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1968. Arnie Brown tries to slow down Henri Richard. #nyrangers #Habs.

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Spent my morning sorting decaf espresso beans from the regular that I accidentally mixed together how’s your Monday going?.

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@gnomechild19 @the_jayq Running Man is better than Total Recall, in almost every way. Neither is better than Conan. Also, if you were reaching for an Arnie forgotten flick, you left out Red Heat, also not better than Conan, but ahead of Commando and Running Man.

The Garbage Pail Kids Trading Card Series released a Horror Parody set that was an Online Exclusive for a limited time. In them was 2 cards parodying Fnaf. Both named Frightening Freddy and Arnie-matronic. I happened to get them before it was gone off the site! :).

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Finally captured in photo yesterday the young hawk that sits on my fence yelling at and terrifying my parrots lately…Arnie is the odd ball…he’s picked up his scream and lets it out sometimes just to hear the others panic 😂.

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Arni ist bischen Mett weil seine Dullis Ofis Video toll finden. Btw niemand hat gefragt ob Arnie bei den jüngsten leaks mitmachen will. Rainer kennt den Dorftrottel garnicht. Ja, Roxau wurde gefragt ( und hat sich eingeschissen)...Arnie nicht! #Drachenlord #Kuttergame.

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@JoeDonnohue @PhilHay_ I think we have now broken the record - 12 consecutive away draws..

@ChrisJourdan The moment you need bunchu do his trump impression and talk to Arnie 😂.

Fun show last night with @StinkinGenius1 on @FoxSportsRadio Instant reaction to the Chiefs win over the Bengals and a first look at the SuperBowl matchup between KC/Philadelphia.

@podcast_praxis @the_jayq And then red state has one iconic Arnie scene and you see it at the beginning of the film. The character he plays in that is proto terminator casting..


All I can think about is Arnie spending 4 more years trying to work out Paramount+.

If Duterte and the Marcoses can have it their way… Right Cong. Arnie Teves?.

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Playing ALL home games in the playoffs @PlankShow @StinkinGenius1 I sadly agree after week 21 of the NFL Season KC will only get better thank you again Arnie and Plank for another great week of sports chat Next week you wrap up the Pro Bowl Manning vs Manning flag football!!.

@carsonfour arnie :) had to give him to a friend when i moved into my dorm a few years ago, he is still alive and well.

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@ThunderFist1978 @SusanCalloway I know this so random! My friends and I stood behind you in the Merch line at the venue. Great cosplay! And that’s so awesome seeing both Susan and Arnie! Her performance was so good!.

Ange winning Asian Cup, Arnie getting our best world cup results. Aussie coaches with that passion and belief is the way to go. Ange changed it up for the good, Arnie continuing on from it.

I know he has his many haters but based on Australia’s World Cup performance it is a no-brainer that FA offer the gig to Arnie. I’m comfortable with his reappointment. #Socceroos.

Having seen Arnie at close hand during his Sydney FC days I know that he has the ability to inspire his players. They would run through brick walls for him. This WC cycle finally showed it; the team bonded together to make history..

@PlankShow @StinkinGenius1 Two points. First is anyone watching the Pro Bowl. It it literally the only football thing I won’t watch. Second is I hope Arnie gets used to saying Skylar Thompson is his quarterback!.

The Mahomes hate with Arnie is strong tonight! Get Used to it, this was supposed to be somewhat of a rebuilding year with so many rookies and new players. They are just going to be better next year. @PlankShow @StinkinGenius1.

On paper, for me, France,Denmark was the toughest set of top two in any World Cup group. Even more than Spain/Germany. For Arnie to get out of that is justification for 4 more years. Its the most impressive Australian football achievement in my lifetime.


Nah enough of this Arnie slander on my timeline. When we felt like he had lost the squad in qualifying, he defied the odds, won the squad back, and gathered the results that mattered in the moments that mattered..

@TomWilliamsPol $6ML for 4 years basically coaching every 3 months with a guarantee of WC qualification. Why risk failing again at international club level. Pretty easy decision for Arnie..

Science Today Rainbow Eucalyptus trees (Eucalyptus deglupta) shed their bark at different rates, freshly revealed patches will reveal a bright green color, which then darkens to give orange, maroon, and blue colors 📷 Arnie Rose.

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@TomWilliamsPol So Albo gets $550,000/year to run the country and Arnie gets $ to run the Socceroos… Credit to him for making the most of this..

@r_c_hayden Arnie first comes back in 2029 … guess what I watched at the weekend. Absolute classic and not dated at all (except hair) 😎.

@matpinckney @Schwarzenegger Your first Arnie film of the year. On the 29th?? Disgusted..

Negros Oriental 3rd district Rep. Arnie Teves, who is at odds with the Philippine National Police (PNP), warned his House colleagues Monday, Jan. 30 that something “dire” and “violent” might happen to him..

@invisiblyArnie More hilots to come po hehe I hope you’re feeling better now, sir Arnie 🙏.

@TxsOutlawTTV Haha thanks man. I grew up watching Arnie Movies in the late 80s. A hero of mine.

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