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Tweet247 | Updated: Sat, 19 May 2018, 20:01 PM IST

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  • Can he nail it from there? You Betts he can! #AFLCrowsDogs.

  • Riley Knight missing his 3rd game in a row after being ‘rested’ in round 7 #AFLCrowsDogs.

  • On his arrival, Eddie Betts was given the biggest ovation I’ve heard at the @Adelaide_FC post-match function by the Crows faithful. Until he said “Yes, we got through without anyone getting hurt.” Then they went ballistic 😂 #AFLCrowsDogs.

  • A #GatoradeShower for a 31-year-old? First win as a Crow for Sam Gibson! 🙌 #AFLCrowsDogs.

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  • I have faith in the Crows! @AFL @Adelaide_FC @westernbulldogs #aflcrowsdogs #DoggieTips.

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  • All the best @matthewsuckling in game 150 tomorrow night #RealStrength #AFLCrowsDogs.

  • Go SCRAGGERS! I smell an upset! #aflcrowsdogs #comeoutsnarling #bemorebulldog🔴⚪️🔵 #throughandthrough #dannysbanners.

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  • 🚨 TEAM NEWS 🚨 Tall timber return to face @Adelaide_FC on Friday night. #AFLCrowsDogs 👉.

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  • Into enemy territory we go! #AFLCrowsDogs 📍 @TheAdelaideOval ⏰ 7:25pm ACST (7:50pm AEST) 📺 FOX Footy, 7AFL 📻 Triple M, 3AW, SEN, ABC ℹ️.

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  • No Tex, No Sloane, No M Crouch, No B Crouch, No Brown, No McGovern, No Milera, No Hampton, No Knight, No Smith, NO PROBLEM!! Go @Adelaide_FC #weflyasone #AFLCrowsDogs.

  • Congrats Matt Suckling #AFLCrowsDogs #RealStrength.

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  • The match review from last night’s game has been completed. No charges have been laid from #AFLCrowsDogs..

  • Roughy straight back to the middle. #RealStrength #AFLCrowsDogs.

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  • TUNE IN: Zaine Cordy to join @SENAfternoons shortly to discuss #AFLCrowsDogs 📻 #WBMedia.

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  • 📍@TheAdelaideOval #RealStrength #AFLCrowsDogs.

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  • Dogs actually dominated for much of that quarter. Looked the better side but up against bad luck and questionable free kicks. Still in it. #AFLCrowsDogs.

  • Can’t believe some of the tweets saying Macrae was ‘inneffective’ & ‘no influence’? His hands in close are as clean & sharp (if not better than) Tom Mitchells, so open your eyes. He’s absolute beast mode this year. #BOG #untaggable #AFLCrowsDogs.

  • The 🔥🔥🔥 topics #AFLCrowsDogs 1️⃣ SA Great? 2️⃣ Big Dogs 3️⃣ + 4️⃣ 👉.

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  • Final teams for #AFLCrowsDogs: No late changes to either side..

  • Fucken great time to take a selfie with a coach when his team has kicked 2 goals in a whole fucken match #AFLCrowsDogs.

  • Dogs’ new low, Brownlow fancy’s high. The statisticians were kept busy during #AFLCrowsDogs:.

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  • Dogs $ against a very very weakened crows side is very tempting. #AFLCrowsDogs.

  • Friday night footy at the Adelaide Oval - #AFLCrowsDogs Which players do you have tonight? For myself - ADE: Laird, Doedee & Gibbs. WBD: Macrae & McLean..

  • A friend just sent me this photo in response to me saying I’ve got three layers on for footy tonight. 14 and raining in #Adelaide but the Crowval is looking good💪 #weflyasone #aflcrowsdogs.

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  • Now it’s all done & dusted and I can actually feel my fingers what a game! Never have I been so bloody wet standing on that hill and as if the mid-strength beer isn’t watered down enough! Was it all worth You bloody [email protected]_FC #AFLCrowsDogs #weflyasone.

  • Feel an upset brewing tomorrow night. Good ins for Bulldogs, bad outs for Adelaide. #AFLCrowsDogs.

  • Why pay for #AFL #DFS stats when they are 🅕🅡🅔🅔: Projected @Moneyballcomau +/- + Macrae + Ellis-Yolmen + Lipinski + McLean + Greenwood [+/- projected above/below salary based expectation] #AFLCrowsDogs @Adelaide_FC @westernbulldogs.

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  • 2u Adelaide win & Laird 30+ disposals @ $ has already crashed down to $! Some value lost, but still value in my opinion. #AFLCrowsDogs.

  • IF THE DOGS WERE To WIN THE BONT 2+ Goals and to win $13 is value #AFLCrowsDogs.

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