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The Adam Kingsley era starts with a bang! 🧡 #AFLGiantsCrows.

#AFLGiantsCrows Photo,#AFLGiantsCrows Photo by AFL,AFL on twitter tweets #AFLGiantsCrows Photo

Special moments for our new Crows 🥰 #weflyasone #AFLGiantsCrows.

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Seeing a lot about the inaccuracy. Inaccuracy didn’t lose us the game. Complete inability to win one fucking centre clearance for the entire 3rd quarter did. #AFLGiantsCrows #weflyasone.

Epic game #aflGiantsCrows But have to question AFL scheduling a game in the middle of the day, mid March and in Sydney’s west??? Both teams will pay next week.

It’s a Big Big Sound - What a gutsy win. Kingsley era is under way @GWSGIANTS #AFLGiantsCrows.

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Fox Footy
Fox Footy

Giants star’s ‘hardest ever’ call after ‘special’ feat; Crows sweat on MRO verdict for ‘huge hit’. THE #AFLGiantsCrows 3-2-1 >.

#AFLGiantsCrows Photo,#AFLGiantsCrows Photo by Fox Footy,Fox Footy on twitter tweets #AFLGiantsCrows Photo

Adam Kingsley getting into the huddle as the Giants sing that big, big sound after a round one win! 😁 📸 - Fox Footy Listen live: #AFLGiantsCrows.

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Josh Kelly denying a clean sweep 📈#AFLGiantsCrows ✅ Green over $ [3 units] ✅ Green 35+ disposals $ [ U] ✅ Green Group A disposals $[ U] ✅ Laird $ [ U] ✅ Callaghan 20+ $ [2 U] ✅ Callaghan 25+ [ U] ❌ Kelly $ [3 U].

AFL: GWS Giants d Adelaide Crows. Crowd: 7,012 @ Giants Stadium (Sydney). View Details: #AFLGiantsCrows #ausport.

That Crows performance was like a meth-head’s before and after mug shot @Crowject #AFLGiantsCrows #WeFlyAsOne.

absolute fucking embarrassment. hang your heads in shame, the fucking lot of u #AFLGiantsCrows.

Great win by the Giants, showed some real guts and determination after half time. Second half fade-out against a team they should beat is a worry for the Crows. #AFLGiantsCrows.

#AFLFantasy Market Share Report #AFLGiantsCrows GWS Total Points: 1488 Green - 128 - Greene - 118 - Coniglio - 104 - Ward - 95 - Kelly - 91 -.

Exciting news for @Adelaide_FC fans. Just announced!! #weflyasone #AFLGiantsCrows.

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#KissOfDeathPuglisi strikes again - two games to go in round one #AFLGiantsCrows.

Another poor bounce but it goes to the GWS player so we’ll just let it go 🤔 #AFLGiantsCrows.

That was a really hot one but super happy to kick off the season with a win. #bigbigsound #AFLGIANTSCrows.

Game on. - Kane Cornes The Giants kick the first two of the third quarter! #AFLGiantsCrows.

left the door open for the orange tsunami here 🤦🏼‍♀️ lift crom #AFLGiantsCrows.

Drags it into player and over his shoulder but sure giants free kick #AFLGiantsCrows #AFL.

#AFLGiantsCrows Plenty of swings in this one but they largely corresponded with the ability to create good starting position. Given that both teams had good offensive performances, field position was important..

#AFLGiantsCrows Photo,#AFLGiantsCrows Photo by Richard Little,Richard Little on twitter tweets #AFLGiantsCrows Photo

#AFLGiantsCrows Final xScores: GWS 104 from expected ADEL 90 from expected.

#AFLGiantsCrows Photo,#AFLGiantsCrows Photo by AFLxScore,AFLxScore on twitter tweets #AFLGiantsCrows Photo

Looking forward to giving McAdams and Pickett a few weeks off for their cheap shots. Play the game hard, but if you intentionally try to injure then you’re a mangy dog #AFLGiantsCrows #AFLDemonsDogs.

The statistician isn’t waiting for the official attendance figure… he’s started counting #AFLGiantsCrows.

#AFLGiantsCrows Photo,#AFLGiantsCrows Photo by Stewart Power,Stewart Power on twitter tweets #AFLGiantsCrows Photo

Non proffered, tackled as kicked, and it’s deliberate? Glad we have 4 morons on the ground instead of 3. #aflgiantscrows.

At half time I was planning a 3/4 time exit to take the boys home to watch the Bombers in air conditioned comfort. I was NOT expecting this! #aflgiantscrows.

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

Haynes takes flight! 📺 Watch #AFLGiantsCrows LIVE on ch. 504 or stream on Kayo: ✍️ BLOG 🔢 MATCH CENTRE.

Perfectly summed up #AFLGiantsCrows #AFL also big congrats to the Big Green and orange team.

FT. The Giants produce a fantastic come from behind win in Round 1. #AFLGiantsCrows.

#AFLGiantsCrows Photo,#AFLGiantsCrows Photo by AFL Nation,AFL Nation on twitter tweets #AFLGiantsCrows Photo

This is some win by @GWSGIANTS three injuries, down by 31 points, playing in the Western Sydney heat. Wowzers. #AFL #aflgiantscrows.

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