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#AFLDeesLions The stupidity of a 50 m penalty against a player running away from the man with ball. Surely this ridiculous exclusion zone has to go. Another easy goal.

Up + about after that one. 😄 #DemonSpirit | #AFLDeesLions.

Get yourself a skipper who looks at you the way Gawny looks at Harmesy. 🤩 #DemonSpirit | #AFLDeesLions.

#AFLDeesLions Photo,#AFLDeesLions Photo by Melbourne Demons,Melbourne Demons on twitter tweets #AFLDeesLions Photo

While Dad’s out of the side with injury, Louis Zorko was on mascot duties with the @brisbanelions ☺️ #AFLDeesLions.

Geez, those opposition supporters sending me ‘wheels are falling off’ messages have suddenly vanished into thin air… where are you all? Where are Melbourne’s wheels at? I want an update please 😏 #AFL #AFLDeesLions.

Mammoth game tonight for Melbourne. One thing that’s been lacking all season: pressure. Need to get back to 2021 levels of intensity and heat around the ball. Oh and please - I ask you kindly Dees - lower the eyes going inside 50 🙏 Let’s fkkkkn go 🔥 #AFL #AFLDeesLions.

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

THAT was brutal. @melbournefc makes a serious statement, thumping @brisbanelions to regain top spot on the ladder. ✍️ #AFLDeesLions RECAP 🔢 MATCH CENTRE:.

#AFLDeesLions Photo,#AFLDeesLions Photo by Fox Footy,Fox Footy on twitter tweets #AFLDeesLions Photo

Ed’s happy to have Tobes back. 🥰 #DemonSpirit | #AFLDeesLions.

#AFLDeesLions Photo,#AFLDeesLions Photo by Melbourne Demons,Melbourne Demons on twitter tweets #AFLDeesLions Photo

IT’S GAME DAY! We’ve got Harris’ 150th, a debutant, and a huge game to win! Details for #AFLDeesLions: Melbourne v Brisbane 7:20pm AEST @ MCG Broadcast: 7 in Melb & Bris Let’s do this! 🦁🦁🦁.


FT: @melbournefc (117) defeat @brisbanelions (53). The Dees are back 😈 #AFLDeesLions.

#AFLDeesLions Photo,#AFLDeesLions Photo by AFL,AFL on twitter tweets #AFLDeesLions Photo

No excuses for the Lions tonight. Simply outplayed and outclassed by a more professional outfit. Still great to get to the MCG for the first time in a long time though. #AFLDeesLions.


No late changes for #AFLDeesLions Medical substitutes: @melbournefc - Jayden Hunt @brisbanelions - Callum Ah Chee.

Toby Bedford. You’ve got to be happy for this kid. He’s an ultimate team player and when he got his chance, showed he belongs. #AFLDeesLions.

Melbourne kicked to from the 20-minute mark of the first term last night. Absolute hammering. #AFLDeesLions.

Jayden Hunt will be our medi-sub for tonight’s game. 🙌 #DemonSpirit | #AFLDeesLions.

VERY excited to be pulling the jersey out for tomorrow @brisbanelions - it’s been too long since I’ve seen you live #AFLDeesLions.

#AFLDeesLions Photo,#AFLDeesLions Photo by Davis Harrigan (Digi) 🦁,Davis Harrigan (Digi) 🦁 on twitter tweets #AFLDeesLions Photo

[winter vibes] aka Thursday Night Special. GO DEMONS!! ✌🏼♥️💙 #AFLDeesLions @melbournefc #GoDees 👍🏼🙌🏼.

#AFLDeesLions Photo,#AFLDeesLions Photo by Brian Peel,Brian Peel on twitter tweets #AFLDeesLions Photo

Ready for some Thursday night footy. 🙌 #DemonSpirit | #AFLDeesLions.

#AFLDeesLions Photo,#AFLDeesLions Photo by Melbourne Demons,Melbourne Demons on twitter tweets #AFLDeesLions Photo

What’s your *second* favourite sport? 🏀⚽️ #DemonSpirit | #AFLDeesLions.

#AFLDeesLions Photo,#AFLDeesLions Photo by Melbourne Demons,Melbourne Demons on twitter tweets #AFLDeesLions Photo

Last night was the first time in 2 years we’ve beaten someone above us on the ladder 🙃 ❤️💙 #AFLDeesLions.

Top spot on the ladder now on a 4 game losing streak First time since 2006 (rounds 5-8) The V/@AFL record is 5 losses in a row #AFLDeesLions.

TEAMS FOR ROUND 15 #AFLDeesLions: Some exciting ins, but some big outs… Lions: In: Jack Payne, Jimmy Tunstill, Thomas Berry Out: Zac Bailey (H&S), Darcy Gardiner (ribs), Dayne Zorko (hamstring) Demons: In: May, Weideman, Bedford Out: Gawn (inj), Brown (omitted), Turner (inj).

#AFLDeesLions Photo,#AFLDeesLions Photo by brisbanelions4life,brisbanelions4life on twitter tweets #AFLDeesLions Photo

I’ve bagged the extent to which umpires want to take centre stage plenty in recent times. Time to give credit where it’s due. Just 24 free kicks tonight. So much better just watching the players go at it. Well done to all umpires tonight #AFLDeesLions.

Haven’t been engaged in a game like that all season. Off to work tomorrow with no voice, no regrets. #godees #AFLDeesLions.

This bloke has some genuine x-factor about him Bedford continued to impress last night, flourishing in a smaller forward line and massive uptick in forward half pressure. Keen to see more #AFLDeesLions #AFLDemonsLions.

#AFLDeesLions Photo,#AFLDeesLions Photo by Attention To Deetail Podcast,Attention To Deetail Podcast on twitter tweets #AFLDeesLions Photo

And my word, did they bring it… 😊 Very happy Dees man right now. #AFL #AFLDeesLions.

I have said it for years that Brisbane are the most vanilla side in the competition. A good side? yes, with a good system and good, nice players. But what is their point of difference? When you think of Brisbane what comes to mind? What stands out? #AFLDeesLions.

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

No late changes for either team. Subs: Jayden Hunt (@melbournefc) and Cal Ah Chee (@brisbanelions) 📺 Watch #AFLDeesLions on or stream on KAYO: ✍️ BLOG: 🔢 MATCH CENTRE:.

Fucking champion at cleaning up the whole kitchen during the halftime break. #AFLDeesLions.

The next train is at which is around 19 or so mins. By the time I get to the station and drive home it will be close to but please continue to make jokes about people not turning up to a game on a Thursday night #AFLDeesLions.

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