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My name is Avi Yemini. I am 36 years old, and I work for Rebel News. Under the Dan Andrews government, I’ve been UNLAWFULLY arrested for doing my job three separate times. The police apology isn’t enough. #AndrewsMustGo.

#AndrewsMustGo Photo,#AndrewsMustGo Photo by Avi Yemini,Avi Yemini on twitter tweets #AndrewsMustGo Photo

Thousands of Victorians have tweeted #AndrewsMustGo in the past 24 hours. But for some reason, it’s still not trending. What is Twitter so scared of?.

And just like that, #AndrewsMustGo DISAPPEARS from the trending list with over 11k tweets in 24hrs. What is Twitter so scared of?.

LT just sent me this post and says he wishes he could be with all of us onTwitter 👉 #AndrewsMustGo 👇.

#AndrewsMustGo Photo,#AndrewsMustGo Photo by Labor Rorts VIC,Labor Rorts VIC on twitter tweets #AndrewsMustGo Photo

LET’S ASK DAN ANDREWS CRYSTAL BALL Hey Crystal Ball, what will life be like if the Dan Andrews Rorting & corrupt Labor Government wins another 4 years this November? 🤔 Response: Let me be ‘Crystal Clear’ I will do exactly the same. Thanks for the tip Glass. #AndrewsMustGo.

#AndrewsMustGo Photo,#AndrewsMustGo Photo by Labor Rorts VIC,Labor Rorts VIC on twitter tweets #AndrewsMustGo Photo

Do you all want me to keep Tweeting on the 👇 #AndrewsMustGo hashtag?🤔.

#AndrewsMustGo Photo,#AndrewsMustGo Photo by Labor Rorts VIC,Labor Rorts VIC on twitter tweets #AndrewsMustGo Photo

@tanya_plibersek Powerful images came out of Victoria during the worlds longest lockdown. Never in my life did I think a government in Australia would kettle, pepper spray and fire rubber bullets on its citizens. #AndrewsMustGo.

#AndrewsMustGo Photo,#AndrewsMustGo Photo by GGee,GGee on twitter tweets #AndrewsMustGo Photo

@PRGuy17 Haha what a shame #andrewsmustgo is more than DOUBLE and climbing fast. Your boss won’t be happy :-).

My name is John. Because of the Andrews Govt propaganda, I’ve lost friends, family members, and been ostracised from society. I finally caved and got the first jab, and experienced severe pins and needles in my extremities, yet was refused an exemption for the 2nd. #AndrewsMustGo.

@ChristyDanFan The most corrupt Premier in Victoria’s history. #AndrewsMustGo.

@Fobic10 @imbalaska Who would really? Especially Victoria. $160B+ debt and how many unfinished projects? The state is in a state!! #AndrewsMustGo.

@danrorts My pleasure @danrorts It feels so good & cleanses the soul in saying #AndrewsMustGo.

#AndrewsMustGo and #PrinceHarryandMeghan too. All 3 are a big pain in the A$$ and want everything handed to them. Best thing King Charles can do is to cut these 3 completely out. cc: @RoyalFamily @KensingtonRoyal.

@theheraldsun What else is new with this corrupt, pathetic government! #AndrewsMustGo.

#UkraineRussiaWar No just kidding, Melbourne 2021 under the Andrews government and corrupt Vic pol. #AndrewsMustGo.

@WorldInAGirl1 @therealrukshan #AndrewsMustGo to win the next election as he is amazing 🤩.

@VictorianCHO MPX from by the Gates Foundation funded Burnett and Doherty Institute in Victoria coincidentally funded your dodgy degree! Fuck off Sluggo! No-one believes you except Bots and Morons who cant research! All hail Lucifer! Freemo scumbag! #CrimesAgainstHumanity #AndrewsMustGo.

If you want to read some hilarious nonsense from a small group of cookers, check out #AndrewsMustGo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

@bbocean2 🙌 The opposition should pay you to use this for the election campaign! #AndrewsMustGo.

My closest friend, a registered nurse of 15 years, has been unable to work and serve Victoria for almost 12 months, leaving her struggling to keep her home, without a wage and countless patients without care. #AndrewsMustGo.

My other daughter experienced discrimination in the school yard from fellow students AND from teachers for being unvaxxed, even though when covid was in our house she didn’t even get sick #AndrewsMustGo.

My daughter was kicked out of her gymnastics club. By the time she could return she had fallen too far behind and the coach wanted to put her into a class with the little kids, that train in the same room and time as her old group #andrewsmustgo.

My husband’s job was on the line that he has worked in for 20 years working his way up in the business from a young man packing boxes to management. We would’ve lost so much #AndrewsMustGo.

I’ve always tried to do the right thing. Heck, I’ve never even had a speeding ticket. But the Andrews gov made me feel like a criminal for not wanting to inject myself with a rushed pharmaceutical #AndrewsMustGo.

@OzraeliAvi You should seriously consider bringing out a commemorative #choppingboard with #AndrewsMustGo on it! It would be a good fundraiser? Perhaps Jeremy aka @prguy17 could assist with the marketing?.

@TeachersFed @Dom_Perrottet Parents expectations, childrens lack of respect, use of computers at early age means they lack basic skills - or maybe they realised are not cut out to be teachers #AndrewsMustGo.

@meredith_val @Melbourne_says Wrong on that, this was yesterday and far more tweets #AndrewsMustGo.

#AndrewsMustGo Photo,#AndrewsMustGo Photo by Renee 🎀💜💋🇦🇺 🏳️‍🌈,Renee 🎀💜💋🇦🇺 🏳️‍🌈 on twitter tweets #AndrewsMustGo Photo

#AndrewsMustGo #AusPol Dan Andrews is a megalomaniac that MUST be removed at the next election.


@PRGuy17 I don’t think you can count the #’s the Premier paid for with tax payer money! #andrewsmustgo.

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