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Live ladder check 😎 Second for @CollingwoodFC. #AFLDeesPies.

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Tomorrow night will be a funny one. If we win we are automatically premiership contenders, but if we lose everyone thinks we are shit again. #GoPies #AFLDeesPies.

Back on our home deck for a HUGE game. 😤 Match info 👉 #DemonSpirit | #AFLDeesPies.

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Scott Pendlebury the second player (after Dustin Fletcher) to play in front of over 18 million V/@AFL fans @CollingwoodFC #AFLDeesPies.

In my almost 38 years this is the biggest Melbourne Collingwood game in my lifetime. Cannot think of a time when we are both in form at the same time let alone both top 4 and genuine flag contenders. Tonight is huuuuuuuuuuuge ❤️💙 #AFLDeesPies.

Door closed.🚪 Meeting time.🗣 #DemonSpirit | #AFLDeesPies.

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Daisy Pearce’s commentary was outstanding last night. Called the exact moment Collingwood would roll the dice with organized chaos then first to recognize the change of tempo when we hit the front. 💫 #AFLDeesPies.

You just get the feeling Melbourne are going to unleash and bring the Pies crashing straight back down to earth tomorrow night! #AFLDeesPies.

Still hurting after the loss last night ❤️💙. Remember the demons needed to a win against the cats and it came down to @gawndog37 last kick. That kick got us into the top 4, plenty still to play out this year. #AFLDeesPies #pieswin.

Will Joel Smith slot straight back into the senior side after a successful return for Casey on the weekend? James Harmes and Ben Brown officially face fitness tests, but Simon Goodwin has confirmed both will almost certainly return. #AFLDeesPies.

•Friday night •2 MCG tenants •2 Traditional rivals •2nd vs 3rd •Dees can cement top 2 •Pies can cement top 4 Going to be 80,000-85,000. Can. Not. Wait. @melbournefc | @CollingwoodFC #AFLDeesPies.

* NEVER THOUGHT ID SAY THIS * As a Saints supporter, I’m loving everything @CollingwoodFC have/are doing, great to watch. #AFLDeesPies #AFL.

𝐎𝐋𝐃 𝐑𝐈𝐕𝐀𝐋𝐑𝐘 👊 Two traditional enemies. Two teams 2nd and 3rd. Two teams ready to go to war on a Friday night. But in truth only one team that has owned this contest in recent times: Collingwood. That MUST change tonight. LFG ❤️💙🔥 #AFL #AFLDeesPies.

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There’s no late changes for #AFLDeesPies Medical subs: @melbournefc - James Harmes @CollingwoodFC - Trent Bianco.

SEN 1116
SEN 1116

Why not Collingwood? They Pies prevailed over the reigning premiers to be in the conversation for late in September, but the stats point to a different story. 👇 FULL RECAP: #AFLDeesPies.

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HT: @melbournefc (67) lead @CollingwoodFC (50). What a cracking game this is! #AFLDeesPies.

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Collingwood has done it again. It is time for the sceptics to take notice - we officially have a new flag contender on the scene. @RonnyLerner 👉 #AFLDeesPies.

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HT. We push our lead out to 17 points. Bring on the second half. ✊ #DemonSpirit | #AFLDeesPies.

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I have a two month old at home. First time going out on my own since the birth. Fully expected a loss, rewarded with the game of the season. Thank you Collingwood and Melbourne. Go Pies!!! #AFLDeesPies.

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Wife: “Still on for dinner this Friday?” Me: “Ahh something has come up, can we have a rain check?” #AFLDeesPies.

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Could really use Grundy and Adams, our midfield getting fucked again. #GoPies #AFLDeesPies.

Thanks for the best birthday weekend so far. Might have duck for dinner 🦆@CollingwoodFC @elliott_jw #GoPies #AFLDeesPies.

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I’d probably just show this to Beau McCreery and let him do his thing ey? 🤷🏻‍♂️ #afldeespies.

SEN 1116
SEN 1116

I think this is game on. David King is excited to see if Collingwood can take down Melbourne again. @BlueBetAu | #AFLDeesPies.

That had to be game of the year last night. Those are the nights you want to be at the footy. Collingwood are second on the ladder. SECOND! What an incredible team. Pressure went up after HT. What a season. #AFLDeesPies.

The Collingwood chant !!! ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️ @CollingwoodFC #AFLDeesPies #GoPies.

Like an “Ed rag to a bull” 🥁🥁🥁 #afl #AFLDeesPies.

🏆AFL RD 21 BETS 🔸Friday Night SGM (1u) If promo bet return is available to you, be sure to add an additional leg to make it over $2 in case of bet return #AFLDeesPies #GamblingTwitter.

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Hoping Melbourne and Collingwood smash the crap out of each other 2night #AFLDeesPies.

Just watched the last quarter of last nights game again. Love ‘em or hate ‘em you’ve gotta be in awe of Collingwood’s immense pressure over 4 quarters especially in their attacking 50! Right them off as a genuine flag favourite at your own peril! #AFLDeesPies.

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