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Mainstreaming crypto everyday, everywhere #AFLGrandFinal🇦🇺.

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This halftime #AFLGrandFinal entertainment is embarrassing. Inclusiveness for the sake of it. Sounds horrible..


The #AFLGrandFinal is up with the @GeelongCats taking on the @sydneyswans 🏆 Comment below who you think will win the match before the first bounce and we will pick one winner to receive $500 Stake credit 🤑 Full sports book for the match here 👉🏻.

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Cam Guthrie. 2011 AFL Grand Final emergency. It’s been a long wait. #AFLGrandFinal.

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Was the Chairman spotted at the MCG yesterday for the #AFLGrandFinal or not?? If not the #springst press gallery should ask him why not..

Interesting TV ratings in Australia: ➡️ AFL grand final - million viewers nationally. ➡️ Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral - million viewers nationally. #AFLGrandFinal #QueenElizabeth.

This is what happens to your guernsey when you have to chase a cow to retrieve your premiership medallion at 5am. 🐮🏅#AFLGrandFinal.

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It’s not yet midday, but I’ve already heard “gamble responsibly” about 50 times. If we told “gamble responsibly”, isn’t there a problem with the product? We’d never see ads saying “shoot up responsibly”, so why do we see it for gambling? #AFLGrandFinal.

It’s been a big 24 hours for Pumpkin, the Official Cat of The Hoops Show. #AFLGrandFinal.

#AFLGrandFinal Photo,#AFLGrandFinal Photo by The Hoops,The Hoops on twitter tweets #AFLGrandFinal Photo

Highest scores conceded by SYD in opening terms in 2022 (41) - GEEL GF (34) - haw R06 (33) - gws R01 (31) - melb R12 (30) - rich R11 @GeelongCats #AFLGrandFinal @AFL.

It’s no secret that our favourite player at the #AFLGrandFinal was @anuchristine @AFL ❤️💛🖤✊🏽.

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Can’t say I understand Aussie rules 🤣 I was mainly following this story because @robbiewilliams did the preshow and smashed it out of the MCG. The captain of the @GeelongCats is a class act though… Sammy will never forget this moment. Well played fella x #AFLGF #AFLGrandFinal.

Pie update!!! The pies are done and will cool till just before the stream! They look pretty good if I do say so myself! #Aussiemeatpie #AFLGrandFinal.

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Does Lance Franklin wear No 23 because he’s no longer in his team’s best 22? #AFLGF #AFLGRANDFINAL.

You’d have to fkn see it to believe it!!! 🥺😍 #AFLGrandFinal #GeelongStrong.

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What a feeling it would be today waking up as a @GeelongCats supporter. Very jealous, but a well deserved victory. Enjoy the win and celebrate hard! #AFLGrandFinal #AFLGF.

Andrews wasn’t at the #AFLGrandFinal because he knows he’d have caused an uproar of booing from the crowd. Nobody can stand the prick as evidenced by the amount tweeting #AndrewsMustGo.

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Who is going to win today? Who do the umpires prefer? We’ll know soon enough, I guess. 😅#AFLGrandFinal.

Our #AFLGrandFinal and season review podcast has just dropped ‘Not going to let this moment slip’: Geelong’s ageing flag stars likened to Carlton of 1995.

It’s Grand Final Day. Not night. That last sunny day of the season is too important to give up for mine. #AFLGrandFinal.

LIVE STREAM Geelong Cats vs Sydney Swans Live AFL Grand Final Free Online On Tv 📺GO LIVE👉@Allsportstv98 Stream Live or On-demand Every Game of the AFL Season the Finals Series & the Grand Final. #AFLGrandFinal 📺 LIVE Link👉@Allsportstv98.

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Absolutely love the Guthrie brothers! Premiership players and great humans- a credit to their wonderful family. Was awesome to speak to them last night 👇🏼 @GeelongCats @AFL #AFLGrandFinal #GeelongCats.

Statement from The Farnham Family thanking @robbiewilliams for his performance of The Voice at #AFLGrandFinal.

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Enjoy Grand Final day everyone. This years on the couch with party pies & sausage rolls. 12 months is a long time in footy after having the good fortune of calling last years big game at @OptusStadium ❤️ #AFLGrandFinal.

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Show me it’s #AFLGrandFinal day without showing me it’s AFL Grand Final day.

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For the first time ever the #AFLGrandFinal pre game entertainment was better than the game itself..

42 is the magic number! AFL winner Mark O’Connor pictured as a young boy dancing at the local Feis in west Kerry… sporting the same number as he had on his back in today’s Grand Final. #AFLGrandFinal.

#AFLGrandFinal Photo,#AFLGrandFinal Photo by Seán Mac an tSíthigh,Seán Mac an tSíthigh on twitter tweets #AFLGrandFinal Photo

How quick-thinking Cats ran amok after two Richmond hidings to become an unstoppable force. @SamLandsberger #AFLGrandFinal #AFLCatsSwans Full story:.

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Geelong Football Club vs Sydney Swans – 2022 AFL Grand Final: Live Score, Team News & Updates Streams Link:: @aflstreamshd Australian Football League 2022 Live Streaming Free #AFLGF #AFLGrandFinal.

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The Swans are playing like they know John Barilaro. They need a half time ICAC. #AFLGrandFinal.

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