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The Saints go marching into 2023 with a win 😇 #AFLSaintsFreo.

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Mattaes Phillipou slots his first AFL goal 😇 @Team_Optimum | #AFLSaintsFreo.

Back to stress eating cheezels and believing in nothing. Welcome season 2023. @freodockers #AFLSaintsFreo #foreverfreo.

📊 Stat watch Brennan Cox has now equalled the Club record for most marks in a game, currently held by Luke McPharlin (20). The all-time record in an AFL game is 24. #AFLSaintsFreo | #foreverfreo.

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Justin Longmuir is speaking to media post-game. Tune in live via Twitter Spaces or follow the thread 🧵 #AFLSaintsFreo #foreverfreo.

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#AFLSaintsFreo Final xScores: STK 67 from expected FRE 51 from expected.

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The first game of the year. The most exciting game. The game where I choose my badge for the year #aflsaintsfreo @stkildafc #rosstheboss.

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My nephew just asked me if winning the premiership was a stretch after Of course I said no 😂 #AFLSaintsFreo #GoSaints.

Love you boys! We will crush them next time! Smalls & defence brilliant. 💜⚓️ #AFLSaintsFreo #foreverfreo @freodockers.


“What a win from @stkildafc and RTB! The pou will win a Brownlow within the next 3 years #bookmarkthis #AFLSaintsFreo”.

We are fucking miles away, did anyone see how the pies looked, we are so far away from beating that we can’t even see it @freodockers #aflsaintsfreo.

Ross the Boss. Structures looked so much better, clear gameplay. Just need the personnel back, and the skills to be better and more slick. Young kids embracing the challenge too!! #saintsfooty #AFLSaintsFreo @stkildafc.

Shout out to all the parents trying to watch the twilight games while wrangling babies and little kids to bed but also go saints!! #AFLSaintsFreo.

Saints and/or Marvel can we pls get rid of the dare banner on the screens. Happy we are sponsored but it makes seeing the game tricky as. #aflsaintsfreo @stkildafc @marvelstadiumau.

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Not a bad win for a team missing quite a few of their key players. Well done, Saints! #AFLSaintsFreo #saintsfooty.

If we don’t win the next 5 games something’s up, probably 6 as I don’t really rate the dogs #aflsaintsfreo.

AFL: St Kilda d Fremantle. Crowd: 23,429 @ Marvel Stadium (Melbourne). View Details: #AFLSaintsFreo #ausport.

That win by the saints was a beauty! Well drilled and except for the 50’s, very disciplined. #afl #aflsaintsfreo.

Freo losing to the saints that had some so many injuries geez they look awful #AFLSaintsFreo.

So faithful. Is it going to be new excuses, or just the regurgitated ones from seasons gone by? #ForeverFreo #AFLSaintsFreo.

@VinceTaskunas And we gave him up 😮.. Stocker as well and I heard his name a few times during #AFLSaintsFreo last night.

👊 Late Appreciate Post for this man Josh Battle tonight in defence for the Saints: 60 AFL Fantasy, 16 disposals, 7 kicks, 9 handballs, 6 marks & 2 tackles. #AFLSaintsFreo #afl.

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Disappointed that Justin Longmuir didn’t give Nat Fyfe an opportunity through the midfield (even for five minutes). The game was there to be won halfway through the third quarter and the @freodockers didn’t budge. #AFLSaintsFreo.

Final stat update with #Supercoach scores in for #AFLSaintsFreo at.

Had you told me West Coast would still be above Freo on the ladder after their loss yesterday I would’ve told you to go and get fucked. #AFL #AFLSaintsFreo.

Freo were missing a player like Blake Acres,probably would have won 🤷🏼‍♂️ #AFLSaintsFreo #AFL.

Your partner leaves you to go back to their old lover. You know it would end painfully. Especially when they are going badly with injuries. The footy gods love that #AFLSaintsFreo.

#AFLFantasy Market Share Report #AFLSaintsFreo STK Team Points: 1494 Steele - 102 - Wood - 99 - Byrnes - 94 - Crouch - 90 - Sinclair - 86 -.

It is incredible that in the corresponding game Saints kicked 10 goals as was the case today. But Freo went from 111 down to 52. A reduction of 10 goals. That is incredible. #AFLSaintsFreo.

That’s the worst lineup the saints have fielded for years. They’re a bottom 4 side and so are Freo if they’re comfortably beaten by that absolute rabble #aflsaintsfreo.

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