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Updated: September 26th, 2021 09:36 PM IST

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Thank you all Coldplayers, ARMY and everyone for giving us this amazing feeling of love and togetherness. 💜 love c, g, w, j & p

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Today in 1941, the development of the Sikorsky XR-5 for the Army Air Forces began. This two-seat helicopter could lift more than three times the maximum payload capacity of its predecessor.

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Thank you all Coldplayers, ARMY and everyone for giving us this amazing feeling of love and togetherness. 💜 love c, g, w, j & p

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.@BTS_bighit Preview #BTS on what it will take to get passed the pandemic @ABC #ARMY

ARMY, hagamos que esta historia llegue a los chichos de @BTS_twt, una increíble historia de vida que nos demuestra que la música puede generar milagros. Nota de Ana Gabriela Balderas. @mocastaneda #BTSenMeridiano

Para exol & army hati-hati dengan akun adu domba ini. Dia nyamar jadi army dan speech hate ke konten tentang exo. Jangan sampe kepancing war gara² akun adu domba, be smart Tolong rnb dan block aja mumpung itu akun baru drpd nanti hatespeech ke fandom lain dan army yg jadi sasaran

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@BTSV7saran 初めまして✨おはようございます💜 大人armyお仲間が増えて嬉しいです(* ´ ˘`*)♡ よろしくお願いします🥰

los chicos demostraron el amor a army un montón de veces pero unas boluditas vienen a decir que tienen favoritismo y que no les importamos. salganse del fandom plss

@nicolle971_ Creo que es la primra vez que me enamore de un pequeño a delanto de una cancion.

vos vieux hit tweet sur les army là on souffle fort, vous êtes juste irrespectueux et ridicules 👍🏽

@BTS_twt So many times that army corana has judged them, insulted them and put them down and say good morning 😕 It makes me unfair since the Korean army makes some of them less while the Latin Army supports them all equally and gives them affection and never touches us 😕

I NEED TO HEAR THE SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🛐 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Happy_Mogambo @iramizraja Tea walla chor modii is black spot on India by his self made attacks of polwama and killed his army to win votes bank

@jpremylemonde do you call the French army loyalists to @EmmanuelMacron? ENDF and regional forces are not loyalists to politicians, rather to the law that governs the country. #TPLF used the same divide & conquer tactic as western colonizers, but we refused to give up our unity.

@AssiaArmy17 @ARAB3_ARMY طيب من قلك ان بتس مسلمين تراهم يدعمون المثلية من زمان مو عاجبك سوي انستان

@SaveGlasgowNow England called the Army in a month ago. NI in the same anything, that shows Scotland has managed its frugally Westminster administered funds better than England. Blame who is at & tories are going to kill thousands more over the coming Winter of Discontent

found himself engaged in such work as establishing the OSS insurance intelligence unit with William Wild Bill Donovan in 1943 and serving as the chief operative behind former Army Air Force officer Claire L. Chennault. Chennault is best known for coordinating the American-

OMG what am excited week for us ARMY 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻#BTSARMY

Shout out to that one kid singing “We’re on the March with Jürgens army” 😂🤦‍♂️

My interview with President @moonriver365 & his Special Envoys for Future Generations & Culture @BTS_twt is out! Immensely inspiring to see BTS fans joining them in committing to be an army of positive forces for a better world. Full interview:

Tucker Carlson reveals a powerpoint from the Army justifying vaccine mandates with a slide that says How many children were sacrificed to Satan for the vaccine? along with listing the 7 tenets of Satanism

@TheRealPCB Even Abhinandan was safe in public and After Pak Army 😝

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@gainkmootz hii!! please retweet my pinned, i’m an army/engene, also kinda multi, looking for friends trying to get to 700. thank you!!

@iAsura_ Who brought khalistan?who did bedha garak of economy by bringing socialism?who brought emergency? whose son was doing nanga nach in india? who gave away the land to 🇵🇰 which won by Indian army in 1971?who lost kashmir on the negotiating table through shimla agreement? Gyan mat do

てひょんんんんんん 機内のセルカでもなんでもいいからセルカまってる♡ 自撮りが苦手でも顔見れたら幸せだからあああ

@NavroopSingh_ Can the army take proactive steps to seal the border and take counter drug and terrorist action preemptively?

@GFarooqi Mtlb AP buht smjhdar hn ye bat ap army ko point out kra rhi hn jb k ye bat her koi janta hy, our ye hqiqt hy

Himside - Jungle HS2  Army 💰 Link :

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@Mayo_M1225 いいやーん! 私も高校の部活でやってただけやよ😫💦 動きとかを大きく見せるようにしたら堂々として見えるしいいと思うよ! 偉そうなこと言ってごめん😭 小さい時からダンス好きやったらしい! やで、振りとか覚えるの好きかも! 振り覚えて、堂々と楽しそうに踊るかを意識してたよー!😚

After the Continental Army “took over the airports,” the founding fathers KNEW they had to put these protections in the Constitution.

There are miles of border wall just sitting rusting in the desert. Border officials tell me that the *day* @JoeBiden was inaugurated the Army stepped in to HALT construction. It would take one month to build the rest of it. Remember this when Joe says he cares about America.

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