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I lost and doctors won’t clear me for TV. The problem is that you left me alive and I’ll be back. I win. #AEWFullGear #AEW.

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I lost and doctors won’t clear me for TV. The problem is that you left me alive and I’ll be back. I win. #AEWFullGear #AEW.

In addition to death matches: If your mind and your body is comfortable to see which level of violence your into, just remember these talents know the risk there doing. Especially non death matches too. #AEWFullGear.

Cody Not Cleared To Compete Following #AEWFullGear.

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Watch an encore of the #AEWFULLGEAR BUY IN Now!.

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@ #AEWFullGear #TheDoctorWillSeeYouNow @RealBrittBaker.

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Attention!! Bad Boy fabulous entrance at Full gear ✨会場人気の凄いジョーイ・ジャネラ❗️ #Joeyjanela #AEWFullGear.

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Incredible athleticism from Ricky Morton - last night at #AEWFullGear - at the age of 63. Who are your favorite Wrestlers and your favorite performances from talent that was over the age of 50?.

Only going to watch #AEWFullGear now because I am 16 and teenage nerds watched KSI vs Logan Paul last night(HE DID IT!!!), was it good ? (No spoilers please, be nice).

Nick trying to take on Santana/Ortiz by himself will only end in disaster #AEWFullGear.

Now I’ve had a chance to let #AEWFullGear sit around in my brain, I’ve realized some things. Jericho is still undefeated in singles/Tag/Trios competition. The MJF turn was possibly done at the best time it could’ve happened. Hangman, might be racking up wins for the next title..

WWE: “We’re not a blood & guts company.” AEW: “We’re closing our PPV with a non-title deathmatch. Someone get me a couple dozen mouse traps and a broom wrapped in barbed wire.” #AEWFullGear.

#AEWFullGear was fine. The problem with AEW is that, even though they have good matches, I don’t feel anything when watching them. I just think, huh, that’s a good match. AEW is fine, it’s not a world beater, we need to stop pretending it’s perfect..

ケニーvsモクスリー、凄まじい死闘だった。 でもさ、あれだけ激しい闘いしてるのに…2人とも笑ってるんだぜ? まさにプロレスラーは『超人』だわ… #AEWFullGear.

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Not only did MJF betray Cody, he also crashed my interview with Colt Cabana & called me 4 eyes😠 He may have gotten away with what he did to Cody (for now), but he did receive a little comeuppance as I was able slap him with a piece of paper!👇#AEWFullGear.

Show 🔭 KSI vs Logan Paul 🔭 watch main event now free On Air for Show here NOW 🔭 @BoxingHD2 Yout. @BoxingHD2 #AEWFullGear #KSIvsLoganPaul2 gfex.

Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega In the main event of a PPV Where they belong #AEWFullGear.

The Great Muta vs. Sting was the first match I ever remember seeing. I love that man. #AEWFullGear.

#AEWFullGear Pre Show match is @BeaPriestley vs @RealBrittBaker , totally love what these two ladies can do in the ring..

The Santana & Ortiz video package is really well done. Nice introduction for fans who may be unfamiliar with their work. #AEWFullGear.

How am I supposed to root against Santana and Ortiz after watching AEW Countdown!? #AEWFullGear #ImWithAEW.

Wont be tweeting much tonight which is warrented. This PPV deserves our full attention #AEWFullGear lets do this.

'バッドボーイ'ジョーイ・ジャネラ/Joey Janela やっぱりこのジャケットが似合う✨ #joeyjanela #AEWFullGear #Starcast.

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👉AEW: Full Gear 🗓️TONIGHT 📺@ITVBoxOffice 💷£ / € We are available to view on Sky, FITE & Virgin. Full details on how to purchase for the different platforms here and for more info visit @ITVWrestling #AEWFullGear.

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Thank you world famous Glen Burnie Gold’s for hosting me! Final workout done. Hit my target weight, done the work. Now let’s execute! #AEW #AEWFullGear (finished before midnight, thank god ha) 🏋️‍♂️.

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One day I’m gonna have a lot of wild stories to tell about my 2019 that a lot of people won’t want to believe. But the truth is actually way worse than what’s been rumored and/or reported. Until then, one day until #AEWFullGear.

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