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They are using Alex Jones to go after freedom of speech. If you don’t speak out against this, you will be next.

More from the century that brought you #StonewallWins, #MayaLost and ‘GIDS is being closed because it’s so brilliant’.

Alex Jones, prowadzący program spiskowy Infowars, musi zapłacić 42 mln dolarów rodzinie ofiary strzelaniny w Sandy Hook..

El locutor Alex Jones deberá pagar casi US$50 millones a los padres de la escuela Sandy Hook por difundir una teoría conspirativa sobre el tiroteo #remolachanet.

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Alex Jones and Bannon Down the Drain Means the Far-Right is Weakened? by @WillBlackWriter.

@IssuedMemories Alex Jones lawyer when he realized what he did.

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Dj Khaled Ruined Drake, Should We Save Brittney Griner, + Is Alex Jones ... via @YouTube.

Alex Jones’s “reluctant admission of the truth doesn’t matter nearly enough,” writes Pamela Paul..

【デマを流すことは犯罪です】 2012年に26名が命を落とした米国サンディフック小学校での銃乱射事件は『嘘』で遺族を『政府に雇われた役者』だとデマを吹聴したアレックス・ジョーンズ氏は、遺族に訴えられて60億円以上の慰謝料請求となりました。.

Why- the CIA make shit up all the time.😵‍💫 Alex Jones lawsuit verdict in Sandy Hook case is large enough to scare other conspiracy theorists.

Along with the judgments, Jones will have to pay an additional $ million in sanctions, Houston attorney Mark Bankston told HuffPost. via @HuffPost.

via @NYTimes — Best news in a long time. Maybe ppl and news will stop the lies!.

May the judge use discretion informed by justice. Make him pay. Alex Jones ordered to pay $ million more in punitive damages to Sandy Hook parents.

@Meow81998508 Being a humanitarian rather than an a$$hole ALWAYS has consequences. Being an a$$hole has Karma. Alex Jones found that out this week, did he not? FAFO.

@LpawB @bennyjohnson 1) Maybe, maybe not. 2) he has two more trial losses to pay damages on, one in Connecticut 3) now ALL the other families can sue his fat lying ass 4) he may face perjury and fraud criminal charges What kind of scumbag defends Alex Jones?.

@JoJoFromJerz Is anyone else shocked that Alex Jones is only 48? What a bloated old ass piece of shit, like use a moisturizer dude..

@cruadin It all started with Alex Jones getting banned from plit started with twitter and spread to other platforms. When Big Tech tasted their power, they quickly went after anyone not compliant with their preferred It does not end with is only the beginning😩😩.

@sophielouisecc Not backing Alex Jones any more? Deleted those tweets about it being a conspiracy to take him down.🤔 Just another right wing grifter.😂😂😂.

@elbrako66 @TheRickyDavila Do you know what people did who WATCHED his show? Threaten and harassed the parents of dead children. Based on Alex Jones’s conspiracies. It’s not a matter of “free speech”, it’s being held responsible for the lies you chose to tell..

@recluce23 @ProRoe1972 Tell us you didn’t watch the #AlexJonesTrial without telling us you didn’t watch the Alex Jones trial..

Sorry media all of you aren’t journalist because NOT one of you will confront lying @GOP people and actually say to their faces you are lying prove you’re not lying you’re no better than Alex Jones lying that’s what @GOP is lifevest who wish to eliminate anything not white.


YESSSSSS🤣🤣🤣Alex Jones must pay Sandy Hook parents $ million more in punitive damages - The Washington Post.

Three key things about Alex Jones’ ongoing campaign of lies & hate: 1) he *chose* to spread sadistic lies that led to victims receiving terroristic threats from extremists he radicalized; 2) he refused to stop; 3) he *lied under oath*..

WCC 1st XI v OCC 1st XI OCC 1st XI 27/4 (13), 102 reqd off 42 ov End of Over 13: 1 run, Matthew Jones 5 (26), Alex Risk 0 (9), Qamar Hafiz 7-2-18-2 0 0 1 0 0 0.

If you were playing poker, which one would be the winning hand? a) Alex Jones’ texts b) Hunter Biden’s laptop..

@BECommander11 As does Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, and many others. They poison minds. Pure hate..

@SilentSolicitor Sorry, can you speak up? I’m getting a lot of information about Alex Jones and his cell phone.

Using the hashtag Alex Jones was right, seems like a great way to bring a bunch of shit to your TL. 🤷‍♂️.

In tribute to the judge and lawyers in the Alex Jones trial. Bob Dylan - Ballad of a Thin Man (Official Audio) via @YouTube.

If you find yourself wanting Alex Jones prosecuted for lying, then you must want every media company and the White House to also be prosecuted for lying..

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