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Oh boy 🚨 @Cristiano in the @IsuzuUTE A-League, anyone? Full details: #WeAreALeagues.

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guy in front of me had Cumdog written on his face and said to his friend I hope I get on A-League Memes 👀.

Craig Goodwin, a 30-year-old winger who has spent almost all of his career playing in the A-League — aka the Australian Jordan Morris — puts the Socceroos up 1-0 on the defending champs early on. Then, understandably, pure joy on the cele ❤️🇫🇷🇦🇺.

Mat Leckie 🤝 Craig Goodwin A moment that fired the @socceroos in front. A moment crafted in the @IsuzuUTE A-League 🪄 Keep the faith Australia, we are well and truly in this 👊 . . . First half wrap: #FRAAUS #FIFAWorldCup2022.

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The A-League is where SPFL flops and English journeymen go to make themselves look half decent. Would maybe calm down with some of the wild shouts on here this morning..


@9NewsAUS Two weeks ago this was hooliganism in your books. You use low key racism to target us when it’s about the A-League but suddenly when Australia is playing that same behaviour is normalised. Screw you..

Where have we seen that Craig Goodwin @Socceroos goal before?? Ah yes, in the @IsuzuUTE A-League 😎 . . . Follow live #FRAAUS: #FIFAWorldCup2022.

Small solace but first open play goal for like 8 years or summin, and first by an A-league player.

This is cool. Racing’s Beall is announced as co-vice captain for her A-League team. Congrats, Hillary!.

We may or may not be able to confirm if this aligns with plans for an A-League.

Craig Goodwin ha marcado el primer gol de un jugador A-League con los Socceroos en el Mundial. La asistencia es también de otro A-League: Mat Leckie..

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In the A-League, you get an extra half second on the ball that you don’t get in Europe (especially here) Not saying these teams are bad, but basing their success over a Behave. There’s also no relegation which means teams have little penalty for getting bumped..

Narrator voice: “the gulf in class between the A-League and SPL was on full display…” #crossbartwice #MaxBurgessIsTheNewTomRogic.

Piss off eurosnobs, and for those saying “it’s only a friendly” yeah it is, but Celtic had a fairly strong squad out there and anything other than a win is unacceptable for a club like Celtic regardless if it’s a friendly game or not. This is great exposure for the A-League 👏🏻.

@AleaguesCentral People can be upset all they want but two A-League players linking to score against France in the World Cup is wild!.

An A-League duo stood out but for one defender, he unfortunately endured a living nightmare 😬 PLAYER RATINGS 👇👇.

23 shots to 4. You cant get shots if you don’t go forward. We play an A-League style of game and it does not measure up. We must get a world class coach. Reality hurts. Reality is we don’t have the players. Rogic ????#AUSvFRA.

Lovely to see Garang Kuol out there at 18. Watching him in the A-League and and hearing his enthusiasm was the best thing about my 4yo waking up so early every weekend..

Tem episódio novo do Australianão saindo do forno! 🎙️ Depois de alguns meses, estamos de volta com nosso podcast em um formato mais raiz, apenas nas plataformas de áudio. A-League e Copa do Mundo são os temas. Logo mais no seu tocador, fique ligado!.

Away you go, A-League is full of ageing players even Turkey would knock back..

all these reforms that were brought in during the frank lowy/a-league/dutch era have been a long-term disaster for the sport. the 2006 team was full of premier league and serie a players, some of them genuine international stars. the 2022 team are league two calibre..

our graphic designer has as always done a wonderful job with the A-League Women kits for this season 😍.

@TheRyanMcGinlay A-League football in Australia is pretty decent, Celtic were missing a lot of players though, but Australian football is very competitive..

Sydney FC 2 - Celtosnobs 1 Those “fans” in green are exactly the type to say “I don’t watch the A-League because the quality is shit”. That’s ok boys, we don’t watch the Scottish league either..

On a positive note, we can move on pretty quickly thanks to more Ronaldo to the A-League stories..

This is what shits me about Graham Arnold… He’s got the best strike force duo in the A-League in Maclaren and Tilio on the bench and he brings on Jace Cummings. WHAT THE FUCK !! Cummings and Kuol do not compare to Maclaren and Tilio #FIFAWorldCup #FRAAUS.

Outclassed #ArnieBall makes it a hard watch #AUSvFRA. A-League & Scottish.


All the talk of Jason the bloke looks like an A-League player against the world out.

Cristiano Ronaldo camp approached over A-League move amid impending Manchester United exit.

The SPFL is just an A-League with different accents, this game is case in point #SYDvCEL.

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