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Updated: September 15th, 2021 10:36 PM IST

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BREAKING: @RepJerryNadler calls illegal aliens “HUMAN INFRASTRUCTURE” in late night Judiciary hearing on amnesty.

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@FrontKickAndy @CameronMMABJJ just throwing this out A 4 hr boat movie invaded by

This Friday, we reach the mid-finale of Volume 2 of the rap battles with a battle between Pokemon Mega Evolutions Vs Ben 10 Ultimate Aliens!

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So sad that I have no desire to play fortnite… maybe things will change season 9… I was legit addicted to that game until last season… then they started going off the walls with aliens and space ships 🙄🙄

The aliens, finding the earth to be quite fertile, abundant in fresh water and renewable resources after centuries without human interference, decide to make this planet their new home. They settle earth, spreading out evenly over the surface instead of concentrating in cities.


@disclosetv Why won’t they tell the truth about how they have a joint task force against Aliens who outmeasure them?

@Astro_Jonny Hmm as long as we don’t accidentally confirm Scientology’s origin tale which…features aliens and volcanoes, annoyingly.

@BrianEskow The poll reads like two separate questions. 1. Are aliens signaling us? - Likely not 2. Could the arial phenomena that we are witnessing *possibly* be aliens? - Yes. I believe if we are witnessing alien spacecraft, that its occupants would likely be AI given the long distances.

Pick your sidekick Who would you want by your side if Aliens invaded? 👽

Aliens Photo,Aliens Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

0時になったらAliens: Fireteam Elite速攻でDLして配信始めるぞー! #Aliensfireteam

California Must Love The Highest Homelessness, High Crime, High Illegal Drugs, Illegal Aliens! We Should Name California Alcatraz, And Refer To Newsom As The WARDEN!

The best high school teachers had bits. We had one guy who was obsessed with coast to coast AM and aliens. Another who said he liked to drink because it made him taller (he was short). They don’t have to be good bits!

First up, an intriguing question for Callum: ❓ Which object would you use to explain humanity to Aliens? #AskACurator #AskACuratorDay

@Rob_Ruadh If we get to choose between aliens or governments, I’m choosing the aliens

So this is it folks. Biden is announcing aliens tomorrow morning. I pray they take me.

Naruto é um anime sobre ninjas e combates estratégicos, aonde cada habilidade dos personagens é importante pra realizar o desfecho das lutas. Aí Shippuden vem e ALIENS!!!!!!

@Neloangelo314 There is an égyptien woman who was talking on youtube she is a scientist, she said that they will push the agenda and that the virus will come in 2020 and they will reduce people to 1 billion She had a map and explained where the aliens are, it was creepy. She disappeared now

NBC is the new National Enquirer. Got any photos of space aliens or Siamese twins?

Aliens Photo,Aliens Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Gotta be aliens. There’s really not much left to throw at us. 👽🛸


@SheepEva11 Nah, I’m too self-centered to think the aliens actually give a buck to some random carbon life forms’ life style.

Also hoping this is about Aliens, we really need some help down here

ManthysgerZ played Aliens: Fireteam Elite (Xbox) in the last 24 hours #exophase

One little, two little,dead little aliens! Four little, five little, dead little aliens!

@RipoffRandy1 @conspiracyb0t In the rabbit hole of negativity, the deeper you go , the more evil it gets . So above people R nasty politicians, above politicians sit psychopath bureaucrats and above them dark forces who R aliens run by reptiles and above all Lucifer itself .

@CrunchyKong Agreed. Feel like most of his films after T2 were just the basic formula he had done with his first three films recycled over again. Even T2 was like this. Take The Terminator and fuse it with Aliens, and The Abyss and you get T2. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Everyone will be disappointed when this is about submarines instead of aliens

@sallyrugg Hopefully the Aliens have come down to fix up the mess we have gotten ourselves into!

i jumped so high i junped to the moons i jumped to the jupirer and i met aliens and they gave me burger and (eats and swallows sand) and i ggiihgbhbhjhhgghppttrgg

Democrats want to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. But refuse to secure the border. Won’t that just mean more Democrat demands for amnesty in the future?

BREAKING: @RepJerryNadler calls illegal aliens “HUMAN INFRASTRUCTURE” in late night Judiciary hearing on amnesty.

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