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Sacrifices got me here, and I think sacrifices gon keep me #9TheBlock #GodWilling 🙏🏾

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Sacrifices got me here, and I think sacrifices gon keep me #9TheBlock #GodWilling 🙏🏾.

Sacrifices got me here, and I think sacrifices gon keep me #9TheBlock #GodWilling 🙏🏾 Photo

It’s all good! It’s all good! It’s all good! Good on a sentence but good in a dining room? #9theblock #theblock.

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Sara: I hate when people walk off when I’m talking. I reckon people have walked off planes when flight attendant Sara has been speaking to them. Mid flight. #9TheBlock.

For the young people, records are bigger versions of CDs. They don’t work to annoy the birds in your garden. Gardens are pieces of land where you grow plants. #9TheBlock.

Auction day is just around the corner! #9TheBlock heats up tonight on @Channel9..

@TheBlock All class Norm and Jess - you got screwed over in the budget allocation and not a word about it at judging #9TheBlock.

Notice Sara and Hayden didn’t help Norm and Jesse? Gee, what a surprise #9TheBlock.

Oh god! This was our dream master but we fluffed it! 😂😂😂 #9theblock #theblock.

I think the judges should have been told how much each room cost this week #9TheBlock.

Just the fact that Norm and @JessEva84 finished their room after being stitched up by the first treasurer is astounding. They should have scored a lot higher. The judges should be ashamed #9TheBlock.

Still trying to work out how @ScottyCam9 has resisted calling Sara out on her atrocious behaviour. Hasn’t rolled out the walk through tapes & says “this is what Sara really thinks of your apartments because she’s a petty crybaby who can’t stand losing.” #9TheBlock.

Can’t describe how sad and unsatisfied I feel when Sara gets a good score and wins stuff, I fucking hate the rude, selfish and utterly STUPID bitch. #9TheBlock #SaraSucks.

Norm and Jess should get a bonus $5000 for taking that feedback like Take note, Sara. #9TheBlock.

@JessEva84 is an adult and takes criticism like an adult. She accepts the judges have a job to do and says “we’ll do better next time.” Unlike the drain who stomps her feet, tears down others and generally acts like a complete moron week in and week out. #9TheBlock.

Love the fake sympathy shown by others teams when another team gets a bad review. Sarah pats her on the back, while inside she is jumping like she is in Toyota advertisement #9TheBlock.

They may have gotten negative feedback, but Norm and Jess are the epitome of gracious in defeat. #9TheBlock.

For the record, I like norm & Jess bedroom. Better than having drunk Animals plastered behind your bed #9TheBlock.

This bedroom is boring but Hayden and Sah-rah’s bathroom isn’t, well there you go #9TheBlock.

#9TheBlock @Channel9 @TheBlock Idea for a spin off show for next year, pick 3 of us regular folks off Twitter each week and send us into the judges houses so we can tell them what the average joe thinks of their style.

Got to hand it to Jess and Norm, they sure know how to take criticism. Take note, Sara. #9theblock.

Willing to bet no one was actually on the other end of those calls. Hayden was just avoiding work- the way Sara does when she sits in the car for three hours. #9TheBlock.

WAIT. So millionaires are going to buy 5 of the apartments and then (more than likely) some bogans (hopefully from the GC #represent) are going to win and move into the 6th apartment?! Hahahahaha that’s a TV show in itself #9theblock.

She likes excersizig and Jess loves burgers and tv. But these two get along like absolute rippers! Love em both - Norm #9theblock #theblock.

@JessEva84 & @biancachatfield you are EXACTLY what this Challenge Apt needed! Good on you for debunking the “clueless women” in the construction game! Love your work girlfriends! Hope they get Jess back next season: Masterclass on Negotiating Your Trades. #9TheBlock.

#9theblock Sara is mindbogglingly immature, insecure, unaware and pathetic, all in equal measure..

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