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Few @SSFCRABBITOHS fans booing Adam Reynolds while waiting to kick conversion. ‘I thought they loved me,’ he quipped to ref Grant Atkins, who responded: ‘They definitely don’t love me.’ Little master thoroughly enjoying himself tonight👑👑👑.

When was the last time one signing made a difference to a team like Adam Reynolds has at Brisbane? #NRL.

Fair play to the Broncos heavyweights including Kevin Walters. They thought Adam Reynolds was their saviour and worked hard to get him to Brisbane. He’s transformed this club. Night and day from last season. #nrl #MagicRound.

Joe Hill
Joe Hill

I like how Ryan Reynolds’s instituted a make-only-good-movies rule beginning with the first Deadpool film.* Adam Project is another hella fun time. * Just guessing based on the evidence..


#NRLManlyBroncos Half-Time ⏰ Two pieces of Adam Reynolds MAGIC put @brisbanebroncos ahead 14-0! #NRLMagic.

Adam Reynolds Photo,Adam Reynolds Photo by NRL,NRL on twitter tweets Adam Reynolds Photo

Indication from NRL team lists is Adam Reynolds has been ruled out for the Broncos tonight due to a groin injury suffered in Rd10. Was restricted training early in the week but Broncos were still hopeful of him playing. Doesn’t sound like it will require an extended recovery.

They will for sure. Had a chat with Adam Reynolds this morning. He’s very confident in their potential..

BREAKING!!! TOP SECRET messaging VERY late last night between Moley and Adam.

Adam Reynolds Photo,Adam Reynolds Photo by The Mole,The Mole on twitter tweets Adam Reynolds Photo

Candy (Hulu), Upload (Prime), the Ryan Reynolds movies (Free Guy, Adam Project, Red Notice), The Lost City (on demand), The Tourist (HBO), The scammers (The Drop Out, WeCrashed, Super Pumped, Bad Vegan, Tinder Swindler, Anna Delvey), The Staircase (HBO).

adam reynolds WAT A TROYE totaly outshoining doyee soyee oiyee tonoite puttin the soieed on a doime schoieming behoind the hoieat soieeking missoile payne haas broiyllant absolutely broiyllant from the little poied poiper hes turned around this doiabolical club in roiecent toimes.

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📌 E vamos de lembrete? Já votaram em “O Projeto Adam” no MTV Movie & TV Awards? O filme está concorrendo em duas categorias: Melhor Filme e Melhor Time (Ryan Reynolds & Walker Scobell) Votem pelo link:.

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This is not meant to be a crack at Souths, but in all seriousness is Adam Reynolds playing the best footy he ever has? I honestly don’t remember him ever being this good..

Nice to know that Adam Reynolds follows me on Twitter and reads my round previews. #DuckingTheAmbush.

Kevvie Walters explains why Adam Reynolds is behind Broncos’ biggest improvement 🧐❓ ‘Don’t want to embarrass him’ STORY 👉.

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Watching replay of last night’s Broncs V Eagles game, and wow. Adam Reynolds and Selwyn Cobbo are majestic as f%¥*! Absolute kings!.

Adam Reynolds making a case for SOO? Perhaps him and Cleary halves? Definitely in some form atm..

The Broncos are set to be without Adam Reynolds and will unleash a debutant to fill the void 🧐 LATEST #NRL TEAM NEWS:.

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adam reynolds has really unlocked the broncos attack aye i havent seen this much flow at suncorp since don mckinnon languidly emptied 5 pints of lemon squash on the hallowed turf which was pretty gross frm donnie but guess thats wat ur forced to do in a state without plumbing.

Did anyone genuinely see Adam Reynolds being THIS good for Brisbane? Knew he would add a lot, but he’s taken the entire team up 3-4 levels all on his own. #NRLManlyBroncos.

Kinda feel bad that souffs held Adam Reynolds back for so long and wasted so much of his career. At least they’ve given him a chance of three good years I suppose..

If GI is a QLDER surely so too is Adam Reynolds at this stage. What a champion #NRLMagicRound.

Adam Reynolds shoving it up Souths arse and some staff at Souths who let him go. Great decision solly and Ellison.

Adam Reynolds has made South Sydney look like bigger fools than we already thought they were.

@ScooterMagruder Denzel, Sam L, Ryan Reynolds. Oprah. Halle , Leonardo decap, Adam Sandler the list is longer than you think.

Pure magic! 🪄 Adam Reynolds and the Broncos have put on a show for the Brisbane crowd to cap night one of #NRL Magic Round..

Adam Reynolds Photo,Adam Reynolds Photo by ESPN Australia & NZ,ESPN Australia & NZ on twitter tweets Adam Reynolds Photo

Ideas in mind: Adam Young Dan Reynolds AJR Brothers Rob Thomas Jon Bellion Jason Mraz Pat Monohan.

Adam Reynolds was just hit late… with a knee straight to the knackers. #Ooooooof! #NRLManlyBroncos.

Full-time, and a comprehensive victory for the Broncos as they beat an out of sorts Manly 0-38. The Adam Reynolds show tonight. #NRLMagicRound #NRLManlyBroncos.

Adam Reynolds is a great footballer, no doubt, but the difference in this Broncos team this year is they now have a genuine leader. On and off the park.#NRLMagicRound.

A good player can perform in a good team a great player can lift all those around them. All respect to Adam Reynolds. #NRLMagicRound.

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