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This is what Fraser Anning’s right-wing lads did to the boy. #auspol #FraserAnning.

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There are new developments in the police investigation into the ugly confrontation between a Melbourne school boy and controversial Senator Fraser Anning. @pauldowsley7 #7News.

@MissZeeAU @spookyspooooks An egg is never going to injure someone. Never? Punching a child because you copped a sloppy egg to the head can seriously injure someone. I’m not condoning violence. I’m condoning protest when words don’t work. Anning isn’t going to change his mind. Ever..

Rekaman video aksi remaja asal Melbourne mengepruk telur ke kepala Senator Fraser Anning telah menyebar ke seluruh dunia.

over one million signatures to remove Sen Anning from.

@timminchin @AnthonyCole68 The initial shock might go in some way to excuse the first hit, not that I think that’s right in any way. The second and what appeared to be creepy Anning sizing #eggboy up for another thumping was right out of order. As for the other grubs in the room that jumped on him..

Let’s be clear Fraser Anning wasn’t simply giving us his “political opinion” when he blamed the victims of Friday’s terrorist attack. He was envoking “hate speech”. His continued statements over the past few days makes him a Terrorist Sympathiser. He should be on a watch list..

John Oliver Defends ‘Egg Boy’ Against ‘Asshole’ Senator via @thedailybeast.

𝟷𝙼 𝙱𝚊𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝙰𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐 Over 1 million people have signed a petition to remove an Australian senator who blamed Muslim immigration for the New Zealand shooting via @businessinsider.

Dear @Jack and Twitter, Why did you remove Will Connolly’s (Egg Boy) account but keep up Fraser Anning’s (@fraser_anning). What was your logic behind infringing on the speech of one but protecting the other’s? A million friends and I would like to know..

Pernyataan Will Connolly anak muda pemberani yg menimpukkan telur ke kepala Senator Autralia, Fraser Anning, yg mengeluarkan pernyataan konyol ttg Islam dan Muslim, dan sbgn dukungan netizen kpd si egg boy😊.

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This petition protesting Anning, very close to a million - 983,000 Can we crack it TONIGHT? Please RT.

The Prime Minister: Remove Fraser Anning from parliament via @ChangeAUS.

@fraser_anning I wonder why Australians have been called as the worst RACIST in this entire world because of people like you..

Why am I not surprised that shitkunt @fraser_anning not only punched a kid twice but was winding up to put the boot in. What a dog. #auspol #nazi.

Um, the violence STARTED with the 17 year old. He’s lucky Anning only gave him a tap back. I wouldn’t have been so kind..

This is what Fraser Anning’s right-wing lads did to the boy. #auspol #FraserAnning.

@philipdalidakis Very conscious that among all the horrors yesterday, the NZ Climate Change Government Minister was punched in the face. Egging Anning is no laughing matter, much as we loathe his despicable actions..

This is @fraser_anning history - and yet he thinks he belongs in Australia more than Muslims do..

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The Prime Minister: Remove Fraser Anning from parliament - Sign the Petition! via @Change.

@fraser_anning you are a sad and pathetic excuse for a human being. Resign. Let our messed up country have a chance at being better.

Anning is despicable, but calling him out is easy. Calling out the more palatable racists is important too..

Cant wait for the election so we can dump all these bloody jock itches like Anning, Abbott, Dutton, Christianson, Katter, and hopefully, Pauline too. Let us pray. Oh Lord, deliver us from cretins, & lead us into temptation, and forgive our last votes. Amen..

@fraser_anning Wrong. The facts are indisputable. More guns = more deaths. Every death by gun stat supports that fact. It’s why our death rate is lower in Oz than the rest of the world. Our govt doesn’t regularly use them against the populace. Crims mainly use against each other. U R A FOOL!.

@fraser_anning How beautifully ironic that you are complaining about another race coming to your country and fucking things up..

You are so terrible I do not understand how someone like you is in office. A disgusting human being @fraser_anning.

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