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Tony Khan
Tony Khan

Thank you all who watched #AEWDynamite on @TBSNetwork last night, our 8th straight Wednesday ranked top 5 on cable + many fans felt it was one of our best shows! We’re back on TNT for a big #AEWRampage tomorrow @ a special *early* timeslot 5:30pm ET/4:30pm CT/3:30pm MT/2:30pm PT!.

o frankie kazarian com cabelo longo não existe e ele não pode te machucar o kazarian de cabelo longo: #AEWRampage #AEWSpaceAoVivo.

#AEWRampage Photo,#AEWRampage Photo by gabu 🌸,gabu 🌸 on twitter tweets #AEWRampage Photo

Am I the only one who thinks Red Velvet kinda looks out of place in the group? Still dig it tho. #AEWRampage.

#AEWRampage Photo,#AEWRampage Photo by Humble Wrestling,Humble Wrestling on twitter tweets #AEWRampage Photo

I go back to my previous point that this match ruled #AEWRampage.

#AEWRampage Photo,#AEWRampage Photo by AEW Out Of Context,AEW Out Of Context on twitter tweets #AEWRampage Photo

Deve ser a primeira vez nos últimos 2 meses que o TNT championship permanece com a mesma pessoa depois de um combate. Deus abençoe Scorpio Sky. #AEWRampage #AEWSpaceAoVivo.

Quando a gente é jovem a gente quer logo ficar adulto, e quando a gente fica adulto a gente quer logo morrer. - Amaral, Marcos. (@AmaralNaRede) #AEWRampage #AEWSpaceAoVivo.

Sammy e Tay entrando pra ajudar o Kazarian e mais uma vez não sei se são heels ou faces, um grande mistério da humanidade, sinto que jamais saberemos. #AEWRampage #AEWSpaceAoVivo.

Semana que vem teremos um face to face do Jericho com o Regal que promete ser bem legal, hein? #AEWSpaceAoVivo #AEWRampage.

Jade Cargill & The Baddies are here!! #AEWRampage #AEWonTNT.

#AEWRampage Photo,#AEWRampage Photo by Xylot Themes,Xylot Themes on twitter tweets #AEWRampage Photo

I popped at their reaction to having a match on Dark: Elevation. #AEWRampage.

I really wanted whichever Ass Boy that was to call him Papa in an old timey accent. #AEWRampage.

Need something to keep you occupied between #AEWRampage and #SmackDown? Check out my interview with William Regal on BR and the full conversation on Youtube..

A transmissão de hoje foi muito reflexiva, sobre ficar velho, sobre o tempo e sobre querer voltar no Crises daqueles q já passaram dos Me identifico!! 🤣#AEWSpaceAoVivo #AEWRampage.

I have so many questions about how #AEWRampage ended, and not exactly in a positive sense..

I don’t know what’s happening with Gunn Club and the Acclaimed, but it’s hilarious 🤣 #AEWRampage.

My GOODNESS Jade Cargill. My GOODNESS Red Velvet. My GOODNESS Kiera Hogan. #AEWRampage #AEWonTNT.


Falta pouco para o #AEWRampage Vejam ao vivo pelo link: #AEWSpaceAoVivo.

This was back in 2020 lol. The very last AEW arena show with fans before the pandemic started. @peteyg112 & I were there 😏 #AEWRampage.

Já abrimos o show de hoje com o combate de trios entre o Triangulo de la Muerte contra Butcher, Blade e Marq Quen #AEWSpaceAoVivo #AEWRampage.

#AEWRampage Photo,#AEWRampage Photo by AEW BRASIL,AEW BRASIL on twitter tweets #AEWRampage Photo

الهاوس اوف بلاك🖤😍 ، العداوة الوحيدة بالمجال الي كل شوي تتكنسل وترجع ومستمرة من العام الماضي 😂😂 #AEWRampage.

A química dos lutadores falando bem alto na luta, a crowd que estava meio morta acordou totalmente com o show de Sky e Kazarian #AEWSpaceAoVivo #AEWRampage.

The gun club and the acclaimed are really entertaining together. Love how Austin tried to do the DX chop and say “SUCK IT!” Lmfao #AEWRampage.

I’ve got to admit, @realrubysoho has improved by leaps and bounds in #AEW over the last couple of months. Her match with @riho_gtmv is the best singles match she’s had since coming into the company. ***1/2 #AEWRampage.

#AEWRampage Photo,#AEWRampage Photo by ✊🏾🏳️‍🌈Nagata Lock II🏳️‍🌈✊🏾,✊🏾🏳️‍🌈Nagata Lock II🏳️‍🌈✊🏾 on twitter tweets #AEWRampage Photo

So great hearing Gorilla Monsoon’s name on @aew - ❤️❤️❤️ - thanks @IAmJericho 🙌 #AEWRampage.

Ruby/Riho was good, ofc, but man Jamie and now Riho both being out of this tourney already is…not great. #AEWRampage.

@aew Wow, The Baddies have a big time entrance complete with pyro and color coordination! #AEWRampage.

@MarkSterlingEsq may be a menace but he’s also a freaking treasure! Look at him! #AEWRampage.

This factions of the ass-claimed is great already I was laughing the whole time #AEWRampage.

I need to see @Jade_Cargill and her Baddies on my television every week. I love how every time she is on screen, AEW treats it like a special occasion and it certainly is. #AEWRampage.


Billy: “This Monday, on Elevation!” Bowens: “Yay!” Bowens, again, in his head: #AEWRampage.

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