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Dear Victoria, Sending you some 🌈 ❤️ Western Australia #AFLFreoPies

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Trisha ⚓💜
Trisha ⚓💜 ()

I know it’s old news by now, but will you look at that! 💜⚓️ #foreverfreo #AFLFreoPies

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W.A.Dad ()

Enjoying watching the #AFLFreoPies replay on Fox now. Can relax and keep the blood pressure down a hell of a lot better than I did yesterday. Great win #foreverfreo

Child Star Dub Machine
Child Star Dub Machine ()

MONDAY FACTS Most underrated player in the comp. Watching the replay back, one of the most complete games from a defender you’ll see. #ForeverFreo #AFLFreoPies @freodockers

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Remember Paris. #TeamMiller
Remember Paris. #TeamMiller ()

@freodockers Would love to hear Serong say “Yeah I was massive today. 9 clearances and 24 touches, I pretty much won us the game” #AFLFreoPies

Georgina Carson #BlackLivesMatter
Georgina Carson #BlackLivesMatter ()

Happy Fyfe, happy life 😍😍😍 #AFLFreoPies #foreverfreo

Justin Rake
Justin Rake ()

Luke Ryan is in all-Australian form while playing out of position. #AFLFreoPies #foreverfreo

Beau Stuart
Beau Stuart ()

Biggest takeaway from #aflfreopies? Please @freodockers DO NOT let Serong go to another club like we lost Neale and B. Hill! Future is starting to look very bright!! 😁😁

Guy Houston
Guy Houston ()

So much to enjoy about tonight’s game. But the emergence of Serong was definitely a highlight @freodockers #AFLFreoPies #foreverfreo

Justin Rake
Justin Rake ()

Caleb Serong has spent his 5th and 6th games lined up on Patrick Dangerfield and (for the most part) Taylor Adams. The results: - 22 disposals, 7 tackles, 1 goal - 24 dosposals, 6 tackles, 9 clearances #AFLFreoPies

Candice ()

Why yes, I would like to watch this game again 😍 #foreverfreo #AFLFreoPies

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Jarrod Kurpiel
Jarrod Kurpiel ()

What an upset, Freo were huge pressure was enormous! Pies didn’t play that well, good game to end the round! #AFLFreoPies

ron reed
Ron reed ()

Not a great weekend for Bucks but if he needs to find a new gig nick kyrgios has vacated a spot at the US open. #AFLFreoPies

Shelley⚓ ()

Drunk Pies guy on a quiet train just had the nerve to say we didnt deserve the win. RIP Drunk #aflfreopies #foreverfreo

AFL ()

The @freodockers hold on to pull off one of the upsets of the season, leaving the Magpies out of the eight. #AFLFreoPies

Alex Oates
Alex Oates ()

The move to Queensland can’t come quick enough for @CollingwoodFC. Insipid tonight. #AFLFreoPies

Justine McCullagh-Beasy
Justine McCullagh-Beasy ()

The @freodockers will have their highs and lows this season but they are building a dynamic midfield. Caleb Serong, wow. #AFLFreoPies

Fremantle Dockers
Fremantle Dockers ()

FT - FREO WIN!!! ⚓️ (61) 🥧 (49) #AFLFreoPies #foreverfreo

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Fremantle Dockers
Fremantle Dockers ()

Tabs from the set shot 👏 He has 3⃣! ⚓️ 49 🥧 41 #AFLFreoPies #foreverfreo

Collingwood FC
Collingwood FC ()

Dockers are quick to respond in the final term. A goal to them narrows the margin to within two points. Pies 41 - Dockers 43. #gopies #AFLFreoPies

AFL ()

Dear Victoria, Sending you some 🌈 ❤️ Western Australia #AFLFreoPies

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Fremantle Dockers
Fremantle Dockers ()

Some great passages of play this quarter, Matera finds Schultz and he finds his second goal! 🔥 ⚓️ 25 🥧 16 #AFLFreoPies #foreverfreo

Rodney ()

Would love a best on ground performance by Brodie Grundy beaten last week & he needs to bounce back! #AFLFreoPies

Fremantle Dockers
Fremantle Dockers ()

TEAM: No late changes. Here’s how we line up today for #AFLFreoPies #foreverfreo

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James Szabo
James Szabo ()

Going through some stats for my #AFLFreoPies preview and noticed WCE were the first team to score over 66 points vs. @CollingwoodFC since RD 19 last year. Even more impressive when you look at the scores individually; 111 35 27 63 66 37 36 34 RD1 56 51 65 48 53 51 98 RD19, 2019

Pez ()

#AFLFreoPies Total Staked: $1000 🦍 Over two agencies to take advantage of HT payout and 32 up promo. May add a SGM tomorrow.

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James Mottershead
James Mottershead ()

❌ Stage 4. ❌ No Zinger fillets left in Vic. ⏳ If we lose to Freo tomorrow I’m done. #AFLFreoPies #lockdownMelbourne

⚓️ Chris Read ⚓️
⚓️ Chris Read ⚓️ ()

Some interesting stats for #AFLFreoPies 0-50 games Freo 11 Pies 9 51-100 Freo 5 Pies 3 101-200 Freo 5 Pies 7 201-300 Freo 0 Pies 3 301+ Freo 1 Pies 0 Total games - Freo 1603 Pies 2042 Ave games exp - Freo 73 Pies 93 #foreverfreo

Nick Ng
Nick Ng ()

Aish injured? Ouch. Shame against his old team. Blake Acres dropped - big call by @justinlongmuir but this will help raise the bar expected of our teams performance. #foreverfreo #aflfreopies

Gigs ()

Gold Coast, GWS, Fremantle and Collingwood will get an exemption on Sunday, of course, provided one of them kicks to match the date on which the game is being played. #AFLSunsGiants #AFLFreoPies

⚓️ Chris Read ⚓️
⚓️ Chris Read ⚓️ ()

I guess the squads for the #aflfreopies clash aren’t being announced today @freodockers ?

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