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  • Nah. Rank & file are decent people being abused by the corrupt at the top. They probably love him as much as the middle class in America, who elected, him do.

  • No end in sight for this insanity. My beloved America: why are you so intent on self-destruction?

  • Fui ver se ainda da pra comprar ingressos pra ver Pantera Negra hoje e por sorte ainda tem. Quando fui ver o último do Capitão America tinha que comprar um dia antes

  • History Lessons from Years Under Islamism: / WAKE UP AMERICA! READ THIS! #IslamIsTheProblem #IslamIsEvil #NoShariaInUSA #NoMuslimRefugeesInUSA #DeportThemAll #AmericaFirst #MAGA #MASA

  • is it really that hard to find other white racist straighties in america

  • Prediction: Lotto America 29 Wednesday 21 February 2018 Last draw was: Catatonic Most probable drawn numbers (from highest probability): Psycho: 25 18 23 26 39 28 51 37 16 38 42 32 2 8 46 + SB 2 Sane: 14 17 3 33 7 10 1 13 35 34 43 5 31 30 19 + SB 7

  • Perú tiene cómo impedir el ingreso de @NicolasMaduro dice la canciller #AFP

  • Thanks to the Trump Cult, America’s sanctimonious, bible-thumping, flag-waving, apple pie-baking, mid-western aunts are now callous, FBI-hating, liberal-blaming, deep state conspiracy theorists in service to Russian propagandists.

  • Coca-Cola and Nestlé To Privatize The Largest Reserve of Water In South America

  • @revistaproceso @htajonar México en una nación referente en América Latina y a nivel mundial, no todo es grandioso, es verdad, el el país tiene una posición en el mundo y si hay muchos problemas pero también hemos evolucionado ene le tiempo leamos bien

  • @steelercanela @KPierceTV Yea basically put me in a cage so my family can write me call me & visit me but... don’t kill me me 🤷🏾‍♂️ like I killed 17 innocent children...Oh America!! Sweet land of liberty y’all!!

  • En América, unos cuantos años, pero en Nueva York algo así como un mes, quizás menos.

  • @ycancela Use your voices children of America. Well done for your courage in standing up so soon after this tragedy

  • Captain America has always been super corny to me

  • America is amazing, never want to come home pls 🇺🇸

  • How the fuck can such a beautiful country like America be ruined by being populated by such moronic cunts

  • @RNicholasBurns @maddow Following your reasoning you give creadance to the Russians success in dividing America. You are the pipeline in this very moment.

  • @RecoilTotal @StevenMSchmidt1 @Quad004 @FrankConniff Why do you hate America?

  • Wonderful article. America’s Olympic male sweethearts are the change we seek in the world. Thank you @Adaripp , Eric Radford, @guskenworthy and all who paved the way!

  • Also, that’s why so many Africans leave Africa to come to America. There’s better opportunities for education, jobs, healthcare and a lot of other things.

  • American people want stricter gun control, have wanted this for years, but America’s democracy is for sale. Politicians have been purchased by the gun lobby. We need campaign finance reform and mandated shorter election seasons, like most other functioning democracies.

  • @sebastianpinera @andreschadwickp @Chile_Vamos_ @joseantoniokast 🇨🇱 Se ha convertido en el mierdal de América Latina gracias a no respetar la ley de inmigración @PDI_CHILE @Carabdechile 🇨🇱 Ya no es 🇨🇱 Es Colombia Haití RD, pero no 🇨🇱@paulinanu

  • @BBCWorld Not just America I guess.....

  • @OOsal Yep. This was on his Instagram page. Do you think Trump/Foxnews would’ve mentioned it if it had been a black guy in an Obama hat?

    #america twitter.
  • @LooneyRavings @mike_pence @realDonaldTrump No, but you must mean that America since you posted the picture.

  • @MelaniaTrump is one of the toughest women in America today. She has shown she could have been a comforting voice to the Parkland families. Instead she had to stand silently next to our cowardly Prez who would diddle a snake if given the chance. #ImpeachTrumpAndPenceNow

  • @edcmwils Less than the amount of people killed in 1 mass shooting in America, and there have been 18+ of those so far this year.

  • @danpfeiffer Dan. You are so right. The Russians thought the best way to damage America was to help elect DT. And, by my estimation, they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. I just hope the damage DT has done can be reversed.

  • @74523antlers @NicolleDWallace Well said. I didn’t like Bush, but I never doubted his love and loyalty to America.

  • @AmericanHotLips @realDonaldTrump @VFL2013 @carrieksada @_SierraWhiskee @ClintonM614 @SandraTXAS @TrumpGirlStrong @GrizzleMeister @DonnaWR8 @KatTheHammer1 @SparkleSoup45 “Talking directly to the US”.....You may not realize this but he is talking directly to the WORLD with his tweets!...AND what he’s telling them is that America has a very mentally unstable childish leader. Not sure what makes you so proud about this, but whatever

  • United States of America vs Barack Hussein Obama, et. el., Hillary Rodham Clinton: The Podesta Group’s March 2016 filing, required un...

  • Critical challenge for #highered leaders at all levels - article cites issues undergrad level, but we’ve had similar convos about grad schools as well.

  • @SenJohnMcCain Thank you for continuing to stand for America

  • @realDonaldTrump We are smart. Certainly smarter than anybody named Trump! You’re the idiot in this scenario, no matter how hard you try to deflect, America isn’t buying it. You’re the one that made it easy for an unstable teen to buy an assault weapon. You are the liar here. 🤥🤥👖🔥

  • @MelissaAmour72 @chuckwoolery Listen, the truth is Trump is trying give Americans back their sense of pride and independence .Those opposed him do so for selfish reasons. They know the more America prospers, the more their party is in danger. Learn the true history of the Democratic Party and you will agree.

  • América Latina repassa em Brasília experiência com refugiados

  • @SaysHummingbird @KatResists It’s not a surprise. Always remember that Russia knew he was the worst for America so they wanted him elected. If you remember that then all @realDonaldTrump actions make sense. He has no idea what he is doing.

  • @3yeAmHe Lol Captain America, Black Widow, Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch . . .

  • Cerro Porteño 1⃣❌3⃣ Sol de América. Nicolás Arrechea ⚽ @claudiop99 ⚽ @willps3palacios ⚽ #Reserva 🏆 - Fecha 3.

    #america twitter.
  • @RepHultgren You should choke on those words, Comrade. You love power more than America and I curse your hypocrisy.

  • So true .... time for America to come together and get to work making the US shine brighter than ever before . For the first time in many years we have a POTUS ready to roll up his sleeves and get the job done . I stand with you President Trump #MAGA

  • @FoxNews America has won only 10 medals so far and well behind Norway. How is our ‘everyone gets a trophy’ society working out for us?

  • @ResistDotard45 @realDonaldTrump What exactly are you resisting making America a better place for All American citizens regardless of creed color or social standing

    #america twitter.
  • De Hispano América Uruguay, de Uruguay Montevideo, de Montevideo Pocitos #Economía

  • So proud of these young adults. It takes the strength of a generation to change the culture of America

  • Notitarde: América Latina discutirá en Brasil la situación de refugiados venezolanos

  • Berkeley, January 17, 1956

  • @_tonyjefferson Last time I check this is America and every US citizen has the right to speak their mind. It’s called Freedom!!! 🇺🇸

  • Absolutely LOVED Black Pantha. Probs my fave marvel movie yet! Although ‘Civil War’ was a more fitting title for Black Pantha than Captain America to be honest

  • America the Beautiful is waking up!!

  • @Juninhope08 Juninho a natural a raiva da geração desse rapaz com cara de virgem que te ofendeu. Dormiram chorando após o gol contra o River nos viram campeões da América coisa que jamais chegaram perto depois do Wright e continuarão não chegando independiente de qualquer coisa...

  • @realDonaldTrump A foreign adversary attacked our democracy, and YOU & Republicans clearly don’t care. Easily the most disgraceful act of Treason in modern history. What are you doing to protect America? Nothing since you’ve been COMPROMISED! Donald Drumpf is going down.

  • The FBI Now Becomes... “AMERICA’S MOST WANTED”

  • @iowa_trump @POTUS Never would have heard a word about any of these if Hillary won. This is the Democratic Party in America! 😡😡😡

  • I want to congratulate Jeff Sessions, for allowing another College, now in Tennessee, to be handed over to Antifa and Black lives Matter chanting Anti-America, and Anti-Police threats. Mr. Sessions, you are a failure....PERIOD!