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The Lions move to 8-1 for the first time since the Fitzroy era 🦁 #AFLCrowsLions Full match report:.

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We take a narrow lead into the major break. #weflyasone #AFLCrowsLions.

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Another valuable win on the road for ⁦@brisbanelions⁩ with a strong second half. Here at the ground our fans may have outnumbered but they made themselves heard! #AFLCrowsLions #GoLions.

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Umpires are fucking kidding themselves. Just let the boys play footy. Come on it’s unwatchable #AFLCrowsLions.


HT: @Adelaide_FC (48) lead @brisbanelions (45). Zac Bailey has had 15 disposals and two goals already! #AFLCrowsLions.

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Things I learnt tonight from being at the ground: • Cam Rayner is a genuine specimen. • Jarrod Berry is surprisingly quick. • Jordan Dawson’s leg is more elite in real life. • Ben Keays is the 🐐 #AFLCrowsLions.

You’d wanna lift your game if ur a Lions midfielder. Didn’t fly over here to watch this rubbish. #AFLCrowsLions.

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

HT | @Adelaide_FC (48) lead @brisbanelions (45) A stunning second quarter by the Crows! 📺 Watch #AFLCrowsLions on Ch. 503 or stream on Kayo: ✍️ BLOG: 🔢 MATCH CENTRE:.

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#AFLCrowsLions just caught the Kayo mini. Absolute shocker. Both teams wearing the same colours. Why is it so hard to get teams in contrasting kits ffs? @brisbanelions have had white jumpers before 👇- this would have helped a lot in this game #triplebogey.

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Absolutely remarkable turnaround by the Lions after the 2nd quarter! Great to have Hipwood back too. #AFLCrowsLions.

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Free kick count should have been 51-0 Adelaide’s way tonight. How it was only 28-22 in Adelaide’s favour needs a royal commission. #WeBooAsOne #aflcrowslions.

Lions supporters still on about the out of bounds trying to cover up the other gifts maybe 🤣 #AFLCrowsLions.

Crows play fantastic to get up in the second and then the umpires put the Lions back in front 🙄 #AFLCrowsLions.

You are fucking kidding umpire! This is beyond a joke now Walk off crows and lions these umpires have no fucking idea Fucking fix it @afl and get Rid of your dissent bullshit and just umpire the game you 🤡 #afl #AFLCrowsLions.

36 points against the Lions with some questionable umpiring = not the worst result. #weflyasone #AFLCrowsLions.

After an indifferent second quarter, during which the Crows moved ahead by 15 points, the Lions responded emphatically with eight unanswered goals to restore natural order and remove all doubt around the verdict. #AFLCrowsLions.

Brisbane are a better team but god its frustrating watching the umps impact games so heavily these days. I truely detest this dissent rule its absolutely pathetic #AFLCrowsLions.

Round 9, 2022. Adelaide Crows v Brisbane Lions #AFLCrowsLions.

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First time at the Adelaide Oval for me. Thank goodness for noise cancelling earphones. Hopefully a better 2nd half for the Lions. #AFLCrowsLions.

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This umpiring is horrendous and probably the worse I have seen in 2022 #AFLCrowsLions.

For the Crows this game is about to get exactly like the light grey tux with apricot cummerbund I wore to my year 10 formal - ugly. #AFLCrowsLions.

Have zero interest in the result, but this game has been over umpired and the Lions have got the better end of the stick #AFLCrowsLions.

Crows 15 points up with 3 mins remaining in the 2nd quarter - Lions then kick 11 of the next 13 goals. Game Over. Crows in 2nd half. #AFLCrowsLions.

Outclassed by a superior side but didn’t Chuck it in. Made it a contest all the way. Had no luck at all tonight, and very little went our way. #AFLCrowsLions.

FULL TIME! Brisbane wins big at Adelaide Oval, defeating the Crows by 36 points. #AFLCrowsLions.

LISTEN | Great to chat with @brisbanelions gun Lachie Neale LIVE from the rooms after their big win over the Crows tonight. Link: #AFLCrowsLions.

Not overly disappointed with the result tonight. Didn’t expect to win and some really good signs in the 2nd. As they say though, cream tends to rise to the top when challenged as we saw in the 3rd #AFLCrowsLions #weflyasone.

People here in twitter acting like lions are the only one who are receiving undeserving FK, when in fact it goes both ways. Crows also have those undeserving FK. Lol. Especially High FK when they are the one who dive their head to lions player & the out of bounds #AFLCrowsLions.

Free kicks basically even at HT, but it’s where and when they’re paid that matters. At 2 Brisbane goals came off the back of basic umpiring errors. In a close game that makes a world of difference. #AFLCrowsLions.

You’re shitting me #afl what the actual hell is going on with umpiring? Fix it now. #AFLCrowsLions.

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