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Have spotted a very well camouflaged woman at the #AgedCareRC.

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Or, novel concept, phase in both improved minimum training requirements AND staffing levels, over an agreed period (say three to five years), with threshold requirements throughout this time. #AgedCareRC.

The aged care allocation round (ACAR) is like the Hunger Games but for aged care providers, basically. Government controls it, providers gain bed places in perpetuity. #AgedCareRC.

Next up at the #agedcareRC is Nicolas Mersiades, the director of aged care for Catholic Health Australia. He may find claw marks on the witness box from poor old Rooney..

@WestburyJuanita I wrote about that pilot back in January. It was exceptionally effective. #AgedCareRC.

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Patricia Sparrow references the pilot program by @WestburyJuanita and how incredibly successful it was in reducing reliance on psychotropic drugs. Unfortunately, it was a pilot program and the funding stopped for that, she said. Stopped by the Department of Health. #agedcarerc.

Also I know the idea behind person-centred care is very important, but it is a horrible phrase. We are now centring care on the person, as opposed to over here on this specific pigeon. #agedcarerc.

#AgedCareRC drinking game: every time someone says mandatory minimum staffing ratios are a blunt instrument..

Maree McCabe, Dementia Australia, on the issue of chemical restraints among the elderly. Antipsychotic (drugs) are not effective in 80% of instances when they are used. #AgedCareRC.

Dementia is the second leading cause of death in Australia, and the leading cause for women. #AgedCareRC.

Oh, Maree telling the story of a man who was married to a woman, had children, and after many years met and fell in love with a same-sex partner. Then he developed dementia and forgot the same-sex partner but remembered his wife. The difficulty in providing care :( #agedcarerc.

We all grow old and all of us will no doubt need care at some stage in our lives. Lets not just improve care for those we love, but also ensure the care we will one day receive does not leave us open to harm and abuse. This #AgedCareRC is so.

I don’t understand why strict staff ratios are considered a “blunt instrument” in aged care but are mandated in child care. Many of the residents in my Mum’s dementia unit have less capacity to make good decisions than a 4-year old. #AgedCareRC ⁦.

Have spotted a very well camouflaged woman at the #AgedCareRC.

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Thought I misheard before, but no: some of the assessors who work part-time for the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission also work part-time as consultants for nursing homes and aged care providers. These are the people who review providers against the standards! #agedcareRC.

Look, I made an error which has resulted in the live transcript of the #AgedCareRC being turned off for all media for my sins. And this irate and frankly quite rude journalist is very mad at me. What this achieves I’m not sure. You uncovered my secret plan!.

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On staff pay, Ms Beauchamp says: So the department would agree in terms of the health professional side of aged care services that the people working in the aged care system are being paid less. But she says mandatory staff ratios are a blunt instrument. #agedcareRC.

In short, the Department has known about issues of physical and chemical restraint for a VERY long time. Everything they are doing right now to combat those problems happened AFTER my reports and ABC program in first half of January this year. #agedcareRC.

Gray QC: Why did it take 18 months for government to form a position on the need to better regulate the use of not only physical restraint but chemical restraint? Ms Beauchamp says words to the effect of: because it was in the media. #agedcareRC.

Our elderly deserve the best care as many reach the end of their lives. Hopefully the #AgedCareRC can ensure we live up to those standards 🤞.

After all, it’s not as though a) older people and those with chronic illness are at higher risk of heat exhaustion, or b) aged care staff need a safe work environment to carry out complex physical, mental, and emotional labour. Oh, #AgedCareRC.

Coming up, discussion of the 2017 Carnell-Paterson review of aged care safety and compliance. For context, this was commissioned by fed govt after the Oakden nursing home scandal and specifically examined, in short, how the hell it all went so wrong. #agedcareRC.

#AgedCareRC hears from Health Dept secretary who says a number of care providers were ‘maximising their revenue’ through the Aged Care Funding Instrument. Says there was no checks on whether a change to the ACFI had any impact of quality of care. #7News.

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Leading Age Services Australia, objected to a requirement that nursing homes provide a comfortable internal temperature, saying that could be interpreted as making air conditioning #agedcareRC.

Fifth day of aged care royal commission hearings in Department of Health secretary Glenys Beauchamp is in the witness box up first. #agedcareRC #auspol.

Day 5 of the #agedcareRC and Department of Health Secretary Glenys Beauchamp is giving evidence. This isn’t her, however. This is a chair..

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