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JUST IN: Video re-emerges of men donning helmets and backpacks dressed in ANTIFA STYLE GARB —Breaking windows and breaching the HOW DID THE J6 COMMITTEE MISS THIS ONE? 🤔🤔.

Black or white officer shoots or beats a Black person, the liberal media goes into a melt down, ANTIFA & @Blklivesmatter go rioting, and it’s called peaceful demonstrations by media. But a White female unarmed veteran shot and killed by a police officer on J6, #crickets, because….

Antifa Photo,Antifa Photo by Vernon Jones,Vernon Jones on twitter tweets Antifa Photo

Militant #trans activist Erin Reed was behind the viral lie that @charliekirk11 called for lynchings. The lie helped incite #Antifa to carry out an attack at UC Davis. Unsurprisingly, Reed has a history of spreading hoaxes on Twitter..

#Antifa are posting instructions on Twitter on how to make projectile weapons to blind and injure political targets. They are targeting gay group @againstgrmrs & others. Their “paint bombs” involve lightbulbs, sand, and other ingredients that can cause serious injury to the eyes.….

Antifa Photo,Antifa Photo by Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈,Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 on twitter tweets Antifa Photo

1) Any and ALL protests over the impending arrest (if it happens) MUST be peaceful. 2) There has to be some strategy in place to keep Antifa and other left-wing agitators from infiltrating protests and turning them violent. This is a very dangerous moment.

A violent extremist #Antifa member in Atlanta who is fearing RICO charges is leading an armed militancy training. He has been one of the social media influencers for the #StopCopCity terrorist movement. In a promotion for a March 25 protest at the Georgia state capitol in….

Antifa Photo,Antifa Photo by Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈,Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 on twitter tweets Antifa Photo

Saint-Etienne : des journalistes de Valeurs Actuelles agressés par un antifa.


If Biden announced he would be arrested Tuesday by republican DAs, the Democrats would be raising mostly peaceful bail money, boarding windows in liberal cities, prepping Antifa, and arranging buses to take their base to whatever city they need to be destroyed. Just sayin..

On reflection, it’s actually quite funny that antifa has spent most of the last three days blaming a group of middle aged feminists for not removing a load of neo Nazis from their vicinity. You had one job, etc etc.

“You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”Mark 12:3 MAGA: we edited the verse by adding: Except the Democrats, Liberals, LGBQ+, People of color, Woke people, and ANTIFA..

BLM and antifa are fully funded by the Democrats. They are the violent, anarchist wing of the Democrat Party They need to be dealt with!.

@billybragg Liar. Last month a supporter compared trans activist tactics to Mein Kampf. Today a bunch of violent male wankers who think they are Nazis turned up uninvited to wank off at their Antifa counterparts. Violent fucking men being violent fucking men. And you incite it..

Trans Logic: Billy Bragg Special Edition 1. Women gather to speak. 2. So anti-women antifa turn up. 3. So the far right turn up. 4. The women are to blame..


@catturd2 The more we stay away from rioting and not following ANTIFA footsteps, by using our voices and putting our thoughts together, the clearer everything becomes, were we the people finally see the 2 faces of democracy..

This Antifa promoter is talking about doing violence to MAGA folk by bashing their skulls in with baseball bats. You know what to do..

Antifa Photo,Antifa Photo by UltraNuclear❤🇺🇸🇳🇱Robin Varndell (Z),UltraNuclear❤🇺🇸🇳🇱Robin Varndell (Z) on twitter tweets Antifa Photo

@Guenni_32 @Pur1tas Und ich erwarte einen Gang aus Antifa Fahnen entlang zu schreiten.

Lots happening in Melbourne, during the Let Women Speak rally. Antifa and the Alphabet group trying to disrupt the rally.

Waarom hebben die ratten van #antifa altijd hun gezichten bedekt? Zijn ze zo lelijk? Hebben ze wat te verbergen? Willen ze altijd fysiek uitdelen? Krijgen ze altijd klappen?.

This a shitshow on Fentanyl steroids IF that even exists bc Chansley isn’t even a domestic terrorist like those ANTIFA MOTHERFUCKERS are 😤😠😡🤬🖕🏽🖕🏽.

@OzraeliAvi Im confuse. Their clothing choice suggests they are ANTIFA doing Nazi solutes.

@GarysBlues 6 Jan was Democrat/FBI/Antifa/Media - Red Flag set up. Many Trump supporters on video yelling they are Antifaat those doing violent break ins. Well known Antifa leader happened to be at point of violent break in with CNN crew filming! Police then invited naive Trump people in!.

Antifa Photo,Antifa Photo by Patriot Ranger,Patriot Ranger on twitter tweets Antifa Photo

on vous voit JAMAIS en manif mais vous voulez qu’une manif non déclarée soit uniquement à visée des retraites et non de tout les mouvements sociaux qu’on avait l’habitude de défendre à l’e-g ? Ce qui implique d’arrêter nos slogans antifa? Voulez pas qu’on invite les flics aussi ?.

@Nasty1Reborn @VictoriaPolice Antifa for sure. I saw another video earlier where I saw one of their flags. Also, the arm signals. Off duty coppers..

Antifa Photo,Antifa Photo by Aussie 3 _ 1 _ 13,Aussie 3 _ 1 _ 13 on twitter tweets Antifa Photo

@Dreamless_Priv @DrEvilGamer Actually, all black is technically the Antifa uniform since they take their inspiration from the anarchists of the Black Bloc. Both groups as a concept originated in Germany, and there is an overlap between the two. Naturally, in America, there is some localisation..

@PPantsdown I like how one of the few people with their face visible is a well known member of National Socialist Network, clearly just an antifa plant playing the long game to make terfs look bad though.

An attempt by the ]DS[ to incite a Civil War. They are playing their last TRUMP card…they will lose! J6 was a THUD! Most of us Patriots didn’t bite or fall into their trap. This time it won’t be any different. ANTIFA plans on dressing up like MAGA supporters to create mayhem!.

Let me in his kitchen…….this empowered Antifa would christianize his ass. #ScaredMen #Cowards.

@ForgiatoBlow47 I think even if we protest peacefully the Dems will still put us in jail like they did j6ers. This is a set up! Stay home so only Feds and Antifa are out there! I have had a sick feeling for weeks now. They are pure evil. Lean on God because He wins in the end!.

The violent ones are Antifa. We know they were there and it was a set up. MAGA as a group is just not violent. Credit to Pelosi for organizing the perfect set up…until now that it’s unraveling.

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