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Exclusive: Arsenal have opened talks with Kieran Tierney over a new contract 📝🔴

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7amkickoff ()

@Flannyballs Gotta have someone new for Arteta to pick a fight with and banish to the lower leagues somewhere.

AFC Mac ()

@YankeeGunner Don’t worry, they’ve probably done a psychological evaluation and decided he’ll buy into their elite culture and won’t question them If he signs, first thing Arteta will waffle about will probably be his attitude Everyone will buy in and “fight” like a prime Burnley. Thrilling.

Freddie ()

@gunnerblog We been linked with: Dunk, Lamptey, White, Bissouma, Trossard We already have had their keeper, and some fans want Potter to replace Arteta

Cain ()

Thats Because Arteta Avoided Booking after a Foul. And Also Henry Said he Trusted Artet

h. grimes
H. grimes ()

Ask @VeerKantelia1! I allow him to share the yesterday DM where I said Arteta for Ben White & Sander Berge Bcs of doubter like you, & bcs of the last 48h AFC slayers, sometimes the joy to share Good Night

Chris Wheatley
Chris Wheatley ()

Exclusive: Arsenal have opened talks with Kieran Tierney over a new contract 📝🔴

🕵️ ()

Tomorrow my thesis connecting Arteta fanboyism with stalinism and maoism is complete 🤞

🕵️ ()

The way Arteta fanboys have discourse about football is incredibly funny. They care more about creating symmetrical systems in 2d rather than scoring goals on a real football pitch

Mtrnica ()

leicester, west ham, villa & west brom fans all running chat about arsenal in my mentions makes me fucking sick. arteta best do a job next season man

treize khushrenada
Treize khushrenada ()

@matin1600 @haycchhh Have a feeling they might go for Dybala. Total hunch, but Juve needs money and there’s been rumors in the past about Arteta liking him. Could see them going after him.

AFC Mac ()

Another win for Villa over Arteta as usual. The pain won’t stop until he leaves

Chris ()

Emi Buendía ➡️ Villa Jack Grealish ➡️ Arsenal Arteta knows #AFC

Arteta Photo,Arteta Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Brad ✍️
Brad ✍️ ()


Ghana harrrrd!!!!
Ghana harrrrd!!!! ()

@FabrizioRomano @AsieduMends Edu gasper got no football management should get him and Arteta out their signings been shit

Howard Cover
Howard Cover ()

@mazzerooni I don’t think Arsenal has a terrible squad. With the right manager, they can do things. It may or not be Arteta, but the squad is essentially alright needing one or two say that as an outsider but I know the closer you are to it, the more critical you’re likely to be

Daniel Nilsson⭐️⭐️⭐️
Daniel Nilsson⭐️⭐️⭐️ ()

@LiamCrook1 Yeah that’s the scary part. This is more down to Kroenke than Arteta. Arteta can only manage what he got and it’s not quality players in every position.

Be Well
Be Well ()

And you’ve got that bum Arteta telling us that we need to do early business because of the Euros. When we don’t sign anybody for ages, the Euros will 100% be the excuse. The club is run by utter morons, from top to bottom, regardless of Bumdia.

🇵🇸 ()

@ZicoAfc @afcpintcheur Yh I think Arteta can make Aouar one of the best midfielders in the league. People forget that he’s only 22 aswell

Porsalin ()

@TroopzAFC Arsenal fans are united in wanting their owners and board out of their football club. The majority want Arteta and Edu out to boot. And you lot are questioning why a player might want to sign for Villa? A club on a steep upwards curve and ran brilliantly by billionaires.

Nathan ()

I expect absolutely nothing from this shambles of a club, Arteta is so out of his depth

RealisticallyArsenal ()

@Virginia_W1 Hope so. I can’t really see why, if buendia was our top target, we didn’t get him so I am hopeful we will buy what Arteta wants.

Free Palestine 🇵🇸
Free Palestine 🇵🇸 ()

Yoooo these arsenal fans are waffling hahahah to @hassan_rubbani what is this bro 🤣 Arteta is not the guy.

JB💜 NiggalaPepe bagged
JB💜 NiggalaPepe bagged ()

Its the same Arteta stans cuz Ask them what is Pepe player profile watch them stutter But tru say Next season is a make or break tho

omoro clive
Omoro clive ()

@Itiswinny Arteta said Ødegaard is the priority, the problem is the whole board is clueless from the owner to the should embrace ourselves for the worse

Harsh 🌟
Harsh 🌟 ()

When is the article coming out on how KSE & Arteta has bigger plans for Arsenal than Buendia?? @TheAthleticUK

The Man With No Name.
The Man With No Name. ()

Wake up you lemmings, he is lying to you to defend them. Only Ek, Thierry, Dennis & Patrick can save us, do you love Arsenal or do you love Arteta & the Kroenkes? Its time to decide.

SteveW1968 ()

@Clayt13 Arteta seems to have confidence in his young players so fingers crossed we are building a good squad for the next 5 years or so

Mirror Football
Mirror Football ()

Mikel Arteta left looking foolish after transfer declaration as Emi Buendia gives Arsenal reality check

Arteta Photo,Arteta Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Chris Wheatley
Chris Wheatley ()

Arsenal are looking at potential clubs for George Lewis to join on loan next season. The 20-year-old has “huge potential” according to Mikel Arteta, but has struggled with injuries. 🇳🇴 #AFC

Art de Roché
Art de Roché ()

For England fans who didn’t see much of Arsenal last season, this is Bukayo Saka From defining moments vs Cheltenham Town & Forest Green Rovers, to Freddie Ljungberg’s influence on his development & the intelligence consistently shown under Mikel Arteta

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