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Congratulations to the new GIMPA SRC President-elect, Emmanuel Andrews Samini (@samini_dagaati).

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Y 58 años después, Mary Poppins se reencontró con Mary Poppins 🥺 La cara de ilusión de Julie Andrews durante el homenaje del American Film Institute a su carrera lo dice todo ❤️.

Str8 Chaser – Jalif / featuring: Jalif Black & Shawn Andrews Full Video: {}|[RT] #MozosX.

Jerald Andrews has received the Sports Commission Award for his decades of distinguished service to Missouri Sports. @MoSportsHall @SgfMOSports #SCAWARDS #BestOfTheBest.

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@bee_9260 @DanielAndrewsMP Thank you for your interest. Premier Andrews will not be taking questions relating to Covid-19 deaths during 2022. Quote attributable to the Premier: Everything is awesome. Everything is fine. Vote Labor in November..

Tonight, @malika_andrews will be the first woman to ever host the NBA Draft. #NBADraft.

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Malika Andrews just became a Gonzaga legend for saying “They’re the Zags not the Zogs.”.

I need to see Andrews show up in the playoffs but I have them 1 and 2 for sure.


@thwippy21 im still a little new to this drama and dont wanna get involved but i agree that is a rly rly good suit probably as good as andrews suits.

@ashamonster22 @survivetheark She has been loving the cows too. We just had a small meltdown as her latest tamed baby was killed the stupid pigs the andrews lol.

Given Labor Premiers are collaborating nicely with Albo to relieve us of this terrible burden of what to do about our elleged energy crisis; will the worst Labor Premier in Australia now unlock restrictions on gas exploration in Victoria?.

@BKoepkaTracker Most athletes, especially star athletes get high $$ contracts and they have their endorsement deals but in golf if you’re not in top 5 n tournaments you don’t make much… so I hope he signs a huge contract gets his $$ Let’s Go Brooks onto St. Andrews!!!.

OUT NOW: Dan Andrews Is A Farken Kunt - The Notebook. A4 Lined Book, x 11 inches, 200 Pages with a Daily Reminder that Dan Andrews is a Farken Kunt! A Must Have For ALL Businesses Get one for you and another for a mate. Guaranteed to trigger kunts🤣.

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@HWOhnesorge We are also out in St Andrews to enjoy the sunset on a wind-less evening.

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LIVE: Daniel Andrews speaks as senior Victorian ministers resign via @YouTube.

Michael Andrews feat. Gary Jules - Mad World (full version) via @YouTube.

The Daniel Andrews government has made a worse mess than bottoming after all-you-can-eat Mexican. #Springst #auspol..

Dark and Stormy Seas 📍 Naval Base Guam 🌊Valiant Shield 22 #Sailors with EOD Mobile Unit FIVE, refine expeditionary warfare skills, enable freedom of movement and enhance their integration ability with the fleet and joint force. @USMC 📸 by Lance Cpl. Tyler Andrews.

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You need to spill your guts on everything that Andrews has either known about or approved.

@PopesFFH I think what most new players fail to grasp is how rare consistency is. It’s why so many are high on Josh Allen, Jonathan Taylor, Cooper Kupp and Mark Andrews. They are chasing last year’s stats. Usually a mistake. Could they repeat? Yes. Will they? Probably not..

@RickShielsPGA what would it take for you to take me to St. Andrews? DM me. Have a good story for you..


@GutterSuperstar @DanielAndrewsMP Yeah I know you’ve got your tiny brain in knots over it. Meanwhile, the rest of us get on with our lives, and in all likelihood re-elect an Andrews government in November. And you’ll angry cry about it on Twitter. 😊.

A bot said Mark Andrews was better than him and I can’t talk football with him 😂😂 you shouldn’t talk football period.

☀️ “La perseverancia es fallar 19 veces, y tener éxito en la vigésima.” – Julie Andrews (1935-actualidad).

@DanielAndrewsMP Good old Dan Andrews distraction playbook out for all to see ….arrogant narcissistic dictator.

Dr. Annie Andrews Calls on Congress to Temporarily Suspend Federal Gas Tax.

Remember when Victoria was branded a pariah state and Barnaby could smell the flesh burning etc? When Dan Andrews was branded a dictator for some mandates that were seen as harsh and draconian? Well, maybe he was right after all!.

New post: Dudley hosts Southwest Guilford, Andrews at 7-on-7 event.

@SimplyAS10 I voted Andrews but 2nd thought bowser needs some recognition. Very underrated.

@Grinch21188235 I had no Andrews was only 26. Buddy seems like he’s been at it for a decade lol.

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