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The Blues booted five goals to one in the final quarter to run away with victory 🔵 #AFLGiantsBlues match report:.

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We can’t decide. 🤷‍♀️ Send in your player of the match in the next 10 minutes before we have to get on the plane. Regards, Carlton Media #AFLGiantsBlues.

All the talk will be about Jesse Motlop and well done lad, but Brodie Kemp also played in his first win. A kid who has been thrown from pillar to post, completely hung out to dry in his games last season. He deserves this win almost more than anyone #boundbyblue #AFLGiantsBlues.

We can not underestimate Charlie Curnow’s game today. Crashing packs all day denying GWS defenders to intercept, allowing our small forwards to go to work, and finishing with 2 important goals in the last. This is what we’ve been missing the last couple of years. #AFLGiantsBlues.


No late changes for #AFLGiantsBlues Medical substitutes: @GWSGIANTS - Bobby Hill @CarltonFC - Matthew Cottrell.

New contract ✅ 50 Carlton games ✅ On the scoreboard ✅ Chugga ✅ GWS 47 CARL 61 #AFLGiantsBlues.

Whichever way this second half goes, it’s going to be torture isn’t it. #AFLGiantsBlues.

Not how we wanted tonight to end. #AFLGIANTSBlues #BigBigSound.

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Tom De Koning was the 8th ranked player on the ground (tonight also a career high number in Player Rating for TDK). Preuss was marginally ahead in 7th. Yes, you were watching a different game Dylan. #AFLGiantsBlues.

That is what a complete team performance looks like. Everyone stood up because they needed to, plenty of passengers in times gone by. Not today Satan. #AFLGiantsBlues.

just quietly, because I know it’s a bit of a taboo subject, how good was Lachie Plowman today🤷‍♂️ #AFLGiantsBlues.

Watching the last quarter my god the disappointment in BT’s voice each time Carlton kicked a goal 😂😂 love to hear it. #AFLGiantsBlues.

We don’t have the mental capacity to just hammer a team into the ground do we #AFLgiantsblues.

Lachie Plowman, very good today. Taken a few intercept marks, used the ball well & been very composed at times. #AFLGiantsBlues.

Suck a fat one, AFL House. You didn’t get the fairytale send-off you wanted for your dysfunctional lovechild’s embattled coach. Wasted trip for Gil. GO BLUES! 💙 #AFLGiantsBlues.

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

QT: @CarltonFC (33) - @GWSGIANTS (21) Giants right back in this after an early four-goal Blues blitz! 📺 Watch #AFLGiantsBlues on ch. 504 or stream on Kayo: ✍️ BLOG 🔢 MATCH CENTRE.

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Dug deep and worked hard for that win! Gutsy performance with plenty of cattle out, against a bogey team at a bogey ground. Send in your 3, 2, 1, votes in the replies! #AFLGiantsBlues.

The Blues too good for GWS! Carlton have recorded their 7th win of the season with a 30-point win over the GWS Giants! GWS Giants (75) - Carlton (105) #AFLGiantsBlues.

You can bank wins and enjoy the moment but this shows respect well done Saad and Fisher . All of us 2022 #AFLGiantsBlues @CarltonFC.

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Amazing doc 🥲🤗symbolic of where we are and where we are the game winning it 👏👏👏💙💙💙#AFLGiantsBlues.

Carlton lead at the first break. #AFLGIANTSBlues #BigBigSound.

#AFLGiantsBlues Photo,#AFLGiantsBlues Photo by GWS GIANTS,GWS GIANTS on twitter tweets #AFLGiantsBlues Photo

Me: Stop kicking it to Preuss. Also me: How good are all these intercept marks? #aflgiantsblues.

BAM BAM GOES BAM! Kicks a goal in his 50th game for the Blues & the boys get around him. Carlton kicks the first two of the second half, lead out to 14 points. #AFLGiantsBlues.

Q4 +24 Rapted! So pleased to see us run out the game the way we did. Could be argued the margin could/should have been bigger, but that’s being a bit of a nark. There’s no doubt now, our progress under Voss is real. #AFLGiantsBlues.

I’m fully convinced that we’ve turned the corner now!!!! #AFLGiantsBlues That’s a game that we have a habit of always losing. Get ourselves into good positions, let ourselves down with skill errors and bad kicking and then lose. This was different. So proud of the boys!!!!.

@BluesFooty Only gets a game because of his name 🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️#AFLGiantsBlues.


Looks like Vossy finally has the team believing when one soldier goes down your replace him with another soldier #AFLGiantsBlues.

Well, we won the qtr. But… Excellent start, obvs, but things went a bit pear shaped after Doc’s bad back pass. Reset at the break and fire up again! #AFLGiantsBlues.

Started hot but dropped off late in the quarter. No talls is making it hard so just need to keep the pressure up. What are your thoughts so far baggers? #AFLGiantsBlues.

Never wish an Achilles injury on my worst enemy, hope Williams has a speedy recovery! #AFLGiantsBlues.

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