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An emotional edition of #AFL360 tonight as we paid tribute to Danny Frawley. A football icon that had a profound impact on many lives. We will miss you Spud..

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This week has confirmed to me that @GerardWhateley is one of if not the BEST media operator in this country. The way he handled #AFL360 Monday night. How he navigated the chat with Gazz and Chief tonight. Just unreal. Well done Gerard..

I watched #AFL360 on delay tonight. An absolute masterclass in interviewing by @GerardWhateley, hosting a vital discussion with Jason Dunstall and Garry Lyon about men’s mental health. It will almost certainly reduce stigma and help many, many people..

Jason Dunstall and Gary Lyon speaking on #AFL360 on Danny Frawley has floored me. Brilliant tribute by the pair..

Lots of coaches *say* if I’m not best for the club, I’ll step aside. Not too many forgo the payout & actually do it. They usually wait to be stood down. Respect to #donpyke #afl360.

Love #afl360 getting Jordan Lewis and Dermott Brereton to give their opinions on what is dirty play or not. Two of the biggest dogs to ever play AFL.

That was the most raw and emotional piece of television I’ve ever watched. Broken hearted for Gaz and Chief. #AFL360.

Bounce is definitely not my favourite show but hearing Jason Dunstall talk about Spud is giving me TEARS #AFL360.

Watching @AFL360 with Jason Dunstall & Gary Lyon discussing the death of Danny Frawley. These brave men with pure, raw emotion have done so much for men’s mental health tonight. I just applaud them. I couldn’t imagine seeing something this raw and powerful a few years ago..

Adam Treloar is an incredible individual. The way he speaks so openly and honest about everything is so admirable. A true example of a leader. Keep doing what you’re doing, using your platform and bit by bit we will break the stigma around mental health. #afl360.

Adam Treloar is such an open, brave, beautiful human being. His courage and honesty about mental health will reach so many. Breaking barriers every day. That’s real strength. So much admiration for him. @CollingwoodFC #afl360 @LifelineAust.

The way Adam Treloar has spoken on #afl360 is terrific. Such a mature young man speaking about the stigma surrounding mental health..

Adam Treloar is a dead set super star! His personality is shining through on #AFL360 and he clearly has great characteristics, morals and values. I can definitely see him helping people under the guidance of someone like @WayneSchwass & being an ambassador for Mental Health.

Tributes have flowed today for Danny Frawley after his tragic death yesterday. “People got to tell their Danny stories today. I was amazed how many people had a single, fleeting encounter with Danny, that was lasting.” - Gerard #AFL360.

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Mark Robinson (Chief Football Writer for Herald Sun) just asked Whateley how many teams are left in the Finals 😂 #AFL360 @FOXFOOTY.

The @FOXFOOTY family is back together at the #AFL360 desk tonight – join Gerard and Robbo for a beautiful tribute to Spud – LIVE EST.

“I don’t think people like Chris Scott. I think people want Chris Scott to fail. #AFL360.

Really heartwarming tributes on @AFL360 right now. Beautiful and tragic to hear stories from some of those who knew Danny best. Don’t know how they’re stringing their sentences together but to do it so authentically while riding the wave of grief is touching and special to watch..

Great tribute on @AFL360 tonight. But the spitter was proven not to be a Richmond member or supporter. Nobody I know would have spat on anyone let alone a man who took us to a prelim..

Robbo absolutely nailing it Re Geelong on AFL360 mentally jittery. 100% in their heads..

On a very special edition of #AFL360, @JBrown, Paul Roos and Gerard Healy told their favourite stories about Danny Frawley. #RIPSpud.

An emotional edition of #AFL360 tonight as we paid tribute to Danny Frawley. A football icon that had a profound impact on many lives. We will miss you Spud..

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AFL should enshrine the Golden Fist award officially for the best defender each year. A good touch would be calling it the Danny Frawley award #afl360.

Gez Whateley is really good on nights like tonight, steering the ship really well. #AFL360.

Well done to @FOXFOOTY for getting on air and sharing stories, their grief and love to the audience tonight. This isn’t easy. #AFL360.

Nicely done @FOXFOOTY @AFL360 How nice is it to see grown men just reminiscing about a mate and tearing up, and being real. #RIPSpud.

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