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Got an F on paper I worked very hard on. My teacher said even though he couldn’t prove it was plagiarism he knew I had not written it because he had never seen a deaf person write in English like that. #AbledsAreWeird.

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Ableds: You can’t expect doctors to be familiar with your medical conditions. Also ableds: You shouldn’t Google that. Also ableds: If your doctor said that, they must have their reasons. They went to medical school and you didn’t. How are we supposed to get care? #AbledsAreWeird.

After reading the #AbledsAreWeird #AbledsAreIdiots hashtags, I felt compelled to send out a huge THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has ever been kind to me, love me & look past my disability & at ME as a person. There are MANY of you 🙏💖.

Mainstream culture frames disabled people as either compliant heroes safely contained on inaccessible pedestals, or else as villains whose presence is somehow a crime against everyone else. It would be nice if everyone would just treat us as human. #AbledsAreWeird.

I was recently talking about how THC/CBD edibles have made my horrible PTSD night terrors vanish (they’re so bad I scratch myself in my sleep) & someone said “that’s just treating the symptom not the cause”. OKAY SUSAN JUST LET ME GO BACK IN TIME & AVOID MY TRAUMA #AbledsAreWeird.

Oh, this one’s fun: (CW needles) So, back when my MS was still RE/A relapsing-remitting, I had a problem with my tongue. Not exactly dysphasia; I could still swallow, but my gag-reflex vanished and my tongue went into spasm. #AbledsAreWeird 1/4.

The time I’ve been removed from feminist and writers Facebook groups because the non disabled admin are annoyed with how I identify as a disabled woman and when I speak about my experiences. #AbledsAreWeird.

I had a teacher who agreed to sign a field trip slip only if I made a vow to not miss any classes for the rest of the semester. Yup, I totally have control over getting blockages or flares. #AbledsAreWeird.

Got an F on paper I worked very hard on. My teacher said even though he couldn’t prove it was plagiarism he knew I had not written it because he had never seen a deaf person write in English like that. #AbledsAreWeird.

one time an autism expert was looking through my art, found a lady with ram horns i drew, and asked me if it represented the autism tearing through my head and growing out of my brain and to this day that still fucking kills me #AbledsAreWeird.

“But you’re sexy! I didn’t know you were disabled!” Got it. Disabled people can’t be/shouldn’t be sexy. #AbledsAreWeird.

The reactions to #AbledsAreWeird are very similar to what I experience every day when I ask non disabled people not to touch or grab me. Aggression, outrage & entitlement are the standard reactions that I’m not immediately grateful for their unwanted “help”. #JustAskDontGrab.

Parents who overshare about their child’s disability - naked photos, graphic descriptions of symptoms etc (yet who are mindful of their own privacy and that of their non disabled children). #AbledsAreWeird.

Love how abled people are feeling insulted being called weird right now. I was called weird as a kid all the time. I took it as a completely b/c it technically meant being different. I was an undiagnosed autistic person. NTs are ok w/ calling us that though #AbledsAreWeird 1/2.

So, non-disabled people (otherwise known as ableds)! You’ve stumbled across the #AbledsAreWeird hashtag. And maybe you’ve realized that you’ve done some of the “weird” things disabled people have called you out for. Maybe you’re a little offended. So where do we go from here?.

#AbledsAreWeird when I talk about how I don’t have function of my left hand and they say “can you just try to move it” like ok wow why haven’t I thought of that?????.

Able-bodied folks like me: read through @Imani_Barbarin’s #AbledsAreWeird to understand how ableism can be both subtle & outright. And while you’re at it, think about all of those ableist “inspirational” viral vids like “kid hears for the 1st time”... & maybe stop sharing them?.

From peeking under bathroom stalls to moving mobility aids out of reach, people are sharing their stories to explain how #AbledsAreWeird..

If you need a reality check as able-bodied person, educate yourself with #AbledsAreWeird. This hashtag isn’t a joke, it’s about harassment and bullying. World, do better..

thinking that someone’s disability is harder for their parents/partner than it is for them. stop saying “oh those poor parents” / “their partner/parent is a saint!” #AbledsAreWeird.

#AbledsAreWeird : That time I used a chair instead of my cane at a theme park (standing all day is tiring AF), and no one would talk directly to me..

no one seems to understand the difference between being LITERALLY capable of doing something, and being SAFELY capable of doing something. can i literally run? yes. can i safely run? no. can i literally do the dishes? yes. can i safely do the dishes? no. #AbledsAreWeird.

Leftist Youtuber said something ableist in a livestream. Thought disabled people in the chat were asking her to apologize as some grand conspiracy to end her Youtube career. Threw a tantrum instead. #AbledsAreWeird.

I seem to always get “have you tried sleeping more?” And I’m like yeah because I got prescribed a wheelchair due to *checks notes* a lack of sleep #AbledsAreWeird.

Have you tried sleeping with a pillow between your knees Diagnosed with scoliosis 26 years ago, hip dysplasia & autoimmune arthritis as an adult; my life has been a neverending odyssey of diagnostic treatments & a rotating cast of specialists, but sure #AbledsAreWeird.

Almost every time I go the grocery store some middle aged person is aggressively staring me down as if they’re trying to figure out what’s wrong with me, if they have kids they pull them away like they’ll catch my disability even though they just want to learn 🙄 #AbledsAreWeird.

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