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Angus Taylor is foolish drawing equivalence btw Albo overseas visiting a war torn nation during floods & Morrison secretly holidaying in Hawaii during bushfires. Plus the Liberal NSW Premier has praised the federal govt response compared to the last federal response pre election..

Bit late for Angus Taylor to crap on about Government borrowing pushing up interest rates when the Liberals left the budget heaving with a trillion dollars of debt #auspol.

Asked to pick an international event that Anthony Albanese should not have attended, Angus Taylor could not name one. v @canberratimes #auspol.

The political contest between @JEChalmers and @AngusTaylorMP pits a heavyweight against a featherweight. If this was boxing it would not be allowed! Taylor is out of his depth and epitomises the falsehood that Liberals are superior economic managers! Angus, throw the towel in!.

I’m 63 years of die hard Labor, but I could see a feeling of relief in Dominic Perrottet. He spoke well. You could hear his real frustrations with the former Morrison government. Well done to the Premier and PM. People before politics. Susan Ley and Angus Taylor should follow..

If you equate Albo doing his job overseas as a responsible PM to Morrison secretly escaping to Hawaii for a holiday with his family and mates, you’re a fucking idiot, like Angus Taylor. No ifs or buts, there’s no debate, it’s black & white. #auspol.

Angus Taylor ranting yesterday about Labor has to watch their spending!! WTF he is so out of his depth, and now Sussssan extra eses Ley this morning. OMG why are they getting air time! They are irrelevant. #TriciaBrando88.

Angus Taylor shocked to discover climate change 14 years ago in 2007 Rudd Govt commissioned the Garnaut Climate Change Review which clearly identified climate change would lead to longer dry spells broken by heavier rainfall events & floods. c @WgarNews.

Angus Taylor Photo,Angus Taylor Photo by lynlinking,lynlinking on twitter tweets Angus Taylor Photo

After the multi $billions wasted by the previous government Angus (watergate) Taylor says Labor should watch its spending..

@RNBreakfast @JEChalmers Angus Taylor trying desperately to undermine our new PM! In less than 2 months PM Albanese has shown more strength, honesty & care for ALL Australians then Morrison & former Liberal PM’s have every done!.

Gotta love ( not ) jurno’s who throw spitballing shyte out on behalf of the party who lost, then turns comments off. TOTAL BULLSHIT. F off Pabalo & grow some balls. They (Liberals) hate you and your skin colour. He (Angus Taylor) is the worst 👇 Stop promoting them & their BS..

Angus Taylor and Susan Ley just shut up. How dare you criticise After everything your lot has done . How dare you!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡.

Angus Taylor shocked to discover climate change @IndependentAus @David_Ritter.

Angus Taylor has probably been wanking all night in excitement, as the media has actually been reporting his dribble..

Angus Taylor #GetBackInYourBox #BackOnYourLead Ranting BS from the top BS artist in the world and grifting rorter to 🥾.

Angus Taylor is in no position to say the PM is missing in action. Taylor was missing in action when Minister for Energy & Emissions Reduction. He led us into a mess. The LNP minister who never fulfills his promise. Taylor is underwhelming as shadow Treasurer. #auspol #abc730.

Angus Taylor Photo,Angus Taylor Photo by Hardy World,Hardy World on twitter tweets Angus Taylor Photo

@AngusTaylorMP The feckless & useless puppet speaks.😏 Angus Taylor, you were a disgrace in govt and the LNP did fcuk [sic] all whilst you lot tinkered with over 20 different climate and energy policies. Don’t you dare try to cast dispersions on PM Albanese whose done so much in so little time..

Angus Taylor Photo,Angus Taylor Photo by (SCA) SCOTT CHRISTIAN ANDERSON 🇦🇺🇨🇦🇳🇿,(SCA) SCOTT CHRISTIAN ANDERSON 🇦🇺🇨🇦🇳🇿 on twitter tweets Angus Taylor Photo

@antfarmer @adelaidebeatric Angus Taylor and his wretched party should be behind bars..

@RNBreakfast @JEChalmers If Angus Taylor is unable to differentiate between a holiday and work what the hell has he been doing for the last few years?.

@RNBreakfast @JEChalmers if angus taylor is trending and it doesnt involve ICAC we are not interested.

@RNBreakfast @JEChalmers Utter nonsense and am quite confident #ICAC will expose Angus Taylor’s corruption, rorting and lack of action. The fact that you give him a platform to spout this hypocritical rubbish is reprehensible…! #LNPCorruptionParty.

@JJKALE2 The mainstream media takes Angus Taylor seriously, apparently. God knows why. And almost never a question holding him to account for his abject failure as government minister. #auspol.

@LukeQuilty To be fair - Angus Taylor has been a fucking idiot for a long, long time..

Dodgy Angus proving, once again, that he is a complete goose with a massively overinflated sense of his own privilege and “Watergate” ($80 million of public money used to buy water licences from a company of which Taylor had been a director) and “Grassgate”...

And Angus Taylor helped that along today on @abcnews #afternoonbriefing.


What a PATHETIC and EMBARRASSING spectacle by Angus Taylor & the LNP who are laughably trying to paint @AlboMP as a Morrison Waikiki holiday goer. There is ZERO equivalence between Scott in Hawaii & Albo in Ukraine/ Poland. I repeat: ZERO! NADA! ZILCH! #AlboWorking #auspol.

@scottwbutler1 @JoshButler That’s what I thought too … Angus Taylor also makes the Beetrooter look good ….

@MikeCarlton01 the morons in the opposition are being whacked down every time they pop up and being revealed as the fools they are, Angus ICAC Taylor, Sussan Ley , Littleproud, all humiliated in the last day or so fun to watch them squirm while Dutton goes on holiday!.

@StuartEdser As Angus Taylor’s failures become more apparent to the public his position on the front bench of the opposition must become untenable..

The only time Angus Taylor should trend on Twitter is when he’s hauled up in front of the Federal ICAC or sent to jail. #auspol.

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