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Day by day, week by week, month by month, investigation after collusion, no wrongdoing, NOTHING! Little Adam is losing his mind. He needs some quiet time, in a rest home, off in the hills. 🤣😂🤣.

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Sí, cuando Adam Levine era un adolescente de pelos parados y hoodie que buscaba la fama.

Thought about standing up for something I believed in but got worried I’d upset Adam Hills..

Me on my high horse watching people finally come around to Adam Hills’ whole deal.

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A tweet from @adamhillscomedy opposing the egging of white supremacist Senator Fraser Anning has gone down like a lead.

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Adam Hills sees egging as a perfectly valid act of wit when it’s done by a politician on his show - it just becomes unfunny when the recipient is a Nazi.

I swear to god if Adam Hills soon goes the I was shocked and quite affected by the social media hatred it really affected my health route.

and adam hills of course. every time i do a bad post and get roasted i spend hours mulling over whether i was wrong, or how. Usually i emerge with a better idea of my own thoughts, but not these people, no way.

Adam Hills is right: wit, rules and due process are the only way to take down Nazis. That’s why Neville Chamberlain never defeated Hitler: bro just straight up wasn’t funny enough #eggboy.

Adam Hills is doubling down on an insanely bad take that just entirely forgets to mention 50 people were murdered less than two days ago because he wants to host future panel shows where Nigel Farage or Tommy Robinson or Steve Bannon or David Duke are guests.

@jypersian You’re a doctor and this is the reply to Adam Hills comments? Absolutely pathetic. He doesn’t agree with Fraser Anning whatsoever and he has the common sense to say that politicians shouldn’t be egged..

a nazi: vehemently defends an act of terrorism that left 49 innocent people dead and many more injured saying they brought it upon themselves Adam Hills: uh have we tried reminding them that’s against the rules?.

Adam Hills: another middle-aged white Australian man covering for Nazis. Disappointing Adam, read the room..

Please continue to body Adam Hills on Twitter for not commenting on 50 murdered muslims and instead complaining that a teenager wasn’t civil enough to a Nazi who incited a massacre. You should be deeply ashamed of yourself Adam, you should not be “fine with those opinions”..

pretty rude of you all to call adam hills a basic bitch who should keep egg boy’s name out of his yap hole. don’t you know he was nominated for a perrier award???.

*during a terrorist attack* Adam Hills: *ducking behind cover* MY SHOW IS CALLED THE LAST LEG BECAUSE I HAVE A BUNG LEG! I MAKE JOKES ABOUT THAT BECAUSE I’M FINE WITH IT! Terrorist: holy shit, this dude has a point. What are MY values?.

holy shit this dude is a true fucken hero. Chased down a guy with a gun and scared him off. Not sure why he didn’t disarm the terrorist with wit, as Adam Hills would prefer..

Adam Hills - probably on par with Dave Hughes for boring, tired, unfunny comedy..

Writing tweets like this emboldens his supporters, actually. You’ve helped make him a victim, Adam Hills..

Adam Hills voice: what if instead of an egg, it had been a handful love? Makes you think.

glad that Adam Hills surfaced as a civil centrist scold. His comedy is tepid boomer bait shit. He’s the Wil Anderson for your dad. He can fuck right off..

@nigelbyrne In all honesty, who gives a fuck if Adam Hills is not ok with this? Judging by the responses to his tweet no one else cares about his opinion. And I certainly don’t..

@adamhillscomedy @AsylumAid A man with no integrity costing a man with it money, good on that man Adam hills..

#Article50excuses sorry but Adam hills is growing his beard and we want to see how long he can go.

#ChristchurchMosqueAttack What Adam Hills said. 👏👏👏👏👏 @adamhillscomedy #TheLastLeg.

Day by day, week by week, month by month, investigation after collusion, no wrongdoing, NOTHING! Little Adam is losing his mind. He needs some quiet time, in a rest home, off in the hills. 🤣😂🤣.

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