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@Aaronsmith333 Alex Hawke of the Christian values might like to share with the Australian people the details of how he met and married his 2nd wife and the time-frame involved. Purely for the purposes of educating people about Christian values of course..

@adamajacoby @AlexHawkeMP I would refer Alex Hawke to the recent census results but I see thatโ€™s been done. I thank our stars that he & his fellow scheming zealots & fanatics have lost control of the instruments of power. Their attempt at macro scale social engineering of this nation is hopefully over.

@FlickReynolds Alex Hawke is standing on some high moral principle! Really? The most cynical, Morrison conniver, dodgy vote stacker, prayer room defender, immoral member of parliament? If he had any moral compass, he would resign immediately.

Imagine having the ignorant audacity to claim that your religion is responsible for compassion for the vulnerable, fairness, and helping others. And imagine being Alex Hawke and claiming that your particular version of that religion even faintly adheres to any of those values..

@FlickReynolds For the likes of Alex Hawke, the key to a well-run Parliament is reciting the Lordโ€™s Prayer before proceedings. From what weโ€™ve learnt about Alex Hawke & his behaviour within the NSW Libs, his protest has all the depth of a puddle๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ตโ€๐Ÿ’ซ.

Alex Hawke Photo,Alex Hawke Photo by Born to Dance,Born to Dance on twitter tweets Alex Hawke Photo

@adamajacoby @AlexHawkeMP How arrogant Alex Hawke is to claim kindness, fairness, & compassion as values belonging only to Christianity. These values are common amongst many faiths & the non religious too. Our parliament is not a place of worship and represents all Australians regardless of their faith..

@revardin @MorpheusBeing Alex Hawke isnโ€™t Christian so what is he waffling on about.

@adamajacoby Alex Hawke is desperately trying to become the third force for misery, tribalism and oppression..

Alex Hawke is widely seen as one of the major reasons for Liberal losses in NSW. Now 8 weeks after the election, that the LNP lost big time, this is still the banner on Hawkeโ€™s page. Kind of says it all, really. Waiting for a Second Coming, Alex; hoping ScoMo will rise again?.

Alex Hawke Photo,Alex Hawke Photo by Rob White,Rob White on twitter tweets Alex Hawke Photo

@Aaronsmith333 @BronwynHill1 Alex Hawke is living proof that self-proclaimed Christians are anything but..

@Kimota @adamajacoby I have some advice for Alex Hawke take your insidious Pentecostal prosperity gospel evil rubbish & place it firmly in your glory hole old mate..

The fecking gall of Mr self interest himself - Alex Hawke - to be talking compassion and Christian values. ๐Ÿ™„.

@LesStonehouse Christofascists worried theyโ€™re losing their grip? The last government gave religion a bad name. Alex Hawke should note, you reap what you sow..

Alex Hawke: Given we are a majority Christian country Terry Young: The last census showed that apparently Christians are now a minority.

Alex Hawke Photo,Alex Hawke Photo by Legana ilpi,Legana ilpi on twitter tweets Alex Hawke Photo

Alex Hawke. Scott Morrison. Peter Dutton. A complete absence of any talent. Just voids. Shells. Zealots and scaremongers. Creeps..

@revardin Christian Alex Hawke loved the institution of marriage so much, he did it twice. #ratface.

@FlickReynolds I want the Lordโ€™s Prayer gone, but nowhere near as much as I want Alex Hawke gone..

Alex Hawke is an irrelevance now , one of the main reasons that โ€˜moderatesโ€™ got clobbered in NSW ,this POS was the laughable โ€˜muscleโ€™ behind Morrison โ€˜the brainโ€™ that ran their party and government on the rocks . The sooner he and the pentecostals get kicked out Libโ€™s can heal ?.

@adamajacoby I would like to blend Alex Hawke ,capitalism and Christianity together just so l could always be remembered what a pile of shit looks like ๐Ÿ‘.

@Aaronsmith333 Yes, I must say that anything Alex Hawke says makes me think the opposite. Mark you, his misreading of manipulating the voting system to enable the NSW Federal LNP choosing candidates misfired entirely and helped the Teals and Labor into government..

If Scott Morrison wasnโ€™t a good enough reason to ensure religion needs to stay out of politics, surely Alex Hawke is. There needs to be a clear separation. The census shows that we are not the Christian majority Hawke talks about at all #ItsTime to get rid of the Lordโ€™s Prayer.

@CelerySorbet @WillisaOsburn I wonder if sheโ€™s legally required to be embarrassing for the full three-year term of her contract with Scott Morrison and Alex Hawke.

@adamajacoby @AlexHawkeMP ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚Alex Hawke lecturing us on helping others and fairness ..

@adamajacoby @AlexHawkeMP Prayers are your own business, in your own time. Not needed in parliament. Despatch with prayers, and take Alex Hawke out at the same time..

@revardin What a creep, that Alex Hawke is. He and his godbothering companions are the ones trying to stir ๐Ÿ’ฉ, because they have nothing else..

Rumours that Alex Hawke will fall on his sword, are unlikely to be true explanation of the course of events..

Alex Hawke Photo,Alex Hawke Photo by Tom Osborn PhD, FRSA.,Tom Osborn PhD, FRSA. on twitter tweets Alex Hawke Photo

@FlickReynolds Alex Hawke, a man for whom morality and ethics has not be something to tweet about. No oneโ€™s forgotten his treatment of refugees and now he has something to say. In the bin Pentecostal club..

Can we just say Alex Hawke is the example of an Australian who is completely out of touch with fellow Australians, but who carries on as though he is speaking for lots outside his immediate family. Nothing serious..

@adamajacoby @AlexHawkeMP There are many problems with Alex Hawke. Irrelevance is one of them..

@LesStonehouse Alex Hawke, Pentecostal and Hypocrite. Demonstrate where the previous government has focussed on โ€œ Helping others. Compassion to the vulnerable. Fairnessโ€. Was that with Robodebt? Or maybe suppression of workers wages? Refusing indigenous rights? Yeah, right!.

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