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You have to love this man. Welcome back, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti. #AFLHawksDons.


Alwyn Davey Jnr kicks his first goal in AFL footy ❤️🖤 #AFLHawksDons.

Rubbish from @HawthornFC today. Hard to judge the Bombers on that but amazing what good coaching can do. One takeaway is that Hawks-Dons should always be at the MCG. A great rivalry as deserving of the big stage as many of the other big Victorian rivalries. #aflhawksdons.


No late changes for #AFLHawksDons Substitutes: @HawthornFC - Conor Nash @essendonfc - Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti.

Who were your 3 2 1 Hawthorn v For Parish 1 Perkins 2 Redman 3 Could have easily switched out another 5 or so, there were so many good performances. #aflhawksbombers #aflHawksDons @essendonfc.

I haven’t felt this unsure about being at the top of a ladder since Bill Proudfoot asked me to change his lightbulb 🔴⚫️ #AFLHawksDons.

1/4 time. Hawks by 10. Well we found a little something late, but struggled with our own transition game for much of that term. Playing with a forward line to kick to would be a fine idea. A little loose on the Dons with their rebound, need to address that. #AFLHawksDons.

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

Priceless moments for Dons duo; Hawks left to ponder brutal blitz. THE #AFLHawksDons 3-2-1 >.

#AFLHawksDons Photo,#AFLHawksDons Photo by Fox Footy,Fox Footy on twitter tweets #AFLHawksDons Photo
Fox Footy
Fox Footy

QT @HawthornFC (29) lead @essendonfc (19). After a slow start, these Hawks are firing! 📺 Watch #AFLHawksDons LIVE on ch. 503 or stream on Kayo: ✍️ BLOG 🔢 MATCH CENTRE.

#AFLHawksDons Photo,#AFLHawksDons Photo by Fox Footy,Fox Footy on twitter tweets #AFLHawksDons Photo

#AFLFantasy Market Share Report #AFLHawksDons HAW Team Points: 1569 Sicily - 130 - Hardwick - 102 - Ward - 102 - Day - 98 - Worpel - 96 -.


Perkins is on FIRE! The Dons have dominated this third term 🔥 #AFLHawksDons.

#AFLHawksDons Photo,#AFLHawksDons Photo by 7AFL,7AFL on twitter tweets #AFLHawksDons Photo

Ridley first goal. Davey first goal. Weed and Setters slotted right in. And TONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #AFLHawksDons.

Hated how he left but it is kinda nice seeing Ryder in Ess colours again #AFLHawksDons.

Brad Scott: Do the opposite of what you normally do! George/Dons: 🙌 #aflhawksdons.

Worps looks a whole different player with Titch and JOM not there. So confident. Look really dangerous going forward and also a little vulnerable down back. If it wasn’t for a few selfish moments in front of goal we could be up by 5-6 goals. Exciting nevertheless #AFLHawksDons.

Titch played great on Friday, Worps looking so much more free and effective today. Mitchell to Collingwood = win-win #AFLHawksDons #GoHawthorn.

How did that handball from Newcombe in the last minute not count, 20 disposals 🤮 #AFLHawksDons.

I mean, we all knew it would be like this at times right? Bits of improvement each week is all we need and ask 🤎💛 #AFLHawksDons.

This cheeky little monkey sits back on the shelf today waiting for the next #TeamDavis rivalry round. A gift from some beautiful friends when Lib and I got married. Still pride of place in our house #AFLHawksDons.

#AFLHawksDons Photo,#AFLHawksDons Photo by Charles Davis,Charles Davis on twitter tweets #AFLHawksDons Photo

Thousands of retired footballers and the best channel 7 can serve up for special comments on Sunday afternoon is Cameron Ling and Nathan Jones #AFLHawksDons.

@essendonfc .About to call the season already. Absolutely pathetic. Getting smashed by the wooden spoon favourite 🤬 #AFLHawksDons.

Knew it was gonna be a long season but geez losing to them by 60 really hurts… #aflhawksdons.

Love this moment, Alwyn senior with his two sons, one on essendon list and new essendon staff and good friend patty ryder sitting with them, beautiful picture #aflhawksdons.

#AFLHawksDons Photo,#AFLHawksDons Photo by Jordan Mortimer,Jordan Mortimer on twitter tweets #AFLHawksDons Photo

Sam Mitchell is now 0-2 against the Bombers in his coaching career #AFLHawksDons.

#AFLHawksDons Photo,#AFLHawksDons Photo by Shezza,Shezza on twitter tweets #AFLHawksDons Photo

Long season ahead of us, Hawks supporters, but as Confucius said, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step #aflhawksdons.

Hey @MCG, can you guys going forward maybe change the colour of the number when a player has been subbed out? Hard to tell who it is. Much obliged! #AFLHawksDons.

@mickgwyther This will get very very ugly can’t see where our next goal will come from!!! #AFLHawksDons.

Good call To sub Kozi out, but looks to be too late, hopefully Nash has some impact #AFLHawksDons.

Well, looking at the the new score display on the big screen at the G makes it really difficult to tell the actual score and how much the hawks were losing by #AFLhawksdons thanks @MCG.



#AFLHawksDons Photo,#AFLHawksDons Photo by TJ,TJ on twitter tweets #AFLHawksDons Photo
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