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Just saw an email saying my rent was increasing by $40 a week. Meanwhile the landlords refuse to actually pay to fix the plumbing meaning the toilet blocks every 6 months, there’s no insulation and the oven is almost as old as me. (We can’t just move - there’s nowhere to go to).

Jane Caro
Jane Caro

Kellyville Public School is doing great work, teacher Jodi Browning is too. Public schools are wonderful, creative, forward thinking schools @abc730.


Across the world people are looking for solutions to rising costs of living. Professor @JosephEStiglitz is a Nobel Laureate and former chief economist at the World Bank. He challenges the orthodoxy that big interest rate rises are the answer. #abc730.

10,000 kms of new transmission is needed to let us get to zero emissions. It has to happen - but communities will need to be brought on board. Story below and on ⁦@abc730⁩ tonight..


Thousands of Americans have taken to the streets in protest after the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning the constitutional right to abortion, reversing its own landmark decision nearly 50 years ago. #abc730.

And that my friends is how you interview a sitting Govt. Accountability, current policy and future plans. I almost forgot what that looked like so thanks, Sarah. #abc730.

What about climate change? What about declining democracy in the US - and other Countries? What about state capture of our own Governments & politicians? #abc730 #auspol.

What about bugging Timor Leste, and pursuing whistleblowers uncovering wrongdoing? Assange? Any questions for ASIS on these, Leigh Sales? Or is this just a recruitment drive? @abc730 #abc730 #FreeAssangeNow.

The end of an era. What a legend. A complete professional. Enjoy your break and all the best for whatever is next, Leigh #abc730.

#abc730 very telling with 12 of his ministers resigning, re: Boris Johnson “…The greased piglet…”…!.

@PeterWMurphy1 @abc730 I kinda think you need integrity before you get a shark to jump.

# Where was Sara Ferguson in the last 3 years. But then the Libs would just trust refuse to come on..

@birdonatwig @abc730 I did the same. It’s so shallow an approach, particularly when the focus has been invented by the interviewer. It’s an interrogation, not a journalistic interview..

@CottonPru @abc730 As long as it’s equivalent! Was a bit annoyed she was persistently trying to force answers that would be diplomatically divisive..

#abc730 Far more substance to the programme post Sales. Better interviewees, better questions, more gravitas..

So why has this option been closed down by a progressive party @JEChalmers?.


Crossbenchers are threatening to stymie Labor’s legislative agenda after the government slashed their allocation of senior staff. Here’s political reporter @jamesglenday. #abc730.

Does ASIS consider the rise of hard right neo-fascist groups such as the proud boys a concern? Or is it only Afghanistan, China and Sri Lanka? #abc730.

Leigh ticking off another celeb she’s always wanted to interview: #abc730.

#abc730 Photo,#abc730 Photo by Drew Morphettville,Drew Morphettville on twitter tweets #abc730 Photo

#auspol @abc730 All the so called intelligence released by our so-called intelligence agencies is heavily weighted by whatever propaganda multinational companies making weapons to sell to war torn countries want you to believe!.

Prof. Michele Goodwin, University of California, Irvine on #abc730 “Mississippi doesn’t care if your a 10yr old girl who has been raped, you will be forced to become a mother and raise that child” America not so land of the free..

Thanks, Leigh! Our family appreciates all your hard work and all the best for your next adventures. @abc730.

Noooooooooooo!!! Lee!!!!! Come Back!!!!! We love you!!!! @abc730 #forevergrateful #LeeSales 👍🏽💪🏾❤️💙💖🥳.

Thank you, Leigh. You’re brilliant. Looking forward to seeing what you do next!! #abc730.

Hope someone on the @abc730 set gave Leigh a massive hug after that sign-off. Go well Leigh, thank you for your incredible contributions to Australian journalism! ❤️.

@PeterWMurphy1 @abc730 Wouldn’t watch. Her performance attacking Victoria has meant we stopped watching was a great program. COVID shouldn’t have divided a nation or a national program..

@abc730 @AlboMP Why is it, that when the LNP are in power they can endlessly say LaborLaborLabor, but when Labor get into power, they’re not allowed to mention the LNP’s CATASTROPHIC MESS? #LNPWreckers #ThankGodLaborIsInPower.

@AussiewitchT @abc730 High speed staccato voice has always been painful to listen to..

@Keep_Dem_Honest @abc730 I had a moment of sadness when I realised that Morrison and Frydenberg will be spared this scrutiny. Then I remembered Joyce and Dutton..

@platykitten If @abc730 had been serious about holding government to account they would have got rid of Sales 9 years ago and given it to Ferguson. I have been suss about her since this … now suddenly we are going to hold the government to account 🙄.

#abc730 Photo,#abc730 Photo by Christine Phillips 💧🔥😷 🐀 👿Bots Trots✳️✳️✳️ ✳️,Christine Phillips 💧🔥😷 🐀 👿Bots Trots✳️✳️✳️ ✳️ on twitter tweets #abc730 Photo
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