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adam levine is incredibly strong because if my sexts got released i would walk into the ocean with cinder block shoes.

Funniest joke I’ve heard about Adam Levine is still that he looks like he went to a tattoo artist and just went “give me tattoos”.

Sam Haft
Sam Haft

A lot of ppl are talking about this new Adam Levine story so I decided to come out and tell my story too.

O Adam Levine queria batizar a filha com o nome da amante. A esposa grávida tendo que passar por isso. Olha, até pra ser um grande filho da p*tá é preciso ter um tiquinho de ética e consideração por quem divide a vida com você. É o mínimo!.

can’t believe y’all are canceling Adam Levine for being a cheater and not for making an entire song about using a pay phone in the year 2012.


No esperen, todavía no nos podemos ir a dormir porque me acaba de salir el chisme de Adam Levine y pues 🍿🫠.

MY MOUTH IS FUCKING BURNING So I thought I’d do an Adam Levine meme 😌.

Adam Levine Photo,Adam Levine Photo by elden lord mol,elden lord mol on twitter tweets Adam Levine Photo

adam levine (43, married, and huge pop star), messages summer roh (23, up and coming model) and somehow it’s her fault he chose to cheat on his wife??? fuck an arbitrary girl code, maybe we should consider that partners should be faithful 😭.

Adam Levine’s leaked sext make me a lot less confident about how well she will be loved.

EmRata called the backlash against the women talking to Adam Levine sexism and “classic misogyny.”.

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Adam Levine Photo,Adam Levine Photo by Kei | CEK PINNED📌,Kei | CEK PINNED📌 on twitter tweets Adam Levine Photo

Does Adam Levine not know that summer is a girl’s name?.

Adam Levine Photo,Adam Levine Photo by Ben Dreyfuss,Ben Dreyfuss on twitter tweets Adam Levine Photo

e dopo il tradimento di adam levine l’ultima roccaforte dell’ammmore tra celebrities sono questi due.

Adam Levine Photo,Adam Levine Photo by delia🦁,delia🦁 on twitter tweets Adam Levine Photo

very pissed off that Adam Levine would cheat on his partner. not because i give a shit about his relationship drama but because i had all but forgotten he existed and it was so blissful and he had to ruin it and be all over my timeline for no reason.

GMA News
GMA News

“I used poor judgment in speaking with anyone other than my wife in ANY kind of flirtatious manner,” Adam Levine wrote in his IG Stories. “I did not have an affair, nevertheless, I crossed the line during a regrettable period of my life.”.

Actually I take it back, Adam Levine has been handling the public scrutiny a lot better than this🫣 #TheBachelorette #bachelorette.

now that all this info on adam levine is being leaked i must speak my truth….naming him sexiest man alive years ago was INSANE and i’ll never forget that.

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Adam Levine Photo,Adam Levine Photo by Ra || cek Pinned 📌 || Rekomendasi Barang di 🍊||,Ra || cek Pinned 📌 || Rekomendasi Barang di 🍊|| on twitter tweets Adam Levine Photo

Quem Adam Levine já namorou? Conheça a história romântica do cantor.

“men are born to cheat” “men like new” when talking abt adam levine and cheating on his PREGNANT wife with a 20 y/o I HATE IT HEREEE HE IS SO GROSSSS.

I like being late enough to the Adam Levine drama that it’s now presented to me almost entirely in Twitter jokes.

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Adam Levine Photo,Adam Levine Photo by awaa🐇 | follback yaa!,awaa🐇 | follback yaa! on twitter tweets Adam Levine Photo

What if all this time Adam Levine was trying to bring awareness to Global warming 🌏.

Algorithm has decided that I want to see every ‘body absurd’ ‘blow my mind’ Adam Levine screenshot joke that’s been created. I mean there might still be some out there, but it’s cool if you want to keep these from me. …it’s going to show me even more now isn’t it? 😕.

had no idea who adam levine was and visiting his profile to see lots of tweets about paw patrol music did not help tbh.

babe babe look at this he took the adam levine chat but put a completely different picture in it 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣.

adam levine neresi örnek eş baba gibi duruyordu ya? adamın gözler fıldır fıldır sinsiliği yüzünden akıyor hiç saklamadı ki siz sinsi görmemişsiniz.

@jbnotbeiber 😂😂 Not really. It was more the thought of Adam Levine being like “damn…I’d hit ” 😂😂😂😂.


“People cheat. I have cheated.” While Adam Levine has denied allegations he cheated on wife Behati Prinsloo, an interview from 2009 has resurfaced in which the singer admits to cheating in his past relationships prior to his marriage..

Every cheater caught and still in denial looks as dumb, cringe, and pathetic as those Adam Levine chat screenshots tbh and people are reacting at ya’ll the same way we’re all reacting at Adam Levine. I hope ya’ll know that 🤠.

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