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remembering my old therapist who said I have ADHD and I was skeptical like “Idk have these other issues and I feel like everyone says that” and then SHE said, “Everyone has ADHD now because we aren’t meant to live in a society”

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Slave ()

Bro in the past 36 hours I’ve slept 0 hours, smoked 5-6 grams of weed , # taken prescription and non prescription stimulants/ adhd and recreational nootropics AND MASTURBATED ENOUGH TO GIVE ME TENNIS ELBOW, This is peak Degeneracy and you can’t convince me I’m not living (1)

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╚甲╗(スナネコ帝国男爵 甲ネコ) ()

リアルでは全然しないが ペルソナにおいては熱心に自分磨き! #PS4share

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あなたのお値段は... 性格 -8000万円 顔面 1円 スタイル 400円 皮膚 3億円 内臓 100万円 髪の毛 1億円 あなたは合計でいくらでした? お金 性格と顔面きついw

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i was pretty relieved when i got diagnosed with ADHD, i knew it’s the right step towards getting better. i’m now on meds and it has worked wonders! ❤️

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Leonardo da Vinci might have had ADHD, according to a recent research paper

syd 👾
Syd 👾 ()

i really be like “god. what if im faking my ADHD” then come downstairs at 4pm to find the two pieces of toast i made this morning and even meticulously spend 10 mins putting butter on just to proceed to forget about them until the aforementioned time of 4pm. they r taunting me.

Itchy ()

I think I may have accidentally taken my ADHD meds twice if I did Today’s going to be Oh no

Liz Cordeiro
Liz Cordeiro ()

The ADHD walk of shame is when you have to admit to everyone you impulsively told about your new obsession that you’re not actually that interested in it anymore.

Dogmaster ()

Having days off from work has helped me get a few things done. Is this how using vacation is supposed to work? Got myself an appointment to finally get tested for adhd, and plan to mention anxiety, and lack of motivation etc.

doctor worm
Doctor worm ()

By getting addicted to ADHD meds, you are unknowingly spitting in the face of every single Holocaust survivor. You know who else was obsessed with meth? Adolf Hitler

Kol😽 ()

ive never been able to sit down and read before because of my ADHD but i am really enjoying reading chainsaw man somehow

Meredith Gerber
Meredith Gerber ()

@RyanIkeComposer Absolutely think of it as reading to find solutions, regardless! I use some of Mike’s comping mechanisms for my anxiety even though I don’t have ADHD! It’s good to read!

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𝕋𝕒𝕤𝕙𝕒 ()

@ADHD_Marie That is awesome!! Sounds a lot like my psychiatrist! (And she also has ADHD herself!) We need more people like this in medicinal fields for sure! ✨🙌🏽

Dr. Lee Skallerup Bessette
Dr. Lee Skallerup Bessette ()

I’ll say this, I am so grateful for the State Farm agent who is calling all the people and getting everything organized for me. In the best of time, this kind of work is hard for me and my ADHD. This isn’t the best of times, and she is just handling it all for me.

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@siori_ADHD @nyan_ko29 しおりんちゃん こんばんは‼️😸 引用紹介ありがとう‼️😸 嬉しいですなぁ‼️😸

ADHD Photo,ADHD Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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@tkn_adhd_etc 回転率ありきで打てば他は自由に打っても問題ないですからね。 主軸を何にするかが大事だと思います😃

Gelare ()

@Beth7876 خونسرد خیلی خوبه🥺شوهر من ADHD داره وحشتناکه از بس که همیشه استرس داره و آروم و قرار نداره

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めちゃくちゃテンパってる人 「人が倒れている! あなたは救急車を! あなたはADHDを!! あなたはを!!!」 とりあえず全部やる人「119、プルルル…あ、 もしもし!今日やらなきゃいけないこと全部やってないです!証 明 完 了」

Maca_rojasR ()

As someone who has ADHD, I’m deeply offended and concerned with this seriously?

きじ田とらみ|うっかりOL ()

ADHDあるあるを呟いていて思うのは、同じ境遇の人の多さです😂 いつも共感の嵐🌀 家庭環境も年代も違うはずなのに、、 専門の先生だと、より一層感じられそうですね

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皆さんたくさんご回答いただきありがとうございます! 誤解させてしまいすみませんが、発達障害の特性調査アンケートでして、ボク個人の相談ではありません! 誤解する文章すみません汗 ボクは個人事業主として生活しており、掛け持ち5~6個してる感じのタスクに追われる毎日をすごしております泣

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ADHDなのに完璧主義なんですよね。 そういうところですね。 自分で自分を追い詰めてるの。 でも今更変えられないジレンマ。

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Louise Milligan
Louise Milligan ()

I’d hazard a guess that there are some pretty cranky functioning adults with ADHD around the country right now.

kylie brakeman
Kylie brakeman ()

remembering my old therapist who said I have ADHD and I was skeptical like “Idk have these other issues and I feel like everyone says that” and then SHE said, “Everyone has ADHD now because we aren’t meant to live in a society”

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