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My Fellow Aussies🇦🇺 Here is how preferential voting works and how you can make sure your vote The only party with a heart❣ Vote 1 in the How to vote for the Animal Justice Party in the Senate #vote1ajp.

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1/Just been at one of the polling booths for Cowan doing HTV cards for Animal Justice Party (and then greens when ran out of AJP cards 😂). Nats volunteer informed me that doesn’t believe in climate science because sometimes it was a lot hotter 20 years ago. Can’t even 🤦‍♀️....

@MagdaSzubanski Not so much happy nor democratic sausage for the animal justice party, probably enjoyed by the shooters, fishers and farmers mob though! 😕.

Anf transitioning into clean energy and reducing deforestation and transitioning into sustainable plant based Agriculture! The animal justice party is growing globaly as global political movement that believes that the best way to make changes for animals and environment is.

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Not a sign, a banner or a volunteer for Palmer at #Hurstbridge, Animal Justice Party had managed to get their shit together though. #AUSVote19.

In my local seat (Boothby), I voted: 1. Independent 2. Greens 3. Animal Justice 4. Labor 5. Liberal 6, 7, 8: Right-wing nutcase parties. In the Senate, I voted: 1. Democrats 2. Greens 3. Hemp Party 4. Animal Justice 5. Centre Alliance 6. Labor..

@MaduraMcCormack @tsv_bulletin If I’d known this I’d have voted for the Animal Justice Party..

(or climate change party or animal justice party). none of our social, economical rights will even matter when the air outside is toxic hahahaha.

@BrucePoon 🍀 To our friends and colleagues at Animal Justice Party in Australia today we wish you ALL THE BEST in today’s election. Onward for animals and the planet! 💪.

The Animal Justice Party woman at Moreland Primary School is annoyed I’ve got my phone out and I’m ignoring her advances. She reckons maybe next elections she’ll go around airdropping her leaflets. #AusVote2019.

The girl handing out for Palmer here just said she went and voted for the Animal Justice Party. Clive is clueless and so are his volunteers! #auspol.

@FloofRam @Skyehighstudios I thought you were voting for the Animal Justice Party. Stop those sheep exports..

Just heard couple refuse Animal Justice Party how-to-vote card because they felt guilty for eating a #democracysausage It’d be great to know where the veggie options are too @DemSausage.

Animal Justice Party think animals should be given legal standing like humans and I legit do not have enough air in my lungs to BEGIN with how cooked that is.

Democracy #auspol observations: the bloke who tied up his dog next to the bloke handing out Animal Justice Party how to vote cards. And the bloke who decided he needed to bust out 10 chin ups next to my daughter playing on the monkey bars.

I got it, Barney, I got it, Animal Justice Party 🙄 #ausvotes.

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And now the Animal Justice Party candidate is here in an animal onesie with her dog #ausvotes.

Was going to vote for animal justice then remembered she hates possums. Where is the doggo party? #DemocracyDog.

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@gobbledeegook The Greens are good. Socialist Collective are good. The Animal Justice Party is good. There are others we can choose. Labor will probably win anyway-preferential voting and all..

Vote for the Animal Justice Party today – voting in the Australian Federal Election.

My Fellow Aussies🇦🇺 Here is how preferential voting works and how you can make sure your vote The only party with a heart❣ Vote 1 in the How to vote for the Animal Justice Party in the Senate #vote1ajp.

UPVOTE TO SAVE ANIMALS - Aussie Vegans must vote for the ANIMAL JUSTICE PARTY in the election tomorrow.

I am an animal and I love other animals as well xx We are not superior to our brethren Love others as you would love thy self xxx Show your love for animals and vote for Animal Justice Party xx.

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