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Thank you all for tuning in and/or supporting #AEWDynamite ! The hand isn’t quite there yet but aside from a successful defense, I also enjoyed doing a little bit of commentary! Until next time.

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Njpw reporter ()

@CodyRhodes How much more bargaining would it take to feature Naito or Tanahashi or Ibushi on #AEWDynamite

Mo. ()

#AEWDynamite was phenomenal as usual. The only thing keeping me sane during the lockdown is looking forward to Wednesday nights.

Chase Thomas ()

NEW CT Podcast w/ @MaxwellRBR - #AEWDynamite doesn’t miss a beat - Brodie Lee vs. Jake Hager’s upside - Darby Allin= Young Sting? - #Wrestlemania36 Predictions - Why Bray Wyatt/Cena will steal show - Poor McIntyre & Roman Reigns

A-N-T ⚡️ ()

Kenny vs Sammy for the AAA Mega Title?🔥🔥🔥 but I wonder how many fans knew he was a AAA champion before this #AEWDynamite

Nicole 🇮🇹 ()

Catching up on #AEWDynamite. Last week’s episode was 💯. Cody coming out in the beginning was genuine. Everyone hanging out around the ring, fantastic. I feel like it’s the most enjoyable episode I’ve watched. Just a bunch of friends coming together and having a great time.

411 Wrestling ()

AEW has released the top 5 moments from this week’s episode of Dynamite online. #AEW #AEWDynamite

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Kimberley Ford 👑💪🏼🇨🇦 ()

Give @IAmJericho a reality show. STAT. #AEWDynamite #AEWonTNT

Planeta Wrestling ()

#AEWDynamite Brodie parodia a Vince McMahon en un segmento de AEW Dynamite y molesta a varios directivos de WWE

Uncensored Wrestling 🇮🇪 ()

The March 25th episode of NXT on USA got 669,000 viewers The March 25th episode of Dynamite on TNT got 819,000 viewers AEW gets another point in the Wednesday Night Wars #AEWDynamite #NXT

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Balor Club 3 ()

ALL ELITE WRESTLING - Dynamite Episode 25 #aewdynamite 😍😍🔥🔥

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Karina Rucinque ()

Finally finished Last nights episode of Dynamite and yeah, it was a pretty solid episode. I really enjoyed the Jericho and Hardy segment - I thought it was hella entertaining. #AEWDynamite

The Wrestling Chronicle ()

#AEW has a great roster of women that deep in talent depth. They just need time and TV experience. You can see they’re learning but they all keep showing improvement. #AEWDynamite

Kenny McIntosh 🏳️‍🌈 ()

Also how sick are these @JakeSnakeDDT vignettes? So good. Great to see Jake’s amazing promo ability showcased on prime time TV again #AEWDynamite

With Spandex UPROXX ()

The Ins And Outs Of #AEWDynamite 3/25/20: The Road to Damascus

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AKIRA_00 ()

Allie is absolutely the hottest woman in #AEW and I don’t even think it’s close. I mean look at what she wears every week 😅😳 #AEWDynamite

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Cageside Seats ()

Check out anything you might have missed from last night’s #AEWDynamite here!

Spotfight - Wrestling News, Podcasts & Artikel ()

AEW Dynamite Review - OBSOLETE? - - Drohnen-Promo, Titelmatch, DELETION - über das und mehr sprechen @TobiTextet & @ThumbtackJack in der neuen #AEWDynamite-Review! - YT: Web:

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Putting You Over ()

Putting You Over is LIVE tonight, on tap; #AEWDynamite & #NXT recap. Our guest tonight is: @manscoutmanning @RetrosoftStudio 9p est.

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Joe Cabana ()

The weirdest thing last night was still Jericho yelling at a drone. Absolute legend #AEWDynamite

The Brain Damager ()

Last night on #AEWDynamite was @tonyschiavone24’s finest hour! Thank you for carrying the show Tony!

UltraLiger ()

@CodyRhodes: Take a look at THAT Must we? 😱 #AEWDynamite

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DeeZee ()

Promo of the year Feud of the year Segment of the year WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME, AEW?!? #aew #AEWDynamite

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Planeta Wrestling ()

Kenny Omega retuvo el Megacampeonato de Triple A en #AEWDynamite 💥Sammy Guevara no puedo hacer nada para llevarse el campeonato

Kenny Omega ()

Thank you all for tuning in and/or supporting #AEWDynamite ! The hand isn’t quite there yet but aside from a successful defense, I also enjoyed doing a little bit of commentary! Until next time.

TAZ ()

Great job on #AEWDynamite by the whole team, great work! Also, thank you to everyone who watched the reaction show LIVE ...If you’d like to check out here you go 👇

All Elite Wrestling on TNT ()

Is @MATTHARDYBRAND ...TELEPORTING?! #AEWDynamite on @tntdrama

Royal Wrestling 👑 ()

RÁPIDO, FÁCIL Y PARA CASA 🥱 El combate no tuvo historia, squash para hacer lucir bien al líder de DARK ORDER. El combate no dió para más #AEWDynamite

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Alex M 🇺🇸🇲🇽🇮🇪🇵🇰 ()

Chris cracked the code. The Dark Order is a metaphor for WWE. #AEWDynamite

Classic Wrestling Review ()

So, next week Brodie is going to yell at a Dark Order member for saying the word belt. #AEWDynamite

Tony Khan ()

#AEWDynamite is going live in 45 minutes on TNT at 8pm ET at a closed set with no fans here & we’ll have some great wrestling for you fans at home this evening! Thank you all so much for supporting @AEWrestling from home and allowing us to continue doing these shows for you! #AEW

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