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@AFL360 @AFLcomau - please advise why this staging was not cited.

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Steve G
Steve G ()

point made take out your top 6 of any team let alone ours and you will struggle #AFL360 #GoPies

Sam ()

There’s 3 certainties in life Death Taxes And Robbo being blind on #afl360 The man is slurring words like he’s had a beer everytime we’ve missed a target tonight 🥴🥴🥴🥴 #AFLCrowsPies @PiesNation @adearnaleyj

KR ()

@FOXFOOTY time for me to go and give birth to Slobbo’s twin 💩 I cannot watch this fuckwit Slobbo #AFL360 #SackSlobbo

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Fox Footy
Fox Footy ()

Matthew Nicks speaks on #AFL360 as the Crows hunt an elusive win tonight against the “Last week was good for three quarters and then we fell We were pleased with what the guys did in those three quarters and we are going to have to do that again tonight.”

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Conor Dillon
Conor Dillon ()

Might as well just pin this tweet for every time #AFL360 is on but Robbo has been on the sauce pre-show again 😂

Fox Footy
Fox Footy ()

The undermanned Magpies travel to South Australia to face the winless Crows. Gerard and Robbo will preview it all at the #AFL360 desk. LIVE from 6PM EST on @FOXFOOTY

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Lee Williamson
Lee Williamson ()

@AFL360 @AFLcomau - please advise why this staging was not cited.

Lex Lasry
Lex Lasry ()

The health workers & doctors are heroes in this COVID-19 crisis, no question. But other heroes are the hub-dwelling AFL footballers. They bring pleasure & a sense of normality to an otherwise miserable life. Particularly the Saints but really all of them. Thanks #AFL360 #AFL

Maddie ()

#AFL360 bloody hell I really can’t keep up with the flag favourites of the week, so it’s richmond now? I thought it was west coast 🤦🏻‍♀️

Meataxe ()

You’re kidding yourself if you think Tom lunch didn’t open hand whack a bloke from behind. #AFL360

Kylie Maslen 🐯💫
Kylie Maslen 🐯💫 ()

if this doesn’t get longest kick on #afl360 i will eat my hat

Howard Oorloff
Howard Oorloff ()

I love Roughy because he epitomises the three ‘pillars’ of the Hawthorn Football Club. He wore the Brown and Gold with such great ‘pride’ played with such unbelievable ‘passion’ and has ‘paid’ his dues both to his Club and to his family. #AFL360

Hank Meyer
Hank Meyer ()

@RohanCT @FOXFOOTY I’ve just watched AFL360. Robbo is unwatchable; he’s got the games covered for unwatchability. He just rants.

Mitchel Judd
Mitchel Judd ()

I love @JarrydRoughead2 cause most people know him as a great footy player. I know him as a great father, ok basketballer and an above average footballer #afl360

Andrea Thomas-Jones
Andrea Thomas-Jones ()

Regret. n, 1. feeling of remorse 2. Someone who says they’ll go to another club because they have a better list and misses out on two flags. #afl360

#AFL360 Photo
JayBangers ()

Love roughy for his inspiration on awareness of Cancer and his positive outlook on life #AFL360

Bobbie ❤️🤍🖤
Bobbie ❤️🤍🖤 ()

I love Roughy for his amazing career at Hawthorn, he has so much talent, he’s a likeable bloke & he’s come to St Kilda to help us find our way #AFL360

Bill Murray
Bill Murray ()

Honest, down to earth and reliable. A great bloke with which to chew the fat and share a beer. @AFL360

Fox Footy
Fox Footy ()

Max Gawn joins #AFL360 on Players Night ahead of tomorrow night’s must-win game against Adelaide. “We are sick of putting in those performances one in every five weeks. I’ve got no doubt there’s going to be a response tomorrow night, and I’m excited for that.”

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Sean ()

@AFL360 roughy a humble normal bloke that has achieved so much on and off the field and a player opposition supporters barrack for #AFL360

Justin Bryant
Justin Bryant ()

#AFL360 Roughy is inspiration for what he overcame and how he did it and for his Aussie mateship with Jordan #bestbudsforlife

Gerard F Rosman
Gerard F Rosman ()

#AFL360 Why do I love Roughy? Because even as a supporter of another club, he feels like he could be a mate. He treats all with respect, perseveres through adversity and gives back by passing on his skills to others, even those from another team. #automaticHallofFame

Ed ()

@FOXFOOTY His work with the fledgling Saints this season has lead to rapid development. Hopefully the seeds bear fruit in the coming years #AFL360

Tonyciancio ()

I was crossing Glenferrie Rd a couple of years ago. The road was ridiculously busy as usual. Eventually a car stopped to let me cross. As a looked towards the driver to wave, I noticed it was Jarryd Roughead on his way to a Sunday game at the G. That’s why I love Roughy #AFL360

Randomcollect ()

Not really why I love Roughy but more “How can you NOT love Roughy”. He took us on his journeys and let us join him celebrate his success. His coaching career is about to cement him as one of the Best Blokes in footy #AFL360

Michael McGaw
Michael McGaw ()

An absolute champion of the game, top bloke and a ginger beard twin #AFL360

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Casey ()

#afl360 Roughy, an absolute legend of the game, overcoming serious adversity, and a genuinely caring bloke by all accounts. So many memories of the great man keeping the Hawks ahead of the pack when it didn’t seem possible. (Mainly though; just thanks Roughy! 🙏💛🤎🙏)

Chris Gorrie
Chris Gorrie ()

Love Roughy! Everything he has been through, never complained and simply soldiered on. He is #Always Hawthorn and I can’t wait to get my hands on his book 😀 Would love to share a beer with him and you boys at #AFL360

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Grant Buchanan
Grant Buchanan ()

#AFL360 Roughy = Down to earth country boy from Leongatha who has been through some very rough/tough times and persevered through it all. Legend!!

Nat Anderson
Nat Anderson ()

#AFL360 Roughy says it as it is, played it as should be, no fuss, no excuses, no sideways steps, just a joy to watch, #ROUGHY @AFL360

☚ go blues #exabff ☛
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