon, the first public weapons test since the failed North Korea-US summit broke down. #9News.

Striking words from Jeffco Schools safety director John McDonald about Columbine High School: We are not a place to come visit if you are not a student. We are not a tourist attraction. We are not a place to come gain inspiration. #9NEWS.

BREAKING: The search for Sol Pais is over. The 18-year-old Florida woman has been found following the closure of more than 1,000 schools in Colorado..

1AM Update: At least 18 public school districts in the Denver metro area have canceled school for Wednesday, impacting 546,000 students and their families (per CDE numbers by my tally). #9NEWS.

Clive Palmer planning to announce he’s running for the Senate, it’s reported. Wish I’d put a couple of quid on this.

Colorado’s eight largest school districts are among those closed Wednesday due to the threat to Denver-area schools, affecting 443,000+ students and their families. #9News.

The Be-On-The-Lookout notice distributed to law enforcement says Pais is infatuated with Columbine and is attempting to buy weapons in the Denver area. It says Pais is wanted for a mental health evaluation and there is no probable cause to arrest her. #9NEWS.

WANTED: This suspect is wanted for a potential credible threat against Denver metro area schools..

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PHOTOS | Denver Zoo welcomes 2nd baby sloth.

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Did you know: Over a dozen states allow 17-year-olds to vote in a primary if they turn 18 before the general election. Colorado could be next →.

Wheat Ridge alum Scott Fauble finishes 7th in Boston Marathon.

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Makar shines in NHL debut, Avs beat Flames 6-2 for 2-1 lead.

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WATCH: The incredible moment a border collie saved another dog from being hit by a car. #9News.

WATCH: The incredible moment a border collie saves its chihuahua buddy from the path of a reversing car. #9News.

Australians stuck on hospital waiting lists will get the essential surgery they need faster with a Shorten Labor Government..

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