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Nigeria threatens CNN with sanctions but provides no evidence Lekki toll gate investigation is inaccurate

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Paul Willey
Paul Willey ()

Please take time to carefully read (and act upon) @dcallydesign important Public Safety Announcement. I can also confirm that Lynx Africa does have a shelf life and does stop smelling after 3 years of inactivity!

VT ()

“VC in Africa needs fewer corporate fund managers & more business builders.” Jim Chu x UnTapped

NelsonMandela ()

On this day, 28 November 2003 Nelson Mandela said AIDS threatened South Africa’s future in ways we could not imagine

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Dez Blanchfield - 89% battery left
Dez Blanchfield - 89% battery left ()

amazing to think how five years has tuned the tables on nations who thought Africa & Ebola was the end of their now they themselves are the end of the world in 2020 & being blocked from flying due to enjoy some Trevor Noah @Trevornoah

Arcangelsept7🔥 ()

@JoviLeMonstre ei clear, ballon dor no fit buy the respect and love way we getam for etoo in Cameron an dem go far with that their craz trophy way dem di givam only for their selves dem.

محمد عمید Ameed
محمد عمید Ameed ()

Netanyahu who has the blood of thousands of Palestinians on his hands has been nominated 4 Nobel Peace Prize.

FuturePedia MD 🇵🇹🇵🇭🇰🇷
FuturePedia MD 🇵🇹🇵🇭🇰🇷 ()

@benjairwolf Kaya nga eh, don pa lang sa pagiging UNICEF ambassador niya kabog na agad ang mga advocacy kineme ng mga kalaban niya. She ain’t that tall though ‘coz ang listed height niya is 5’ 5 1/2. Not sure though if that info is accurate. Kabugan ang delegates from Asia & Africa. 😍

Straight Forward
Straight Forward ()

बचपन में मुझे भी लश 💉 बनाने का शौक था इति: बिना ठेलेका चायवाला ☕️ 😳....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Halyey Haldor 🤴🏽🇺🇸 🇸🇴
Halyey Haldor 🤴🏽🇺🇸 🇸🇴 ()

Today, Lebanon nationals flee their home to Africa for searching better life. Yesterday they abused maids from Africa, specially Ethiopian national and West Africans. Never abuse fellow human being because of race or religion, the idea; you will know what will happen tomorrow.

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🇹🇼 🇭🇰 🏴 A Nerd
🇹🇼 🇭🇰 🏴 A Nerd ()

@soarel325 The closest thing I can think of is at one point Warhammer (Which is not only a TTRPG, this is just lore about The Southlands. (Africa)) had an ethnic race of people Called Pygmies yeah. That was bad. Otherwise, no idea.

DGo ()

@wil_da_beast630 ... average IQ levels without any eugenics, then this should indeed be a huge blow in regards to the hereditarian hypothesis in regards to the average IQ gaps between the West and India + S-S Africa.



Fanboy🐀 ()

@ascendingleva you are so nice man i really appreaciate you you are chiller ghuy fat cock nice beard handsome sir we go play africa hunger low maby esoon loel?


South African long-distance trains resume service after nine-month break

Olumide Adesina
Olumide Adesina ()

That will likely worsen foreign-exchange shortage in #Africa’s biggest economy and impede the government’s efforts to diversify the economy away from its dependence on #Oil, the country’s main export.

Al Ahly SC 🇬🇧
Al Ahly SC 🇬🇧 ()

South Africa is going red 🇿🇦❤️🦅 #AlAhlyInAfrica #TotalCAFCLFinal

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Rio Ferdinand
Rio Ferdinand ()

Loved speaking to my friends across Africa! Hope to see you all soon 🇳🇬 🇰🇪 🇺🇬 🇨🇲

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Amir Hossein KhaleQi
Amir Hossein KhaleQi ()

@AShokouhi این هم برای سال 2019 که همان حدود مبلغ پرداختی میلیون دلار است

Rashid Abdi
Rashid Abdi ()

Europe has significant leverage to stop war and encourage dialogue and political settlement. It is one of the biggest donors. EU disbursed €815 million ($966 million) for the 2014-2020 budgetary period, plus more than €400 million from the EU Trust Fund for Africa.

Lawrence Samson
Lawrence Samson ()

Africa is a Country if you are able to walk from the north to the south.

Lanka Premier League
Lanka Premier League ()

🚨South Africa Fast Bowler Dale Steyn joins Kandy Tuskers franchise. #LPL2020 @KandyTuskers @DaleSteyn62

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Goddysly.😎 ()

Somewhere in Africa there is a 21 year old Prophet who is calling your Grandmother My daughter 😂😂😂

@PhuketDailyNews ()

LES MARSEILLAIS SOUTH AFRICA EPISODE 3 PARTIE 2: A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Notice Message: Undefined property: stdClass::$detail Filename: Line Number: 28 Backtrace: File:…

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Jasmine Opperman
Jasmine Opperman ()

South Africa BOMB THREAT SEES KILLARNEY MALL SHOPPERS EVACUATED Cmt: Please let us await more detail before jumping to conclusions.

dze hoi
Dze hoi ()

@hofrench Someone is badmouthing baboons here with this comparison. I can confirm w proof from my relationship & interactions w these guys in various game parks all over Africa that baboons are not narcissistic and are famously want to know everything

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President-Elect YYJ
President-Elect YYJ ()

@papaouch @WayneDupreeShow Im allergic to bullshit elections that even a Grade 1 can add 1+1 to and realise the results equal 5 instead of 2. U “orange man bad” ppl laugh now but in years 2 come u ’ve been experiencing this shit in Africa for years and its not a pretty 2 u

Imam of Peace🕊
Imam of Peace🕊 ()

Buhari is the most corrupt person in Africa. Nobody other than him released thousands of Boko Haram terrorists and gave them “graduation certificates” because they “repented.” Not to mention him being the TRUE leader of the Fulani Criminal Tribe. #Resign

Nana Akufo-Addo
Nana Akufo-Addo ()

Ghana has become the first country in Africa and third country in the world to roll out a national Quick Response (QR) Code payment system. It meets the needs of both banked and unbanked customers and ensures financial inclusion.

Fernando Haddad
Fernando Haddad ()

-História da África nas escolas -Cotas nas universidades federais (SiSU) -Cotas no serviço público -Criação da Universidade da Integração Internacional da Lusofonia Afro-Brasileira Honremos a memória das vítimas do racismo. É possível avançar muito mais. Alie-se ao antirracismo!

CNN ()

Nigeria threatens CNN with sanctions but provides no evidence Lekki toll gate investigation is inaccurate

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