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Tweet247 | Updated: Wed, 18 Apr 2018, 14:02 PM IST

Andrew Denton Top Tweets On Twitter

  • Australian TV legend Andrew Denton is back! 👏🏻 We spoke to him ahead of the premiere of his brand new show #InterviewAU which airs TONIGHT at 9PM on @Channel7..

  • I think Andrew Denton is laughing at my poor attempt at concealing my inner fan girl! Such an….

  • Andrew Denton. #Interviewception.

  • Campbell sisters open up in Andrew Denton interview.

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  • I’ve missed having Andrew Denton on TV and watching a master at work #InterviewAU.

  • Andrew Denton reveals celebrity interview he refused to air.

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  • Andrew Denton’s @InterviewAU: Launch day arrives – who’s on first, what’s on second #ausmedia #austv #AndrewDenton #interviewau.

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  • How bloody good to have Andrew Denton back interviewing. Australians just love a good chat. Simple TV, yet special and powerful. #interview #denton @Channel7.

  • Which celebrity interview was so bad that Andrew Denton refused to air it on Enough Rope?: | @newscomauHQ.

  • By Me: Andrew Denton is prepared for his big TV comeback to succeed or fail..

  • One hour to go until the premiere of #InterviewAU with Andrew Denton and our very special first guests @Bronte_Campbell and @catecamp! on @Channel7..

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  • #MKR sonya & hadil could be interviewed in the new interview show andrew denton could get them to explain a few things 🤔.

  • How great to have Andrew Denton back on our screens. Thanks @Channel7 for #InterviewAU.

  • Andrew Denton had me at politeness. Awesome choices by Seven..

  • In the spirit of naming and shaming, Andrew Denton was one of the most abusive patrons I ever served while working in the ticket box of Jam Factory cinemas. Revolting..

  • Channel Seven needs a hero. Andrew Denton could be it Seven is so woeful at the moment that they need someone like Andrew Denton..

  • Andrew Denton names and shames his worst-ever guest.

  • NOW: Andrew Denton joins us to discuss his new show @InterviewAU which starts tonight on @Ch7Adelaide at 9pm. LISTEN:.

  • @InterviewAU Can’t wait to see this new show. Finally getting Andrew Denton back on our screens 😀 #denton.

  • Ten years from interviewing Andrew Denton: “I sold out. I gave no shits about interviewing two young swimming stars who had just finished a major event on the same commercial station.” #interviewau #andrewdenton #cringe.

  • So good to have Andrew Denton back. Great show. #InterviewAU.

  • Andrew Denton on the Enough Rope interview that never made it to air..

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  • Andrew Denton is returning to TV tonight at 9pm on Channel 7 as the host of @InterviewAU. #MediaMovements.

  • @OIAUK1 CEO @OIAUKCEO joins the ukactive Membership Council 16-04-2018.

  • @adaptive_ape @deniseshrivell Can Andrew Denton please interview this woman? After seeing her on Insiders, I need to hear more please. She gives me hope..

  • Andrew Denton reveals celebrity interview he refused to air, Goldie Hawn. Parkinson said similar of her!.

  • #BetterOffDead Andrew #Denton investigates the stories, moral arguments and individuals woven into discussions about why good people are dying bad deaths in Australia – because there is no law to help them. My uncle passed from MND..

  • 📺 Preview •"Andrew Denton makes his long-awaited return. Australia’s shortest (some would say greatest) interviewer will sit opposite a range of fascinating people and try to find out what makes them tick". >Campbell sisters feature 🏊 》#Interview premieres TONIGHT 9pm Ch 7.

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  • Andrew Denton’s interview: Launch day arrives – who’s on first, what’s on second - Really pleased to see Andrew Denton return & his amazing style in interviewing the Campbell sisters Bronte and Cate.

  • #DENTON Andrew Denton back tonight at the spiritual home of Christopher Skase : Channel 7.

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  • Andrew Denton on @Channel7 at 9pm..

  • So good to have Andrew Denton back on out TV screens 👏.

  • Andrew Denton has not aged in 15 years. #InterviewAU.

  • Andrew Denton is back! Looking forward to this #InterviewAU.