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Sydney: Man shouting Allahu Akbar stabs woman, is chased down and detained by three brave Brits..

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@Lets_Dex Vem um cara de barba gritando Allahu Akbar e degola um padre de 85 anos na frente de uma Igreja na França e os extremistas são os católicos do século XXI? VAI SE FODER.

WATCH: Bystanders Leap Into Action To Take Down A Knife-Weilding Terrorist Who Stabbed People In Australia While Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.

Glory be to Allah Alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar There is no power but God Almighty Ask forgiveness of God and repent to him.

“I assure you that we sleep & wake-up with the sad moments of banditry & kidnapping activities in the state and country. By the Grace of God, we will use soldiers, police & other public servants to end banditry. - President @MBuhari READ MORE: #Nigeria.

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Vatican City: Muslim migrant screaming “Allahu akbar” threatens to ignite himself near St. Peter’s Square.

“Motive unknown” yet the video released showed him shouting allahu akbar in the streets while his hands are bloody.

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Terrorista que gritar “Allahu Akbar” agora é atestado como “doente mental”.

#EidAlAdha à la mosquée Malik Ibn Anas de San Cristóbal de las Casas au coeur des montages du Chiapas au Mexique. Deux nouvelles conversions (deux soeurs) le jour même de #EidAlAdha Allahu Akbar.

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‘You Can’t Kill Somebody And Say Allahu Akbar’, Buhari Condemns Insurgency..

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the right-wing Trump apologists deplored failure to highlight Islamist fundamentalist terrorists’ motives even when shouted, “Allahu akbar!” Trumpers had no problem holding accountable mosques where radical messages were preached..

Those Killing People And Saying ‘Allahu Akbar’ Don’t Know God – Buhari.

Napakaswerte mo kapag binigyan ka ng Allah ng biyaya na makapagsujood sa kanya. Allahu akbar!.

Woman’s body found in Sydney after man went on knife rampage, shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.

Nothing to see here just a member of that peaceful religion ask to pay for his damn train ticket goes into a murdering rampage. #WakeUpAmerica Austria: Muslim migrant screaming Allahu akbar beats, threatens to kill train conductor.

@PaolaCarosella Quem mata em nome de Deus são os que gritam ALLAHU AKBAR ao assassinar cristãos pelo mundo. Os assassinatos diminuíram no Brasil em 2019 e quem mata ou discrimina quem discorda da sua ideologia atende pelos nomes de COMUNISTA/SOCIALISTA/NAZISTA. Informe-se melhor..

A sin you commited, then you remembered Al-Azim (The magnificent) so your eye teared because fear of Allah, and hope of Him, and love of Him. So Allah ﷻ changes that sin, and it is great, into a good deed so it became one of the reasons of your entry in Jannah Allahu Akbar!.

I inform you that you’ll enter Jannah because of your sins and not because of your obedience [to Allah]. Allahu Akbar! You will enter Jannah because of your sin! How? [2/3].

@yoonminnchild Allahu Akbar Alhamdulillah beeebbbbbbb akhir nya bisa zumba dengan tenang 😣😣😣.

The official advice for terror attacks is that people should run and hide. In Sydney some Aussies and Brits did the opposite: they ran towards a knifeman who was screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ and overpowered him. They are heroes:.

(Saat sedang kumpul bareng) 👦 solat bareng yuk 👧 👦 yuk, aku yang imam 👧 *ya allah sekali ini aja, izinin solat di belakang doi :) 👦 allahu akbar Semoga itu adlah awal yg baik bagi kita :).

British men hailed as heroes for taking down Sydney knifeman via @MailOnline.

To ai kano qasa mai tsalki ce, dan an gefi shaitan ai ba abun kunya bane. Allahu Akbar..

Sydney: Man wielding butcher knife & shouting Allahu akbar goes on stabbing rampage, kills a woman & stabs another before being subdued by public. Police say he was carrying a USB drive w/extremist ideology docs. Attack not being treated as terrorism..

Sydney: Man shouting Allahu Akbar stabs woman, is chased down and detained by three brave Brits..

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