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Eddie McGuire admits it will take a little time for @CollingwoodFC to recover after their preliminary final loss. @7AFL #AFLFinals.

Honestly, just get him in the side somehow. #AFLFinals @GWSGIANTS.

@volks2911 after you have shit canned the Tigers all this year I’m tipping you are on GWS in the GF? 😂 #AFLFinals #AFLGF.

@MCG From the Great Southern Stand 🌈 #AFLFinals @CollingwoodFC.

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The @AFL made their wish happen again, close prelim finals ✔️, powerhouse Victorian club in it ✔️, their very own @GWSGIANTS in it✔️. The game is rigged. #AFLFinals.

@MCG double rainbow and a packed house for the Pies Giants match. #AFLFinals.

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So gutted I won’t be in Aus to watch the GF. GWS may be my #2 bois but I would never have gotten into AFL if it wasn’t for them existing and offering a good ole Blacktown alternative to the shitty Swans 😜 #AFLFinals.

One of the best parts of Youtube TV is being able to watch AFL games again. Geelong and Richmond in the semis was a heck of a game in front of 100k people. #AFLFinals.

Fuck I feel sorry for Deledio. Going to miss out on another premiership. No matter how the result falls, he is going to be hurting. Could have had either 1 or 2 flags with Richmond or 1 flag with the Giants. Luck is either on your side, or it isn’t 🤷‍♀️ #AFLFinals #AFLPiesGiants.

$381 pending transaction on the bank statement = see you at the G on Saturday 🖤🧡 #AFLFinals #afl.


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LISTEN IN @CollingwoodFC assistant coach @justinlongmuir to join us at 3:15pm ahead of #AFLPiesGiants #AFLFinals.

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Ahead of the second prelim today, let’s cast our eye back over some of the most notable #AFLFinals suspensions #AFL.

Nathan Broad believes he will be fine for the Grand Final, despite suffering a concussion last night | | #AFLFinals.

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Sensing a massive upset today. I think the GWS forward line is going to cause too many headaches for Pies backline. If De Boer can do the job on Pendelbury it will be interesting #aflfinals #aflpiesgiants.

Prelim ✌️ Who is going to meet the Tiges next week?? My gosh I love finals footy! #AFLFinals #AFLPiesGiants.

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The people you run into at the footy 😬 #AFLFinals @F1 legend @rubarrichello rubs shoulders with the winning Tigers last night..

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Doesn’t matter about last night’s result, at least Geelong are going to win Mad Monday again. #AFLFinals.

On a plane to Milan while the mighty Pies play today! First game I won’t be able to watch all year! I have everything crossed!! Come on boys!! #AFLFinals.

The ‘Miers Norm Smith’ commentary, on this website, upon reflection today, is still embarrassingly hilarious. #aflfinals.

Is Scott the most overrated coach in the AFL? Inherited a premiership side & since putting his own stamp on the side they haven’t won a thing. Continually topping up & questionable game plans. If u have a quality FB why don’t u move him on2 a fwd who was pantsing u? #AFLFinals.

I’m curious and this isn’t floating over the win tonight but surely Cats fans are as sick of Scott’s crap as everyone else now. The guy makes excuses for everything, never gives anyone else credit & needs to concentrate more on his own club then whinging. #AFLFinals.

No chance of a good sleep for Collingwood supporters tonight. No chance. #AFLFinals.

Don’t. Punch. Blokes. Off. The. Ball. It’s really not that hard to do #AFLFinals #AFLFinals.

Yeeesss #gotiges ... can it be against Collingwood pls? #aflfinals @ MCG.

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