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🤫🤫🤫 Marlion Pickett slots a beauty from the boundary and hushes the local crowd. #AFLPowerTigers.


A step closer to the finals for the Tiges 👊 #AFLPowerTigers.

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Al Paton
Al Paton

Biggest margin in a Richmond game since beating WC by 109 points in April #AFLPowerTigers #gotiges.

I thought Miller had some great moments yesterday as a ruckman, which is the position he played as a junior. Covers the ground quite well for a 198cm player and has a solid tank too but where does that leave Soldo? Samson Ryan continues to dominate the VFLtoo #AFLPowerTigers.

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There is nothing better in footy than a Rioli to Rioli passage of play. It warms my 🐯 heart. #AFLPowerTigers #gotiges.


#AFLPowerTigers did duursma get a single touch of the ball after that bow and arrow? legit didnt see him 💀💀.

Yes, we started 0 & 5. However in the last 6 weeks when our destiny was in our hands we’re 1 & 5. Not much better. This is jaded group. I know they say we moved past the Dogs disaster but I find that hard to believe. A circuit breaker is needed. #weareportadelaide #AFLPowerTigers.

Does Jordan Lewis have any clue what he’s saying? “Richmond have really timed their run” has he seen our last month and a half of footy? #aflpowertigers #nuffie 🤷🏻‍♂️.

FT. Brilliant win, statement made. Fingers crossed tigga’s ribs aren’t too bad. Cheers Dixon ya imbecile. The Rioli’s were insane tonight. #gotiges #aflpowertigers.

Wishing Kane Cornes all the best with his recovery from the shock of this devastating loss! #aflpowertigers #afl 😂🤣😂🤣🤡.

highlights of the game: 1. pickett 🤫 2. “don’t throw grass” 💁‍♀️ #gotiges #AFLPowerTigers.

Marlion Pickett did a Jack Ginnivan 😂🤫 #AFLPowerTigers #AFL.


We’ve been tortured this season but we’ve got a few looking over their shoulders at least. #gotiges #aflpowertigers.

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After last nights game, I’ve had a bit of time to think before posting Byrne-Jones is the worst All Australian ever, I challenge you to find me someone worse. Has the skill set of an under 12 #AFLPowerTigers.

Final stat update with #Supercoach scores in for #AFLPowerTigers at.

Huge win on the road and important in the chances of making the finals! Lynch and Bolton huge up forward. Cotch and Dion were vintage around the ball! On to the Hawks 🤝🦍🐯#gotiges #aflpowertigers @Richmond_FC.

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Connor’s mark wow, I’ve been waiting for him to do that. Mitch might have some competition. Great to see him kick the goal too. Love the cheer from the crowd. #AFLPowerTigers @PAFC.

There needs to be more pressure on Ken. This year has been #AFLPowerTigers.

जब तक तत्वदर्शी संत नहीं मीलेगा शंका समाप्त नहीं होगी....#AFLPowerTigers.

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@kanecornes let go you ridiculous skunk! Stop your hatred of @Richmond_FC and you will be free AND A LITTLE RELEVANT You must have photos of Gil to get a gig as an AA selector #gotiges #AFLPowerTigers.

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