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Angus Taylor’s arguments are about as reliable as the document he ‘downloaded’ off the City of Sydney’s website. #4Corners #auspol

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Dot 🌈 Deluce
Dot 🌈 Deluce ()

OK. That’s it. The final nail in the coffin for our planet: ‘Angus Taylor has responsibility for climate action in the Morrison government.

🕊 Miss Congealed Reality 🍋
🕊 Miss Congealed Reality 🍋 ()

@ErskineKristen Climate policy sits with that renowned environmentalist, Energy Minister Angus Taylor. FFS

Silverquick ()

Angus Taylor is in charge of Climate Action in Australia is like appointing Pauline Hanson for anti-racism action There is no saving the climate and environment with the LNP, their greed for fossil fuel political donations have no bound Vote Them Out #VoteThemOut

Glenn ()

“Angus Taylor has responsibility for climate action in the Morrison government” That is self interested, above the law, protected from prosecution Angus “Well Done Angus” Taylor! #CimateCriminal

Angus Taylor Photo,Angus Taylor Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Kaz Rockchick🐨🐾🐾🍃🇦🇺
Kaz Rockchick🐨🐾🐾🍃🇦🇺 ()

Campbelltown Council know very well how important these Koalas are As does rob stokes As does matt kean As does berejiklian As does barilaro As does angus taylor As did previous environment ministers All of the above intent on destroying this core Koala habitat 4 future profit!

Seamus Billings
Seamus Billings ()

Enviro minister Sussan Ley says climate action not in her portfolio. Nor are real emissions targets or are sustainable energy strategies in Angus Taylor’s energy portfolio. They just keep on pandering to Rupert, Gina, Twiggy and co instead. #fail #auspol

Sue_Jash ()

Angus Taylor specialises in disconnected claims; he knows naught about argument.

John Cleary
John Cleary ()

@sszinglehead Angus Taylor was put there to advance the fossil fuel industries interest he is a fool. He has also been accused of being a liar regarding clover Moore still hasn’t really answered for that. This government has lost all respect. And you can’t blame people. The gov is a failure.🤥

Dev Pokhrel
Dev Pokhrel ()

@rachelbaxendale Nothing more corrupt than Angus Taylor selling the water licence to his mate.

Josh Burns
Josh Burns ()

Angus Taylor’s arguments are about as reliable as the document he ‘downloaded’ off the City of Sydney’s website. #4Corners #auspol

Tim Howard
Tim Howard ()

Angus Taylor would have to possess the least credibility of any government minister. Combine his public record with his far too obvious bluster when asked a question and he’s just about impossible to believe. #4Corners

Eddy Jokovich
Eddy Jokovich ()

Angus Taylor says political donations from gas companies don’t influence his decisions. Huh? So they just tip their money down the political drain for no reason? Good move, Angus. Sounds like, smells like, and is, total bullshit. #4Corners #auspol

Jolene Elberth
Jolene Elberth ()

What would happen if Angus Taylor and all the Covid Commission members had to declare every company they owned investments in?? 🤔 The facts just aren’t adding up. #4Corners #auspol

Ebony Bennett 🌈
Ebony Bennett 🌈 ()

Angus Taylor promising cheaper gas is a bit like Scott Morrison promising all Australians will be vaccinated by October #4corners

Brett Adam
Brett Adam ()

Flicked over to #4Corners to see Angus Taylor throwing more BS around. Seriously, is this the best we have in Australia? 🤬

Tom Swann
Tom Swann ()

Angus Taylor refuses to give a promise on gas prices. Kind of like vaccines? #auspol #4Corner

Mathew Wood
Mathew Wood ()

Angus Taylor is pushing natural gas. So one thing is certain. His family must be sitting on a shit-ton of the stuff. #4Corners

🐀Tone The Sewer Rat 🐀
🐀Tone The Sewer Rat 🐀 ()

@_Oliver_Yates NSW police have gone from covering up the Luna Park fire for a crime lord & NSW Premier to running cover for a PM and his gang of criminals. Remember Angus Taylor forgery was case closed as well

Ingrid M
Ingrid M ()

we know the prime minister has NSW Police on speed dial because he told the parliament when defending their “investigation” into who gave Angus Taylor doctored figures about Sydney City Council travel expenses.

SirTiger ()

@neighbour_s @Milliganreports Unfortunately, with this government awash with poor performers, Angus Taylor avoids the usual high level scrutiny for his incompetence, scandal and non-delivery on every front.

Andrew P Street
Andrew P Street ()

@RoyceRk2 They used to joke about taking in each others’ bins, until the Angus Taylor fake document scandal and then it was immediately all WE DON’T REALLY KNOW EACH OTHER I NEVER TOUCHED HIS BINS I MEAN SCOTT WHO?

MorrisonHasToGo ()

@callralstonsaul @AndrewShellshe1 So do I Tib. Angus Taylor, one of the many #climatedenier deplorables, is not stupid. He knows how to make a quid, even if it is only through rent seeking. Feathering their nests by selling out the future.

Gwyn Hooper
Gwyn Hooper ()

I wonder if the Bin Man and the AFP will investigate allegations that Angus Taylor pressured experts over doubts of gas led recovery? Wait a minute they just did! Nothing to see. Sorted #auspol #scottyfromcoverups

Gwyn Hooper
Gwyn Hooper ()

@HeatherStroud What a surprise! Who would have thought that? Angus Taylor? Really? Well there you go! #auspol

Chris Bowen
Chris Bowen ()

The economic costs of climate change are real and large. But the economic opportunities of good climate policy are huge, especially for regional Australia. Under Scott Morrison and Angus Taylor, we will miss out on those opportunities. Good climate policy = good jobs policy.

Angus Taylor Photo,Angus Taylor Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Lolita Mariposa.
Lolita Mariposa. ()

@louitopslinson Angus Young, Anya Taylor Joy, Emma Watson, James Franco, Aron Piper, Anthony Michael Hall, etc

Chris Carmody
Chris Carmody ()

Angus Taylor announced this appointment. The LNP is not interested in mitigating the effects of climate change. A ‘win’ for fossil fuels: green groups critical as former Origin Energy boss named chief of climate body | Australian politics | The Guardian

💧David Gray🕯
💧David Gray🕯 ()

Dear Climate experts Angus Taylor & Craig Kelly. Is it normal to get cat 3 cyclones tracking across Perths northern fringe?

Bartacus ()

@DavidSandow1 @SDHamiltonVIC A beautiful sight. I’d like to hold Barnaby Joyce and Angus Taylor’s heads under it.

Ben Oquist
Ben Oquist ()

Angus Taylor accused of promoting “misleading” EV emissions modelling via @thedriven_io

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