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Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove calls for ‘measured debate’ and ‘civil behaviour’ in Australia, including online. #christchurch #abc730 @abcnews.

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29. So Morrison’s way to “address” antI-Muslim sentiment was to oppose Govt bringing relatives of the dead in the Christmas Island boat wreck -50, including children - to the funerals was a waste of money? COME ON! Exploiting not addressing. He’s lying.

Love how these negative gearing Liberal voters want to retire without being dependent upon the government. They don’t even see the irony of what they are saying. #ABC730 #auspol.

The Liberal Party and a great majority of its members, ministers and leaders have always dog-whistled and race baited. Always. Anyone who believes anything will suddenly change seriously has rocks in their head. 😏#auspol @abc730.

28. @latingle reports, backing @lenoretaylor, several senior Libs stand by their assertion that Morrison suggested capitalising on anti-Muslim sentiment. Morrison said on #theproject that they were and are lying. Fascinating. Are any game to step up?.

‘Play your best,’ Boyd Duffield’s message to other cricketers with an intellectual disability #abc730 @michaelatkin.

Batsman Boyd Duffield has a philosophy on the cricket pitch: Taking time and staying patient. Boyd has autism and an intellectual disability. #abc730 @michaelatkin.

Young cricketers gathered in Brisbane last week for a training camp run by @CricketAus It was a chance for cricketers with an intellectual disability to hone their skills before competing in a global competition later this year #abc730 @michaelatkin.

Amidst the political fallout in Australia from the Christchurch massacre, debate is raging about whether anti-Islamic sentiment has been fanned or exploited in mainstream politics, notably by senior Coalition MPs. @latingle reports #abc730.

I’ll tell you *amazing*. That this is real and not @markhumphries’ latest @abc730 sketch..


#auspol #abc730 Leigh Sales, a tragedy is a result of an accident or natural disaster, what happened in Christchurch was a massacre. Correction please..

Just off #abc730, & on to @ForeignOfficial STILL heartbroken over what happened in the #ChristchurchTerrorAttack!.

“The importance of continuing on with this journey is to continue to make aware to disabled people that there is an alternative to sitting in a chair at home.” - Cliff Princehorn. #abc730.

Eric Dabas lives, and flys, by one famous quote :“One only sees clearly with the heart.” #abc730.

#abc730 Health insurance piece says you can change your deductible to $750. What he failed to mention is that option is only available on gold level policies. Basic facts? Is that too much to ask?.

A team of handicapped pilots is circumnavigating the globe solo in a project called #HandiFlight, supported by @LionsAustralia around the world wherever they land. #abc730.

[email protected] found 82% of Australian households are now concerned about the cost of private health insurance, beating 77% who are concerned about electricity. #abc730.

Has any Labour Party member done anything that would seem like encouragement of Neo Nazi sentiment? #abc730.

#abc730 Good on you for broadcasting the Morrison attack on Waleed Ali’s message of truth to power..

Some really solid reporting tonight on @abc730 on the aftermath of #Chirstchurch.

Seriously. Anyone who thinks Australia is not an inclusive country should exclude themselves for an extended visit to almost any other country. Go have a look for yourself. It’s a bogus narrative @abc730.

How inspiring our GG isn’t. No offence but 🥴🤦‍♀️ #730 @abc730.

Wonderful to see #abc730 shine a light on [email protected] former life as a white supremacist enabler..

Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove calls for ‘measured debate’ and ‘civil behaviour’ in Australia, including online. #christchurch #abc730 @abcnews.

Yasir Amin survived the #Christchurch shootings. He and his father were on their way to Friday prayers when they came across the gunman. #abc730 @MVincentOZ.

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