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Updated: October 21st, 2021 11:36 AM IST

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Back on #afternoonbriefing on @abcnews TV and today at 4pm I’ll be joined by minister @SenatorHume #auspol

#afternoonbriefing Twitter

Sarah Hanson Young says she has done the right thing, her donators were declared. She has integrity + our trust. IMO: The Federal Govt. on the other hand, understand the rules perfectly of political donations, they are trying to deflect. Protecting Who + Why? #afternoonbriefing

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OMG a Greens Senator on #afternoonbriefing Praise be! [As Matt Canavan slowly wipes off his soot makeup cos apparently today is not his day]

Why is this fuknuckle always on #afternoonbriefing? Please please stop it

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Jason Falinski is such a bad mannered Liberal, he epitomises what many women regard as the stereotypical Liberal male. No manners, belligerent, dismissive of women, arrogant, interrupts with no social skills & has an EGO the size of Manly pier. #afternoonbriefing

Oh FFS Falinski, why is the Lieberal Party so interested to see Labor’s climate change policy? Clearly, after 8 fcuking years, you have no policy and need ideas??🤬🤬 #afternoonbriefing

@MJBurns_21 PK called him out but the fact Falinski would play that card and find it so amusing is pathetic. #afternoonbriefing

You’re right @PatsKarvelas based on Falinski’s comments re. the squabbling about climate policy, the Liberal party should be in opposition. We can only hope they will be come next election. #afternoonbriefing #auspol

#afternoonbriefing Falinski carrying on about Labor not telling them what their Climate Change policy is. FFS you are the government.

Jason Falinski says the cost of justice is out of control -gee I wonder why? #afternoonbriefing #auspol

#afternoonbriefing Falinski laughing at the lack of a plan re climate change. This is how serious the LNP see this and the electorates concerns

Why is the Morrison Govt trying to divide Australians on climate change? We all stand to reap the rewards of renewable technology & net zero emissions, and we all stand to pay the price of failing to act. Thanks @PatsKarvelas for having me on #afternoonbriefing today #auspol

☕️📰🖊 @MayadeenEnglish ft. the sunset #afternoonbriefing

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@amandavanstone is a true fucking idiot. God knows why we are still paying this utter fucking moron a fucking pension. 🙄 #afternoonbriefing #auspol

Hey Amanda Vanstone. Yep we will be one of the best vaccinated Nations, BUT We could have been in that position ALOT earlier if *drum roll* the vaccines were ordered on time. We could have avoided the latest lockdown in NSW + VIC. #afternoonbriefing

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Please can the #abc #afternoonbriefing STOP interviewing Matt Canavan?? His aggressive and illogical climate denialism is just specious trolling, not discourse.

Amanda Vanstone bitching about ABC news being centralized to Sydney and Melbourne when her government starved the national broadcaster to the point of shutting down all regional coverage is peak fucking cute. #afternoonbriefing

Vaccine rollout criticism is about time. Lockdown states lost time, and lives, because we weren’t vaccinated 6 months earlier #afternoonbriefing

Malcolm looks like he’s about to come out with his own currency. #afternoonbriefing #auspol

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Liberal Sen, Hollie Hughes today on #afternoonbriefing confirmed that the Liberal party represents more rural/regional electorates than the Nationals; so why are the Nationals running the climate show? Answer: So the Liberals can stay in power! It’s power not people #climate

Watch you back WA, QLD, SA it seems that NSW is Hell Bent on Covid Infecting every Covid Zero State #afternoonbriefing

Hollie Hughes on #afternoonbriefing suggesting that Australia is doing better than New Zealand at reducing emissions is disingenuous when you consider Australia emits tons per capita vs New Zealand at tons per capita.

There nationals do not hold many regional seats at all. It’s a myth that they represent Regional Australia except in their ‘fairy tale propaganda”. The Labor Party holds many. Other Parties too. #afternoonbriefing

1044. @TurnbullMalcolm: We are more out of step with our allies than we’ve ever been on any issue in our history. We are “looking more and more isolated and more and more out of step”. #afternoonbriefing

1044. Turnbull: The planet is running out of time on Climate Change and the patience of the world and biz is running out. We are laggards controlled by climate denialists in the Nats & Labor can now safely match the NSW Lib Govt’s target. #afternoonbriefing

1043. @TurnbullMalcolm on #afternoonbriefing - 121 countries, States, every business group committed to net zero 2050. Bare minimum - real issue is 2030 target. We pledged in Paris to increase it & Morrison ‘caught in the vice’ of hard right backed by fossil fuel miners & Murdoch

@StupidOzzies #afternoonbriefing every afternoon appears to be bagging Labor. I’m not sure these days about being unbiased. (I do not belong to any political Party, and value unbiased facts not deceit).

Listening to @SenatorHume talking to @PatsKarvelas on #afternoonbriefing & all my mind pictures is 👇#auspol

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Victoria Labor dealt with branch stacking last year, Andrews asked Federal Labor to intervene suspending voting rights and for three years deciding all Federal & State candidates, what happened to Liberal branch stacking absolutely nothing as usual #afternoonbriefing

Back on #afternoonbriefing on @abcnews TV and today at 4pm I’ll be joined by minister @SenatorHume #auspol

The Nationals need to pee or get off the pot on climate action. #auspol #afternoonbriefing

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